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Fall Favs: Sling-Back Thermal by Thirty-One Gifts

School is back in, Fall is here and before we know it the Holidays will be upon us! Right now everyone is taking those trips to the Football Games, Soccer, Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festivals. I know the perfect addition to your outings!

The Sling-Back Thermal by Thirty-One Gifts. This stylish and sophisticated crossbody backpack is also a thermal! Designed to easily carry lunch and snacks for work, school or travel, The roomy insulated cooler bag has a water-resistant thermal lining, double zipper closure, adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn to the left or right and chic cotton fabrics.

Personalize this thermal backpack with an embroidered name, monogram or Icon-It design to make it extra special for you or as a gift.

We went with the Two-Tone Weave so in case my Husband wanted to use it it would be pretty gender neutral. Of course all of my kids love it and it isn’t too big but not too small either. For it’s size you can fit a lot in it. It’s an easy to grab and go bag especially for me with younger kids and needing to bring extra  items with me everywhere I go.

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Can Changing Your Diet Improve Seasonal Allergies?

When seasonal allergies are hitting you hard, you are looking for every way to reduce the annoyance and discomfort. People with severe allergies are often not able to live their day to day life as they would normally because of allergies. Learning how to control seasonal allergies symptoms in order to get your life back is often on your mind. In this article, you will learn how you can change your diet to improve seasonal allergies as well as other things you can do to make allergy season bearable.

Eating a healthy diet can be a challenge, but when your seasonal allergies are hitting you hard, it is easier to get motivated to get things under control.

Make These Diet Changes for Less Seasonal Allergy Discomfort

If you are a food lover, you might cringe at the list of foods that make seasonal allergies worse, but the goods news is you don’t have to cut them out of your life altogether. Simply knowing which foods are going to cause challenges will allow you to avoid them when you know you need to be at your best.

Some of the foods that can make your seasonal allergies worse are:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Peanuts
  • Processed foods
  • Chocolate
  • Wheat
  • Coffee
  • Dairy products
  • Gluten

If you have ragweed allergies then you want to avoid:

  • Cucumbers
  • Bananas
  • Melons
  • Sunflower seeds

While it might sound like we are really limiting your choice of foods, there are some food strategies you can use. Say yes to these foods for some strategic relief.

1) Spicy Foods

If you are all stuffed up from congestion, use some spicy dishes like salsa or curry to help thin out mucus. Any mix of garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper can help you get your breathing abilities back. Use one of all of them to add some flavor, and you may be able to get your sense of smell back as well.

2) Fresh Organic Vegetables

Eating fresh vegetables that are grown organically is always a good idea but if you want to help your allergies now is a great time to make that happen. Nutrient vegetables will help your allergies by fighting hay fever and inflammation.

3) Liquids

Apple cider vinegar and bone broth help break up mucus, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system.

4) Local Raw Honey

For the relief of watery eyes, have a spoonful of local raw honey. Local raw honey usually helps with other allergy symptoms you have since it stems from the pollen that gave you the allergy symptoms in the first place.

5) Pineapple

Both the ring and the core gives great nutrients that help with seasonal allergies because of its vitamins and enzymes.

6) Green Tea

Have a cup of green tea in the morning for a natural dose of antihistamines. Natural antihistamines are proven to prevent allergy symptoms and can help you avoid the discomfort. Start drinking green tea in the morning before allergy season hits for the best results.

7) Yogurt

Have a yogurt snack to reduce allergy symptoms. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics so grab a spoon and your favorite fruit and have some yogurt.

Reducing Your Allergen Exposure

Now you know that you can improve seasonal allergies by changing your diet, but there are other things you can do to reduce the discomfort of the season. The less that you are exposed to allergens, the less likely you are to experience a reaction. While you can’t barricade yourself inside, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of time you are exposed.

Park Your Car Under a Cover

If you have a garage, it is ideal that you would park your car in the garage and leave from your garage. A car pot or even a car cover can be helpful if you don’t have a garage. When pollen season is upon us, everything gets covered with pollen and can cause sneezing, wheezing and coughing fits. Keeping your vehicle covered will help reduce the amount of pollen you are likely to come in contact with. If you use a car cover ask someone that does not have allergies to take it off before you get in to drive.

