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Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival Celebrates Flavors of the World in 2009

Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival will celebrate the international cultures, people, food and traditions that have made California one of the most diverse culinary destinations in the world. With a theme of “World Celebration,” the Festival expands to six weeks in 2009 – April 24 through June 7 – featuring daily complimentary demonstrations and premier ticketed events at Disney’s California Adventure park and throughout the Resort.

Tickets for the premier events, which include unique opportunities to go “Behind the Scenes With …” celebrity chefs and winemakers, are now available online at

More than 600 complimentary experiences will be available at the fourth annual Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival, including culinary demonstrations, children’s programs and wine and spirits seminars. In addition, food and wine aficionados will get tips from Disneyland Resort chefs, mingle with noted winemakers and celebrate at the spectacular ticketed events, including the gala Festival finale “Taste Food-Wine-Life.”

“The 2009 Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival will take guests on a delicious journey around the globe,” said Gary Maggetti, director of food and beverage for Disneyland Resort theme parks. “We invite guests to celebrate their favorite foods and wines with our great variety of events, and to explore new tastes and flavors with our outstanding chefs and wine experts.”

Food & Wine Festival events held in Disney’s California Adventure require park admission, which is not included in the event price. Some events may require an additional fee and pre-registration.

Featured celebrity chefs, including Guy Fieri of the Food Network, along with nearly 100 Disneyland Resort chefs will conduct cooking demonstrations that showcase their talents and an international mix of delectable dishes. Guests will collect cooking tips while they watch the pros in action, discovering new twists on timeless classics and sampling the festival cuisine. Guests will also taste delicious festival-inspired dishes at the Wine Country Trattoria, Pacific Wharf Café, Farmer’s Market and other eateries inside Disney’s California Adventure park.

I’m heading to Hallmark Headquarters in April!

I am very excited to share with everyone that on April 6th I am heading out the Kanssas City Mo. to the Hallmark Headquarters.

I am really excited because there are a lot of other known mommy bloggers who are going, including Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing, Janice at 5 Minutes For Mom. Kristin at An Ordinary Life, Tanya at MommyGoggles, and many other fantastic moms who I cna not wait to meet!

Why were we invited to Hallmark headquarters? Well, to see what is behind the products! This collaborative and interactive event will feature writers, artists, trend spotters, and others who create the products that help people connect, communicate and celebrate.

We’ll be able to meet and interact with Hallmark’s creative community one-on-one, get a sneak peek of new, not-yet-in-stores products designed to help you enrich relationships, and hear expert tips and tools on how to capture memories, celebrate special occasions, and much more.

I have grown up a huge Hallmark fan! All my decorations are Hallmark. When I buy a card, it’s from Hallmark! Wrapping paper? ye, that too is Hallmark!

For nearly 100 years, Hallmark Cards, Inc. has helped people connect with one another and give voice to their feelings. Our employees are personally passionate about caring, creativity, quality and innovation, values that have guided us from the start and remain at our core.

We’re best known for greeting cards, but we’re much more than that. Our products include paper party supplies, gifts and wrapping paper… ornaments and decorative items for the home… memory-keeping picture frames, albums and scrapbooks… e-cards and customized photo cards… even a cable television channel. We’re with you at holidays and any-days, at your most important milestones and unexpected occasions, when you want to share a laugh and when you seek to offer comfort.

BlogHer 09.. It’s Official


I am excited to say that as of tonight I have my pass to BlogHer 2009!

I am still looking for BlogHer sponsors for my plane ticket, so if your looking for something who knows how to plug a business then PLEASE contact me! I’d love to tell the world about your company!

The girls from Extraordinary Mother’s helped me upfront with my ticket, and they are going to make me dance for it at the next Stickam Party!

So go thank them! And my little sister!

Wordless Wednesday – Someone Stole my Camera…


Surprisingly the picture came out great! The little one who stole my camera might end up a photographer!

Here is a hint as to who took it….


Can you guess who???

I am so sick today….

Man, this totally stinks! I was up all night with the cold chills and a fever. I feel like poop today. My head is still pounding and I am so achy!

anyways, so no blogging for me today. I am going to let Hubby take care of me.

Kitchen Organizing

One thing I love about my home is my Kitchen. I love being in it, I try and find reasons to either cook something or clean something.

Our home was built in 2003, and we live in Lake Arrowhead. When you drive up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead you will find a naturally made Arrowhead on the side of the mountain. It is one of the neatest things to see when your driving up. You can find out more of our history here.

Ok, now I know your thinking “Where are you going with this and how does it pertain to your Kitchen?”

I am getting to that. So one of the reason why I love my kitchen is that the door handles are little Arrowheads. It really brings together our home and make it a “modern mountain home”

For some reason my kitchen always seems to be the gathering place for EVERYTHING!

What I have found though is that everything needs to have a place. If it doesn’t fit, or you haven’t used it within a year get rid of it!


What I also did to help protect our hardwood floors is move one of my FLOR rugs into the Kitchen and then put one of the new FLOR rugs under the dining table.

In your cupboards you need to group similar items together. (sorry my cupboards look bare, everything is in the dishwasher)

Pots and pans should all go together as well.

I am sure everyone has one of these….. junk drawers, it’s the drawer where things you don’t know where to put end up. This drawer (mine is in the middle) should be cleaned on a regular basis. (We moved in the end of Sept. and I have NOT cleaned it before, and yes, that drawer has been cleaned. All that is left is the batteries and the tools.)

Don’t forget under the kitchen sink! Another area that I just throw stuff in.



So there is a little look into my kitchen and how I am organizing it. I have many other products to share that we used in organizing and I will share those this coming week.

I was laughing so hard!

Sarah didn’t find it as funny as Sam and I did. LMAO!!

Wordless Wednesday

She might be smiling but boy was she MAD!!!!!


she was mad because that black ribbon was tied to the back of the trike and he was pulling it, so she couldn’t go anywhere….

She loves me

Samantha left me a little love note…

” I love you mommy” but she spelt it “I Luv Yoo Mome”

Jack’s got Bling!!

He may be a boy but he has some pretty cute bling! He received some of the cutest items today from 26 Bars and a Band. I can’t wait to share more about this wonderful company and their adorable products!

oh and Jack LOVES his Bling! doesn’t he look cute?


Samantha lost her 8th tooth today!

It seems she jsut lost her 7th tooth, and well she did on January 28th. I swear I have never known a child to loose so many teeth at her age! It is crazy! I know by the time I was in 2nd grade I had lost 10 teeth.

So she has officially lost all of her front eight teeth (four top and four bottom)

Here are pictures of all her lost teeth:

  • 7th Tooth
  • 6th Tooth
  • 5th Tooth
  • 4th Tooth
  • 3rd Tooth
  • 2nd Tooth
  • 1st Tooth

She is so stinkin cute!

Look how cute Sarah is, she drew a face on this wand.

The cutest Dutch girls ever!

Today was Thinking Day for Samantha and her Girl Scout Daisy troop. Each girl dressed up as Dutch girls, and they even learned the cutest song to sing. I ended up missing the song because I HAD to get home. I had to get Sarah home, she was such a handful.

But before I left I was able to snap a few pictures.

Wordless Wednesday

She wanted to take the test too…

OK, seriously is this not the cutest thing ever? The class was taking a test today and Sarah wanted to take it too.

What is funny is she got a question right! LOL. No really she did. One question was “Which picture is raining”?

oh and I asked her to write her name at the top of her paper, and she drew about five circles. LOL, she is such a doll!

My Dog is weird… or just cold!

It was about 10 PM at night and I walked into my bathroom to find this…

either he is just weird… or really cold!