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How to Dress Like a Street Style Icon

When all those street style stars share their amazing photos on social networks, we can’t help but want to look exactly like them. We get inspired by their eye-catching appearance, and the reason why they look so stunning is because of the clothes they wear. If you want to dress like a street style icon and inspire others as well, here are some things you can do.

Be one of a kind

The queens of street style are usually women who are not afraid to break a few rules and show how unique a person should be. They somehow introduce new ways to wear items that are old and they bring glamour to stuff that might look boring without a pinch of creativity. For example, you can see an interesting way of how someone combines a dress with pants. Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini are two outstanding ladies who inspire a lot of women to be creative and one of a kind with their outfits. They have a dazzling sense of style, and they like wearing a robe coat over distressed jeans. This is usually combined with a vintage T-shirt. For an evening look, a pair of tailored trousers and heels is their preferred combination.

Chic and stylish

You can look both effortless and elegant and all that in one same outfit. If you do not know how to accomplish this, take a look at Olivia Palermo’s pics. This lady knows how to be chic and stylish, and it looks like she does not even try too hard. Some women just know fashion and they inspire others whatever garment they throw on themselves. Yet, do not just choose whatever first comes to your mind. If you want to look like her, she usually wears a plain white shirt with patterned shorts and a statement jacket. Femininity is mixed with masculinity this way, and it is a flawless look anyone can achieve.

Bold but sophisticated

We love following it-girls on social networks, especially those who show us what a real lady should look like. Christine Centenera is one of those girls who motivate us to look as good as possible, and she is a perfect fusion of audacious and sophisticated, which is a trend that never gets old. She looks amazing in tailored pieces with unexpected proportions, showing off her long legs. If you want clothes like hers, any well-supplied online fashion store can be the place where you will find garments of your preference. You can look like this star and other ones that inspire you whenever you come across a picture of them.

Urban luxury

You are young and vibrant, and it is the perfect time for you to experiment with your appearance! You can look sleek and wear outfits that are glam rock. If you do this, it means you like the style of Kendall Jenner. This girl knows what she is doing whenever she picks her outfits and it is completely understandable that she is your idol. It seems like she enjoys being in black and white the most, wearing higher necklines, waists and hems to emphasize the shoulders and legs. She manages to blend elegance with grunge, and she often chooses shining details that enrich the whole appearance.

Well-tailored with harmonizing details and colors

You can still be a fashion goddess even if you’d rather go for matching items and choose not to experiment too much. You can coordinate the details and colors and look like Miroslava Duma, a Russian street style genius. She likes to rock a head-to-toe monochrome look and paired patterns. However, she puts the accent on the outerwear, so that anyone notices her bag and shoes. If she wears a coat, she lets it rest casually on her shoulders, and she always pays attention to whether it matches the shoes.

Anyone can look like a street style icon. You can browse through fashion magazines and enjoy the incredible outfits of famous ladies whose life is fashion and they are not afraid to experiment and show it to the world. These girls are elegant, daring, creative, sophisticated and one can learn a lot by observing them.

Plan Wisely for Your Child’s Future

Having a child is a blessing, every mother and father out there will confirm this. However, being a parent also means that you will have to make sure your beloved kid has a secure and good future. In this day and age, this is not a simple thing to do, especially because it usually requires a perfect financial plan. This is why today we are going to talk about some crucial tips and strategies that will help you to plan wisely for your child’s future.

Consider Purchasing an Insurance Policy

Most people consider purchasing certain insurance to be the best money-saving option. So, if you really want to secure your child’s future, you should definitely consider it. There are many different types of policies out there, but for this purpose, we suggest you get term insurance. This is basically life insurance, but it’s much cheaper and it lasts for a specific period of time or a term. The criteria you have to meet in order to get this policy are not too strict which is why most people decide to go with this option. Getting term insurance is usually not too much of a commitment and that’s why most parents decide to purchase this policy when creating a plan for their child’s education.

Check Your Priorities and Plan Your Budget

Once you become a parent, everything changes. All of a sudden, you have to worry about the needs of the little human being you made with your spouse. When this happens, you have to put all of your needs, dreams, and ambitions aside, and commit to your child completely. We are aware that this sounds a bit drastic, but it’s the right thing to do. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your life, you only have to get your priorities straight. Remember, your kid comes first. After you take care of them, you can spend some money on yourself. This will help you to plan your budget better and save some money for your child’s health care and education.

Create an Emergency Fund

You are probably wondering how creating an emergency fund is any different from saving some money on the side. Well, the money from the emergency fund for your child should only be used if unexpected problems occur concerning your child’s education or health. So, whenever you have some extra money, make sure to set it aside and forget about it. If everything goes according to plan and your kid grows up without any unexpected problems, you will be able to use the money from this emergency fund to pay for their college tuition.

Choose a Safe Neighborhood for Your Kids

Your budget is not the only thing that is important when it comes to planning your child’s future. Money is important, of course, but so is the environment in which the kid will grow up. As you probably know, kids are easily influenced by their peers, so make sure to choose a decent and safe neighborhood in which other kids will have a positive influence on your child. Growing up in this type of environment is crucial if you want your kid to make the right choices in life. If you decide to live in a safe neighborhood, you probably won’t have to use the money from the emergency fund we talked about earlier. Deciding where you will raise your child is one of the most important decisions in your life. It can greatly influence their future, so try your best to make the right call.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

As we said earlier in the text, being a parent requires a lot of sacrifices. In some cases, mothers and fathers have to give up on their dreams and ambitions in order for their kid to have everything he or she needs. This seems rather cruel, but it’s the right thing to do. However, having kids doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop enjoying the little things. Sure, you won’t be able to travel or buy yourself expensive clothes anymore, but you will be able to treat yourself and your spouse every once in a while.