Remove Rugs from Your Home

Rugs may be comfy on our feet but they are also a haven for allergen likes dust mites and pet dander. It is a wise idea to either get rid of rugs or switch them out for thing rugs that are less friendly to allergens. Regularly vacuuming the rugs will also help if you decide to keep your rugs. Always make sure to empty the vacuum out of doors and use a mask when you are emptying the vacuum.

Close the Windows & Use Air Conditioning

When the weather warms up, it can be tempting to up the windows and welcome the sunrays in uninhibited, but that isn’t going to be good for your allergies. In addition to welcoming in some natural light, you are also welcoming allergens that are more than happy to come into your home.


Changing your diet and avoiding allergens will allow you to live a higher quality of life during allergy season. There is no reason to become a hermit when allergy season hits but acting wisely and keeping yourself protected is important so you can continue to function well throughout the year.


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When Your Kids Become Disinterested In School

Were you someone who liked school when you were younger? Maybe it was one of the most interesting times of your life, and you packed as many extracurriculars as you could into your days? Maybe you didn’t find your flow with it until you were a bit older, going off to college to study for the degree that made your career? Maybe you loved the learning but hated the environment, and left as soon as you were able to? And now you’re

School is something we all have to go through. Education is very valuable in the modern day and age, and you’ll be very hard pressed to find someone who never went to school, or who doesn’t know how to read and write at the least. Because of that, we consider it a natural part of life, with all its trials and tribulations that we help our kids through to the best of our abilities. And there’s all kinds of schools out there, with their benefits and drawbacks alike, and some models will work better for your kids than others!

But sometimes, our kids become very disinterested in the idea of school, and sometimes even refuse to go. And that’s when the whole love/hate relationship most of us have with school can become a bit dangerous – attendance drops, learning ability drops, and it can feel like you’re on a timescale to get your kid back into school before the repercussions hit.

So it’s clear we could do with a bit of advice in a time like this, and thankfully, you’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of it. Without further ado, here’s a couple of things you can do when your child starts resisting the idea of school, and you’re not sure what else to do.

Work Out the Problem

The main focus of this idea is to make sure it’s not something serious, and that your child has nothing they’re actually worrying about when it comes to having to go to school. After all, there’s a lot of issues with the school system we can’t ignore, and various ones are going to affect your kid’s development from time to time – whether there’s some bullying going on, or the work is too hard and they’re unable to focus, discovering the root is going to make things so much better.

So if you notice your child’s willingness to go out the door in the morning slipping, or you notice how long it takes them to get on with their homework, or you get a phone call from a teacher who’s worried about the way your child acts in class, be sure to sit down and talk to your son or daughter. Make sure they know they’re safe to talk to you, and that whatever’s going on is something you can either help with or fix for them. Sure, a lot of the time we want our kids to be able to fight the battles that come their way, but when they’ve got years of schooling ahead and they’re already at a disadvantage with the process, you’re going to want to help.  

If they open up to you, that’s great! You can go on to tackle the problem, hopefully together, and it should be the end of it. But a lot of the time, it’s going to take a bit of time and effort on your part to encourage your child to tell you the problems they’re having. Remain calm, never raise your voice or hurry them along, and make sure it’s only you and them; sometimes kids don’t want to share their problems with the whole family, so be sure to be mindful of the setting you’re talking to them in as well.

Talk to the School

Once you’ve found out the problem, or you’re unable to discover a route of what’s going on, be sure to contact the school and make them aware of the problem. You want your kid’s teachers to be on their side, making sure they’re looking out for your child in class, and have an extra eye on them in the playground or the cafeteria during lunch. Sure, they’ve got 30 or so other kids to look out for as well, but it’s always better to bring this kind of attention to their doorstep to make sure they understand the extent of what’s happening in their classroom.

