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Wordless Wednesday

Disneyland08 031

Samantha at Disneyland. Thanks to MomSelect we enjoyed a fabulous weekend!


Do Review Bloggers "Sell Out"? Or Are They Jealous?

So I was reading Kristin’s post Do Review Bloggers “Sell Out”? Or Are They Jealous? and I really have to agree with her.

I finally felt that all my work paid off this past weekend when we were invited to take a trip to Disneyland. Have I worked with Mom Select before? You bet I have.

Do I say yes to EVERYTHING that PR asks me to do do? NOPE! I’m sorry but I do not do posts that are irrelevant to my blog or my life. Have I blogged about credit cards? Yes I have. Why? Well I think that they can be of importance and we need to be careful on which we choose.

I agree with Kristin that we are in no way “sell outs” because we work with many PR reps. And what is wrong with that? I love the relationships I am getting with these people and they know to only ask me to work with them on things that are relevant to my family. I mean if someone emailed me and asked me if I wanted a can of men’s hair dye I’d let them know that I would have to pass because well, what would I do with a can of men’s hair dye?

anyways, I work my butt off for these PR reps and I am very proud of my blog and where I am at. I am a review blog and I am proud of what I do. I love to share my opinion on products and love to offer some fantastic giveaways. Is it worth it to me? You bet it is. Do I “sell out” nope!

But I am not just about reviews, I share about my family and our every day life, I love it and love doing what I do.

Especially when I receive those emails from companies telling me they received sales that day and they were all from my review. That makes me smile and feel that it is worth it.

So Kristin… If anyone complains it’s most definitely because they are jealous.

Disney’s Halloween Fun!

Thank you MomSelect and Disneyland for sending my family to Disneyland this past weekend. We had so much fun!!

We decided to stay out in Anaheim so we could go to Disneyland on Saturday as well.

My in laws got us a room at the Sheraton.

Disneyland08 003Disneyland08 004Disneyland08 005

Friday we arrived around 5pm at Downtown Disney and decided to go out to dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, which of course was a 45 minute wait to get seated. So at 6 I checked in at the information booth and was greeted with a lot of friendly faces.

I thought it was neat to meet Nicole who was the one I talked to and made my reservation with.

Disneyland08 006Disneyland08 007Disneyland08 008Disneyland08 002
While waiting in line for the Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party to start I got to meet Caryn from Rockin Mama,
Disneyland08 001
And I can not believe that we only took a few pictures from Friday night at DCA (Disney California Adventure)
Disneyland08 009Disneyland08 013Disneyland08 014
Disneyland08 010Disneyland08 011Disneyland08 012
Here is Samantha walking to the car Saturday morning. Can you tell how excited she was to get to Disneyland?
Disneyland08 015Disneyland08 016
At 10 am we checked in at the special press party reception where Samantha had a BLAST playing with Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine.
Disneyland08 017Disneyland08 018Disneyland08 019
Disneyland08 021Disneyland08 022Disneyland08 023Disneyland08 024
Disneyland08 025Disneyland08 026Disneyland08 032Disneyland08 034Disneyland08 033
The breakfast of Champions! YUM!!!
Disneyland08 020

Sam got her face painted.

Disneyland08 027Disneyland08 028Disneyland08 029Disneyland08 030Disneyland08 031
Pictures throughout the day at Disneyland.
Disneyland08 035
Disneyland08 037Disneyland08 036Disneyland08 038Disneyland08 039Disneyland08 040

Disneyland08 041Disneyland08 042Disneyland08 043Disneyland08 044Disneyland08 045
Over all we had a blast! We really enjoyed ourselves and to top off the evening we got to watch Tinkerbell fly! You should have seen Samantha’s face when she saw Tinkerbell flying in the air.
It truly was a magical night!

Mom Select - Bringing Companies and Moms Together

Halloweentime at Disneyland!

Were getting ready to leave to have one fun weekend at Disneyland thanks to MomSelect and Disneyland

we’re attending Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party at Disney’s California Adventure. For kids, the only thing more fun than trick-or-treating at Halloween is trick-or-treating at Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party, a private event in Disney’s California Adventure. This celebration lets little ghosts and goblins (and princesses, pirates and superheroes too) join Disney characters for an evening of Halloween fun and games. In addition to collecting candy at treat stations and riding attractions throughout the Park, kids, their families and friends will enjoy lively music, interactive games, a nightly character cavalcade and special activities.

