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Our Week in Pics (week 110 April 19th – 25th)

What an crazy busy week! We started with the day before Easter and the kids had fun seeing the Easter Bunny and dying Easter Eggs! Easter we spent at both my in-laws house and my Aunt and Uncles where my sister and her family were there. The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins.

The week itself we enjoyed playing and laughing.

Week Two #AveenoDailyChallenge

*I am a brand ambassador for Aveeno for 2014. I was given the gift basket and the Aveeno skincare products for free to try.
Aveeno Daily Challenge

With the Aveeno Daily Challenge I wanted to incorporate eating more veggies and fruit an less pasta/carbs. I also wanted to stick to my 4 miles a day.

My week starts on Wednesday as I started the day behind everyone else.

day 8 – hubby and I went shopping so we did a lot of walking trough store. I did not exercise at home. Still managed to get in 2 miles.
day 9 – I had every intention of working out but my fiend came over all day….. 1 mile total (boo)
day 10 – 5.2 miles
day 11 – I took the kids to the Village and they had an egg hunt. With little bit of walking I did almost 2 miles.
day 12- Easter and did not wear my FitBit so I have no idea how I did.
day 13 – 5.2 miles
day 14- as of right now I am at 5 miles.


day 10


day 13


day 14

So I ended up exercising 3 days. While we did have a really busy week I am disappointed I should have did my run Thursday morning.

Each day I did make sure to have lots of veggies with each of my meals. I am also loving how soft my skin is feeling and I am not as itchy on my legs!

Aveeno-Ambassador-Badge*I am a brand ambassador for Aveeno for 2014. I was given the gift basket and the Aveeno skincare products for free to try.

Our Week in Pics (week 109 – April 12th – 19th)

Another busy week of running around and getting everything ready for Easter!

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Week One #AveenoDailyChallenge

*I am a brand ambassador for Aveeno for 2014. I was given the gift basket and the Aveeno skincare products for free to try.
Aveeno Daily Challenge

Week one is done and I am feeling great! I have found that I really do struggle with eating more veggies. This has been one of my biggest issues these past two months too. After my miscarriage the end of February I had a really hard time getting back into my routine and found I was eating way too much sweets and carbs AND bread! Back in January I went Paleo which meant I was eating no breads and hardly any potatoes.

With the Aveeno Daily Challenge I wanted to incorporate eating more veggies and fruit an less pasta/carbs. I also wanted to stick to my 4 miles a day.

Here is my first week, you can see the only day I missed exercise was day one but I was getting over the flue, day two we were at the desert so we did a lot of swimming.


Day one- getting over the flu


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

So far in my first week I already noticed my skin feeling softer and not as itchy!

Aveeno-Ambassador-Badge*I am a brand ambassador for Aveeno for 2014. I was given the gift basket and the Aveeno skincare products for free to try.

Our Week in Pics (week 108 – April 5th – 11th)

YAY Spring Break Week! And I got to spend mine sick! The girls spent their entire week down at the Desert with their Grandparents. Hubby and I made it down one day to see the kids and swim. We had a lot of fun!

Samantha also started Softball again!


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Our Week in Pics (week 107 – March 29-April 4th)

Another fun week! Shelby has been exploring her fun world as a two year old including painting the walls with pudding and ketchup.. anything she can get her hands on!

The girls had World Thinking Day with Girl Scouts and had fun representing their countries.

I finally got back into my running 4 miles and have been trying to hard to do it 5 days a week.

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Our Week in Pics (week 106 – March 22-28th)

We had a great week!The girls both received Gold Awards for their school’s Reading Olympics. This is exiting for Samantha as it is her last year in Elementary School! She is off to Junior High in the fall and no more reading Olympics for her.

We had a lot of playing and just having fun with our TWO year old!!!








Our Week in Pics (week 103, 104, 105- March 1st to 21st)


Three weeks that seriously FLEW by in the blink of an eye!

We celebrated Shelby’s 2nd birthday!

Week 103 – March 1- 7th

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Week 104 – March 8th – 14th

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Week 105- March 15th – 21st

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dickys bbq (8)


putting a smile on for the rest of the world

For anyone who has ever gone through loss.. ANY kind of loss you know how hard it is to put a smile on our face for the rest of the world.

