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I know that as a mother to an almost 5 year old there are times where I get so frustrated with my daughter that I just need a break. There are times she back talks and doesn’t listen to me. But there are times when I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter and so happy to be her mother.

We have been teaching Samantha the value of money and that if she wants something at the store she needs to save her money to buy it. Well, we went to the store and she had saved enough money to buy something, I can’t remember if she wanted a toy or candy. But she was very proud of herself and walked around holding her wallet. Well, when we got to the store she saw the woman from the salvation army with her bell ringing it, and she gave all her money to the woman. She put it inside the container. There was about 6-8 other people standing there and saw her do it and all smiled at her and said what a wonderful thing she did. Even the woman told her that the money she just gave her would go to people who didn’t have any food.

I was so proud of Sam for doing that I couldn’t help but let her pick a surprise out at the store. You know what she tells me “but mommy I don’t have any money to buy it” I told her that I would get it for her.

Lets Play

Today it was pretty nice outside. Not too chilly. I won a new HP photoshot Digital camera a few weeks ago  and I thought I would try it out today. So here are some pictures I took of the girls.

This little baby has potiental to take some pretty decent pictures.

we were walking to the mailbox

our apartment is right behind this bench Sarah is sitting on, but upstairs.



I now have my own domain name, everything should transfer fine but please update all your links to me.

my new domain is

8 Random Facts About Me

Sher tagged me to list 8 Random Facts About Me

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1. I was born in Oklahoma City
2. I fell off a 2 story deck when I was 12
3. I love playing soccer and running
4. I used to know how to take my right foot put it around my back and touch it to my nose.
5. I CAN still do a back bend
6. I love blogging
7. I hope our next child is a boy
8. I want to go to New England/Foxboro and see the Patriots play

Eight people I will tag:
1. Kristin
2. Gemma
3. Kara
4. Hip Mommy
5. Mama Pajama
6. Hugs N Stuff
7. AngelGal
8. Shana

I think I emailed all you ladies! Have fun!

Dyed my hair

I dyed my hair a few days ago. In the winter time my roots get REALLY dark so I like to dye it all one color and then in spring get highlights/lowlights

here is before: see how the roots are dark and the bottom is really light?

and here is after:

Happy Anniversary 4 years

Today is mine and hubby’s 4th wedding anniversary. I can not believe we have been married for 4 years and together for 7!
We went out to Palm Springs last night for dinner. We ended up going to Kobe Japanese Steak House and had Teppanyaki. It was delicious!!
Here is Pat and I right before we went inside the restaurant.
Sarah at the garden outside Kobe looking at the Koy fish

She was saying “cheese”

all the over grown gold fish LOL

this is in front of the entrance to the restaurant, Sarah was so excited to see all the fish

Inside sitting down waiting for food

We had such a nice time, last year we took the Coaster down to old town San Diego with the girls.

Ornament Exchange

Shana and I were partnered together for Kailani’s 2007 Christmas Ornament Exchange

I received my ornament on Tuesday and am completely in love with it! Shana got me a Willow Tree 2007 Ornament!


Patrick is finally getting his Sushi bar in Lake Arrowhead. We have known about it since last summer, but they FINALLY started doing the inside this past week! They want it open by mid-January! The good thing is Patrick will be the HEAD CHEF!! Which means double what he makes now! YAY! Were going Wednesday to talk to the owners and for Patrick to get all the details about what he will need to do to get the place running. I am so excited for him, he will finally have what he wants. He will be the boss of everyone and have the last say in everything. Of course this means more responsibilities. Like hiring his staff, doing food orders, inventory. He will also be in charge of ordering everything for the Sushi Bar. Like the Sushi Cases (I have no idea what everything is called, but basically everything behind the sushi bar) The owners of the bar also own Papaya Bay in Lake Arrowhead (it is a Thai place) and Pasta Mia in Blue Jay (Italian?IDK) I guess they are also opening a few more stores in Lake Arrowhead.

The other great thing about this is we WILL be moving back to Arrowhead in April when our lease is up! Which is great because Samantha starts school in the fall. OMG! I can’t believe Samantha starts KINDERGARTEN next fall. Which she is so ready for. MIL told me that she is further ahead then a lot of kids in her class remember MIL is a kindergarten teacher). Samantha knows all the sounds to the letters and can put the sounds together to make words. Yesterday she learned how to spell and read HAM. yeah it is a random word but a VERY easy word. She also knows how to spell and read at, bat, cat. (family words are great)

Our 4th wedding anniversary is on Thursday! But we are celebrating on Wednesday (Pat’s day off)

The girls

I wanted to share a picture of the girls from last weekend after we moved into our new place. We had just come abck from the store and the girls wanted to watch a movie.


well now Sammy is feeling sick. She threw up today. I feel so bad for her. She went to get a glass of water and after she drank it she threw up, she tried catching it in the cup too. Poor thing. She was so embarrassed. I told her not to worry about it I would clean it up and to go lay in my bed. She says “OK Mommy, but I need toast” She knows she gets toast when she feels icky.

