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Happy 4th of July!!

Hey guys, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!!

Thanks to all the armed forces who protect us and fight for freedom. God bless you all!

A Few Pictures!

Samantha swimming in Lake Arrowhead (that is her Nino behind her)

Samantha and Faith (Sam’s best friend) playing on Faith’s grandparent’s boat

Sarah mad because she wanted to get into the lake too! (don’t worry Grandma is holding her, oh look… you can see her daddy in the background swimming)

Happy Father’s Day!!

I wanted to say Happy Father’s Day!!! We all had a alte start this morning, my MIL came and got my girls to visit with her dad, sadly both DH and I had to work, so the girls are visiting the grandparents/great grandparents today. I am happy they got to at least do something and get out of the house!

On another note, I got a job. I started last week, and am still traiing, so today I have a short shift, from 11 to 3. MIL should be abck around 3ish, so I’ll probbaly take them to the pool or something later.

For Daddy’s day we got Daddy some chonies (he really needed them) the movie Doggle (well Sam wanted it for him), and I got him a Sake set from Pottery Barn (he is a sushi chef)

to all the Dads out there, it’s your day and we hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

My FireCracker!!

I made this ribbon tank top and korker bows for Samantha tonight and I wanted to take some pictures for my site. I also made the baby a tank top too!! I still need to go buy some fabric and make the girls some twirll skirts, but here is my VERY FIRST ribbon tank top!!

Note for the Day

The little picture to the left of the stamp I saw on a fellow blogger’s site, and thought it was just too cute! Thanks Kara!

I thought I would write a little bit about my day has been going.
Thursday night my 4 year old went to stay with Grandma & Papa. So today I have spent the day cleaning and organizing, of course with my 4 year old gone, her sister wants ALL of my attention because her playmate is gone. Anyways, so I organized my bow making materials, and my scrap-booking stuff.
I have some bow orders that I need to do tonight, so that was the main reason for organizing my stuff. I moved everything out of my closet, (which if you saw my closest it basically is the size of a small room).
We also received a new computer yesterday, it is pretty nice except I found some Trojan viruses on it, grr. but it is faster than our little celeron. I still will be using my computer because it has my website on it, and all my pictures. I know Tanya, get an external hard drive, but that requires money LOL.
I still need to steam clean the living room, and organize the girls closet but that will just have to wait until tomorrow, or later today.

Patrick & Jesus- Grand Canyon

Patrick and his best friend Jesus decided on Wednesday night to drive to the Grand Canyon. They left at 10:30 pm, and came home yesterday at 5pm. They wanted to go check out the new Skywalk

But after buying tickets to go on the helicopter, and the boat trip they decided to make their own skywalk. They took Jesus’ Audi TT for the trip

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This is Patrick, I have no idea what the thing is.

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on the boat

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the guy driving the boat looks like Megan’s husband Josh. weird lol

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this si where they made their “own” skywalk. IDK

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the grand canyon

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Patrick, he has a weird expression, but that is just Pat.

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getting off the helicopter, that is Jesus.

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this is inside the helicopter. look you can see teh refection of Jesus’ shirt, LOL

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again, inside the helicopter

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, they got there at 7am, rode the helicopter, it landed down in the basin, where they rode the boat and had a tour from the botton of the canyon, they then went back on the helicopter and it took them to the top. They also were able to see other points of interest. But to go on the skywalk it would have been an additional 25 dollars each, so they decided to “make their own” basically that meant going to a place that had no railing and stand at the very end. They got home last night at 5pm.

Their last trip they drove to Vegas and back in one night. yeah, they are weird men.

twinkle twinkle little star

Here is Samantha playing twinkle twinkle little star

Sarah is growing

Sarah turned 18 months today, she also said “tant to” for thank you after I gave her a piece of banana. She also says “ewww”

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yep, she got ahold of sissors and chopped all her pretty hair off. so I had to fix it. looks like I’ll be curling it A LOT!


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Sarah Bethany’s Birth Story

I had my 39 week OB appt. on Tuesday morning (11.29.05) and I was contracting in the office but there was no pattern. and my cervix was high closed and thick…. The Dr had me make an appt. for the 8th, because no one thought I would have the baby before my due date. I did start having contractions starting Thanksgiving, and I had lots of bleeding and some small blood clots, I called my Dr on Thanksgiving to ask about it, and he said that it sounded like I was loosing my mucus plug. I should call him if my contractions got to every 5 minutes and they lasted for an hour, or of course if my water broke, well that lasted all weekend and until Tuesday. On Saturday I had more contractions and the Dr told me the same thing. Sooooo on Tuesday in the office I was having small contractions but they weren’t doing anything, I had a NST and everything looked fine, the baby was measuring 8lbs 5 ozs on the sonogram machine.

I had contractions all day Tuesday and at 3pm Pat told me that I should time them just to see what they were doing. The contractions started getting regular at 4pm, I started counting them and they were every 4 minutes on the dot. It was crazy because every time I would get a contraction I would look at the clock and it would be every 4 minutes! At 5:30pm I called my dr and he said to go to the hospital.

