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Cooking: Margarita Pizza

Today while talking to my mother in law she told me she wanted to make Margarita Pizza for dinner tonight.  So I called up my husband (he is a chef) and asked him how to make it. He told me what to buy and I tried my best….. and I’ll admit I was surprised at how yummy it was!


  1.  Pillsbury  Pizza Crust Thin Crust
  2. Classico Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce
  3. Classico Tomato and Basil Sauce
  4. Fresh Mushrooms
  5. Fresh Garlic
  6. One large tomato
  7. Fresh Basil

You have to pre-bake the dough, so while your waiting for the oven to heat to 400 degrees you cna slice up your tomatoes and mushrooms.  You can use a cookie sheet for the dough, but I would love to have a pizza stone for it!

While the Pizza is baking I was drooling, the fresh garlic and tomatoes baking together made my home smell amazing!

In total this meal took me about 30 minutes and that is because I had to wait for the oven to heat up!

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21 Responses to “Cooking: Margarita Pizza”

  1. Allison says:

    OMG that looks amazing! I could almost smell it over here!

  2. Kimberly in NC says:

    This does look really good. We usually have homemade pizza on the weekends at our house.

  3. kristin says:

    I love it!! You should do more cooking!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks! I actually plan to do more cooking! I am starting to really get into making new things and sharing how I do it! Once we move to Redlands I can not wait because I plan to shop the Farmer’s Market!!!

  4. Susan says:

    This looks so good! I will have to make it. I cook almost every night, and am always looking for new recipes. The photos are very helpful.

  5. Shay says:

    Omg, my mouth watered when looking at that pizza!! It looks so delicious! *drools*

  6. evelyn goettner says:

    This looks so good!

  7. Tasha W says:

    This looks so yummy! Made me hungry! LOL I think I will be trying out this recipe soon! Looks delicious:)

  8. Eileen says:

    I was looking for a good pizza recipe just last week the kids were asking to try it. I used to have a yeast recipe for the crust but this looks SO much better (easier 😉 I didnt think of pre cooking the mushrooms but bet they were so good. My kids would add about two cans of black olives. they are olive fiends!
    thanks much!

  9. eva kieu says:


  10. Janice says:

    Wow that looks delicious!!! I’m going to have to try making this pizza! Good job!

  11. katklaw777 says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post…what an easy homemade pizza recipe!
    Great pics and easy directions, I think I’ll use a premade whole wheat pizza crust I bought.
    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

  12. Chavonne says:

    that is so wrong, i just ate now I’m hungry again lol smile. Looks amazing.

  13. courtney says:

    i love margarita pizza! looks soo good!

  14. eva says:

    this looks so interesting! I am going try this! thank you for the recipe!

  15. Angie B. says:

    This recipe looks really easy. I think my kids would actually eat it too

  16. Danielle says:

    Looks like a nice recipe but I prefer my Margarita pizza with fresh chopped tomatos sauted in olive oil, garlic, and basil to replace the jars of tomato sauce.

  17. cindy says:

    that looks awesome- might have to make this next week!

  18. Elena says:

    Looks delicious and easy to make. Thank you!

  19. wooden coat hangers says:

    This does look really good. I love it!! You should do more cooking!

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