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I first learned about DealDash a few months ago. It seemed interesting and fun.

You basically are bidding on items and hoping that no one outbids you to win. All items start at $0.00 and with each new bid the price goes up with $0.01 and timer starts over from 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds. The auction says the time on bids.

You do have to purchase your bids. For 260 bids it costs approx. 34 dollars. You can buy more bids if you want too. Each bid on an item is .01 cent.

It sounds fun and look at all the winners already! Oh, and if bidding isn’t your thing you can buy the items for full prize!

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  1. One comment in your article might be slightly misleading. If you do not win the product in an auction, customers have seven full-days to do a “BIN” (Buy-It-Now)at retail, and get all of their bids back FREE.
    A few of the best things about the DealDash penny-auction site is that it is the longest-running penny-auction site in America and it is one of the few (if there are any others) that offers FREE shipping and handling.
    For more detailed information about how DealDash works, go to Squidoo and read “DealDash Review at and/or “How to Bid Smart on DealDash” at: .
    I became a customer of DealDash Feb. 8, 2012, and I won more than 100 auctions in my first four months. After conducting an in-depth study of several penny-auction sites, I believe DealDash is the best one.
    Since you are a “Mom Blogger,” you should really check out a site called “Mommy MD Guides” It offers FREE medical advice to moms/and dads 24-7 from women doctors who are also mothers. The site was created with military wives in mind (since they usually live far away from their families (and their own mothers).

  2. P.S. Your comment on the cost of bids on the DealDash penny-auction site might also be a little misleading. The full cost of bids is 60 cents per bid, but they often go on sale and could run as little as 12 cents per bid.

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