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Chuck E. Cheese’s and Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser Starts March 31st! *Giveaway closed*

Chuck E Cheese

Come celebrate Little Big Night Out at any Chuck E. Cheese’s location on 3/31/16. Mention Big Brothers Big Sisters and 15% of your sale will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The event will kick off CEC’s month long, national donation drive, allowing guests to donate $1,$5 or any amount of their choice to the nonprofit. To celebrate, guests can pin up their name for contributing. The event will start at 3pm and run until 9pm! You can find out participating Chuck E. Cheese locations by visiting,

Show your ongoing support by donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters at any Chuck E. Cheese’s location 3/31/16-4/30/16 to help match Littles with Bigs and provide lifelong mentorship for positive change.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser Giveaway ends April 15


ONE winner will receive a guest pass (good for a large pizza, 4 drinks and 30 tokens) + 1,000 tickets.


Chuck E. Cheese’s and Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser Starts March 31st! *Giveaway ends April 15th*

Note: This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

Please make sure to follow ALL Giveaway Rules. Please read sweepstake rules HERE.
This giveaway will end on April 15th 

*A product was provided.

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  1. It’s been several years. We took my son I think for his 5th birthday maybe his 4th. And he is about to turn 7. We plan to go for his birthday in April!

  2. Its been about six months since I went last. I did not have any plans to go during the fundraiser but maybe I will.

  3. We went to CC last month. We love it there. I will probably visit during one of those days because I will be off.

  4. I was a child the last time that I visited Chuck E Cheese. There is one in the next town over from where we live now so I’d like to take the kids.

  5. We haven’t gone in about a year, I don’t know if we will go during that time, things are tight right now.

  6. I was at Chuck E Cheese about 3 weeks ago, the grandsons love to go. We plan to attend the fundraiser.

  7. I last visited a couple years ago. I think it would be nice to go during the fundraiser and will try to make it. Thanks.

  8. The last time I visited was a few months ago for a birthday. I’m not sure if I will I go during the fundraiser yet.

  9. I went last month. I did not have any plans to go during the fundraiser, but maybe I will.

  10. We took our grandson to Chuck E. Cheese’s for his fifth birthday back in September. That is the first time I had been there since my kids were young. Would love to take my grandson again.

  11. yes I would love to go during the fundraiser. and Its been a few months since i Have been.

  12. We haven’t been in a couple years. This is a great cause to go visit again!

  13. It’s probably been a little over a month ago since we’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I’m not sure of the next time we will go. Thank you!

  14. It’s been about 6 months since I’ve been. My son went last week for a birthday party. I would love to go during the fundraiser!

  15. I was just there last month. My kids would like to go in April for the fundraiser, too.

  16. I haven’t been in years but would like to take my grandkids during promotion period.

  17. We last went about a year ago and are due to go back soon! I would like to do the fundraiser, too!

  18. We were last there for a nephews birthday party about 4 months ago. We will be trying to go during the fundraiser! Such a great cause!

  19. I have never been to Chuck E Cheese before. Sounds like a great time to go during the fundraiser. I’m in!

  20. I have been a few years since I took my kids to Chuck E Cheese. I may go during the fundraiser.

  21. My son just said he wants to go there, so we may go during the promotion. We last went two yrs ago

  22. We haven’t been in about 6 months, but I do plan on going during this time!

  23. My kids love Chuck E. Cheese and I feel BBBS is a great organization so I can’t think of a better reason to stop in for some food and fun!

  24. My children and I have never been but if we were to we would go during the fundraiser

  25. We went back in December for my daughter’s make a wish party and I do plan on visiting this month

  26. We went about 3 weeks ago! I definitely plan on going back to help support such a great cause. We love Chuck E Cheese!!

  27. no I don’t plan on going to that but we were at chucky cheese a few months ago- the kids love it!

  28. I haven’t been since I was a little girl! I would love to take my kids and we are planning a trip next weekend now.

  29. I went to chuck e cheese in February.I don’t know if we are going to go this month

  30. The last time I visited Chuck E Cheese was last year for a bday party around this time. So it’s alost been a year!!

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