Two weeks ago we suffered yet another pregnancy loss. It sucks. plain sucks! And for the past two weeks I have had to put a smile on and pretend everything is alright. That I am fine and it’s no big deal.

But in all honesty I feel like people are ignoring me now, and purposely staying away. Before the loss those people were messaging me or calling me daily. I guess sometimes people just would rather stay away than say things that could be taken wrong, or they might not even know what to say.

I know I have a hard time with my words. And a simple I am sorry is more than enough. Sometimes though I guess I would rather people sa nothing.

I am beyond sick of hearing “It’s God’s Will” It’s like you are saying we weren’t good enough. Or God is angry at us.

I am tire of pretending to be fine, because I have to see it 1,000 times a day and hear about all my friend’s pregnancies and seeing the baby’s heartbeat or finally finding it on the home Doppler. I am tired of putting a smile on my face. I am tired of feeling like a failure.

I think the hardest part of this process is that the process is still NOT OVER… I have a constant daily reminder of what could have been.

I remember going through this same thing three years ago, before having Shelby and I prayed I would never go through that pain again. a tiny piece of my heart is forever gone and I just want to move forward……

I am truly grateful that these three are here daily.. daily reminders of how lucky I am.






Our Week in Pics (week 102 Feb 22-28th)

This was a very busy and rough week. We moved YAY and I had a lot of personal things going on. We definitely were ready for March to start!

This is the first photo I took in the new place.


And the day we moved

2.26.14 2.26.14a

She got some good sleep that day lol

And the day after… she had a blast destroying he new place.


No pictures of the older girls I guess.. with them gone at school all day and then gone at activities after school I find I don’t get as many photos of them as I would like.

A secret I wish I would never have kept….

Four weeks ago I was denying the fact that I knew … It was my older sister who told me to take a test. I waited a week and then decided after the signs became more clear…… that pink line instantly came up. Right away I knew this had to be a viable pregnancy. All the signs and symptoms were there. I couldn’t possibly have another loss right?

Then last week happened. The spotting started and I cried. I guess I was shocked that I cried because I told myself I wasn’t going to get attached because you just never know what can happen. I mean I went through a loss before. I already knew 1 in 3 pregnancies end is miscarriage.  But I was hopeful and excited!

This was the first pregnancy (besides my oldest daughter) where I didn’t have to use fertility meds. The first one that wasn’t planned months and months in advance, but nonetheless we quickly became excited and started planning.

Yesterday was the day when I miscarried yet again. I hadn’t even told that many people in real life, only a few of my closest friends and family. While my husband had told everyone he knows. I guess he was excited? I don’t know. Men never share their feelings.

We had agreed a year ago we were done having babies, so to find out we were expecting again was exciting and I thought for a small second maybe.. just maybe I would give my husband a son. I feel like such a failure again. I went through this a little over three years ago.

My heart is broken, and it’s so incredibly hard to see my other friends talking about morning sickness and sharing photos of their beautiful ultrasounds and tiny baby heartbeats.

I know I will get through this.. I have to but there is now another piece of my heart forever broken.

Our Week in Pics (week 100 & 101 – Feb. 8th to Feb. 21st)

Not a whole lot going on these two weeks. There has been a lot going on in our lives but it’s all personal and stressful. Things hopefully will look up soon.

The girls are having fun being kids, enjoying their activities and celebrating with friends and family.

Our Week in Pics (week 99 – Feb 1st to Feb 7th)

The first week of February we didn’t really do much of anything. We celebrated my mother in law’s birthday which was fun because Hubby and I got to get out of the house and have a date. We had a wonderful time too!

The rest of the week we just spent playing and the girls had their activities (dance, snowboarding and girl scouts)

Our Week in Pics (week 98 – Jan. 25th- Jan. 31st)

This week was the start of Girl Scout Cookie sales and we were soooooo busy selling our little butts off!

After we spend out days selling cookies we would go home and just crash!

Our Week in Pics (week 97 – Jan. 18th to 24th)

This was a really fun week for the girls! The weather has been so nice and the girls were able to get outside most of the week and play!

On Friday the girls started Snowboarding Lessons! They have anxiously waited all year to get back out and snowboard!