At the same time, you’re going to want to talk to the principal as well, especially if bullying is occurring and they don’t seem to be aware of it. Be sure to sit down and talk through the entire problem at length, and ask the headteacher what they plan to do about issues like these. Even talk to your neighbors and friends who have children, and see if the same experience is happening to their kids – 2 or more heads is always better than one when it comes to combating a problem!

And if you get called into the office, to either review your child’s progress after some recent trouble, or for a parent’s evening chat that you know is going to have some bad things to say, make sure you’re aware of how to answer any questions or queries put to you. It’ll go a long way to supporting your child, and showing off the unified front you have with your child that you’ve worked for since the day they were born!

Realize Your Options

Quick sidebar: Have you ever heard of school refusal? It describes a type of phobia in which a child often feels physically sick at the thought of going to school, but the symptoms disappear when they’re let off having to actually go. Whilst this sounds characteristic of a child who’s simply faking being sick to make sure they get a free day at home, it’s actually quite a serious condition. You see, even when a child doesn’t want to go to school, and actually begins shaking and crying, and maybe even throwing up at the thought of it, they still want to learn like they would normally, and go on to do great things with their life.

And this is where your child’s disinterest in school gets extremely complicated. You can’t force them to go, it’s only going to make them sicker and more scared of the idea, but you can’t keep them solely at home either. So you’re going to need to work out your options, and get to enforcing those to keep your child healthy and happy. Maybe you could work out a plan with the school that allows your child repeated but minimal exposure with a classroom, to get them back into the swing of things? Maybe you could begin homeschooling them part time, or even full time, depending on the schedule you and your partners have already.

Or maybe you could try moving their learning platform online, and discover all the different e-learning options there are out there. Some schools even like to employ it full time, to make sure your child learns everything they need to know to take on their exams, no matter where they are in the world! And when prestigious educational institutions put out online degrees, like that of an online operations management program, you know more and more schools are warming to the idea. Accessibility really can help to overcome the effects of an anxiety condition like this.

Work with Your Kids

So now that you’ve done all your research, and you know what you’re going to do next, and you’ve got the school on your side to help you see it through, you’re going to need to bring your child’s full attention to it. Hopefully they were there for the entire ride, seeing what was going on, listening in, and being told in full what their part in the process would be. Don’t worry too much, kids can be quite resilient, and when you’re holding their hand or standing behind them, they’re going to be all the stronger in taking on the world.

Once again, you may want your child to be able to face the world with a smile on their face, but this confidence doesn’t come naturally, especially when they’re had quite a few knockbacks! So when they have moments of doubt, or they cry over the fear, or they get frustrated with the work again, be sure to sit down and talk it through with them. This kind of support is indispensable to their future success, and when an adult they know, trust, and love is there to help them, they’re going to feel a lot more prepared.

How are Your Kids Doing at School?

Hopefully they’ve got a full ride ahead of them, and plenty of knowhow and patience on their side to see it through! But if they don’t, you’ve got a few strategies to use.

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Back to School Art Supplies You Forgot to Pick up

School is back in session and the back to school shopping has come to a close. You’ve purchased every supply on the teacher’s list from pens, colored pencils, glue sticks, paper, and even boxes of tissues. But when you did all that shopping you may have forgotten one important element. The fun. Did you make sure to shop for fun?

We’re talking about those back to school art supplies that just make you smile like a fun patterned pencil or a silly scented eraser. And did you forget that item or two that takes school work creativity from ordinary to extraordinary? If you did, let us suggest some must have back to school art supplies you forgot to pick up.

Finding Creative Magic With Markers

You may have picked up that 8 pack of markers your teacher asked for, and maybe you also purchased a pack of dry-erase ones too. But there’s no reason you can’t also bring some markers to school that will expand the horizon of your creativity. OOLY has a large variety of markers that will give you exactly what you’re looking for whether its pretty pastels, eye-popping neons, or rich deep hues.

An inspiring combination of form and function can be found in the Pastel Liners Dual-Tip Markers. These pretty art utensils can be used to highlight with the 5mm chisel tip end, and to create beautiful soft colored art with the 3 mm fine tip end. Highlight notes, create maps or other visual displays and underline the important points of your work with these dual-tip markers.

