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COOLIT Take Foods From “Too Hot” to Just Right

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The COOLIT is a special cooling dish invented by the parents of two little impatient eaters who wreaked havoc on mealtime while waiting for their hot food to cool down. The COOLIT is designed with special non-toxic gel inside, kept in the freezer and then taken out at mealtime to properly cool a child’s hot food in less than a minute!

How does it work?
The COOLIT is kept in the freezer and once you’ve prepared your child’s hot meal, you remove the COOLIT, place the hot food in the bowl and stir for less than one minute. Almost instantly the food will be at perfect temperature for your little one. Transfer the cooled food to your child’s plate and start enjoying mealtime!

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The COOLIT Plate is Currently available at and for $9.99.

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