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Create a Gift Basket for the Foodie with the Red Panda Bamboo Cutting Board

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Create a Gift Basket for the Foodie with the Red Panda Bamboo Cutting Board

Have someone on your list that loves anything kitchen related or a Foodie?  Not sure what to get them? How about making them a gift basket full of kitchen gadgets and tools that any foodie would love!

One item I love that is affordable is the Red Panda Bamboo Cutting Board.  This high quality large bamboo cutting board with dip groove perfect for cutting meat, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables. Built to last, this wood cutting board is made of the strongest, purest bamboo available. With proper care this board will never crack, splinter, or warp guaranteed. Try the top cutting board used by professional kitchens in your own home!

Why Red Panda Bamboo?

The type of wood is the most important factor when choosing a cutting board. Typically cutting boards are made of maple, cherry or walnut due to the density of the wood. A dense wood keeps water from penetrating the surface preventing bacteria. However, traditional wood cutting boards require a lot of upkeep and may crack or splinter over time. Bamboo cutting boards have the same density with less upkeep, and will not warp or crack as easy as traditional wood.

Pair the Red Panda Bamboo Cutting Board with some pretty Kitchen Towels and an Au Gratin Dish and it’s the perfect gift!

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  1. Red Panda Bamboo Cutting Board is very nice. Especially wood is awesome. Love to have one. Thanks for the information.

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