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DreamWorks Animation Turbo Racing Action


This summer, DreamWorks Animation presents a new feature film with a loveable character who dreams big! Racing into movie theatres on July 17, “Turbo” is the story of a snail who desperately wishes he could escape the slow-paced snail life and one day be the greatest racer in the world. After a freak accident, Turbo suddenly possesses the power of incredible speed and embarks on a journey to achieve his dream. Mattel and DreamWorks Animation bring the story to life with toys capturing key movie moments and characters that allow kids to play out their favorite scenes or create their own adventures.

Turbo SHELL RACERS™ Vehicles Basic 2 Pack Assortment

Featuring character favorites from the movie, kids can be just like Turbo playing out their own adventures with snail racing speed! The collectible character two-packs feature awesome racing action in fun “snail scale” size that make Turbo Shell Racers perfect for anytime, anywhere play. The detailed roll-around vehicles work great with movie-inspired Turbo track sets sold separately. The complete set has more than a dozen snail characters for the ultimate race showdown!

Turbo Stunt Set Assortment

The action-packed Turbo Stunt Set assortment is the perfect place to park, race and play with Turbo Shell Racers vehicles. The assortment includes two thrillingly challenging sets that bring big movie moments to life in the playroom. The “Ring of Fire” set has a harrowing vertical loop that must be braved in order to launch through a ring of fire while the “Zip Line Stunt Race” set recreates a key competition scene in the film.

To get started with the “Ring of Fire” set simply load up Shell Racers into the launch tube, pull the trigger and the snails are blasted through the vertical loop toward a speedy exit with a jump through a fire ring obstacle.

The “Zip Line Stunt Race” takes kids on a zip line racing adventure. To begin the free-falling fun, load two Turbo Shell Racers on the vertical lift, crank them to the top of the telephone pole and pull the release lever. Watch as the snails make a fast paced descent down the line! Each set sold separately and includes one Turbo Shell Racer.

The Turbo Shell Racers vehicles and Stunt Set assortment are small-scale toys great for anytime, anywhere play – perfect for summer travel with the family.

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