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Disney’s Halloween Fun!

Thank you MomSelect and Disneyland for sending my family to Disneyland this past weekend. We had so much fun!!

We decided to stay out in Anaheim so we could go to Disneyland on Saturday as well.

My in laws got us a room at the Sheraton.

Disneyland08 003Disneyland08 004Disneyland08 005

Friday we arrived around 5pm at Downtown Disney and decided to go out to dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, which of course was a 45 minute wait to get seated. So at 6 I checked in at the information booth and was greeted with a lot of friendly faces.

I thought it was neat to meet Nicole who was the one I talked to and made my reservation with.

Disneyland08 006Disneyland08 007Disneyland08 008Disneyland08 002
While waiting in line for the Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party to start I got to meet Caryn from Rockin Mama,
Disneyland08 001
And I can not believe that we only took a few pictures from Friday night at DCA (Disney California Adventure)
Disneyland08 009Disneyland08 013Disneyland08 014
Disneyland08 010Disneyland08 011Disneyland08 012
Here is Samantha walking to the car Saturday morning. Can you tell how excited she was to get to Disneyland?
Disneyland08 015Disneyland08 016
At 10 am we checked in at the special press party reception where Samantha had a BLAST playing with Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine.
Disneyland08 017Disneyland08 018Disneyland08 019
Disneyland08 021Disneyland08 022Disneyland08 023Disneyland08 024
Disneyland08 025Disneyland08 026Disneyland08 032Disneyland08 034Disneyland08 033
The breakfast of Champions! YUM!!!
Disneyland08 020

Sam got her face painted.

Disneyland08 027Disneyland08 028Disneyland08 029Disneyland08 030Disneyland08 031
Pictures throughout the day at Disneyland.
Disneyland08 035
Disneyland08 037Disneyland08 036Disneyland08 038Disneyland08 039Disneyland08 040

Disneyland08 041Disneyland08 042Disneyland08 043Disneyland08 044Disneyland08 045
Over all we had a blast! We really enjoyed ourselves and to top off the evening we got to watch Tinkerbell fly! You should have seen Samantha’s face when she saw Tinkerbell flying in the air.
It truly was a magical night!

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