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Tiny Talk Tuesday

Sarah’s new thing is asking me “why” after I tell her no.

Samantha learned how to write “quit” if I ask her how to spell it she says “Q-U-I-T” I asked her where she learned it ans she said her KoTaKu mouse game! How cool!

2008 Blogging Goals Recap!

I started my 2008 Blogging Goals on December 19th 2007.

This is what I said December 19th 2007:

*Technorati top 10,000 blogs. Rank is 317,977
*I would also like to get 50 RSS/feed-blitz subscribers.
*I would also like to have 50,000 page visits. I am around 10,200

As of today April 7th 2008, not even four months later this is where I stand:

*My Technorati is Rank: 16,329
*20 subscribers
* My page views are 39,059


Easter Pictures

I wanted to share some pictures from Easter (when we went to the Village)

Sam posing.. like usual. silly girl

The new Sushi Bar
easter08 (13)

easter08 (10)

behind the scenes with the Easter Bunny
easter08 (9)

My Girls!
easter08 (15)

my little family

I love my little family


I took the girls swimming yesterday and took some pictures. I also have a video of Sam jumping in backwards. The girls had a blast. Now when Sarah wakes up the first thing she puts on is her swimsuit!

Click on the pcitures to make them larger.






Photo Hunters


PhotoHunt 100: Different

Silly Girls

This is different for me, normally it takes me forever to get a good picture of the girls together, I can never get them both smiling, seems they always want to be the main focus in the picture (especially Sam, she can be such a diva and it bugs me)

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Sarah’s conversation with me.. this happens daily

Sarah: “mom.. nilk”
Me: “hold on Sarah”
Sarah: “mom.. nilk”
Me: “hold on Sarah”
Sarah: “mom.. nilk”
Me: “just a sec Sarah”
Me: “OK Sarah”

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Sarah has started telling me when she is tired, she says “mama me nie-nie”

It’s Official

Yesterday I spent some time paying the bills and getting caught up on everything. 4,000 dollars later… we have officially paid off three of our credit cards! Two have been closed and one is our emergency card for the car. We now only have two cards left and our car payment (oh and hubby’s motorcycle) Once we get the other two paid off it will be great! Hopefully we can get those paid off by summertime. I was able to put a large chunk of money at the Discover card. I am hoping in 2008 we can get out of debt, or at least a big portion of it!

Sam lost her 3rd tooth!

Yesterday, right ebfore we left to go to dinner. I was tickleing Sam on my bed and when she got down her THIRD tooth fell out!! She was so excited, she punched the air saying “YAY!!!”

Sam’s THIRD tooth lost February 13th, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a nice day. Hubby, the girls and I went out to dinner last night with my mother in law. Sam stayed with my in laws so she could go to MIL’s Valentines Day party.

Here are a few pictures I took of Sarah today




Tiny Talk Tuesday

(this is from last week)

Sarah learned that when someone is naughty they are “bad” So when I told her no, that she could not have candy yesterday, she put her finger up and started shaking it at me saying “bad, bad bad”. She had the most serious face too, I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

Sam went to the Dentist

Samantha went to the dentist yesterday. She did great. At first she was unsure of the x-rays of her teeth but she let them do their job and then thought the x-rays were pretty neat. I found them to be really neat too. I have never seen x-rays of baby teeth, just permanent teeth so it was cool to see her permanent teeth that close to her baby teeth. The Dr’s also told me that the tooth right next to one she lost is about to fall out too. She did not have a single cavity either. They were very surprised at how well she takes care of her teeth/mouth. They told me that they hardly see a 5 year old with such little plaque build up. I told them it’s because she likes to brush her teeth.. a lot! We were there for about an hour and a half because I took her to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, so it is a teaching school and it is where students get practice. I told my friend Jillian I felt like I was watching Grey’s Anatomy for Dentists.
I did get a few pictures of my girl at the Dentist (yes they are mostly for Grandma)
Here she is right after she sat down. When she was still nervous about everything.
Here Sam is getting her fluoride treatment at the very end. This was the intern who was assigned to Sam. He was so nice, and very good with kids.

Silly Picture Giveaway

and the rest is history is having a fun and cute giveaway. You could win a 20 dollar gift card. All you have to do is post a silly picture!

hmm what silly photo should I enter? I have a few.

First would be Samantha’s lovely wall painting. My in laws were having their house repainted and the painter left his paint down, seriously what two year old could resist wet paint? My favorite part is the tiny feet print leading from the crime scene. Although my mother in law was a little upset we all were laughing hysterically. The painter didn’t find it quite as funny as we did.


And of course I have to share my sweet Sarah. I shared this one recently on photo hunt MESSY.
but I just love it. She had so much fun sitting out on the patio with chalk and water making paint. They were entertained for hours!


days off

It is so hard for me to get online when Hubby has his two days off. This week it happened to be Monday and Tuesday. We had a really nice time together. We spent the past two days with my MIL who had snow days! So yesterday we went to IHOP. YUM!!! Then we took MIL to see the houses in Beaumont that we liked. Then we went shopping. I got a new bra and chonies YAY, the girls made out! and so did Hubby!!
Today we went out to Buena Park and had Knotts Berry Farm chicken dinner!! another YUMMO!!! We also visited Hubby’s Grandmother, who I adore! It was a short but sweet visit and then we came home.

I also introduced my lovely MIL to Sing Star! Yes, were a bunch of Karaoke-ing fools now.

Anyways, I had a nice time with hubby but am ready for him to go back to work! LOL