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Challenge #9 – Monday Photo Challenge

Challenge #9 – Monday Photo Challenge

Sad Moment Photos
you need to pick a photo that shows one of your saddest moments. Then, post the photo with a description on your blog

This was a sad moment for me, I dropped a bookshelf on my foot. I broke my big toe, and it hurt like HECK! Sarah was 5 months old and asleep in the other room, after I dropped the bookshelf (it was like 7 feet tall) she woke up, I practically dragged myself on hands and knees to get to her. We lived in San Diego at the time and I was all by myself and couldn’t ask MIL to help me since we were a good 2 hours away.
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ok, seriously a sad moment for me was Samantha’s first day of preschool. She was so excited!
Gosh she looks so little in this photo.
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