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  1. Computer games can be lots of fun as long as screen time is balanced with other activities (as it clearly is in your household.)

    1. Actually Samantha has her own blog. Now rhat she can write I bet she will use it. I’ll have to show her how to do pictures and such. This red one she is using has a built in web cam/camera.

  2. I remember those days! I also remember that I had to lock the computer up when I left the house or the kids would be on it all day and argue over who spent the most time on it! LOL!

  3. Don’t they all, I shudder to think what we would ever do if the internet went down for any length of time, I think some of us grownups would be going through withdraws.

  4. Cute! Ours is in the dining room also. It kind of makes them make sure to get all their homework and chores done so they can play!

  5. She looks like you in this picture! I’m glad that they’re allowed to use the computer AFTER their homework is done. 🙂

  6. When I was growing up there were no computers. We just barely got a TV when I was 6.
    Now, however, I jump on the computer when I get home.

  7. My kids get “screen time”. After completing homework they have a choice of anything with a screen for one hour: computer, video game, TV, etc. They each have a timer and are pretty good at it. We also do not allow “screen time” after our evening meal. It was tough in the beginning, but now they get it and use it wisely. We then have some quiet time at night and its easier to transition to bed.

  8. By 12, my daughter had been online for a couple of years and had developed a network of girls her age with similar interests. She’s now 22, and even though our computer was in the family room and was heavily monitored by me, she encountered things that she never told me about until recently … things that shocked me (and upset me that somehow I’d not known at the time despite my vigilance). They’re such a boon to gathering knowledge, yet they can be so dangerous. Back then there weren’t near the child-safeguards available as there are now.

    Your daughter is beautiful!

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