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The cutest Dutch girls ever!

Today was Thinking Day for Samantha and her Girl Scout Daisy troop. Each girl dressed up as Dutch girls, and they even learned the cutest song to sing. I ended up missing the song because I HAD to get home. I had to get Sarah home, she was such a handful.

But before I left I was able to snap a few pictures.

Wordless Wednesday

She wanted to take the test too…

OK, seriously is this not the cutest thing ever? The class was taking a test today and Sarah wanted to take it too.

What is funny is she got a question right! LOL. No really she did. One question was “Which picture is raining”?

oh and I asked her to write her name at the top of her paper, and she drew about five circles. LOL, she is such a doll!

My Dog is weird… or just cold!

It was about 10 PM at night and I walked into my bathroom to find this…

either he is just weird… or really cold!

My Valentine’s Present

Look at how amazing my husband is. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, why? I don’t know, we just don’t.

Well Hubby came home Sunday night and had these beauties with him!

Wordless Wednesday

yes I am madly in love with her!

I love le-top

Look how stinking cute she is!! MIL just bought Sarah this new Jacket and hat. But poor Sammy needs a new one! It is from Le-Top.

Sleeping Sarah

This was my sarahB the other night. She was playing in the living room, and all of a sudden I realized it was quite, so I went to go look for her and found her….

Jack went missing last night…

Well we were so sad, our little dog Jack went missing yesterday after I opened the front door to take trash out and he darted out between my legs. What made it more sad was that it was snowing HARD yesterday, so all afternoon I was scared that he would freeze to death. He never came home last night. We were very sad…

Well this morning Samantha happened to look outside the window and saw a woman with two kids walk by with JACK!!

I ran outside and she saw me, so I started calling Jack. She told me that they took him home because of the storm and was going to bring him back around our neighborhood today (like she did). I thanked her profusely for keeping him, and we were so worried about him!

The one mistake I have made was that I have not bought a dog tag for him. If I had then people would have known where he belonged.

So what did I do right now? I bought Jack his pet tag! I just went to Love Your Pets and ordered one. You can’t beat $3.95. Hopefully we will have our tag within the week or so.

Aren’t they cute? If you haven’t ordered your pet a tag yet go do it now!

Making Valentine’s Day Cards

This evening Samantha sat down to make her Valentine’s Day Cards for her class. She will be giving her class the My Fruit Roll Ups I had made up for her, and some cute Dum dum cards/suckers.

Here are the girls making the cards.

She had so much fun making the cards and signing her name to them all.

She wanted to put the girl stickers on girl cards, and boy stickers on boy cards. But in all honesty I don’t think there was a difference in the cards.

Look what we woke up to this morning

ahhh more snow! and it’s suppose to snow today as well…… boo! I am so ready for spring.

It does look pretty though!



Pictures from last night

Here are some pictures from last night!

She was sitting in the front row behind the band. The band that played were council winners as well.

Click “Read More” to see the rest of the pictures!


it’s 10:30 PM and were finally home!

I am exhausted! But one VERY proud Mama! Today we went to Rim of the World High School for a very special awards ceremony. It was for all of the students in the whole Rim School District who participated in this years Reflections Program. This years theme was “WOW!”

When they receive all of the entries they judge them on which go to district judging (which was this awards ceremony, it was the best that went to district judging), the best from the whole district go to council. Well guess who’s got picked to go to council? Yep! Samantha’s did! I believe she was the only kindergartner who went to council, now I am confused if council is also county, I mean if this is county judging then I am just “WOW!”

So Sam received a very nice trophy! Council judging takes place in April.

I’ll add pictures tomorrow! I am tired!

Horsing Around – At 5 Minutes For Mom

Here is my Sammy when she was 3! She loved to throw her legs up and do hand stands!

Lovin’ on her baby sister (same day)

5 Minutes For Mom is having a wonderful giveaway. Show off your “horsing around” pictures and you could win a fabulous giveaway!

Guess who lost her 7th tooth today?

Yep, Samantha! Apparently she was eating corn on the cob last nigh and bite down so hard it pushed her tooth so it was sticking out. When I got her home she let me touch her tooth and I saw it was barely hanging on. I asked her if would let me pull it out and she said yes as long as it didn’t hurt. So I gave it a little tug, Sam screamed and out came the tooth. She stopped screaming and said “ohhh that didn’t hurt.”

So here she is with her 7th tooth lost! (Jan 28th, 2009)

Here are pictures of all her lost teeth:

  • 6th Tooth
  • 5th Tooth
  • 4th Tooth
  • 3rd Tooth
  • 2nd Tooth
  • 1st Tooth

I’m in love!

This bracelet is just stunning! Stay tuned to find out where you can purchase it!