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Dapple, the most-effective plant-based brand for babies, has launched its personal care products in the Health and Beauty Department at Walmart. The line adheres to Dapple’s plant-based methodology while also providing best-in-class moisturization. Products include shampoo + body wash, baby lotion and wipes.

“Leading baby care products are largely petroleum-based which many consumers don’t want for their baby, yet the effectiveness of plant-based alternatives was underwhelming,” said John Pearson, Dapple’s Chief Executive Officer. “Now, parents don’t have to choose between a product that’s plant-based and one that actually works; our products are as pure as possible, yet they outperform the leading brands.

Dapple’s personal care line also incorporates prebiotics, a trend making headlines in the skincare industry. New research reveals that the skin microbiome, full of both good and bad microorganisms, plays an important part in overall skin health. Prebiotics are nutrients for good bacteria that help to facilitate a thriving environment for the skin microbiome. Dapple’s prebiotic botanical extract blend helps restore and rebalance baby’s natural skin barrier.

New personal care product offerings at Walmart will include:

  • Shampoo + Body Wash (available in fragrance-free, sweet apple, or lavender; MSRP $8.98, 16.9 fl. oz.)
  • Baby Lotion (available in fragrance-free, sweet apple, or lavender; MSRP $8.98, 16.9 fl. oz.)
  • Bubble Bath (available online in fragrance-free or lavender; MSRP $8.98, 16.9 fl. oz.)

The products are non-toxic, tear-free, hypoallergenic and both pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

*A product was provided.

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