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Cleanse Day 1 – Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Day One Preparation for Cleanse

Sunday-Cleanse Day 1:
Monday (Today) was my first actual cleanse day. Today I woke up and I knew I didn’t get my IsaLean Shake and I was sad. I knew the Shake made me feel full and I was scared to drink the Cleanse for Life.

For Breakfast I got my two almonds, my one Isagenix Snack, Natural Accelerator and Cleanse for Life drink along with my glass of water and sat down to eat. I took a sip of the Cleanse for Life and gagged. It tasted like a really bad mixed drink without the alcohol, which I guess a lot of people would like but I hate mixed drinks. So I decided to take a drink and then a small bite of almond and continued to do that until I was done with the drink and finished it off with my water. I knew that the Isagenix Snack was going to have some kind of chocolate taste to it and it did, with a vitamin after taste. I’d say that Breakfast wasn’t that great because my body has never taste these things before. Lunch was much easier. I already knew what to expect and it wasn’t so bad. Dinner came and I had my Cleanse for Life and snacks. And again around 8PM.

easy peasy! … ok, not as easy as it sounds. It takes will power to not snack… especially when your husband orders Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza from Domino’s!

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