Remember, sacrificing yourself for your kids is admirable, but your kids won’t have a happy and secure future if you’re not by their side when they grow up. Therefore, make sure to take care of yourself and your spouse from time to time. Don’t worry, your kids won’t resent you. In fact, they will be glad that you still have a life. 

4 Memorable Summer Gift Ideas for Women

These days, a lot of people, especially among the younger generations, are struggling with self-confidence. There are many reasons why they might be disappointed with their self-image and one of them is definitely the lack or a complete absence of exercise in their lives. Young people spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer in their office or at home and, naturally, this is not good for their bodies. These folks are often not satisfied with their look, which negatively affects their overall mood and happiness levels. If you too have similar problems, maybe it’s time to start exercising on a regular basis. In case you’re not sure whether or not this is a good thing for you, let us convince you. Here are the 5 ways exercise can improve your self-confidence.

An improved body image usually means better mood

As we said in the intro, a lot of young people are spending too much time sitting in front of their computers and TVs. Men and women who lead this type of life usually have bad eating habits as well. Naturally, this negatively affects their figure and they are often sad about the way they look. If you want to be satisfied with your body, it’s time to get rid of the fatty foods, start eating healthy, and join a gym. Replace your junk food and sodas with the best pre workout drink and do your best during your training session. With this attitude, your body will look amazing in just a few months. Improved body image will help you to feel much better about yourself and you will be in a good mood most of the time.

Regular exercise makes you happier

Have you noticed that people who work out are always smiling? You might say this is because they are satisfied with their perfect bodies, but that’s not the only reason why they are always in such a good mood. When we say that exercise makes you happier, we literally mean that. During training, your body releases the so-called happiness hormones – dopamine and endorphins. These hormones are helping your body to regulate stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. After every workout, you feel a sense of relief, which helps you to live without stress and anxiety. This allows you to live your best life while focusing only on positive things.

A good workout is like meditation

It is a well-known fact that meditation helps you clear your mind. Well, the case is the same with good exercise. During your workout session you are focused on the micro-goals you are trying to achieve, thus you are able to free your mind of the worries you might have outside the gym. If, on the other hand, you love to jog outside, you can choose a secluded trail and enjoy nature and wonderful scenery. The sounds of nature will provide you with a certain sense of serenity, but if you want to further enhance this feeling, you can do that by listening to your favorite music while you run. This type of training is good for your body and your soul.

It improves motivation

A lot of people are not satisfied with themselves simply because they are not accomplishing their goals at school or at work. The main reason for this is the lack of motivation. If you are experiencing the same problems, you should know that a good workout session can improve your motivation. After you finish your workout you have a sense of accomplishment, which makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. This helps you perform on a higher level at school or work and that usually improves self-confidence.

Exercise makes you feel positive

According to many experts, when people feel good physically, they feel good mentally as well. Men and women who work out on a regular basis say that good exercise fills them with positive energy that helps them overcome certain obstacles in life and achieve their daily goals. Men and women say that they are more eager to explore new locations and meet new people when they work out. This means regular training sessions will also improve your social life. You will feel more comfortable talking to other people which will help you to make new friends.

It’s safe to say that working out will help you to feel better about yourself and the people around you. It will also help you perform better at work. Therefore, if you’re going through a rough patch, all you have to do is exercise a few times a week. Trust us, you will feel like you were reborn.

Fashion Tricks to Make Your Figure Visually Slimmer

Even though current standards of beauty promote perfectly shaped bodies and slim figures, there still are millions of women who feel like they simply can’t live up to society’s expectations. They feel extremely insecure and self-conscious about their bodies, and if you’re one of them, too, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five useful fashion tricks to make your figure visually slimmer and help you feel better when necessary, so check them out, give them a fair shot, and you’ll see what we were talking about!

First of all, wear undergarments that perfectly fit

Your undergarment selection is one of the most essential things you should take into consideration when you want to make your figure visually slimmer. This is particularly important when it comes to your bra, as it can properly shape your silhouette and provide enough support to your chest at the same time. This means that wearing the wrong size can create unflattering lines that often show under the clothes, which can ruin even the best outfit in the world. If you don’t know which size you are, make sure to get it professionally measured at the women’s section of your local department store.

Try body-slimming undergarments

On the other hand, if you need extra help and support while creating a smooth and flawless figure, we reckon that body-slimming undergarments will do the trick for you. In fact, such pieces will keep those extra few pounds of weight under control while hiding some minor flaws by slipping over your stomach, thighs, bottom, arms, and other parts that tend to jiggle when you’re walking. Of course, we must also say that this option shouldn’t really be your everyday choice, as it isn’t particularly comfortable. However, millions of ladies tend to wear it on special occasions, so you can do that as well.

Buy the clothes in your size only

When it comes to the clothes you’re wearing, we have to mention that garments that are too small and tight are extremely unflattering. These will show literally every problem area of your body and make it even more prominent, which is the last thing you want, right? On the other hand, too baggy clothes will contribute to a shapeless look and make you seem heavier than you are, which is why you should buy clothes in your size only. Getting your garments tailored is also a good idea, as well as accessorizing with items such as classic women belt which can emphasize your curves and make your waist seem smaller than it is.

