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Classic Snacks Made from Scratch Book

Have you ever thought of making your own Goldfish, Twinkies, Oreos, Fruit Roll-Ups, or Pop-Tarts from scratch?

With “Classic Snacks Made from Scratch”—a new cookbook featuring full-color photos and 70+ recipes for homemade versions of your favorite brand-name treats—you can now make all of the above and much more!

Snack on Nutter Butter cookies after lunch, Cool Ranch Doritos as you’re watching football, Sour Patch Kids at the movies, and Klondike Bars for dessert. These tasty delights far surpass the originals in terms of flavor and nutrition (no additives or preservatives)!

What I love about this cookbook is that I can make some of my favorite snacks and I can make them “healthier” with using organic items!  I can’t wait to test out some of these recopies either!

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