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Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System

*We are excited to partner with Guardzilla in the “caught in the act” promotion. A product was provided. All opinions are my own.
Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System (8)

I have always thought about getting my family a home security system but I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into something that required lots of wires and was hard to use. When I was asked to join in on the fun with Guardzilla and seeing what I could “catch in the act” I couldn’t wait to join!

Once I received the Guardzilla I couldn’t wait to get it connected and start checking out what my kids were up to. (boy I was surprised at how many times they went into the kitchen for snacks!!)

Everything you need, just the AC plug! No extra wires or cords. (so easy)

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security (1)

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security (2)

I ended up using the device on my husband’s HTC One  M8. All you do is download the app (apple or andriod) and then it literally walks you through the process in four easy steps!

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security (3)

Once you are connected  you will see your home screen that allows for easy monitoring. The Guardzilla app features geo-fencing, which automatically arms and unarms the device when you approach your home. The app allows you to personalize how and when you are notified, as well as watch video of your home in real time. Multiple phones can access the same Guardzilla device, which makes Guardzilla perfect for roommates, husbands and wives, and kids coming home from school.

Guardzilla also allows you to check-in on your pet during the day and features pet immunity, which prevents your pet from activating the motion sensors.


When you select the blue monitor it shows you real time video of what is going on at your house. (you can easily move Guardilla round from room to room too). While watching the video monitoring you can take photos of what you see and then later go back and review your “activity log”

Here we have it sitting on our counter watching the kitchen. Decoy of a bag of gummy worms are sitting on the counter.

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System (1) Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System (6)

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System (7)

We even watched Shelby climb up to get some treats!

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System (3)

Even though our kitchen is not that bright when the lights are turned off I was rather impressed with the quality and brightness of the video.

Caught in the act using Guardzilla Security System (5)

The Guardzilla video also has night vision so if you are monitoring the outside of your home you can see at night time what is going on. I plan to also use Guardzilla in the nursery to keep an eye on the baby while he is sleeping in his crib. When my family leaves on weekends away I can easily set Guardzilla up to monitor our front door.


  • No monthly fees
  • No installation, ready to use in about 5 minutes
  • No monthly fees
  • Connects to your home WiFi
  • Siren Alerts (it’s loud!!!)
  • Multiple phones can connect to one Guardzilla unit
  • Wide angle lens
  • Built in speaker and microphone
  • 1 year limited warranty

Guardzilla is available for purchase at Best Buy. You get a complete home security system for under $100!

Liam from said: “Home security is massively important, so wether you installing small hidden cameras or big residential systems, it’s important to constantly maintain your security devices.”

You can learn more about Guardzilla and stay up to date with news and promos by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to also join the “Guardzilla’s Caught in the Act Challenge” contest which will run from February 16th – March 13th:

The “Guardzilla’s Caught in the Act Challenge” contest will encourage fans to upload photos of things that they have caught on their Guardzilla OR Smart Phone.  Guardzilla users will receive bonus points but it is NOT required that submissions come from a Guardzilla.

Prizes:  1 Grand Prize winner to receive a $250 gift card and Guardzilla to Best Buy and 2 runner-ups to receive $50 gift cards to Best Buy

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