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Dino Roars: Monty Rex and Stompers

My girls love pretend play. Samantha has started to learn about Dinosaurs in school so when she saw the Dino Roars:Monty Rex and Stompers she thought they were really neat.

When they arrived I couldn’t believe how cool they were! Monty Rex cracks me up! Like any child he is so life like and mesmerizes you! Soft and snuggly, this prehistoric pet responds to your touch with lifelike movements and sound! Unleash him from his box and he’s ready to walk! Touch his back and he’ll stomp, roar and purr his way into your heart! Moving his arms and head — just like a real dino! – this mischievous MONTY REX dinosaur pet sniffs and sneezes too! Wanna “rock” out like they did in the Stone Age? This cuddly creature plays three rockin’ dino tunes! And when it’s time to “feed” him, he even chomps! Your prehistoric playmate even comes with a discovery sheet to help you learn a few interesting facts about your new friend!

We also received Stompers. I had no idea Stompers walked too. Soft and snuggly, this baby dinosaur figure comes to “life” when you pet his back to wake him up. He roars and moves his head and mouth and even stomps around like a real dino! And even though he looks tough, his soft “skin” will have you cuddling up with him all day long. Your prehistoric playmate even comes with a discovery sheet so you’ll learn all kinds of interesting facts about your new friend!

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  1. Oy! So Cute! The boys have something similar, but definately, not so soft & cozy! Way cute to see Sam demonstrating it for you..Like a mini-Vanna…hee..

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