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Disney FROZEN Fashion Dolls *Giveaway closed*


Sisters share a unique bond. They are not just siblings, but best friends willing to go to great lengths to support and help each other in whatever way they can. Disney’s new animated film, “Frozen” spotlights that special bond – fearless optimist Anna, the youngest daughter of a royal family, as she embarks on a epic journey to save her older sister, Elsa, to put an end to the eternal winter in the Arendelle kingdom.

At the heart of this musical adventure is a story of sibling love and friendship and epic adventure! Bringing that sentiment to life with Mattel’s Fashion Doll Assortment.  Girls can reenact their favorite movie moments and create their own magical adventures.

The all new Disney movie just hit theaters TODAY Nov. 27th! To kick off thise awesome new movie Disney has also released a line of adorable FROZEN Fashion Dolls.

Disney’s new film “Frozen” tells the story of two beautiful sisters, Anna and Elsa, who live in the enchanted kingdom of Arendelle. Dressed in glittery, royal fashions, each princess sings her song and lights up when a girl holds her hands. But the magic doesn’t stop there: join Elsa and Anna’s hands together and the two princesses light up and sing a harmonious duet from the film.  The Disney “Frozen” Fashion Doll assortment is available now at retailers nationwide.

FROZEN Disney (2)

You can learn all about Disney’s Frozen on Facebook too.

ONE winner will receive Disney FROZEN Fashion Dolls.


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107 Responses to “Disney FROZEN Fashion Dolls *Giveaway closed*”

  1. betsy unterborn says:

    Hopefully if we can find time this busy season.

  2. Audra O'Hara says:

    Yes, we’re planning on seeing it; my daughter loves when the previews come on TV.

  3. Sheryl A. says:

    Planning to go the day after Thanksgiving. The whole family is excited!

  4. Rebecca Orr says:

    I would like to, but I am not sure if we will. We actually prefer to watch movies at home. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Melissa says:

    i plan on seeing it! it looks so good!

  6. Jenn S says:


  7. Caron B says:

    We hope to take my daughter this weekend.

  8. Mary Casper says:

    yes i am!

  9. Tari Lawson says:

    I probably won’t see Frozen.

  10. Mary Happymommy says:

    Yes, we will go see it.

  11. Mary Cloud says:

    My daughter wants to see it for her birthday!
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  12. Heather Dawn says:

    Yes, we are going to see it!

  13. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh yes, we cant wait to see it!

  14. harolde says:

    Yes, my granddaughter and I are planning on going!!

  15. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would like to go see it.

  16. debbie jackson says:

    yes of course

  17. April Brenay says:

    we saw frozen last night, my kids loved it, and the short at the beginning is so funny!

  18. sara haaf says:

    I am not sure if I will see it in theaters, but definitely want to see it.

  19. Rhonda G says:

    I’d love to take the grandkids if we can catch it when they come to visit!

  20. HilLesha says:

    I’m most definitely going to see this! 🙂

  21. Heather says:

    I’d love to see it! my girl is all grown up but I still love disney movies!

  22. Laurel O. says:

    We plan on seeing Frozen when it’s out at redbox. It’s hard to see movies these days with two 2-year olds.

  23. Rosey says:

    We do plan on seeing the movie this weekend.

  24. Pauline M says:

    We’re definitely going to see this!

  25. ryan minton says:

    i saw it over thanksgiving was great!

  26. courtney b says:

    yes we cant wait to see it

  27. Nannypanpan says:

    It’s something we will probably rent

  28. Michelle C says:

    Yes, my kids are asking to see it. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  29. Jeanna says:

    My daughter & I are planning on seeing this!

  30. Monique Rizzo says:

    Yes, we look forward to seeing it next weekend.
    Thanks for the chance.

  31. Tamar says:

    In an ideal world, yes, but my daughter is 18 months old so I’m not sure if she’s ready.

  32. Amy Pugmire says:

    yes we are taking our girls this next week.

  33. Cynthia R says:

    i think we will, looking forward to it.

  34. kim says:

    We are going to see frozen this weekend!

  35. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Yes! Frozen Is On The Must See List!

  36. McKim says:

    I hope to take my grandson to see Frozen.

  37. ASHLEY N says:

    We saw frozen over the weekend. What a an awesome movie.

  38. shelly says:

    I saw Frozen and my daughter loved it! Amazing music, beautiful story and the Snowman Olaf was hilarious!

  39. Ashley turicik says:

    We went to see it on friday! It was so cute. We actually had 17 people including myself who went to see it and we all loved it

  40. Angela Chang says:

    We went to see it last Sunday and love it! Might go to see it again.

  41. Merry says:

    We plan on seeing Frozen

  42. Lentil says:

    We hope to see Frozen in the next couple of weeks, I’ve heard good things about it!

  43. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I’m not really planning on seeing it

  44. Karen O says:

    We are going to see it this weekend. I can’t wait!