Choose fitted clothes instead of baggy ones

As mentioned above, clothes that are either too tight or too baggy simply aren’t an option, which means that you should stick to fitted clothes that flatter your body in the best possible way. When you’re trying to look slimmer, the first thing you should do is hiding those minor flaws such as belly fat or excess skin – and not do display it. Remember that your clothes should be comfortable enough so that they follow your curves and body shape without making anything too obvious. Garments that drape over your body are never a bad choice, especially when compared with pieces that hang loosely and create a shapeless figure. Yes, we know that picking what’s right sounds tricky, but it actually isn’t – as long as you’re sticking to our tips, of course!

Incorporate bold patterns and colors

Everyone knows that dark colors can conceal your problem areas and make them less visible, but did you know that vibrant colors and bold patterns can do the exact opposite – accentuate your good areas? We bet you didn’t, so embrace this tip and try to incorporate at least one bright color into your everyday combos. As for the prints, you should probably go for smaller ones which can camouflage your silhouette and switch the focus from your body to the garment itself. You should also know that patterns that feature a combination of deep and bright colors are undoubtedly the best ones out there, simply because light and pastel colors can emphasize your imperfections even more and make you look larger. That’s exactly what you should avoid, so stick to the bright shades and interesting patterns and you won’t make a mistake!

As you can tell, there are a lot of amazing fashion tricks that can make your figure appear visually slimmer, and these five are unquestionably the best ones you should bear in mind. So, if that’s your ultimate goal, just stick to our tips and guidelines and you’ll make it happen, without a shadow of a doubt!

Five Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Toddlers

It’s a truly exciting time when your child starts to walk, a milestone that every parent cherishes. Taking their first steps of independence, it won’t be long before you’re spending hours chasing after them around the house. As toddlers can be quite unstable at that age, you’ll soon realize they cling on to anything and everything in sight while wobbling from A to B. Crawling up the stairs will be next on the agenda followed swiftly by mountain climbing the cupboards.

The most important thing for parents to remember during this stage of development is to create a safe and secure space for your toddler to explore. Before your child finds their feet, walk around every room in the house and write a list of areas and items that need to be baby proofed. It’ll bring great peace of mind to you as a parent and prevent any accidents from occurring.

Buy Some Stair Gate

It’s a fact of life that you can’t keep an eye on your child every minute of the day, and every parent has definitely experienced that stomach-churning feeling when the ‘one minute they’re there and the next minute they’re not’ moment happens. Your toddler’s new found freedom will undoubtedly draw them to the stairs where it’s easy to take a pretty serious tumble.

Investing in some stair gates will resolve this issue immediately but can also be used in gateways and doors. Close off certain areas of the house that could be risky to your toddlers. Rooms like the kitchen have sharp objects and electrical appliances in every cupboard so it might be easier to block the whole area off instead.

Fix Padding to Sharp Corners and Edges

Toddlers have plenty of falls while learning to walk and will generally bounce right back up. A few minor bumps and bruises along the way should not be too concerning, but sharp edges should be softened to avoid greater injuries. Securing this area of your home is easy to do yourself once corner and edge protectors have been purchased as most come with a double-sided adhesive and DIY guides of how to secure them properly. Be sure to cover every piece of furniture you can think of. Mount Your Television

Reaching out for support as they stand up, your child will cling on to anything within reach, and this includes the television. This household item is not often thought to be a risk by many parents but is definitely on the list if it’s within your child’s reach. Move your television from a floor stand to the wall, removing risk and tidying cables out of the way.

As televisions are heavy objects to secure, this area of safety proofing is best left to the professionals. TV mounting services such as Riverside TV mounting will be able to fix it to the wall securely without the worry of it falling down. Taking this task on yourself and not completing it properly is just an accident waiting to happen.

Lock Medicines and Cleaning Products Away

A characteristic of an infant growing up is the desire to grab everything within arm’s length and put it in their mouth. Most of the time its hygiene you have to worry about or the size of the object in case it’s small enough to swallow, however, you’ll need to think about household items closed behind cupboard doors when they start to walk. A toddler can easily open the cupboard under the kitchen sink and grab the bathroom cleaning spray or dishwasher tablets. Consider where you keep your medicine box at home as if it’s within your child’s reach it could be fatal. Cabinet locks are the best way to prevent this and can be easily purchased online for very little money.

Cover the Fireplace

Even if you have a log burner without an open flame, fireplaces are an obvious hazard around the home. Purchasing a fireguard and setting a safe perimeter around a fire will ensure no accidents occur.

Adding these safety accessories to your home way seem a little over the top at first and may put a dampener on the aesthetics of your interior, however, you’ll be thankful in the long run and will avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room which can be so stressful. Building a safe haven for your child to roam around and play will bring joy to everyone in the family during this brilliant milestone adventure.

Design Ideas to Bring Outdoor Space to Life

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a yard, you should definitely make the most of the outdoor space that you have. After all, the moments you get to relax and unwind after a long day in your own natural oasis surrounded by fresh air and greenery are very precious and beneficial. But what if you’re not satisfied with the look of your outdoor space? Well, do something about it, of course! Don’t be scared – pro design tips to bring your outdoor space to life don’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Cleaning, trimming and declutter

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in your yard as well as your patio/deck area if you have one, you need to get rid of dirt, junk and weeds. That said, don’t be lazy and go through your tools and equipment that may be cluttering your outdoor space. Get rid of the junk and things you never tend to use, and store away the rest. This will leave room for proper cleaning. Use a pressure hose to clean your garden path, driveway and patio area. Also, if you have outdoor furniture, give these a thorough clean-up, too. Once you’re done with cleaning, mow your lawn, remove the weeds from your garden and trim the trees, hedges and shrubbery. This will create a clean slate for you to work on. Hire someone like to help with any concrete/flooring.

