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It’s Official

Yesterday I spent some time paying the bills and getting caught up on everything. 4,000 dollars later… we have officially paid off three of our credit cards! Two have been closed and one is our emergency card for the car. We now only have two cards left and our car payment (oh and hubby’s motorcycle) Once we get the other two paid off it will be great! Hopefully we can get those paid off by summertime. I was able to put a large chunk of money at the Discover card. I am hoping in 2008 we can get out of debt, or at least a big portion of it!

Sam lost her 3rd tooth!

Yesterday, right ebfore we left to go to dinner. I was tickleing Sam on my bed and when she got down her THIRD tooth fell out!! She was so excited, she punched the air saying “YAY!!!”

Sam’s THIRD tooth lost February 13th, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a nice day. Hubby, the girls and I went out to dinner last night with my mother in law. Sam stayed with my in laws so she could go to MIL’s Valentines Day party.

Here are a few pictures I took of Sarah today




Tiny Talk Tuesday

(this is from last week)

Sarah learned that when someone is naughty they are “bad” So when I told her no, that she could not have candy yesterday, she put her finger up and started shaking it at me saying “bad, bad bad”. She had the most serious face too, I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

Sam went to the Dentist

Samantha went to the dentist yesterday. She did great. At first she was unsure of the x-rays of her teeth but she let them do their job and then thought the x-rays were pretty neat. I found them to be really neat too. I have never seen x-rays of baby teeth, just permanent teeth so it was cool to see her permanent teeth that close to her baby teeth. The Dr’s also told me that the tooth right next to one she lost is about to fall out too. She did not have a single cavity either. They were very surprised at how well she takes care of her teeth/mouth. They told me that they hardly see a 5 year old with such little plaque build up. I told them it’s because she likes to brush her teeth.. a lot! We were there for about an hour and a half because I took her to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, so it is a teaching school and it is where students get practice. I told my friend Jillian I felt like I was watching Grey’s Anatomy for Dentists.
I did get a few pictures of my girl at the Dentist (yes they are mostly for Grandma)
Here she is right after she sat down. When she was still nervous about everything.
Here Sam is getting her fluoride treatment at the very end. This was the intern who was assigned to Sam. He was so nice, and very good with kids.

Silly Picture Giveaway

and the rest is history is having a fun and cute giveaway. You could win a 20 dollar gift card. All you have to do is post a silly picture!

hmm what silly photo should I enter? I have a few.

First would be Samantha’s lovely wall painting. My in laws were having their house repainted and the painter left his paint down, seriously what two year old could resist wet paint? My favorite part is the tiny feet print leading from the crime scene. Although my mother in law was a little upset we all were laughing hysterically. The painter didn’t find it quite as funny as we did.


And of course I have to share my sweet Sarah. I shared this one recently on photo hunt MESSY.
but I just love it. She had so much fun sitting out on the patio with chalk and water making paint. They were entertained for hours!


days off

It is so hard for me to get online when Hubby has his two days off. This week it happened to be Monday and Tuesday. We had a really nice time together. We spent the past two days with my MIL who had snow days! So yesterday we went to IHOP. YUM!!! Then we took MIL to see the houses in Beaumont that we liked. Then we went shopping. I got a new bra and chonies YAY, the girls made out! and so did Hubby!!
Today we went out to Buena Park and had Knotts Berry Farm chicken dinner!! another YUMMO!!! We also visited Hubby’s Grandmother, who I adore! It was a short but sweet visit and then we came home.

I also introduced my lovely MIL to Sing Star! Yes, were a bunch of Karaoke-ing fools now.

Anyways, I had a nice time with hubby but am ready for him to go back to work! LOL

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Today Sam’s ta-ta asked her how old she was and she turns to him and says “I am five” (while holding up 5 fingers) He says to her “Your five?” and she replies “yep, I’m five” then looks at me and says “well at least that is what my mommy tells me”

Sam lost her 2nd tooth!

I can not believe that Sam has lost her second tooth this morning! She went to brush her teeth and the tooth brush pushed the little tooth right out. It’s funny because this morning I was telling hubby that her tooth might come out today and he would have to stop at Walmart and pick her up something from the tooth fairy. He said why, and I told him that last time the tooth fairy left her a barbie doll. He told me “well that’s not fair, all I got was a quarter!” LOL… yeah times are changing dear hubby!

