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Look what we woke up to this morning

ahhh more snow! and it’s suppose to snow today as well…… boo! I am so ready for spring.

It does look pretty though!



Pictures from last night

Here are some pictures from last night!

She was sitting in the front row behind the band. The band that played were council winners as well.

Click “Read More” to see the rest of the pictures!


it’s 10:30 PM and were finally home!

I am exhausted! But one VERY proud Mama! Today we went to Rim of the World High School for a very special awards ceremony. It was for all of the students in the whole Rim School District who participated in this years Reflections Program. This years theme was “WOW!”

When they receive all of the entries they judge them on which go to district judging (which was this awards ceremony, it was the best that went to district judging), the best from the whole district go to council. Well guess who’s got picked to go to council? Yep! Samantha’s did! I believe she was the only kindergartner who went to council, now I am confused if council is also county, I mean if this is county judging then I am just “WOW!”

So Sam received a very nice trophy! Council judging takes place in April.

I’ll add pictures tomorrow! I am tired!

Horsing Around – At 5 Minutes For Mom

Here is my Sammy when she was 3! She loved to throw her legs up and do hand stands!

Lovin’ on her baby sister (same day)

5 Minutes For Mom is having a wonderful giveaway. Show off your “horsing around” pictures and you could win a fabulous giveaway!

Guess who lost her 7th tooth today?

Yep, Samantha! Apparently she was eating corn on the cob last nigh and bite down so hard it pushed her tooth so it was sticking out. When I got her home she let me touch her tooth and I saw it was barely hanging on. I asked her if would let me pull it out and she said yes as long as it didn’t hurt. So I gave it a little tug, Sam screamed and out came the tooth. She stopped screaming and said “ohhh that didn’t hurt.”

So here she is with her 7th tooth lost! (Jan 28th, 2009)

Here are pictures of all her lost teeth:

  • 6th Tooth
  • 5th Tooth
  • 4th Tooth
  • 3rd Tooth
  • 2nd Tooth
  • 1st Tooth

I’m in love!

This bracelet is just stunning! Stay tuned to find out where you can purchase it!

Annie Part 2!

I had to share this video as well! Here is Sam singing another song. You have got to give the girl credit, I haven’t heard her singing this one before.

Wordless Wednesday

Monkeys on the wall!

Sam came home so excited about the climbing wall. She keeps begging to take climbing lessons now!

Sam & Piano

Today Samantha moved up in her level in Piano. She is now in 1A.

Here Sam is with her teacher Sandy last summer.

She needs to go on Broadway

My daughter is in love with Broadway musicals. In the past year she has gone to three! Her favorite and also her birthday present from her grandparents was to go see Annie in San Diego.

Sam has loved watching Annie for the past three years and sings to us every day, even our three year old Sarah loves to sing Annie “ohhh morrow, ohh morrow, I wuve yew ohh morrow” That is how Sarah sings “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’ll love ya Tomorrow”

So here is Sam singing for all of you!

I need to get this girl into acting!

Christmas Show Video

I kept forgetting to upload Samantha’s Christmas show for school. This is all three Kindergarten classes performing together.

Make an on-line slideshow at

Samantha called 911….. again

Well today Sarah let our little doggie jack out and well, he RAN!! He ran so fast we couldn’t find him. The girls and I went out quite a few times today searching for him and we couldn’t find him. So we came home with heads hung low.

Samantha took it upon herself to call 911, I overheard her talking to someone saying “I’m glad I called 911” I jumped up so fast and took the phone away. I had to explain to the nice operator that our dog got out and Sam though the police could help find him. I apologized numerous times to her and then sat down to explain ONCE AGAIN why we don’t call 911 unless it’s an emergency. She swears that it was an emergency. She needed her Dog back!

ACK! So about 13 minutes later a sheriff showed up at our doorstep. Sam saw him standing there and her jaw dropped. told her they would come and be upset because it was n’t an emergency.

anyways, so about 30 minutes ago I saw Jack running across the back yard and I lured him back in with a piece of cheese…

BTW- we figured out he is jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua.

Birthday Pictures!

Finally! Here are some pictures from Samantha’s birthday party last Sunday (Jan. 11th) All the girls had so much fun!

sammy 004sammy 009sammy 010sammy 011
sammy 012sammy 013sammy 014sammy 016
sammy 017sammy 018sammy 019sammy 020
sammy 022sammy 026sammy 032sammy 033
sammy 037sammy 038sammy 041sammy 042
sammy 044sammy 050sammy 059sammy 062
These ones crack me up!Sam & Haley wouldn’t elt go of my legs.
sammy 065sammy 066


I am ehausted!!

Well the party died down around 4:30 ish and I just finally sat down from cleaning! Man, that was a lot of work!

The girls all had so much fun and everyone who said they were coming came! Sam received so many fantastic gifts and just had a wonderful time!

I will try and get some pictures posted later tonight of all the girls.

It’s almost party time… and the guest of honor is not here!

Well Mil and Sam are on their way (hopefully). It’s an hour until everyone is supoose to get here within an hour or so. I still need to make the sandwhiches and everything still. The phone wont stop ringing but I wanted to share some pre-party pictures.

The King’s Crown is the pizza parlor that Fancy Nancy and her family go to in her books.

Pin the crown on Fancy Nancy