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Hey everyone, I have not received any rude comments for a few weeks now so I am going to take the moderating comments off. But if I start receiving anymore rude comments again then I’ll be moderating comments again.

Thanks for understanding everyone!

Yay.. I’m back!

LOL. i am so excited to have Internet back, but many I feel so lost and BEHIND on everything. Please bare with me as I get settled in the new house WHICH I LOVE!! and I will be posting winners to all my past giveaways either tonight or tomorrow.

anyways, I have some great things planned, but first I need to get through my few hundred of emails ACK!!


I swear this is the last time I will talk about moving. This time wasn’t so bad. I get all services back up and running on Wednesday. I’ll be back here full time as of then. The house is beautiful and I can’t wait to show you all pictures. To be honest it’s been kind of nice with a break, although the 700 comments threw me off!

Just wanted to give an update, see you next week.

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It’s Amanda’s Birthday!

Hi guys this is Kristin, Amanda is out today celebrating her birthday so I thought I would give her a HUGE suprise! Let’s all leave her lots of comments telling her how much we love her and her blog. Or her prizes whichever works!
Don’t forget It’s Amanda’s Birthday and she’s giving us her gifts.
Happy Birthday Sissy I hope you have a super fabulous day!!!

Here is me.. I’m turing 25!

Don’t I feel old, turing 25! LOL. No not really. I’m jsut glad that people have finally stopped giving me dirty looks thinking I am an unwed teenage mother. Not that there is anything wrong with that, becasue in fact I WAS a teenage unwed mother….

ANYWAYS!!!! Here is a picture of me, turning 25 WOOT WOOT

oh yeah, my birthday is Sunday (21st)

Wordless Wednesday

As you can see this is a picture of Sam, but do you notice the picture she drew hanging up on the fridge? Or the name she spelled out above it?

Kindergarten crushes.. oh boy!

I can officially say…

I have not had to change a diaper in over a week. I think Sarah is completely potty trained now. I have moved all of the remaining diapers out of her room and put them in the bathroom.

She has done amazing! Every time she needs to do potty she runs to the bathroom and goes. EVEN #2! We had such an issue with Samantha getting her to not poo in her chonies. This has been such an easy process with her…. not like with Sam LOL.

anyways, Sarah turned 22 months yesterday and I am so very proud of her!

It’s My Birthday & I’m Giving You My Gifts Party!

After Mommies United Back to School Event ends I’ll be having a Birthday Party!

It’s My Birthday & I’m Giving You My Gifts Party!

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So come back, it’s starting September 7th and running until the 21st! (My Birthday!)

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I’m a cleaning fool!

I don’t know what came over me this morning but I decided to clean, and I mean CLEAN. I started at 10 am and just finished for now at 3pm. I still have my room/bathroom and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy downstairs to clean but man I needed a break. This house is too big for me. LOL

anyways, so the highlight of my cleaning today was turning the loft into a play room for the girls. I know it’s not perfect or anything but it’s the best I can do for now LOL.



and on the other side there is the TV and my teeny tiny computer area. Hey at least my stuff is organized!



Soccer has started!

Today was Samantha’s first soccer practice. Although she was a natural at it, she did have a few rough moments and I almost pulled her and took her home. But she was a trooper and made it trough.

Hopefully next week will be better. Oh I also signed up to be the assistant Coach YAY!

Basically Sam complained that her shin guard was hurting her foot. So I think next week we will try it with a pair of socks under the shin guard and a pair over. Plus I think maybe her cleats might be too big. Hopefully not though.

The girls are absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait until their first game next Saturday.

I really think my daughter has become very feminine and these rough sports is a shock for her. But I know she will love it and have fun. Soccer was my passion for so long and I want her to love it too.

Here are some pictures.

and practice starts……

So Coach Brenda was talking and this is how Sam listened.


She was showing off her ballet skills.


more dribbling

About to kick the ball

This is my daughter’s idea of break

Sarah getting into Sam’s bag

more dribbling


taking a breather

Learning to dribble the ball

I love this picture of Sam she is sporting her top from Tote & Tee and the pants from Hanes.


Throwing the ball

Sarah checking out her “owie”

So happy

Next Tuesday is the first day of school and I am so excited. Not just because Sam starts school but to finally be working again. I am a teacher’s assistant and really am excited for this year.

Today was my first day helping, and man am I wiped out. I helped out for 5 hours! Tomorrow I’m going shopping. YAY

anyways, just wanted to say I am so excited for school to start.

so excited!

So yesterday was Hubby’s day off. (Notice how I wasn’t online at all?) anyways, so we decided to go to the store. Nothing else better to do then go grocery shopping. Anyways, our Stater Bros. was having a promotion. If you spend so much money you receive one entry to win a 200 dollar gas card to Chevron.

Well I guess by spending 158 dollars we received 5 entries. What is funny is the day before my mother in law received a ton of entries too and she didn’t tell us this until this morning. She said if she won she would give the card to us.

Well about 8am this morning Pat’s cell phone rings and it is Stater Bros. GM telling us we had won!!! Were so excited. I can’t believe we won the gift card. Pat says he never wins anything, and was so excited.

anyways, so that is my happy story for today LOL

because I was bored

and was wondering how you go from this to this? LOL

Photobucket Photobucket

hey I think I did a pretty good job LOL

oh and look she DEFINATELY has her daddy’s forhead.

Summer Fun Photo Contest

Here is Samantha riding the boggy board two weeks ago while we were at Newport beach. We had such a blast that week at the beach. It is something we have done every summer since Sam was a baby. The beach house is our one family vacation everyone enjoys!