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Samantha called 911….. again

Well today Sarah let our little doggie jack out and well, he RAN!! He ran so fast we couldn’t find him. The girls and I went out quite a few times today searching for him and we couldn’t find him. So we came home with heads hung low.

Samantha took it upon herself to call 911, I overheard her talking to someone saying “I’m glad I called 911” I jumped up so fast and took the phone away. I had to explain to the nice operator that our dog got out and Sam though the police could help find him. I apologized numerous times to her and then sat down to explain ONCE AGAIN why we don’t call 911 unless it’s an emergency. She swears that it was an emergency. She needed her Dog back!

ACK! So about 13 minutes later a sheriff showed up at our doorstep. Sam saw him standing there and her jaw dropped. told her they would come and be upset because it was n’t an emergency.

anyways, so about 30 minutes ago I saw Jack running across the back yard and I lured him back in with a piece of cheese…

BTW- we figured out he is jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua.

Birthday Pictures!

Finally! Here are some pictures from Samantha’s birthday party last Sunday (Jan. 11th) All the girls had so much fun!

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These ones crack me up!Sam & Haley wouldn’t elt go of my legs.
sammy 065sammy 066


I am ehausted!!

Well the party died down around 4:30 ish and I just finally sat down from cleaning! Man, that was a lot of work!

The girls all had so much fun and everyone who said they were coming came! Sam received so many fantastic gifts and just had a wonderful time!

I will try and get some pictures posted later tonight of all the girls.

It’s almost party time… and the guest of honor is not here!

Well Mil and Sam are on their way (hopefully). It’s an hour until everyone is supoose to get here within an hour or so. I still need to make the sandwhiches and everything still. The phone wont stop ringing but I wanted to share some pre-party pictures.

The King’s Crown is the pizza parlor that Fancy Nancy and her family go to in her books.

Pin the crown on Fancy Nancy

Happy 6th Birthday Samantha!

I can not believe that Sam is 6 years old now! Today her grandparents took her to San Diego to see the musical Annie. They are staying the night out there and will be back tomorrow before her party.

I did take some pictures of Sam and Sarah (Sarah had to be in the picture)

and the Birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Sam

Here is Samantha with the gift that Aunt Kristin sent her. She loves the adorable Unicorn and the fun song!

Christmas Show (yesterday)

Since we had a snow week the week before winter break, the Kindergarten class decided to go ahead and the their Christmas show yesterday. All of the kids had so much fun. They all dressed up and looked adorable!

Samantha also had a speaking part where she had to remember a sentence. I got in on video. It’s adorable.

Here is a picture of Samantha and her friend Casey!

Little Ballerinas

Yesterday was Samantha’s parent watch class. I was so excited as I did not have Sarah with me and I FINALLY could sit and watch Sam’s class. I have only seen the girls every once in a while so this was so much fun.

We also switched Sam from the Tuesday class to Monday class because Hubby only has Monday’s off and I need the car when she has her activities.

anyways, here is a video of Sam’s class yesterday. I am warning you it is 10 minutes long so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. I basically did this for Sam to put onto a DVD for her.

BTW- Samantha is the one with the hot pink sweater on (she would not take it off)

Photo and video editing at

School started… and work YAY

Well school started back yesterday, Sam was so excited. She really missed school. I also am working all week. YAY. Sure it is only a few hours a day but dealing with hundreds of kids is tiring. Just three hours with the Kindergartners is hard, then I have to deal with the entire school for two hours (30 minutes each for two grade levels).

Sam also started piano back today and ballet, so were laving here in about 20 minutes again for another hour. Plus tonight when I get home I have to finish sewing the Christmas gifts for Sam’s class. It takes about 30 minutes per gift, and I have only 5 done… I need to do 15 still.. AHHHHHHHHH

So I work all week, I am so excited, I hope I get to work next week too. I could use the money LOL.

I am also going crazy planning for Sam’s birthday party on Saturday. I also found out today that I have to invite more kids because Sam told them they weren’t invited and they started crying…. 🙁 broke my heart.