If that’s not cool enough, we’ve also been invited to come back on Saturday to Disneyland, for a special Halloween celebration! During regular park hours at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, Halloween Time offers parents and children plenty of not-so-scary fun in addition to the parks’ many popular adventures. Halloween Time activities include special attractions (including Haunted Mansion Holiday), shows, meet-and-greets with Disney characters in spirited costumes, opportunities to decorate Halloween cookies and listen to fun stories during “Woody’s Halloween Roundup” at Big Thunder Ranch.

I hope to meet other bloggers going like Caryn from Rockin Mama, Channah from Get A Grip, Mom!, Mama Sparkles, if your going let me know! Email Kristin for my cell number and call me. I’d love to meet you.


Hey everyone, I have not received any rude comments for a few weeks now so I am going to take the moderating comments off. But if I start receiving anymore rude comments again then I’ll be moderating comments again.

Thanks for understanding everyone!

Yay.. I’m back!

LOL. i am so excited to have Internet back, but many I feel so lost and BEHIND on everything. Please bare with me as I get settled in the new house WHICH I LOVE!! and I will be posting winners to all my past giveaways either tonight or tomorrow.

anyways, I have some great things planned, but first I need to get through my few hundred of emails ACK!!


I swear this is the last time I will talk about moving. This time wasn’t so bad. I get all services back up and running on Wednesday. I’ll be back here full time as of then. The house is beautiful and I can’t wait to show you all pictures. To be honest it’s been kind of nice with a break, although the 700 comments threw me off!

Just wanted to give an update, see you next week.

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It’s Amanda’s Birthday!

Hi guys this is Kristin, Amanda is out today celebrating her birthday so I thought I would give her a HUGE suprise! Let’s all leave her lots of comments telling her how much we love her and her blog. Or her prizes whichever works!
Don’t forget It’s Amanda’s Birthday and she’s giving us her gifts.
Happy Birthday Sissy I hope you have a super fabulous day!!!

Here is me.. I’m turing 25!

Don’t I feel old, turing 25! LOL. No not really. I’m jsut glad that people have finally stopped giving me dirty looks thinking I am an unwed teenage mother. Not that there is anything wrong with that, becasue in fact I WAS a teenage unwed mother….

ANYWAYS!!!! Here is a picture of me, turning 25 WOOT WOOT

oh yeah, my birthday is Sunday (21st)

Wordless Wednesday

As you can see this is a picture of Sam, but do you notice the picture she drew hanging up on the fridge? Or the name she spelled out above it?

Kindergarten crushes.. oh boy!

I can officially say…

I have not had to change a diaper in over a week. I think Sarah is completely potty trained now. I have moved all of the remaining diapers out of her room and put them in the bathroom.

She has done amazing! Every time she needs to do potty she runs to the bathroom and goes. EVEN #2! We had such an issue with Samantha getting her to not poo in her chonies. This has been such an easy process with her…. not like with Sam LOL.

anyways, Sarah turned 22 months yesterday and I am so very proud of her!

It’s My Birthday & I’m Giving You My Gifts Party!

After Mommies United Back to School Event ends I’ll be having a Birthday Party!

It’s My Birthday & I’m Giving You My Gifts Party!

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So come back, it’s starting September 7th and running until the 21st! (My Birthday!)

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I’m a cleaning fool!

I don’t know what came over me this morning but I decided to clean, and I mean CLEAN. I started at 10 am and just finished for now at 3pm. I still have my room/bathroom and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy downstairs to clean but man I needed a break. This house is too big for me. LOL

anyways, so the highlight of my cleaning today was turning the loft into a play room for the girls. I know it’s not perfect or anything but it’s the best I can do for now LOL.



and on the other side there is the TV and my teeny tiny computer area. Hey at least my stuff is organized!



Soccer has started!

Today was Samantha’s first soccer practice. Although she was a natural at it, she did have a few rough moments and I almost pulled her and took her home. But she was a trooper and made it trough.

Hopefully next week will be better. Oh I also signed up to be the assistant Coach YAY!

Basically Sam complained that her shin guard was hurting her foot. So I think next week we will try it with a pair of socks under the shin guard and a pair over. Plus I think maybe her cleats might be too big. Hopefully not though.

The girls are absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait until their first game next Saturday.

I really think my daughter has become very feminine and these rough sports is a shock for her. But I know she will love it and have fun. Soccer was my passion for so long and I want her to love it too.

Here are some pictures.

and practice starts……

So Coach Brenda was talking and this is how Sam listened.


She was showing off her ballet skills.


more dribbling

About to kick the ball

This is my daughter’s idea of break

Sarah getting into Sam’s bag

more dribbling


taking a breather

Learning to dribble the ball

I love this picture of Sam she is sporting her top from Tote & Tee and the pants from Hanes.


Throwing the ball

Sarah checking out her “owie”