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Happy Birthday!

Today is my dear hubby’s 28th birthday! I just wanted to share with everyone, how much I love him and hope he has a wonderful day!

A is for Apple

What are your kids learning in school?

My mother in law is a kindergarten teacher, and I am so lucky that Samantha gets to go to her class when we visit every week. Samantha missed the cutoff by a few weeks so she wont be able to start school until next year.

So what are they learning in Kindergarten? Samantha already knew how to write her name but she is learning to write in the lines, and also to write her last name.

Every morning they sit down on the big rug and practice the months of the year, the days of the week, their colors and shapes. They are also learning the colors in Spanish.

Learning to read is also one of the biggest things all of the kids are learning. We are starting with family words, like at, cat, bat, mat. I never realized how fast the kids can catch on.

Kindergarten is a lot of fun, the kids are learning structure, how to follow rules and directions. School has only been in class for two months and I am so surprised at how much Samantha has learned.

Now that she has learned each letter of the alphabet and the sound they make, she knows how to put the letters together by sounding them out to make words. Her first word she put together was “at” and she was so proud of herself. Now she likes to read books and try putting words together by herself.

We are huge fans of reading, and have many books from . For Christmas this year my girls are getting a nice bookcase with tons of new books!


Halloween Costumes

I love the work of Sugarplums*N*Gumdrops. Last year she made my daughter’s Halloween Costumes.

They were fairy princesses

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Well today I received their costumes! YAY! I loved Angela’s work so much I asked her if she would make their costumes again this year. She said yes, and after many hours of hard work(on her part, all I made was their tutus) I finally have them, and boy it was worth the wait! They are adorable! I still have to make the bows to go with them, so don’t mind my girl’s crazy hair styles LOL. or Sarah’s pink bows.
This year they are girlie pirates!

Ok so now I need a little advice! Should I do their hair in pigtails, you know when you do the buns with hair sticking out kind of like spikes with bows?

Oct. 3, 2007

I wanted to share a picture I took of my babies today

Baby Shower!

Over at 5 Minutes For Mom, Janice and Susan are having a baby shower! Of course we all know Janice had her baby Olivia the other night, and miss Sophie is patiently waiting. Anyways, so all us bloggers out there get to join in on the fun and share some photos of ourselves while pregnant, and our birth stories!

Sorry the quality is so bad, it is a picture of a picture, and unfortunately I didn’t have this picture online already (IDK why either)

This is the first picture that my mother in law took right after I gave birth to my second daughter Sarah. It is the moment the Dr. put Sarah on my stomach. I remember I was so excited because it was another girl.

Here I am with Sarah after we both are cleaned up

Our first time nursing, this was about an hour after she was born because she ingested meconium and it took them 45 minutes to clear it all out of her lungs.

Here is my big Ole’ 39 week belly. I took this the day before I went into labor with Sarah.

Here is my birth story, starting with my 39 week OB apt.