Oh, I also tested the kids today with reading. Sam had a little trouble on level 4 so were putting her at a 3 which Six kids are at a 3, Two are at a 4 and One is at a 6. The rest is either a Two or a One. It was amazing watching the kids reading and sounding out letters to make words.

Gotta Watch What You Say……

So yesterday I was chatting on the phone with Kristin (yeah what’s new?) and I was so frustrated, I am tired of being cooped up inside and I said “Kristin I am done with my kids today.” yes, I was frustrated and needed a moment alone, by myself, child free to clear my mind and to take a second to breathe.

Well two hours later I hear Samantha dialing on the phone (she learned her Grandparents phone number and wont stop calling them)

anyways, so I listen to her for a few minutes

Sam” Um… Hi Grandma!!!!!! Can you come pick me up? My mommy says she is done with us.”

yeah my jaw dropped to the ground.. I didn’t even know she was near me to hear me tell Kristin that…..

seriously you have to watch what you say around the kids. She over heard some teenagers saying the “F word” and when we got out of the car a few weeks back she said “man it’s f***in hot”

AHHHHHHHHHHHH … what to do? and did I mention Sam turns 6 on Jan 10th? Yeah… it is only the beginning!

Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas. Here are a few pictures from our family celebrations.

Everytime we asked Sam what she wanted Santa to bring her she said “Real red lipstick” So what did she get?


The very first picture is of Mike and Pat playing Wii Music. I have to say this is such a fun game. We were laughing so hard at them when they were playing.

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Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Hubby made it home safely last night and we had a nice evening together. We sat and chatted while watching my Brother In law put together the girls Christmas gift, the Fisher Price Motorized Golf Cart. We woke up this morning with Sarah saying “goooo morning mama, open pwesents?? It’s moning!”

we all had a wonderful morning opening gifts and watching the girls have a blast, we did come home rather early as it’s raining pretty bad and we weren’t to sure what was going to happen so we came home. The girls had more gifts to open up here. BIL came over and were now all sitting around watching Kung Fo Panda (this is the 5th time in a matter of 3 days!)

I’ll upload images later today.

I am so excited, last night I came home really quickly o drop off a bunch of gifts my Aunt & Uncle gave us and sitting my my front door was a box from HP! yep…. my laptop was here!! I am so excited, it came on Christmas Eve!

It has windows Vista and I actually really like it, Its just a new version of Windows XP. It’s kind of cool! My little sister Kristin got me a web cam for Christmas and I can’t wait to try it out! I was looking at my wish list for this year and I am rather surprised that I received a few things I asked for! I bought myself the lap top, MIL & FIL got me the velour jogging suit from Victoria’s Secret (in navy). I had my hair done right before we went to Disneyland, and Hubby bought me a new purse. He had the sale girls help pick out a nice Dooney & Bourke purse. I am very excited and happy and am so blessed.

Not only did we get to spend time with family, I am glad we were able to be together. Kristin thank you for the fantastic gifts, I hope Kaila likes her gift from us! I hope you like your gift, sorry it’s more for the baby but hey I know you wanted it. LOL

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Samantha lost her 6th tooth!

On December 21st 2008 Samantha lost her 6th tooth! Seriously how many kindergartners OR kids under the age of 6 have lost that many teeth? The tooth fairy left her two dollars.

Also, whenever we ask Sam what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas she replies with “real red lipstick”. I’m like “THAT’S IT???” and she says “Yep, I just want REAL lipstick”

Wordless Wednesday

This was taken on Dec. 5th when Christine & I along with 48 other mom bloggers to visit Disneyland! Samantha & Julia had a lot of fun playing together that night.

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Today is Hubby & my 5th Wedding Anniversary! I can not believe we have been together for 8 years now!
Hers to many, many more wonderful years together!
Every year I always hope that Hubby would bring home a bouquet of red roses that look just like my wedding flowers.

To My Wonderful Hubby, Patrick

How do I begin to tell you how lucky I am
to have you in my life?
I’ll start by saying what a gift you gave me
the day you became my husband.

You’re my best friend in the good times
and my rock in times of sorrow.
You’re the reason for sweet yesterdays
and my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved
until you became my husband.
You made this year and every year
the best one of my life.