If you’re all about inspiring your student to have a little fun with color then check out the Mini Monster Scented Markers. These little markers will fill the page with rich, neon hues whether it’s an assignment that involves color or some homework that needs a little punch. And your little one will have more than one sense stimulated during learning thanks to these Mini Monsters being scented too.

Not Your Ordinary Mechanical Pencil

You probably threw some packs of pencils in your cart at back to school time. Mechanical pencils are an excellent no-fuss option especially when school sharpeners are in short supply. What you may have not had the opportunity to pick up, however, is the best of both pencil worlds: #2 pencils in mechanical form.


OOLY offers Very Best Mechanical Pencils in a variety of barrel colors from Pretty Pinks to Cool Blues. The leads are strong with 2mm tips so you (or a student you’re shopping for) can write boldly without fear of breaking lead. Each package comes with four mechanical pencils, extra leads, and a special sharpener.

Flowing With Fountains

A not so common choice for back to school art supplies is the fountain pen. But if you don’t give these pens a try, you may be truly missing out. The smoothest of writers and finest of sketchers, the fountain pen will provide you with endless opportunities for inspiring creativity when you’re hard at work. Splendid Fountain Pens come in a variety of ink colors to amp up the volume on your imagination. They each come with extra cartridges, and refills are available too, so you don’t run out of ink anytime soon.



The Benefits Of Sending Your Child To An International School

Nowadays, parents have a greater degree of choice when choosing education for their children. One of these options is an international school. This form of education is no newcomer to the marketplace, however, you will notice that there is a growing number of international schools around the world today. In this post, we will take a look at the benefits associated with studying at an international school. So, read on to discover everything you need to know…

International Curriculum – First and foremost, one of the main advantages associated with going down this route is the fact that students will follow an internationally recognised curriculum. A prime example of this is the International Baccalaureate program. This gives the individual more opportunities for the future, as they will have a greater chance of getting into universities and further education institutes all over the world. They will also find that they can be accepted for virtually any online course in their domain, be it a bachelor’s degree in law or an masters of nursing. This high quality ‘portable’ education will stand them in good stead, no matter what they want to do in the future or where they want to go.

Emphasis On Extra-Curricular Activities – One thing you will notice is that international schools tend to place greater emphasis on extra-curricular activities. They believe that it is important for a student to not only excel academically but also in sports and other outside activities. Because of this, they provide various different avenues for children to nurture any talents they may have.

Introduction To Global Culture – A vital benefit associated with children studying at an international school is the fact that you will be exposed to global culture in a way that is not offered in regular schools. This is because students and often faculty are from areas all over the world. Moreover, the school recognises global events and important occasions; whereas other types of schools tend to merely focus on what is happening in the country of location. Acquiring knowledge from other countries and learning different customs are becoming increasingly significant in the current day and age.

Communication Skills – It may not seem like an obvious point, but many people who have studied at international schools say it helped them to develop pivotal communication skills that assisted them in their future careers. This is because they had the ability to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and different cultures. They wouldn’t have had this if they had not studied at an international school.

It is not hard to see why an increasing number of parents are electing to send their children to international schools. Many people will agree that this type of education gives students the best platform for the future, as they benefit from learning a curriculum that is recognised all over the world and they will develop essential communication skills by gaining a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures. If that wasn’t enough, they will also develop other talents, as international schools are heavily focused on ensuring their students are well-rounded.

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Essential Gift Guide For The Special Man In Your Life


Dare we say that Christmas is just around the corner? It’s now October, and as much as we don’t want to think about it, Christmas is going to be with us before we know it. As you’re probably already aware, being prepared with gifts for your loved ones saves you from doing any last minute stress shopping, and not being happy with what you’ve got them overall. So, with that thought, here’s an essential gift guide for the special man in your life so that you can wow him this year with more than just a pair of socks.

Get him that game he wants!