Effective paintwork

You wouldn’t believe just how poorly bad paintwork can affect you. The same goes for your outdoor space. If you think that your house exterior could use with a bit of cleaning and freshening up, don’t hesitate to take up this project. But, most importantly, repaint your fence and other outdoor structures so that they perfectly match your house exterior and the general feel and look you wish to achieve.

Work on your lounging area

So, what if you don’t actually have a patio/deck area in your yard? Some people don’t let this stop them as it’s more than enough to place outdoor furniture in your yard and voila – you have a place to lounge in the open air. But if you really want a proper surface, you can easily create a patio simply by pouring concrete in the designated space or using decorative floor tiles. It’s possible to DIY a deck as well if you have the skill, but in this case, it would be better to get a professional to help you.

Introduce decorative elements

If you wish to truly enjoy your outdoor space, you need to find it aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. And unless you already have proper outdoor sofas, typical outdoor furniture could use some sprucing up. That said, don’t hesitate to use colourful and decorative cushions and throws for the seating area as well as interesting table cloths. Patio umbrellas and gazebos can also make this area more inviting, and they’re a more budget-friendly option compared to pergolas and actual covers. Don’t hesitate to add more oomph to this space with a modern outdoor rug that’s easily washable and good for your indoor space as well, which is very practical when the weather is not as nice.

Add more plants

In case you dislike the fact that you don’t actually have that much greenery in your yard, you can easily get more plants, flowers and decorative shrubbery. Obviously, you can get a professional landscaper to help you, but you can also do this on your own. You don’t have to start from the seeds as there are plenty of plants and flowers to buy for quick replanting. If you’re not too keen on things turning messy, you can use decorative planters and pots to bring in more nature to your outdoor space and add your own personal touch at the same time. Keep in mind that climbing plants can look especially effective if your walls or fence feel too plain.

If you feel creative, don’t hesitate to try out as many projects for your outdoor space as you can think of. Water features, elaborate gardens, extravagant decks, statues, swings, etc. can all bring this area to life. However, always consider the size of your yard and your budget before you start something. After all, you don’t want any unfinished projects to spoil the look and feel of your outdoor space again.

Daily Beauty Routines for Healthy Skin

The harsh truth we have to face is that we’re not getting any younger. As we mature, our body changes, and our skin loses its elasticity, becoming more prone to wrinkles, dryness and sunspots. Your daily habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. Ultimately, as our mind needs to be fed and pampered, so does our skin. Here’s what you should keep in mind when developing your daily routine for healthy and beautiful skin.

Know your skin type

Depending on your skin type, there are products and techniques your skin will either benefit or experience a negative impact from. The right beauty routine starts with knowing what kind of skin you have. Only then you’ll know how to take proper care of it. The most common type is combination skin – oily in some spots, typically nose and forehead, and dry in others. For flaky or rough skin, you’re looking for products for dry skin type. If you have big pores and visible greasiness, your skin type is oily. For those whose skin is prone to burning and itching, look for products which are specifically made for sensitive skin. Once you’re familiar with your skin type, you’ll find the right products and come up with an effective daily routine for keeping your skin healthy.

Find your perfect facial cleanser

The first and most important step in keeping our skin healthy and youthful is proper cleansing. With all the dust and bacteria we’re constantly exposed to, our skin needs to be cleaned in depth and regularly. However, there is such a thing as too much cleansing, which can have a counter effect on your skin health. The right formula cleanses your skin without stripping essential, healthy oils, which protect you from dryness and external bacteria. So, take it easy with exfoliating scrubs, especially those with crushed walnut shells or other abrasive ingredients – they should be used only once every week or two. In accordance with your skin type, choose your perfect facial cleanser. For instance, when it comes to acne-prone skin, it’s all about using quality acne products which are suitable for your skin type. Foaming liquid cleansers are the best choice for getting rid of puberty pimples or adult acne because they help break down dirt and excess sebum from pores. However, micellar water – the phenomenon of the 21st century – is good for basically any skin type. So, when in doubt, this soap-free option, a staple of French beauty routines, is your go-to.

Feed your skin

Besides hydration, cleansing and toning, your skin needs to be fed as well. Literally fed. Instead of products high in calories and low in nutritional value, switch to superfoods such as acai, goji berries, and chia seeds – add these to your daily diet and preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your skin. Incorporating fresh veggies, fruits and, most importantly, fatty acids – most commonly consumed through fish or algae powders – provides your skin with necessary vitamins, minerals and oils to stay hydrated and protected from harmful UV rays and other external factors.


A common flaw in daily skin routines is skipping moisturizer because you believe you’re either too young to need it, or that your skin is too oily and hence moisturized enough on its own. All skin types need to moisturized, and this is an essential part of a successful skin beauty routine. According to your skin type and your preferences, find the best moisturizer, but make sure it contains skin-repairing ingredients such as glycerin, sorbitol, urea, or propylene glycol. Keeping your skin moisturized prevents dryness, bruising and tearing. Also remember that different seasons require different skin routines and hence different moisturizers – for instance, your skin needs heavier moisturizer during the winter. 

