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DIY Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Have you ever considered a candy buffet when hosting a baby shower?  They add interest to an event that is already as cute and sweet as a newborn baby.  All you need are the right treats and accessories to create the perfect One-of-a-kind baby shower candy buffet.

Choose a Baby-Related Theme

When creating a candy buffet for your baby shower make sure that it stands out from all other types of candy buffets by choosing a theme. Go with traditional or create your own. Consider an “old-fashion” look or go modern with cartoon figures.

Baby Themed Accessories

To really make the candy buffet pop use accessories to enhance the baby theme.  You can use large plastic baby bottles as containers to hold an assortment of candies, small rattles, clothes pins, and pacifiers can be incorporated in, Small toys, booties, and other infant-themed props, sprinkled on the buffet table bring it all together.  Choose bulk candy from a supplier such as Sweet Services who specializes in the different types of candy you will need. Having your candy shipped to you at the right time avoids the need to store it. If you need help with the essentials to get started, here is the candy buffet supply kit to give you a jump start.

Make it  Personal

Try to add elements that will give the baby shower candy buffet a personal touch.  Something that can’t be bought such as photos of the parents when they were babies would be nice.

If the sex of the baby has not been revealed and it is ok with the {mom-to-be} you can bake cupcakes that reveal the sex by having pink or blue frosting injected into the center of the cupcake.  

Incorporate  a Game

The candy buffet is already a fun and beautifully decorated element.  It can be even more interactive by creating a matching game.  You simply incorporate candies that relate to the baby-related theme such as pacifiers, necklaces as teethers, etc.  Give the guests  clue sheets that list the baby elements and the guests have to find a match and write down the candy that relates to each baby element.

Basic Candy Buffet

Set up a 6’ or 8’ table and cover it with the covering of your choice. Place the table in front of a backdrop if desired. Ribbons, cloth, cut-outs, twinkling lights, branches, and balloons can be staged behind the buffet for the backdrop.

Place tall clear jars on the back section of the table. They are to hold candy which is scoopable or tall items such as suckers, rock candy sticks, candy straws, or other items that will not require the guests to reach deeply in the jars. The mid-section will need two mid-sized jars on each side and the centerpiece in the middle of the table. The centerpiece is the main event. It should draw the eye up and the candy should accent it. The colors are to complement the centerpiece. The centerpiece can be a large candy arrangement or florals, props or whatever your theme calls for. The front section is for low jars of candy, trays, gift bags, and small props.

Layered candy is always pretty. Make sure your colors and selections balance the table. For baby shows, small bags of pink and blue cotton candy are pretty. In your mind’s eye, look at your table as if the table top was the bottom of a triangle and you want the jars and arrangements to form the two sides meeting in the center. Use a lot of color and use your imaginations. Anything goes.

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