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Crafts: Snowman Soup

Every year we like to do something fun for the girls and their classmates. This year I came across a super cute idea of Snowman Soup.  I originally found the idea on I purchased the kit  instructions but after I printed one set I realized it would take way to much ink to make 55 sets. So I decided to use the pattern as a template and cut out every single piece by hand.

It took me two full days of cutting paper and gluing them together but in the end they came out sooooo cute!

I’m sure you cna find the template for the Hot Coco Envelope online, but the bag topper is really easy. Just cut your paper to fit the big bag and make it any way you like. You cna use any kind of bags. Ziploc works perfect. We happened to have tiny crafter bags leftover from a few years ago that we had purchased from a craft store.

Inside the gift bag is:

  • 1 individual packet hot chocolate mix
  • 2-3 chocolate kiss candies
  • 10-15 mini-marshmallows
  • small candy cane

If you don’t mind using a lot of ink I love the set at It’s ready to go, all you have to do is cute them out, glue the envelope together and put in the “ingredients”.

All the kids thought they were adorable!

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  1. I do really love this idea. OH the things we do for our kids right? with my youngest now 12, my days of projects like this are about over and makes me a little sad…I said a LITTLE! LOL! We have done this type of thing for Halloween before and the kids so appreciate and REMEMBER that special effort too!

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