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Celebrate Childhood with Caillou

Growing up is the greatest adventure, especially when you are 4 years old. Each Caillou episode is about a simple everyday life situation that feels so BIG to a child. It’s about discovery and imagination. Watching Caillou helps children feel empowered and inspired. What Caillou does in the episodes reflects what every child does in their day-to-day lives. Caillou is an everyday hero and “a kid just like me.”

To celebrate childhood pick up some of the fabulous toys that any toddler will love!

We adore the Caillou Learning Train.  Caillou and his little sister Rosie love exploring and learning about the world around them. Now little ones can explore right along with them using the Caillou Learning Train. They’ll delight in watching Caillou move up and down as the train rolls when they wind the green key. Squeeze the steam to hear it squeak. Move the colorful bead shapes along the bar. Move the bell on the detachable train car to hear it ring, and more!  Includes Caillou and Rosie figures.

Every little one who has come over gets a kick out of the steam and squeezing it, they love the squeak and love that it moves like a car.

*A product was received thanks to Team Mom.

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  1. I love Caillou, well my boys do, they are 2&4 years old and they love this show, I am really liking the learning train, I’m gonna have to keep it in mind next time we go shopping, thank you for the review.

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