Ladies, we all know how annoying it is when you want to spend time with your partner, and they’re just playing computer games instead. However, it’s a way of your man winding down, and much like we use going to the salon as a way of relaxing, playing his computer games is his way of doing so. Notice comments he makes on games and see if you can get him the game he’s been longing for!

Pimp his ride

Most men have a dream car in mind, and while you might not be able to produce a brand new Mustang, you can help make his current car look more appealing. Every man has a teenage boy inside of him and loves the idea of a pimped out ride. Going for something like cherished number plates will make his car more distinctive over regular plates. Other ideas include window tints, matching car seat covers and floor mats, a steering wheel cover and a new set of alloy covers. It’s an effective and fairly inexpensive way of getting your man the perfect gift!

Get something cool for his man cave

Whether it’s the basement, the loft, or even the spare room, men will always find an area of your home to turn into a man cave. Again, it’s a place to retreat after a long day to wind down, so why not buy him something cool for his personal space? TV backlights, led strip lighting, plasma lights, jukeboxes and other retro items can really help turn a room into a proper man cave.

Buy something that both of you will enjoy

A great idea for gift giving is by finding something that both of you will enjoy. Perhaps a weekend away in the south of France sounds like your version of heaven? Or, maybe something for your garden such as a swing seat so that you can both enjoy time together, and get plenty of use out of it too!

Create love vouchers

It’s sometimes really hard to buy gifts for those closest to you, because you know every detail about them. Also, some people are the type to simply buy what they long for, leaving you with no ideas on gifts. Why not make some love vouchers that he can “cash out” as and when he feels like it? Simple tasks like taking over cleaning the car, or trimming the lawn will make the world of difference! And, all you’ll be spending is your time too!

Treat him to a ‘me night’

Finally, we all deserve some time to ourselves every now and then, and the same goes for hubby! Why not buy him a case of his favourite beers, order him a takeaway, and stock him up with films and games so that he can have a night to himself to relax. Gifts don’t always have to be grand gestures, and sometimes the more simple gifts such as time to yourself can really mean the world to someone.

Teaching Your Child About Driver Safety: Speed Bumps

Driver and road safety is something you may wish to teach your child as part of their homeschooling. Some parents teach their children this from a young age, prior to them being able to learn to drive legally, as it’s good to prepare them.

One important part of driver safety is speed bumps. You will notice that more and more speed bumps tend to be cropping up in certain areas. For some people, they can view them as a nuisance because they stop them from driving smoothly. Nevertheless, the benefits associated with them are vast. It’s important to teach your child about the importance of these. In order to gain a further insight, take a look at the benefits associated with a speed bump…

Safety is increased and lives can be saved…

Speed bumps slow down traffic because they put a small hump in the road. This is one of the basics your child would learn at a driving school. The slowing down of traffic is something which enhances the safety levels in the area. You have all seen those adverts where they tell drivers that if they were driving 30 mph and hit someone, then the person would have a much greater chance of living compared to if they were driving 40mph. A lot of people tend to think that driving a little bit faster won’t make a difference. However, the contrast is startling, and a speed bump can thus be the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

The level of traffic will decrease…

A lot of people do not like driving in an area which has speed bumps because it obviously slows them down and it is an unsmooth ride. This can result in a lot of people seeking alternative routes in order to get to the destination they are going to. This then means that traffic on the road in which the bumps have been fitted will decrease. This is something which proves to be extremely useful as it enhances the steady flow of traffic and avoids any nasty traffic jams as well.

The driver’s awareness is enhanced…

When a driver knows that a speed bump is on its way (or they are about to find out that it is) then they require a lot more concentration and focus. This is another thing you should teach your child about. This then results in the driver being a lot more focused to driving as a whole. This again enhances safety levels in a different manner.

All in all, if you use the information above as a starting point, you will be able to teach your child about driving safely and the benefits of speed bumps.


What to do if Your Child Has a Bad Injury

As a parent, one of your top priorities is usually ensuring that your kids are safe. However, irrespective of how protective you try to be, accidents sometimes happen. It can be hard to deal with as a parent because watching your child go through pain can be tough. However, knowing what to do is crucial to ensure they’re able to recover as quickly as possible. You may be reading this because your child had been injured or you want to be prepared for the eventuality. On that note, you’re going to find tips on what to do if your child has a bad injury in the below article.