We dropped Sam off at the restaurant that MIL and FIL were at. We got to the hospital around 5:45, and went to the ER, the receptionist was kinda ditzy, she asked me a bunch of questions and finally after like 30 minutes I was like, I did my pre-registration already, why am I doing this again? and she was like “oh yeah, I forgot about that” soooo finally around 6:15pm or so the on call OB nurse got us and took us to the birthing center, which is so cute, it’s in this little corner and there is only 2 rooms, I got the big room and it was so nice! the nurse checked me around 6:30pm and I was dilated to an almost 4cm! So I was really in labor! She couldn’t believe that that morning at the Dr office my cervix was thick and closed. I got my heparin lock IV (for my group B strep) and was put on the monitors, I was contracting but they were not very strong or doing anything. Around 7:30pm my nurse came and checked me and said that it didn’t seem like I had changed in an hour and almost sent us home. but instead she said that if we walked around maybe it would get things to walked the halls for an hour, got checked around 8:30pm and was a good 4cm, 80% effaced and a -3 station, My nurse said that walking did help and that we would walk for 40 minutes and then would be monitored for 20. and we would do it until 10:45 (which is when I needed another does of meds. for my GBS) which I was 6cm, contractions were getting stronger but still manageable…….

In an hour I went from a 6 to an 8 and was practically screaming in pain, Transition is so hard and the contractions were right on top of each other, Patrick helped me so much, poor guy probably had some bad bruises on his arms. I did get a shot of Demerol, which just made me loopy and didn’t take any pain away, but it made me tired, I did sleep in between contractions but as soon as they started up I was screaming in pain, so I got an epidural, which I almost couldn’t get because I was dilating so fast they thought the dr wouldn’t get there in time, I had my water broken when I was 8cm, I believe there was meconium in the water, and at the same time I got the epidural.Which of course took forever because she had to wait in between contractions, and I was almost yelling at her to hurry up. She gave me a small dose, but it numbed up, I could feel my legs a little and definitely could feel the baby’s head crowning, I started pushing as soon as I rolled over from getting the epidural. I would say I pushed for a god 30 minutes, basically the baby was still high and I had to push her down, pushing was very hard, as the baby started to crown I kept moving to the side to see the head coming out, I remember her face was turned to the right and I could see it all squished up as it came out.

Sarah Bethany was born at 1:42 am on November 30th 2005! she weighed 8lbs 12.8 ozs!! and 21 inches long!

She did ingest meconium, and it took them a good 45 minutes to suction her out, they nurses did such an awesome job, I was so scared because though Sarah was crying a little she was still kinda blue, her APGARS were 7 and 9. She started nursing right away and has done awesome. We only had to stay one night at the hospital. Sarah did get a little jaundice, but that is pretty normal for babies and especially breastfed babies.


And this is what Samantha thinks of her new sister.

Samantha’s Birth Story

ok i had my 39th week app on the 9th and my midwife decided to try and strip my membranes again, first attempt on Tuesday didn’t work. i was at a 4cm and we all talked about just inducing, Melissa (my midwife) would be at the hospital the next day so we would induce the 10th at midnight. but i started having contractions every 4 mins and we left at 9:30pm (2 hours early) we got there at 10 and by 11 i was hooked up to an iv, pitocin, and penicillin (or however you spell it) my contractions weren’t very strong at this point but i was on total bed rest, that sucked big time. by 2 am i couldn’t take the pain anymore, i was crying, and i was only at a 4-5cm.So i got an epidural, it hurt really bad but by 2:45 am i was completely numb. well i finally got some rest. around 8:30 am the epidural started wearing off so i asked for a refill. which i didn’t get until almost 10 am because the anesthesiologist was called to 2 emergency c-sections. i was numb again but could feel the contractions a little bit, around noon they were getting pretty bad but i was only at a 7 cm, at this point i thought id be pregnant forever. Melissa finally came back, she had to take care of all these patients because the doctor she works under was called to these emergency c-sections. so she got there at about 1:20 pm and said that the baby’s head was right there, Pat at this time had decided to take a shower so we had to wait for him to get dressed. I pushed for only 14 minutes, don’t forget i was numb so i didn’t feel a thing, Melissa had to tell me when to push. at 1:44 pm Samantha Anne Acuna was born. She pooped all over me when she came out. At this we all through she was still a boy, the nurse starts wiping her off as i’m holding her and Pat cuts the umbilical cord. then the nurse goes to take her and as she picks her up i pull up the towel to look at “the parts” and say “it’s a girl” no one believed me and the nurse looks and confirms it. it was very funny. we have it all on video tape. we stayed at the hospital for one night and came home on Saturday. We are all doing good, I am in no pain, just a little sore, and Samantha is a beautiful baby. she looks just like Patrick, with my nose.