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Contact Lens

Yep, I am a contact lens wearing gal. I made the choice about two years ago and they really have made it so much easier for me to see, especially in the evening when my eyes start getting a little tired.

The only down side with Contacts is that they can get expensive. I paid nearly 200 dollars on a one month supply of lens! Whew, that adds up to quite  a bit over a year! But contacts offer me a chance to see without the use of a framed pair of glasses, which get in the way for me.

1-800 CONTACTS is the perfect site for people like me to get contacts at an affordable price. They also have cheap colored contact lenses and multifocal contacts. Depending on which set you get, you can get a box for 38 dollars, which has 3 pairs in it. Each pair can be worn 1-2 weeks. As you can see that is a HUGE savings for me (and any contact wearer)!

To order contacts from 1-800 CONTACTS all you need is your contact prescription and your optometrist can provide it for you. Orders placed that are over $50 qualify for free shipping!

Also, 1-800 CONTACTS has teamed up with Walmart and a network of independent eye doctors to make it easy to schedule an exam.

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  1. Elena says:

    My sister always buys her contacts from this site and likes their service.

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