Consult a Professional

In an instance where your child has a bad injury, one of the first steps that you should take is consulting a professional. This is essential as they should be able to correctly treat them and give them the treatment that they need for the best recovery. However, medical professionals do make mistakes from time to time, so if you sense that something isn’t right, you should ask for a second opinion. If a medical professional has given your child the wrong diagnosis or treatment and made the situation worse, you should visit and see if they can help in any way. Whatever the case, seeking a professional is always the first best option. The last thing that you want to do is misdiagnose your child or give them the wrong treatment and worsen their condition.

Follow Recovery Instructions

Once you’ve spoken to a healthcare professional, you should ensure you follow their recovery instructions meticulously. It is important as not doing so could result in their recovery happening slower than you’d like. If, for instance, they had a sports injury, then ensuring they get enough rest or go through physical therapy if a doctor advises should be a priority. In the same respect, if you’ve been instructed to give them medication a number of times a day, try and make sure you’re able to do so. The goal should be to get them to recover as fast as possible so that they can get back to doing what kids do best.

Support Them Emotionally

In addition to the two points above, supporting your kids emotionally is crucial when they have a bad injury. It can take a toll on them both mentally and emotionally, so being their support system through such a time is essential. To support your child through an injury, try and distract them to help them cope through painful moments. Carrying them along in their recovery process could also help them feel less in the dark and more in control of their recovery and healing.

Helping your child recover from an injury can be a long and tedious process. However, being patient and ensuring you give them the best care possible, they should get better much quicker. It is also key that you look after yourself in the process so that you don’t burn out and can meet their needs. By following some of the tips above, you should also find that your stress is somewhat reduced.

How to Become a Savvier Traveler

Smart travel is easier travel and knowing some of the tricks and tips used by those that consider themselves experienced travelers is much simpler than you think. Everyone likes to think that they know how to travel, but when you combine inexperience with excitement, you’re bound to run into some challenging times. How you cope with those challenges is often what makes the difference between a savvy traveler and one who is just hoping for the best. Nobody is born a savvy traveler, but if you’re planning a trip or already starting to pack a suitcase, below are three tips that will see your travels become much easier. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, here are the best ways to embrace the ultimate in savvy travel.

Destination research

The more that you know about your destination, the more that you’ll be able to enjoy. This could mean simply doing some Google research about the top places to visit or the best local foods to try, but you could go even further than that. Read a book by the most famous writer from where you’re traveling to, and you may gain a much greater insight into the culture, the people, and the environment.

Be open to experience

You’ve already left your comfort zone, so why not go all the way and experience something truly new? If you’re already exploring an unfamiliar land, then finding new experiences is much easier to achieve, and you may find yourself enjoying unforgettable memories as you challenge your own expectations of what you’re capable of. Travel opens up the mind, and you can make your time away much more exciting by not placing limitations on yourself.

Be prepared for a crisis

Not everything will go according to plan, especially when you take flights into account. Delays and cancellations can be a nightmare to deal with, so be prepared for them. Always pack entertainment options in your carry-on luggage, and keep a list of phone numbers and websites that might be useful in cases of flight cancellations. Check with, and you may be able to claim compensation, and the faster that you make your claim, the more likely that you will be able to relax and enjoy your travel despite delays.

Take your phone

It may be redundant to suggest packing your phone when you’re traveling. After all, we have them close to hand wherever we are. However, you may not have realized just how useful your phone can be when you’re traveling. Not only is it a handy map, but it’s also a translator, review checker, camera, or simply just a way to make sure that you keep in touch with people at home. Never underestimate just what your phone is capable of when you’re in another country, and always make sure that you are fully charged and have packed a universal plug adaptor.

Being a savvy traveler is all about knowing the best ways to tackle each stage of your journey. Be prepared, and you could be having the vacation of a lifetime, and returning home with the knowledge that you are indeed the savviest of travelers.