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Contours New Stroller Accessories


Contours New Stroller Accessories  (5)

This fall Contours Baby came out with new Stroller Accessories and I couldn’t be more excited about them! Last year when I reviewed the Contours Bliss Stroller I had mentioned a few things I wish the stroller had.

Well Contours listened to their consumers and came out with some of those accessories that parents really wanted!

A few that I instantly had to open up and start using were the Parent Console and the Child Tray!

Contours New Stroller Accessories  (1)

The Parent Console is an adaptable console that offers parents a little bit of everything. With a larger zippered pouch in the back you can put your keys, phone or anything really. There are two other pockets, one with a velcro closure and the other open. There is also a water bottle holder in the middle.

We put the Parent Console on our Bliss Stroller. The Console is compatible with the following Contours strollers: Bliss, Options LT, Options, Options Elite and Optima

The Parent Console is attached to your stroller handle bar with three heavy duty snaps. It is not velcro so parents can be assured that the console is not easily removable by a passerby. (That was one thing my husband was worried about).

Contours New Stroller Accessories  (4)

The Contours Child Tray was one item that I really wish the Bliss had come with it, especially once your baby becomes a toddler! Shelby loves to put her cup of water in the drink older, and the tray is just big enough for her to play or have a snack.

The Child Tray just snaps right into the frame of your Contours Stroller. It also moves so that you can get your child in and out of the stroller easily.

Contours New Stroller Accessories  (3)

Two other new Accessories are the Weather Shield and the Shopping Basket.

ZY005-BLK_shopping basket

The Shopping Basket will hold up to forty pounds and allows you to have even more room when you are out shopping! It snaps right into the stroller frame instead of the child seat or infant seat adapter.

ZY004-BLK_weather shield

I can’t wait for the next time I am out with Shelby and the weather is bad so we can use the Weather Shield. The weather shield slips over any Contours stroller seat to keep your child dry and out of the elements. Fits both Contours single and double stroller seats. Compatible with the following Contours strollers: Bliss, Options LT, Options, Options Elite and Optima.

You can purchase all of these items online at BuyBuyBaby, Amazon and and In-Store at BuyBuyBaby. Connect with Contours on Facebook and stay up to date with news and other promos.

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  1. the shopping basket is ingenious! i have to grocery shop with 2 kids under 2 and that would come in so handy!

  2. The shopping basket looks really neat! I’d have to actually see it to understand how it works with the stroller.

  3. The shopping basket looks amazing! I would sometimes takes walks with my daughter to the grocery store, and it was a struggle to get home with all the bags. (I always buy more than I intend to!) It would be nice to have the space for the bags so I can get more exercise on the way to the store. 🙂

  4. The weather shield is something that I use all the time with my current stroller. This one looks nice. I should probably get a snack tray for my toddler. Yours looks like she loves it!

  5. I really like the shopping cart accessory. Carrying stuff is so awkward with a stroller and this would make it a lot easier.

  6. I love both the shopping basket and the weather shield. I’ve been stuck in the rain a few times and the weather shield would have been great to have.

  7. wow this is pretty awesome stroller. Ive never used a stroller though. my family is small and we dont go “out” often.. I mean where is there to go in the middle of nowhere Kansas. Seriously, the town i live in is called Plainville. I carry my daughter with a woven wrap or mei tai. She is almost 18 months and I can recall only a few times *wishing* i had a stroller. if we ever live anywhere with civilization i might like a stroller haha

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