Use a sunscreen

Spending time in the sun will increase your risk of skin damage, in the form of rapid aging, developing brown spots, or frequent flakiness. The highest UV radiation exposure is in the morning and mid-afternoon, so make sure to apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and seek shade at all times. No matter how excited you were for the sun to finally kiss your body, you need to be careful and moderate with sunbathing, because otherwise, your skin might suffer permanent consequences.

The health of your skin depends on many factors, including the effort and dedication you invest in your skin regime. You do age and your body does change over the years, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin will have to lose its youthfulness and beauty. Take note of the tips above and preserve the glowing and young-looking skin as you age as well. 

Ways to Lose Baby Weight after Pregnancy

Bouncing back to your pre-baby body can be tough. With a new baby taking up most of your day, it might be hard to find the time, strength, energy, and motivation to devote some time to yourself. However, self-care is crucial for maintaining a balance in your life, and in order to feel your best, you have to take certain measures that will help improve both your psychological and physical well-being. Here are some of the most effective ways of losing baby weight after giving birth.

Follow a balanced diet

After giving birth, many moms are eager to get into shape as soon as possible. In order to reach their goal and return to their pre-baby weight, many of them are tempted to get into extreme dieting, aiming to obtain the optimal results relatively quickly. Even though it might sound good, following a strict diet right after you had your baby is not only a lot harder than you think, but it can also affect your baby’s health if you’re breastfeeding your newborn. The type of food you eat should be in accordance with your nutritionist’s recommendation. Before making any major dietary changes, consult with an expert. Depending on your level of activity as well as the number of infants you’re breastfeeding at the moment, they’ll tell you the number of calories you need on a daily basis and might suggest some new mom super-foods you should take in order to boost your energy levels and help you be the best mom you can be.

Keep your body hydrated

Pregnant or not, hydration is a key component in any healthy diet. It fuels your body, improves your concentration, and can be a helpful tool in preventing headaches. A transport material for nutrients and waste, water has an important role in maintaining our blood volume and improving our blood circulation. Different people require different amounts of water and drinking eight to ten glasses a day is usually enough for a majority of people. For moms who are breastfeeding, that number can go higher, since a lot of the liquid you ingest is used for the production of the breast milk. That is why it’s so important to not just increase your daily water intake, but also combine it with some other fluids that will help maintain an optimal level of hydration. Fruit and vegetable juices, milk, and soups are all good sources of fluids new mothers should take to make and maintain their milk supply.

Consider effective body treatments

If you’re someone who is relatively fit but simply can’t get rid of fat in certain areas, consider undergoing an effective body treatment to remove stubborn fat. Home to numerous experienced professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery and dermatology, cities such as Dubai are popular destinations for non-invasive procedures. In order to remove baby fat and feel refreshed and rejuvenated, many new moms go to clinics that offer coolsculpting in Dubai – safe and effective, coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that gently removes excess fat from targeted areas of the body that could not be fixed by a diet or exercise. As the name implies, coolsculpting is an exclusive treatment that involves freezing of targeted tissue in an aim to break down the fat cells and ensure easy removal of the fat by using advanced freezing technology. By undergoing this popular procedure, fat is successfully removed from the abdomen, love handles, and back, among other areas, ensuring natural-looking results and perfectly smooth, contoured body, thus restoring the body confidence of new mothers.

Get your body moving

One of the hardest and most time-consuming, yet effective ways to get rid of the belly fat is to keep your body moving. Light exercises or walking are a good place to start after you gave birth, with the type and intensity of workouts changing week after week. No two pregnancies are the same, and how soon you can get back to exercise depends on a number of factors, such as how fit you were before giving birth and how difficult the labor was. Abdominal bracing and pelvic floor exercises are some low-risk, postpartum exercises that new moms can try out without fear of causing any damage to their bodies. Some other low-impact physical activities that are suitable for new mothers are cycling, pilates, yoga, swimming, and light-weight training.

Losing postpartum weight can be hard, but it’s extremely important for your overall health, especially if you’re planning on getting pregnant again in the future. These tips will be of great help to any new mom out there looking to get back into shape quickly and effectively. Doing so will not only help you boost your confidence but will also ensure your little one has a happy, healthy mom.

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Durable silicone eliminates the annoying clicking and clanking noises associated with moving or setting down your Hydro Flask. The 7mm thick silicone will feel make you confident in setting your flask on rocks, concrete, or wherever your adventure takes you.

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Habits to Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship

Being a parent is probably one of the most difficult things one has to do in their lifetime. Despite what some might say, having a child means immense responsibility because the way you decide to treat your child can have huge consequences later on. Therefore, it’s important to constantly nurture your child and be a responsible parent. This is no easy task and a lot of parents end up taking advice that doesn’t actually work in reality. If you’re looking to strengthen the relationship with your little munchkin, there are certain habits that you have to embrace so without further ado, here are five habits that can help you build a stronger and closer relationship with your child:

Get to know your child(ren)

A lot of parents think they know their children, but often, that’s not the case, especially when they’re teenagers. Instead of enforcing strict rules, try to talk to your child and find out their fears, ideas, goals, and preferences. You don’t have to try hard, just show some basic interest, so they’ll feel naturally close to you. Many teenagers see their parents as enemies which causes more problems and trust issues. It’s natural for kids to keep secrets from their parents so don’t lash out if you find out something that they haven’t told you before. Instead, try talking to them like they’re your equal and try to build a relationship, so they’ll feel naturally inclined to tell you stuff. That way you’ll actually know what’s going on without having to snoop through their stuff or follow them around while they’re hanging out with their friends.

