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Christmas 2011 Pictures

Christmas 2011 was an absolute blast!

The girls had such a wonderful time visiting with friends and family and had a lot of fun playing together. It’s crazy that this will be our last Christmas as a fmaily of four!

Next year we will have another daughter crawling around after her big sisters.

The most amazing gift I received this year is the precious baby growing inside of me. I feel so blessed, she kicked away over Christmas and it was just an amazing year.

Here we are a few days away from 2012 and I a am so excited for the New Year to begin, we start January off with celebrating the 9th birthday of our first baby girl Samantha, and weeks later to welcome our third baby girl into the world! This is such an exciting time for our family and we are all so very excited to welcome 2012!

I already know that 2012 is going to FLY by and I just hope to cherish and enjoy every single second of it.

2012 also has HUGE changes for our family, including moving to Texas next fall. It is a huge leap for our family but we are so excited and can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!

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  1. Great pictures, it’s crazy how fast 2011 flew by. I didn’t have a great 2011 so I’m happy to see it go but I’m so excited for you and your family. It looks like 2012 is going to hold many great things for your family of soon to be 5.

  2. When my girls were smaller, I always had them in coordinating outfits! You have a busy year planned with a new baby and a big move! Hope you have a happy new year!

  3. WOW. NINE years old? It does go by so fast! The pics are so sweet Mandy.

    I must have TOTALLY missed the boat and had no idea you were moving. Wow. that will be a nice change. We have friends who moved to Texas a handful of years ago and said it is SUCH a great move financially and can get TWICE the home for your money there vs where we live. What an adventure you have coming with a new lil one and a family move. You seem like such a close family, I am sure you will all do famously with the changes.

  4. Texas! I can’t even imagine! It is so HOT there! My baby is due in May, around here it will still be in the 50s, in Texas my friend tells me it will already be over 100. Hope you like the heat!

    1. Yes we went to Texas last May and it was HOT but very enjoyable. You have AC where ever you go, plus the lakes and different water parks. We live in Southern California right now so we are already used to heat.

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