I had my 39 week OB apt. on Tuesday morning (11.29.05) and I was contracting in the office but there was no pattern. and my cervix was high closed and thick…. The Dr had me make an apt. for the 8th, because no one thought I would have the baby before my due date. I did start having contractions starting Thanksgiving, and I had lots of bleeding and some small blood clots, I called my Dr on Thanksgiving to ask about it, and he said that it sounded like I was loosing my mucus plug. I should call him if my contractions got to every 5 minutes and they lasted for an hour, or of course if my water broke, well that lasted all weekend and until Tuesday. On Saturday I had more contractions and the Dr told me the same thing. So on Tuesday in the office I was having small contractions but they weren’t doing anything, I had a NST and everything looked fine, the baby was measuring 8lbs 5 Oz’s on the sonogram machine.
I had contractions all day Tuesday and at 3pm Pat told me that I should time them just to see what they were doing. The contractions started getting regular at 4pm, I started counting them and they were every 4 minutes on the dot. It was crazy because every time I would get a contraction I would look at the clock and it would be every 4 minutes! At 5:30pm I called my Dr and he said to go to the hospital.
We dropped Sam off at the restaurant that MIL and FIL were at. We got to the hospital around 5:45, and went to the ER, the receptionist was kinda ditsy, she asked me a bunch of questions and finally after like 30 minutes I was like, I did my pre-registration already, why am I doing this again? and she was like “oh yeah, I forgot about that” so finally around 6:15pm or so the on call OB nurse got us and took us to the birthing center, which is so cute, it’s in this little corner and there is only 2 rooms, I got the big room and it was so nice! the nurse checked me around 6:30pm and I was dilated to an almost 4cm! So I was really in labor! She couldn’t believe that that morning at the Dr office my cervix was thick and closed. I got my heparin lock IV (for my group B strep) and was put on the monitor’s, I was contracting but they were not very strong or doing anything. Around 7:30pm my nurse came and checked me and said that it didn’t seem like I had changed in an hour and almost sent us home. but instead she said that if we walked around maybe it would get things to happen so we walked the halls for an hour, got checked around 8:30pm and was a good 4cm, 80% effaced and a -3 station, My nurse said that walking did help and that we would walk for 40 minutes and then would be monitored for 20. and we would do it until 10:45 (which is when I needed another does of med. for my GBS) which I was 6cm, contractions were getting stronger but still manageable……. well in an hour I went from a 6 to an 8 and was practically screaming in pain, Transition is so hard and the contractions were right on top of each other, Patrick helped me so much, poor guy probably had some bad bruises on his arms. I did get a shot of Demerol, which just made me loopy and didn’t take any pain away, but it made me tired, I did sleep in between contractions but as soon as they started up I was screaming in pain, so I got an epidural, which I almost couldn’t get because I was dilating so fast they thought the Dr wouldn’t get there in time, I had my water broken when I was 8cm, I believe there was meconium in the water, and at the same time I got the epidural. Which of course took forever because she had to wait in between contractions, and I was almost yelling at her to hurry up. She gave me a small dose, but it numbed up, I could feel my legs a little and definitely could feel the baby’s head crowning, I started pushing as soon as I rolled over from getting the epidural. I would say I pushed for a god 30 minutes, basically the baby was still high and I had to push her down, pushing was very hard, as the baby started to crown I kept moving to the side to see the head coming out, I remember her face was turned to the right and I could see it all squashed up as it came out.
Sarah Bethany was born at 1:42 am on November 30th 2005! she weighed 8lbs 12.8 Oz’s!! and 21 inches long!
She did ingest meconium, and it took them a good 45 minutes to suction her out, they nurses did such an awesome job, I was so scared because though Sarah was crying a little she was still kinda blue, her APGARS were 7 and 9. She started nursing right away and has done awesome. We only had to stay one night at the hospital. Sarah did get a little jaundice, but that is pretty normal for babies and especially breastfed babies.

Spider Hatchlings

We subscribe to this awesome magazine called Family Fun and in the October issue there are tons of really neat craft ideas you can do with your kids. Samantha and I decided to try the Spider Hatch-lings. It was a lot of fun. But a lot of work.

White glue (we used a 7 5/8-ounce bottle)
2 bowls
Plastic spoon
Balloon (we used an 11-inch size)
Cheesecloth cut into 12 or so 3- by 18-inch strips
Clear fishing line
Plastic spiders (available at

1. Empty the glue bottle into a bowl. Then fill the bottle halfway with water, shake it to dilute any remaining glue, and add the contents to the bowl. Stir the mixture well.

2. Inflate the balloon to about 9 inches tall and set it aside in another bowl.

3. Individually dip the cheesecloth strips into the glue, gently squeeze out the excess fluid, and spread the strips flat on the balloon. Cover the balloon this way, leaving 3 or 4 small gaps (as shown) and a 1 1/2-inch opening around the knot for tying on the spiders later. Let the glue dry, rotating the balloon occasionally to speed the drying process.

4. Pop the balloon with a pin and remove it.

5. Tie a loop for hanging the egg at one end of a long piece of fishing line. Near the top of the egg, insert the other end of the line through the cheesecloth, then reach inside and pull it out through a nearby gap and tie a spider to it. Gently pull the line back until the spider comes to rest against the inside of the egg, thereby securing the line.

6. Use more fishing line to create strings of spiders. To tie them to the egg, thread one end of the line through the cheesecloth and out a gap, knot the line, and pull the knot back inside the egg. Attach more spiders directly to the egg simply by poking 2 or 3 legs through the cheesecloth.

Here is how ours came out

I have to warn you, once you dip the cheesecloth in the glue, it gets all tangled up and you have to pull it apart, and do it before the glue dries on your fingers. beware it makes a HUGE mess!

yay for birthdays


I didn’t even tell you guys what my in laws got me for my birthday, kinda funny because I am always “traveling” but I got this adorable Burton luggage bag. It is cool because you have use it as a backpack if you need to, if not the straps come of and they tuck into the back with a Velcro back to close. It has tons of compartments, and comes with a cute makeup bag. the big compartment has a removable divider, the top where the handle is has it’s on zipper compartment. It really is a neat bag.
Of course the USC game and babysitting were part of my birthday. My dear hubby took me to Victoria Secret and I got some new chonies, they are super cute too. and then we went to Gap! I got a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Meggy got me some scrapbooking stuff. It was so fun. Now I have DH’s birthday in 2 weeks!!

USC Game

On Saturday I went with hubby to the USC game. My brother in law couldn’t go so he let me have his ticket. I had so much fun. I wish I had a season ticket like hubby so I could go to every game. I have just a few pictures to share.