Be strict, not tyrannical

Parents tend to confuse these two which ends up disrupting often fickle family dynamics. It’s healthy and necessary to create boundaries so your child will know what’s allowed and what’s not. But, simultaneously, it’s important to give them freedom, so they won’t feel constrained and controlled. Be considerate, yet try to introduce the rules that must be followed no matter what. Give your child tasks and chores that will be theirs only. Don’t be too controlling and harsh, but rather show them the importance of completing tasks and following said rules. If possible, try to discuss the rules with your children, so they’ll feel like they have a say in the matter. That way you’ll be able to have a close relationship with your kid and teach them the importance of negotiation.

Spend some time traveling together

When asked what they resent most about their childhood, a lot of now-adults simply say: “Wish my we traveled more often”.  The majority of parents tend to focus on buying the latest home appliances and gadgets instead of spending money on family trips, which is wrong. When your child grows up, they’ll hardly remember that cutting-edge dishwasher you used to have, but they’ll definitely remember fun road trips and excitedly flying to a new destination. The easiest way is to organize a road trip during the summer vacation. Many companies offer family off road caravans that are equipped with a wide range of options so you don’t need to be worried about cooking or even going to the toilet. Family vacations can be a great exercise in creating a bond between all family members and making impactful memories that will last for a long time.

Be there for your children

Being a good parent isn’t only about meeting their needs and giving them their own room with a TV and a gaming console. Children need to know that they can always count on their parents. A good family is the one that cares for their children, so they can grow into well-balanced adults. You should always show your children that, with you, they’ll always have a shoulder to cry on and a place to stay, no matter their age. Of course, you should also prepare them for life battles, so they’ll be resourceful and self-sufficient, but at the same time, they should be aware that they’ll always be welcome to reach out and ask for help.

Having high expectations and being quick-tempered are sure ways to push your kid away. Be patient, compassionate when it’s necessary yet learn to stand your ground and have a no-nonsense attitude when you must. Your child needs to know that you’re their anchor, but also not someone to be played with. Aim to create a long-lasting fulfilling relationship instead of buying their love with gifts and there-are-no-boundaries approach. Learn to accept your child and love them the way they are, as that is the biggest act of kindness that they can get from you as a parent.

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Patterns

When you’re trying to look after your health, getting a proper night’s sleep is one of the most important things. Lack of sleep has been linked to so many different physical and mental health problems and if you’re regularly missing out on sleep, you’re putting your health at risk. The problem is, most of us are missing sleep because we’re trying to juggle a busy work life with our family life and it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. When it comes time to go to sleep, it can be difficult to relax and unwind and that leads to a lot of sleepless nights. If you’re finding it hard to sleep properly and it’s impacting your health, here are a few simple things that you can try. 


Invest In Your Bed 

Sometimes, you might be struggling to sleep because you’re not comfortable enough in your bed. A good mattress is a lot more important than people realize and if you haven’t replaced yours in a while, it could be causing your sleep problems. It’s also going to give you back problems because you’re not getting enough support at night. You should also invest in a good pillow so your neck is well supported too. If you spend a bit of money on a good quality bed, you’ll find it a lot easier to sleep properly. 

Put Your Phone Down Before Bed 

Most of us check our phones before bed but if you want to get a good night’s sleep, you should try to get out of the habit. When you’re using screens, particularly phones and laptops, before bed, the blue light on the screen can trick your brain into thinking that it’s still day time outside. That means you’re going to struggle to relax and get to sleep properly. Scrolling through your phone is also very stimulating for your brain so it isn’t good when you’re trying to switch off. It’s best to leave the phone and laptop for an hour or two before you try to go to sleep and you should find it makes a big difference. 

Melatonin Supplements 

Melatonin is a hormone produced by your body that promotes good sleep. If you’re struggling to sleep properly, using some melatonin supplements might help you a lot. You can get some great ones from companies like Hundred that combine melatonin with essential oils that also promote good sleep. Adding these supplements to your diet can really help to promote good sleep but you should always consult your doctor before you start taking any. 

Cut Back On Caffeine 

We all enjoy a cup of coffee to get us through the day but if you’re having trouble sleeping, you should consider cutting down. If you’re consuming a lot of caffeine, it can keep you awake at night. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have caffeine at all but you should try not to have too much and don’t drink any after 2pm. 

If you’re struggling to sleep, these simple changes might help you to relax more in the evenings but if you’re still having trouble, you should consider speaking with your doctor. 

Best Natural Remedies to Use during Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes is a virus, which means it has no “cure” that will prevent symptoms from popping up. However, there are ways you can find relief during a herpes simplex outbreak. With a mix of lifestyle changes and a few simple natural remedies, you can reduce inflammations, irritations and other symptoms. If you need more serious help, you should see a doctor, but these natural ways to tackle herpes can and should be your first line of defense.

Warm and cool compresses

According to some sources, applying heat compresses as soon as you feel a sore forming can be a great way to battle it. Additionally, if you already can see the sore, heat can minimize the pain and reduce the swelling. And making a dry warm compress is very easy. You can grab a clean sock, fill it halfway with rice and put it in a microwave for 45 to 50 seconds. Cold compresses can also help with swelling. Just grab an ice pack or wrap some ice in a clean cloth and apply to the affected area. Repeat every few hours until you achieve the desired results.

