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Easter Baskets Go High Tech with HEXBUGS

In the 70’s the Easter Bunny filled Easter baskets with Wonka Bars because kids had an insatiable appetite for the golden ticket.  In the 80’s and 90’s the Easter Bunny favored Peeps because the “cute-factor” was a sure fire winner. Now, the year is 2010 and the Easter Bunny has gone High-Tech! 

This April, HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures, created by Innovation First International, are finding their way into the hearts and homes of families nationwide.   These award winning, brightly colored tiny gizmos come at teeny prices and are designed to stimulate kids’ imagination and interest in technology and engineering by giving them a positive experience with robotics at a young age.  Each of the five micro robotic generations is powered with unique and varying characteristics.

These make a wonderful addition to any Easter basket. Change it up this year, remove the candy… give them HEXBUGS!
The HEXBUG Ant is the fastest member of the HEXBUG family, equipped with front and rear touch sensors enabling it to maneuver around objects in its path.   In addition to its unmatched speed, the HEXBUG Ant’s hooked claw wheels propel the creature across both smooth and carpeted surfaces. Retail:$11.99

The HEXBUG Inchworm comes with a miniature infrared remote control outfitted with two channels so that two bugs can be operated independently or at the same time.  The remote offers seven way steering and the HEXBUG Inchworm can pirouette in place when stopped on its center pod foot. Retail: $19.99

The HEXBUG Original is armed with bump and sound sensors.  Clap your hands or touch it’s front antennas and the bug will reverse in direction! Retail: $11.99

THE HEXBUG Crab uses its autonomous light and sound sensors to hide in the dark and run from loud noises.  Users control which direction the HEXBUG Crab scurries and can make it change direction with a simple clap of your hands!  Retail: $14.99

The HEXBUG Nano is powered by a tiny motor, and 12 fixed, angular legs, the industrious critter quickly masters complex mazes using the physics of vibration to speed around on smooth surfaces, seeking a way to escape. Retail: $9.99

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