Here are a few pictures of my girl, the first one is when she lost her first tooth back in August, and the second from this morning.
August 16th, 2007
January 25th 2008

My poor Samantha


I feel so bad for my little Samantha. For her birthday her papa bought her a webkinz. A little raccoon. She feel completely in love with and named it Caramel- Sho-sho. She sleeps with it and take it everywhere with her. Today I baby sat Summer. Well today Sam took it to the store with us and some how during the trip Summer ended up with it. I kept asking her if she wanted me to take it and she said no, she even dropped it once and I told her to be careful not to loose it. Well we came home and they played, and about 45 minutes ago Sam wanted it to go to bed. So I went into the girls room and couldn’t find it. I literally took the whole room apart and looked EVERYWHERE!! I even went outside to the trash and looked in the trash for it. I walked the whole way back to the store, couldn’t find it. I called the store, they didn’t have it. I called Summer and she says she can’t remember. Samantha is in tears crying. I told her to pray to God to bring Caramel-Sho-sho home and to keep her safe.

Wanna know what I just did? I feel so bad for my baby that I jumped on ebay and bought the first raccoon I could find, and begged the seller to ship it ASAP!

She is behind me laying in my bed crying because she wants her raccoon. It’s going to take a few days for it to get here and she is going to be a mess. I even used the money I was going to use to buy a candle from Jac 🙁 but I don’t want to see my Sam sad and her heart hurting. I have never seen her get so attached to a stuffed animal before. Just sucks it was a webkinz cause those suckers are expensive

anyways, I just wanted to share my story that has happened this evening at our house.

Happy Birthday Samantha

Happy Birthday my sweet Samantha. I can not believe my baby is 5 years old today.

Here is a birthday picture of my girl from every year.

Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

By Joanna Fuchs

Date Night

Last night Hubby and I had a date night. It was so nice. We ended up going to a little restaurant right by us. We actually walked to it. It is called La Basil. The food was amazing! Hubby and I got these delicious egg rolls called Cha gio, crispy Vietnamese egg rolls, wrapped in lettuce leaves with mint and dipped in sweet sauce. We also got some steak with onions and yellow curry. I loved the curry, which was actually a Thai dish.
Here is me getting ready for date night!

Me Before Picture

OK so I saw Kristin’s post about her “me picture” which she looks really good! Last time I saw her was back in May and she looks amazing!Great job Kristin!!

I have to loose A LOT more weight then she does, 🙁 but I can do it. So here is my BEFORE picture! Please don’t laugh. I like my tooshie. I always have and it has stayed very round. I just need to loose the gut, the love handles and a lot of my thighs. Oh and I’d love for my breasts to shrink. I am a 36DD and I’d like to be a 34D again.

and this is my goal weight 140. I wore a size 9, those shorts are a large from forever21 (Kristin do you still have them?) and I was a 34D. (sorry my face is all red, I was crying because that was the day pat proposed to me)

New Years Eve 2007

My sister Kristin posted about something she would like to do next year, she made a small simple goal that she knows she can keep and I think that is great. I want to start off with one small simple goal and that would be to get outside everyday and exercise. I will be adding it to my SMART Habit Saturday’s. So far since Saturday I am 2/3 days. I didn’t go to they gym yesterday because I had a cold and felt very poopy. Today I did not get to the gym but I did go outside with the girls, we were out for 40 minutes, and the whole time we just ran around playing tag and chasing each other. I realized that running around the tennis court is great exercise, plus it is a huge area to run and play. Our tennis court is literally right outside our apartment, you walk out the door and down the steps and your at the gate to tennis court. It’s great. Thinking back to my SMART goals, Lara says that it takes 21 days to make something a habit. 3 weeks really is not that long. Actually in 3 weeks we will be having Samantha’s birthday party and that seems like it will be here in no time. I know that if I really set my mind to it I can do it, plus this is one huge step for my weight loss goals.
I was also thinking about doing the nutrisystem plan. It is very similar to jenny Craig’s (does not taste as good though) but that takes a lot of discipline. My mother in law started Jenny Craig back in August and has lost a lot of weight, She didn’t have a lot to loose to begin with but she has dropped 2 pant sizes.

Oh and does anyone know what I wan wear while exercising to tame this flabby stomach? I need something that is super tight on it so it wont jiggle. yeah it’s pretty gross. I didn’t have this after I had Sam. CRY!

goodbye 2007

I can not believe that today is the last day of 2007. Samantha will be turning 5 in just a few days! We have been so blessed this past year, a lot of ups and downs but I feel hubby and I became stronger as a couple. We have a lot of goals for next year and were hoping it is a great year.