Diet changes

It’s well known that certain foods can boost your immune system and help your body through the herpes outbreak. So, in some cases, changing your diet can keep you safe and fight off the herpes virus. While some more research is necessary, there is (mostly anecdotal) evidence that diet changes affect the way your body handles herpes. For instance, filling your plate with veggies rich in antioxidants can keep your immune system strong and even minimize inflammations. Spinach, kale, tomatoes and cauliflower are full of antioxidants that bind free radicals and have plenty of lysine that can suppress herpes. Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, mackerel, flaxseed and chia seeds can also keep your immune system in top shape.

Home-made pastes and natural creams

A baking soda paste applied on the sore can also help. Just grab a wet q-tip, dip into some pure baking soda and there you have it. You can do the same with cornstarch and relieve itching and dry out the lesions. Garlic also has some antiviral properties that can help in herpes treatment, so you can crush a fresh clove, mix with some olive oil and apply to the sore. Apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water and applied to the affected area is also a 100% natural way to relieve herpes. You can also check out some over-the-counter creams. For instance, an effective cold sore cream from Australia has a powerful natural formula that provides fast results. Only 24 to 48 hours from the first application you can notice pain relief and your blisters drying up. If you want something that’s fast-acting, clinically tested yet also natural, products like this one should be your first choice.

Boost vitamin C intake

According to research, vitamin C is quite effective at speeding up the healing of herpes. It can also keep you safer during the time of outbreaks and prolong the time between them. So, make sure to add some color to your plate with bell peppers, strawberries and oranges. Mango and papaya are also rich in vitamin C.

Avoid acidic foods and sugars

You might want to avoid foods that are too acidic because they can break open your cold sores before they are fully healed and prolong your recovery. So replace all fruit juice, sodas and processed foods with water and fresh products. Also, human bodies convert added sugars into acids, so you might want to stay away from sugary things. Foods with high levels of arginine are best to be avoided because they can trigger herpes symptoms!

Ditch alcohol

When your body breaks down alcohol, it becomes very similar to sugars. And high sugar consumption is linked to more frequent herpes outbreaks. If you don’t want to ditch alcohol, make sure to keep your consumption moderate and choose drinks that are less acidic.

Eat probiotics

Some probiotics can not only strengthen your immune system but also help fight off herpes infections. Try eating more foods like yogurt or taking some natural supplements that contain strains of Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

Being prone to herpes is very unfortunate, but if you just follow these tips and try out these natural remedies, you might push through the herpes outbreak and come out victorious!

What is Escape Room Experience?

Claustrophobia is considered to be one of the most common fears and almost no one enjoys being locked in a small confined space. Nothing is a better motivator for teamwork than locking people in a room and letting them try to figure a way to get out. Escape rooms offer groups of coworkers, club members and friends a way to learn each person’s strengths and weaknesses in a fun and safe environment.

An escape room is a game which challenges participants both physically and intellectually. Your team will use various tools and elements in the room to plan and execute your escape. You will have a set amount of time to solve a series of puzzles and riddles that will lead you to a way out of the rooms. Some escape experiences are comprised of several rooms and some contain a single room. Your escape room is likely to have a theme such as a prison break or a classic mystery. There are cameras in the room and a staff member will watch you the whole time.

What Kind of Challenges Can We Expect?

You can expect the puzzles you will solve to be challenging and that escaping the room will take the full time that you are allotted. The object of the game is to unlock a box with a key in it that will get you out of the room. You will not be allowed to use smartphones during the game. While you are trying to escape, you should never try to force anything open.

When you first enter the room, you will probably see a bunch of random objects that may not seem immediately related to one another. Clues may be on paintings on the wall or inside of books on the shelves. There is also certain to be a red herring or two designed to throw you off. There will generally be a series of locks and doors to open before finding the final key that will release you from the room.

The clues you will look for may require you to use observational powers and intuition, where as other clues may require more quantifiable knowledge of math, science and literature. Putting the clues together will rely on your ability to solve problems as a team. It is a great way for a manager to assess the skills and abilities of each team member. If you have a larger group, you may want to break down into smaller teams to solve certain challenges. It is also a good idea not to overthink things when you are in the room.

Who Can Play?

Both children and adults can enjoy an escape room, but when you make your reservation, you will want to tell the person you talk to the ages of everyone in your party. If anyone in your party needs special accommodations, you will want to let the staff member you talk to know what those special needs are in advance.

Experiential learning is making a major comeback in both schools and corporations, and escape rooms are just one of such experiences from which you and your team can learn. Whether you are a group of five or 25, you are sure to have fun and learn a lot about one another in an escape room.

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4 Ways To Get The Entire Family Closer Together

One of the best gifts families can give to one another is spending quality time together. Not only does it provide a sense of belonging and security but it also strengthens family bonds while bringing everyone closer together. 

It is proven that children who are brought up in a home where families enjoy activities together have higher self-esteem. Did you know that strong family bonds encourage positive behavior in children as well as improves academic performance? It also strengthens parent-child communication and teaches kids how to be a good friend.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to cultivate and protect these family bonds. However, our daily lives tend to make building strong connections more challenging than it needs to be. 

It may require some effort to make this firm foundation a reality in your life but I promise you it will all be worth it. Below I have jotted down 4 ways you can use to get your entire family closer together while having some family fun.