Patrick with some of the Band

Patrick and I

See how awesome their seats are? They are with the Cardinal and Gold, the seats are in section 5 and like row 47 I think.

Some Pictures

I thought I would share a few pictures I took of the girls this morning.

Samantha was happy to take a picture for me.

Took a few times for Sarah to get a good one, she kept wanting to have her nose in the camera. LOL

Finally a decent one of them together.

and I had to show ya’ll this one, makes me laugh.
Samantha was mad because she didn’t want Sarah to sit with her.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me, LOL. Well today I turn 24. I feel so old.

I am having a pretty good day, I woke up to Hubby and the girls walking into the room singing me Happy Birthday, Samanaht agave me a gift card to Gap and a Lotto Ticket, and Sarah CHUCKED a Skor bar at me. I laughed so hard. I mean it, she literally threw it at me. What do you expect from an almsot 2 year old? Then Hubby went and got me Starbucks, and a egg and cheese biscuit from Mc D’s. YUMMY!!!!
Tonight we are going to Hubby’s work for dinner. He is a Sushi Chef. YUM. I am so excited for my avacodo cucumber roll on soy paper. mmmmmmm… * wipe droll*
Then tomorrow I am going with Pat and his family to the USC game!! WOOT WOOT!!! They have season tickets (like every year) and since BIL can’t go, he is giving his ticket to me. yay.

Heads or Tails

September 11, 2001

There are moments in time where we all remember what we were doing when we found out. Where were you? How did you find out? How much did it affect you, if at all? Is there anything else you want to say about it?

I was a senior in High School, school started at 7:05am, and first period I had photography, second period I had English, that class got out at 9:05, and it was at 8:46 a.m. – American Flight 11 from Boston crashed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center. I remember being in class and someone running into the room saying to turn on the TV, then the bell rang and it was “nutrition”. I remember walking into my history teacher’s room, Mitchell: and watching the news. I remember calling Patrick, who at the time was my boyfriend, and he was scared because he told me if they declare war he might be called in because of his air training. I remember the whole day going by so slow and every classroom had the TV on, I don’t think there was much teaching going on that day, everyone just being in shock and we all couldn’t believe what we had saw. Patrick picked me up from school, and we just “hung out” for the rest of the day, I remember crying for those brave men and women and for their families. I didn’t know anyone personally, but my heart broke for each and everyone of them. Everytime I see something on the news, or a movie, I cry.


Disneyland Pictures

I wanted to share a few pictures from Disneyland. The best pictures are on my MIL’s camera, so mine will have to do for now.

Back from a Mini Vacation

So last week the girls and I stayed at my inlaws house. I was there house/doggy sitting while they were in Maui, no fair I know. Anyways, we had a very nice time. I took the girls to Lake Gregory. I got some pictures
Here is Samantha smiling for me
Miss Sarah who didn’t want anything to do with the camera Sam, she wanted to build a sand castle
This is Erin (neighbor) with Sarah

It was a lot of fun. Of course I managed to hurt myself by falling and road rashing my leg up pretty bad, but it is healing now, plus I hurt myself by making sure the baby didn’t get hurt, so it was worth it.Samantha also had her last Ballet class for the summer. (she will start back up in the fall)

Sam looking at Lake Arrowhead and of course posing
Here is a picture of Sam and I
Sarah posing (I made her outfit)

Samantha Started BALLET!

Well she finally got to do waht she has been dreaming of doing the past few months, my little girl started Ballet!! She was so excited yesterday becasue she knew her day had finally come!! She is in the pre-Ballet class, so they do ballet, tap and tumbling! Her favorite thing just happened to be the spider crawl, what a girl! I was able to get jsut a few pictures before her teacher’s shooed us parents out of the room. They do not allow parents in on the first lesson becasue the children tend to not pay attention if they know mommy(or daddy) is there. SO here is my little Ballerina, she had to be the odd one out in a PURPLE leotard! (Sharon McCormick of Lake Arrowhead School of Dance told my mother in law to let her pick her OWN leotard)

here are the few pictures I was able to get

Samantha and her friend Faith (the other little girl is Faith’s cousin)

the teacher Shannon having the girls sit down

paying attention to their dance instructors (Sam is in the middle, in purple)

Happy 4th of July!!

Hey guys, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!!

Thanks to all the armed forces who protect us and fight for freedom. God bless you all!

A Few Pictures!

Samantha swimming in Lake Arrowhead (that is her Nino behind her)

Samantha and Faith (Sam’s best friend) playing on Faith’s grandparent’s boat

Sarah mad because she wanted to get into the lake too! (don’t worry Grandma is holding her, oh look… you can see her daddy in the background swimming)