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goodbye 2007

I can not believe that today is the last day of 2007. Samantha will be turning 5 in just a few days! We have been so blessed this past year, a lot of ups and downs but I feel hubby and I became stronger as a couple. We have a lot of goals for next year and were hoping it is a great year.

Girls Room

I am completely in love with the furniture that my in laws got the girls for hristmas. My Aunt and Uncle got the girls their bedding. I am not liking the bed rail too much, and that sucker was 30 bucks!!! yeah I was shocked too and it’s a POC!!! I think I will be taking it back tomorrow(walmart) and finding one at TRU instead. ANYWAYS!!! here are a few pictures!Don’t mind Samantha, she had to get into EVERY picture!

glad to be home!

I have been on the go for the past 5 days. parties here and there! We are finally home and I have spent ALL day organizing the girls room and our little house. I left last Friday and lets just say it looked like hubby didn’t clean a thing while I was gone. I think he did a load of laundry and that was only because his clothes smelled like fish so bad he had to wash them. (I was his clothes everyday because they smell so bad)

We had a wonderful Christmas. the girls were spoiled like always! They also got their new bedroom set!! I am waiting for the drill to charge so I can put up their curtains and then I will take pictures! I am so excited for them. Their room is so girlie and cute! It finally looks like a little girls room!

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone, just wanted t say hi and I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am at my inlaws visiting and waiting to go over to my friend Megan’s house. The girls are excited to see their friends. I had a nice time last night with my best friend Jillian. We sat and talked for hours, then went to 7eleven to get nachos and taquitos. yeah they were pretty yummy!!

just wanted to say hi.

oh and I want a macbook now. I’m usig my MILs and it’s pretty amazing. So if hubby reads this.. LOL HINT HINT!

aren’t they cute?

yesterday I received the cutest Santa hats for the girls from Lisa McGrath. She embroidered the girls names on them. Sam and Sarah wont take them off.

2008 Blogging Goals

Here’s a group writing contest that comes at a good time of the year – to participate what you need to do is make a post on your blog detailing your blogging goals for 2008. Do that and then make a comment on the contest post at Daily Blog Tips and then you’re in the draw to win a Revolution WordPress theme from Brian Gardner – there’s actually three themes to be won so that means there’ll be three winners!

I think this is great, I did a post on New Years revolution, but now here is a chance to write about what I’d like to achieve with my blog in 2008. Since I started blogging back in June I had reached a rank of 46,000 before I switched to my own domain, which was just about a week or so ago so as of now my rank is way up there at 317,977. (edit: Thursday at 12:04AM I am at 283,266 )

*I would have to say that one of my goals would be to make the Technorati top 10,000 blogs.
*I would also like to get 50 RSS/feed-blitz subscribers.
*I would also like to have 50,000 page visits. Right now I am around 10,200

So there are a few goals I would like to achieve for 2008. I really have loved blogging and meeting new people, and I would like to continue to meet new people. I love my blogger friends!

proud mommy

I know that as a mother to an almost 5 year old there are times where I get so frustrated with my daughter that I just need a break. There are times she back talks and doesn’t listen to me. But there are times when I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter and so happy to be her mother.

We have been teaching Samantha the value of money and that if she wants something at the store she needs to save her money to buy it. Well, we went to the store and she had saved enough money to buy something, I can’t remember if she wanted a toy or candy. But she was very proud of herself and walked around holding her wallet. Well, when we got to the store she saw the woman from the salvation army with her bell ringing it, and she gave all her money to the woman. She put it inside the container. There was about 6-8 other people standing there and saw her do it and all smiled at her and said what a wonderful thing she did. Even the woman told her that the money she just gave her would go to people who didn’t have any food.

I was so proud of Sam for doing that I couldn’t help but let her pick a surprise out at the store. You know what she tells me “but mommy I don’t have any money to buy it” I told her that I would get it for her.

Lets Play

Today it was pretty nice outside. Not too chilly. I won a new HP photoshot Digital camera a few weeks ago  and I thought I would try it out today. So here are some pictures I took of the girls.

This little baby has potiental to take some pretty decent pictures.

we were walking to the mailbox

our apartment is right behind this bench Sarah is sitting on, but upstairs.



I now have my own domain name, everything should transfer fine but please update all your links to me.

my new domain is

8 Random Facts About Me

Sher tagged me to list 8 Random Facts About Me

Instructions: When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

1. I was born in Oklahoma City
2. I fell off a 2 story deck when I was 12
3. I love playing soccer and running
4. I used to know how to take my right foot put it around my back and touch it to my nose.
5. I CAN still do a back bend
6. I love blogging
7. I hope our next child is a boy
8. I want to go to New England/Foxboro and see the Patriots play

Eight people I will tag:
1. Kristin
2. Gemma
3. Kara
4. Hip Mommy
5. Mama Pajama
6. Hugs N Stuff
7. AngelGal
8. Shana

I think I emailed all you ladies! Have fun!

Dyed my hair

I dyed my hair a few days ago. In the winter time my roots get REALLY dark so I like to dye it all one color and then in spring get highlights/lowlights

here is before: see how the roots are dark and the bottom is really light?

and here is after:

Happy Anniversary 4 years

Today is mine and hubby’s 4th wedding anniversary. I can not believe we have been married for 4 years and together for 7!
We went out to Palm Springs last night for dinner. We ended up going to Kobe Japanese Steak House and had Teppanyaki. It was delicious!!
Here is Pat and I right before we went inside the restaurant.
Sarah at the garden outside Kobe looking at the Koy fish

She was saying “cheese”

all the over grown gold fish LOL

this is in front of the entrance to the restaurant, Sarah was so excited to see all the fish

Inside sitting down waiting for food

We had such a nice time, last year we took the Coaster down to old town San Diego with the girls.

Ornament Exchange

Shana and I were partnered together for Kailani’s 2007 Christmas Ornament Exchange

I received my ornament on Tuesday and am completely in love with it! Shana got me a Willow Tree 2007 Ornament!


Patrick is finally getting his Sushi bar in Lake Arrowhead. We have known about it since last summer, but they FINALLY started doing the inside this past week! They want it open by mid-January! The good thing is Patrick will be the HEAD CHEF!! Which means double what he makes now! YAY! Were going Wednesday to talk to the owners and for Patrick to get all the details about what he will need to do to get the place running. I am so excited for him, he will finally have what he wants. He will be the boss of everyone and have the last say in everything. Of course this means more responsibilities. Like hiring his staff, doing food orders, inventory. He will also be in charge of ordering everything for the Sushi Bar. Like the Sushi Cases (I have no idea what everything is called, but basically everything behind the sushi bar) The owners of the bar also own Papaya Bay in Lake Arrowhead (it is a Thai place) and Pasta Mia in Blue Jay (Italian?IDK) I guess they are also opening a few more stores in Lake Arrowhead.

The other great thing about this is we WILL be moving back to Arrowhead in April when our lease is up! Which is great because Samantha starts school in the fall. OMG! I can’t believe Samantha starts KINDERGARTEN next fall. Which she is so ready for. MIL told me that she is further ahead then a lot of kids in her class remember MIL is a kindergarten teacher). Samantha knows all the sounds to the letters and can put the sounds together to make words. Yesterday she learned how to spell and read HAM. yeah it is a random word but a VERY easy word. She also knows how to spell and read at, bat, cat. (family words are great)

Our 4th wedding anniversary is on Thursday! But we are celebrating on Wednesday (Pat’s day off)

The girls

I wanted to share a picture of the girls from last weekend after we moved into our new place. We had just come abck from the store and the girls wanted to watch a movie.