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DIY After Sun Spray with Essential Oils

Summer is here and that means most families are outside and enjoying the sun. If you are fair skin like me then you may find yourself getting red from the sun rather quickly. I have a great after sun spray to help soothe the skin when you may have found yourself out in the sun a little too long!

I love using Essential Oils and this After Sun Spray has quickly become my favorite spray this summer.

DIY After Sun Spray:

20 drops Lavender
20 drops Peppermint
20 drops Frankincense (optional)

Add oils to a 4 oz spray bottle. Fill the remainder with either water or fractionated coconut oil. Shake and apply as soon as possible to the sun irritated area. Repeat every 2-4 hours.

sun spray

If you are interested in trying out Essential Oils feel free to message me and I can get you started!

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