Stocking Swap!


Veronica hosted a wonderful swap. We were to make a handmade stocking and fill it with lots of goodies! I decided to knit a stocking and I love how it came out. I don’t think my partner has gotten hers yet. I received mine today! Christine sent me a wonderful package! I am not sure if I have the right Christine’s blog address. Thank you Christine!!! She sent me lots and lots of goodies! I love the little stocking and hung it on my tree.

2nd Annual Ornament Exchange

Cynthia over at was my partner for Kathleen’s 2nd annual Christmas Ornament Exchange . I had so much fun picking out an ornament for her. I am not sure if she has received her ornament yet but I received mine today in the mail and I was so happy! She got me exactly what I wanted! The frosty Hallmark ornament!!

She also got me lots more! At first I wasn’t sure if I should open the gift wrapped presents, but I am so happy I did. because the one was the Frosty!

Thank you Cynthia!!! They are all so wonderful and prefect!!

YAY! I am back

I am so excited to be back online. We ended up moving last Wednesday night, we moved until 3 am and then finished up on Thursday! I had everything unpacked and put away on Thursday night. I spent ALL day Friday on the phone with Verizon and Direct TV. We got our Direct TV set up on Monday but Verizon couldn’t come out until today to fix our phone!! I even went though the trouble of getting dial up until our DSL was ready, BUT!! we didn’t even have a phone. I was so mad at Verizon, they kept giving me the run around about why our phone wasn’t working and even gave us a 25 dollar credit because it wasn’t hooked up last Thursday when we moved. (I had called last Tuesday before we moved so it would be ready for us after we moved, and well. it wasn’t) So this afternoon the tech. from Verizon came and told me that the telephone line wasn’t hooked up outside, and that the problem was in “Verizon’s Network” Which is a good thing because I was worried they were going to say it was a problem with the wiring INSIDE! and they told me that if it was a problem INSIDE the apartment we would have to pay 80 dollars!! yeah I was pissed! Anyways! All had been taken care of, and I missed my blog and all my blogger friends!

Hopefully tonight I will have the winner of my Holiday Contest and tomorrow I plan on starting a new one for my Grinch Clip! This contest wont run as long so the winner can enjoy the clip. I mean the winner’s little girl/nice/friend. Heck the winner herself could wear the clip if she wanted to!

Just wanted to say I am back and am glad to be back!

Oh yeah, If you have tried emailing me this past week and I have not responded to you by tomorrow please email me again, I had over 500 emails and over 1,400 in my junk mail. I have noticed a lot of my blogger friend’s emails get into my junk mail and I hope this didn’t happen to anyone.

Our Bank Account was stolen

We just opened a new bank account like 2 weeks ago. Well we wrote our FIRST check on Friday for our car payment we mailed it out on Sunday (I put it on the mail box thingy) and either someone took it or got a hold of it, because they got our account number. it was a guy and a girl, and on the fake checks it even has his drivers license number. they used two checks for the grocery store both were over 80 dollars. (which makes me feel sad that they had to steal money to buy groceries)

Patrick logged into our account this morning to do a quick account review and noticed there was checks written, neither one of us has never written a check except for our car payment. So he went to the bank to deal with it. they already closed the account and opened us a new one, and moved our money, but the money that was stolen we have to wait for the claim and fraud or whatever it’s called to be filed to get our money back. which I think is bull, they should have given the money back. obviously we didn’t write the checks. anyways., So Pat had to take money from our savings account to cover the car payment until we get the money back.

anyways, I am so angry. I can’t believe people do things like that. It’s pretty sad that you have to steal someone elses money to buy groceries.

Happy Thanksgiving

We just got home not to long ago from a great day with the family. We went to my in laws and had a nice time visiting with family, talking and of course watching football games. The girls caught colds over the past few days and Sammy was not her usual spunky self today. It might sound bad of me to say this but I am glad she wasn’t running all over the place. Hubby and I did get major allergy issues and we got very congested from all the pollen and it was super windy, so we were thinking that ashes from the recent wildfires might also been in the air.

This year my in laws did something different, instead of all of us sitting down at the table and having a “traditional” meal we were to put everything like a turkey sandwich. But no one did that. LOL, and everyone ended up sitting at the dining table using USC plastic plates. It was so different, but the food was wonderful and the company was great.

I have lots of pictures and I’ll upload them probably tomorrow.