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Differentiated Instruction Helps All Students

   Over the past several years, people who specialize in education have   been doing more and more research into the various ways that people   learn new information.  Some people are visual learners, some are   auditory learners, some are tactile learners.  It seems as though for   almost every sense we have, there is a learning style that relies upon   it for retaining new material.  Of course, when you have a classroom   filled to capacity with thirty children and one teacher, it isn’t always   possible to accommodate all these styles and methods for every single   lesson taught.

   Some schools are hiring professionals who specialize in differentiated   learning in order to help students who are falling behind or  struggling  with material in their classrooms.  Unfortunately, not all  schools have  the funds needed to pay another salary even if the support  is needed.

Naturally, differentiation helps students with learning disabilities and challenges.  However, it is also important for gifted students   who may find regular instruction boring and repetitive.  As the parent   of a gifted child, I know how important It is for her to be given   increasingly difficult materials even if the rest of her class isn’t   ready for them.  Sending her to a school that bores her will only result   in her hating school and feeling put off by education, and the last   thing I want is for her potential to be squandered because she isn’t   getting the treatment she deserves.

   I’ve found that some of the best schools, like the one my daughter   attends, use both technology and independent projects to help students   on both ends of the spectrum to be successful, challenge themselves, and   work on a level that actually benefits them intellectually.  They also   allow the students to select their own books for reading studies and   encourage them to do the best writing they can in a language arts   workshop rather than expecting everyone in the class to write at the   same level.

   When it comes to math, gifted students can work online or be sent to   study with children in a higher grade so that they are not feeling bored   or wasting time in a class with kids who just aren’t catching on as   fast.

   I would love to see more schools implementing proper differentiated   instruction and support for gifted students and for learning disabled   ones.  All of our kids deserve the absolute best the education system   can offer them!

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