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Do Review Bloggers "Sell Out"? Or Are They Jealous?

So I was reading Kristin’s post Do Review Bloggers “Sell Out”? Or Are They Jealous? and I really have to agree with her.

I finally felt that all my work paid off this past weekend when we were invited to take a trip to Disneyland. Have I worked with Mom Select before? You bet I have.

Do I say yes to EVERYTHING that PR asks me to do do? NOPE! I’m sorry but I do not do posts that are irrelevant to my blog or my life. Have I blogged about credit cards? Yes I have. Why? Well I think that they can be of importance and we need to be careful on which we choose.

I agree with Kristin that we are in no way “sell outs” because we work with many PR reps. And what is wrong with that? I love the relationships I am getting with these people and they know to only ask me to work with them on things that are relevant to my family. I mean if someone emailed me and asked me if I wanted a can of men’s hair dye I’d let them know that I would have to pass because well, what would I do with a can of men’s hair dye?

anyways, I work my butt off for these PR reps and I am very proud of my blog and where I am at. I am a review blog and I am proud of what I do. I love to share my opinion on products and love to offer some fantastic giveaways. Is it worth it to me? You bet it is. Do I “sell out” nope!

But I am not just about reviews, I share about my family and our every day life, I love it and love doing what I do.

Especially when I receive those emails from companies telling me they received sales that day and they were all from my review. That makes me smile and feel that it is worth it.

So Kristin… If anyone complains it’s most definitely because they are jealous.

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