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Corral the Toys with Company Kids! *Giveaway ends June 19th*

Spring has sprung, and as you clear away the snow and remnants of winter, it hits you: months of indoor playtime has left the inside of your house as cluttered as the outside!  Toys are scattered and strewn as far as the eye can see, with nary an organized place to put them away.  Fortunately, Company Kids and The Company Store have some fantastic storage options and tips to help moms and dads to corral all the toys.

The Company Store, now celebrating their 100th anniversary, and Company Kids recently launched a micro site to provide consumers with helpful tips for all their design woes. 

Below is information on how you can get your kids’ toys and playthings organized now so that they’re ready to roll when the weather changes!

  • Bins and boxes are better than shelves. Open-top bins, boxes or baskets are best for toys.  Why?  It makes it much easier for kids to just toss in the toys.  Plus, toys are still in sight — important for kids who worry when their favorite things are behind closed doors or in closed drawers.
  • Keep bins and storage cubbies low and within reach of little hands.
  • Relax! In the beginning, avoid rigid rules like all the blocks must go in THIS bin, and all the dolls must go in THAT bin.  You’re just setting little ones up for failure – and setting yourself up for frustration.  Focus on establishing the simple habit of picking up toys, period.  You can work on Martha Stewart-style organizing later.
  • Mix it up. Provide a variety of storage options to complement bins. Plastic tubs are great for tiny toys.  Laundry baskets are an easy solution for balls and sports equipment (the vents allow for air circulation, too!).  A small hammock makes a fun bed for stuffed animals.
  • Give kids a role in deciding what goes where.  Does it really matter if the blocks are on the left side of the room and the Legos are on the right?  Let kids have a sense of ownership in the process, and you may find they’re more enthusiastic about cleaning up.

ONE winner will be able to pick one of the three items below:

  1. Printed Storage Cube
  2. Printed Storage Bag
  3. Printed Underbed Storage

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This giveaway will end on June 19th

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