  45. We can’t wait to see it!

  46. Tracy Jones says:

    Yes, I will be taking my daughter.


  47. Teh Doll says:

    Yes we are looking foward to seeing Frozen.

  48. Hopefully we will get to soon! My girls really want to!

  49. Beth W says:

    We saw it already and it was an amazing movie!!

  50. Kristen says:

    Yes, we want to see Frozen.

  51. Maria Malaveci says:

    We plan on seeing it, but not sure when. Hopefully very soon!

  52. Jl Johnson says:

    We saw it and loved it!
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  53. Nicole C. says:

    Yes, me and my daughter can’t wait to go and see it!

  54. Jeane c says:

    I have a “date” set for next Friday night with two of my grand kids. Ages 10 and 7.. popcorn included ♥

  55. Daniel M says:

    yep we’ll be seeing it looks great!

  56. Addison Kat says:

    Yes, we are planning on taking my oldest daughter to see the movie!

  57. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    My kids have already went to see it. I’ll wait and buy it when it comes out on Bluray.

  58. April G says:

    Yes, we’re definitely planning on seeing it!

  59. vera says:

    We will be going to see it.

  60. Gina H. says:

    Going to take my nieces to see it.

  61. Steve Singer says:

    Yes, going to see it!

  62. Sabrina says:

    I am! Planning to bring my daughter as her first every movie experience!

  63. wendy rozema says:

    we just seen frozen in theaters, very good movie!!

  64. Sarah Bird says:

    My daughter is 4 and we are thinking of taking her as her first movie

  65. Debra Hall says:

    when my grandson comes for a visit we are going to see it

  66. Stephanie Larison says:

    Yes my daughter wants to see the movie bad!

  67. Tommy Gunn says:

    I am planning on seeing it, with my daughter!

  68. Ben G says:

    I plan on seeing “Frozen” with my girls!

  69. Jessica says:

    Took my daughter to go see it…she loved it…great bonding time for mommy and daughter 🙂

  70. Carol Mclemore says:

    Yes sometime before Christmas

  71. Dale Spaulding says:

    We’re taking our grandson and granddaughter soon!

  72. Rebecca Peters says:

    I definitely want to

  73. Paula Tavernie says:

    We are hoping to see it Thursday!!!

  74. Nancy Sloan says:

    Yes, I am planning on taking my grandkids

  75. Jen L says:

    I have no plans to see it but I have heard it is really good!

  76. Rebecca Parsons says:

    We had planned on seeing it with the grandson.

  77. Kelly Kimmell says:

    Yes, we have seen it!

  78. Denise Donaldson says:

    yes we are. 🙂

  79. shawna says:

    I hope to take my kids to see it.

  80. heather crawford says:

    Yes i will be taken my 11 yr old daughter!!

  81. joni says:

    Yes, with my daughter and niece.

  82. Heather B says:

    We don’t usually go to the movies, normally we wait till things are out on DVD and get them on Netflix.

  83. Tim says:

    The family is planning on seeing it all together.

  84. Kathleen S. says:

    I definitely want to see Frozen, it looks great!

  85. danielle Marie says:

    oh i saw it at 840 the day before it came out. couldnt wait.

  86. susan smoaks says:

    we can’t wait to see frozen. thanks for the chance to win.
    tony l smoaks on rafflecopter

  87. Tiffany Hearn says:

    Yes, I heard it was awesome!

  88. Wendi S says:

    I am hoping to see frozen.

  89. Tanya White says:

    Yes my daughters and I plan on going to see Frozen.

  90. Jessica K says:

    I want to see it this weekend.

  91. Leslie L Stanziani says:

    I was planning on going but will have to wait till it comes out on dvd.

  92. Heather K says:

    We are planning on seeing Frozen.

  93. Donna Kellogg says:

    I do plan on taking my Daughter to See Frozen

  94. Candie L says:

    It is on our list of movies to see over Christmas break. Thank you

  95. Lara T says:

    I am definitely planning on going an seeing Frozen!

  96. Lisa L says:

    Yes, I plan on taking my kids to see it!

  97. denise says:

    I am not sure!

  98. Sheree says:

    Yes, I want to go see it

  99. Beverly Metcalf says:

    We might, if we can find the time. It’s been busy here with the holidays coming. Thanks.

  100. Vera S says:

    No, We are not planning on seeing it. We will wait for the DVD. 🙂

  101. Sharold Friedrich says:

    Not yet but hopefully soon

  102. jules m. says:

    yes, i wanna take my daughter to see it

  103. kristy thiel says:

    our daughter is only 3, so we won’t see it in the theater but will definitely rent it when it comes out!

  104. Shari Klyn says:

    We went and saw it last weekend. It was a wonderful movie. My daughter now wants the soundtrack.

  105. Melanie C says:

    Absolutely!! I’m going to see it with my daughter 🙂

  106. trixx says:

    We’re going to see it this weekend!

  107. Mariaelena dominguez says:

    We just saw it a few days ago and we loved it!