Go On A Family Vacation

Visiting the beach as a family is a fun activity. The sound and power of the ocean is therapeutic in itself. The ocean waves have the ability to calm the mind. When the mind is calm, lots of bonding can happen. 

Road trips are also an ideal way to bring the family closer. If everyone is stuck in one car, they will be forced to communicate with each other. You’ll be surprised by how much you will learn about each other during the trip.

A family getaway can be extremely enjoyable if it is planned correctly. I suggest gathering everyone together and as a family decides where you would like to go. 

Having everyone involved in the decision-making process prevents unnecessary arguments. It will also make little ones feel as if their opinions matter just as much as the older kids and adults. 

Of course, you could also play everything by ear. Just jump into the car and see where the wind takes you. This works great if your family is adventurous and likes to go with the flow.

Help Those In Need

So this may not be seen as fun in your children’s eyes, however, volunteering as a family is still a great idea. It is not only a way to bond but it also makes us truly appreciate what we have.

Did you know that as humans, the more we give, the happier and more grateful we feel in our own lives? There’s truly no experience that is more powerful than giving your time and energy to make someone else’s life a little bit better.

Sharing these learning experiences helps strengthen family relationships. For instance, you could spend a day at our local food bank. 

One of the best memories I have with my family is when we spent a weekend to build a home for charity. These are all valuable experiences you can share throughout your life.

Volunteering can expose kids to lots of different people as well as increase their appreciation for various cultures. Children who volunteer with their families tend to be more empathetic and less self-centered. Overall, helping others together is almost always a positive experience for the entire family.

Have A Games Night

Old-fashioned board games can give your family bonding time a burst of fun and laughter. Games night can bring out the inner child of everyone. Even the most serious person will be able to let loose and just have fun.

There are plenty of board games available out there, you just have to find the right one. My family favorites are Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and Pictionary. We have created a game collection over the years. We tend to take turns picking out a game to play. 

If board games are not your cup of tea, there are other options too. They can be played on the Wii or Playstation. Don’t forget going outdoors to play basketball or soccer. This way exercise is included of family fun and offers everyone benefits.

Interact With Other Families

Nobody lives in a bubble. We all belong to a community in some way. Even those people who claim they do not enjoy socializing with other people are part of a group.

As a result, it is important that your family interact with other families. It doesn’t matter where you join them. Whether it be within your neighborhood, school system or church, the important thing is that you are spending time with other families as well as your own. 

Bonding with other families will not bring your own family closer together but will also help you see how your family members interact with others. This is also a great way to teach your children how to socialize with people who are different than them as every family has their own culture and values.

Tips for How to Dress as a New Mom

Becoming a new mom brings with it plenty of challenges, with one of those being an entire reconsideration of what to wear. We’ve put together a few favorite tips for how to dress as a new mom.

Broaden Your Horizons

Now might be the time to leave some of your tried and true apparel traditions behind, and try branching out a bit. A lot has changed recently in your life, and there is no reason not to give your wardrobe the same opportunities.

While a changing body might be necessitating a few outfit changes, look at it as a new opportunity to try some new styles out. You don’t have to stretch yourself really far outside of your comfort zone, but broadening your horizons is great at this time of your life.

Looser, flowy tops work great for this season in life and, luckily, are in style right now. Pick up a bra that helps with smoothening out your back, and try going with a belt to tie it all together.

Brighter colors are also great to introduce right now. You might not be overjoyed about your figure right now, but brighter colors takes the emphasis off your physique and onto your outfit.

Stay True To Your Core Style

While it’s a great time to broaden your style horizons, don’t sacrifice your core style in the process. Being a new mom brings plenty of insecurities along with it, and adding a few style crisis’ to the mix isn’t necessary.

For many, though, it can be hard to determine what is core to their style vs what isn’t. Spend some time determining what your style really is, as opposed to an outfit or fashion selection that happens more by default.

Do you really embrace jeans as a part of your core style, or do they just always end up being the default to wear with all of your tops? Just because you consistently wear an item doesn’t mean that it is core to your style.

Once decided, you can confidently stick to your core style while simultaneously branching out into other areas.

Accessorize For Success

If you aren’t feeling overly risky or adventurous with your newfound style opportunities, always remember that you can accessorize your current outfits over and over again.

Accessorizing is cheap, easy, and fun. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and pick up a bunch of new outfits. Instead, you can focus on little elements that add a new look and feel to existing outfits you’re already happy with.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, boots, scarfs, hats, sunglasses – these are all great opportunities to add color, flair, and style to a pre-existing fashion choice.

Don’t stop there. With technology being such an integral part of our lives, you can also accessorize your wearables, such as a smart watch. Even your phone can have a new, fresh, and fun case to spice it up.

Understated Can Win

At the end of the day, focusing on an understated fashion will always win at this stage of your life. No one is expecting you to make an appearance decked out to the nine’s, and you shouldn’t feel any pressure to over-complicate your style at this point in your life.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for it. If not, focusing how you dress on an understated look will always work. Let your new mom glow shine through and be the focus, rather the perfect pair of jeans.

Understated doesn’t have to be drab and boring either. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Becoming a new mom is a new and exciting time, and it can be the same for your style choices. With that being said, you don’t need to feel any pressure to venture out into new fashion waters. Focus on your core style, and then accessorize to add some new sparks of fun and creativity. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, its also a great time to try something new.