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Merry Fluffy Christmas ‪Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event! Sponsor Spotlight: Red Dog Studio #‎FluffyXmas‬


I am so excited to join in this year for the fifth annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event! The event is where bloggers come together and host giveaways for  Cloth Diapers. There will also be a Grand Prize Giveaway too!

If you are a cloth diaper fan then you don’t want to miss out on this event!


I am partnering with Red Dog Studio to bring you one awesome giveaway!  Ever since Shelby was born I have been buying adorable handmade cloth diapers from Red Dog Studio and I love them! I love the quality and the beautiful designs.

One of my favorite diapers I bought was the pink chevron pocket diaper with ruffles! Isn’t it adorable?!

reddog studios

When the new baby is born I plan to use the fitted diapers! I have switched my diapers over to using covers so I love the idea of having fitteds for the baby! I absolutely love how Red Dog Studio males the fitteds, and I love all the adorable prints.


Red Dog Studios is taking custom orders. You can pick from all the available fabrics! Keep a look out for new diapers!  If you see a diaper you like in the Portfolio be sure to message Red Dog Studio with your questions, Sara is great and extremely easy to work with!

Come back on December 1st for all the giveaways!!!!

Tasty Holiday Pies

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Tasty Holiday Pies

Baking during the Holidays is one of my favorite things to do! I have a handful of my absolute favorite candies and cookies to make, but this year I am going to add in pies!

Now that my daughter is really into baking and figuring out how to read recipes I figured that making pies with her would be fun and we can give them out as gifts!

I have a great selection of pies that you can make with your kiddos this Holiday Season!

Check out Holiday Pies

by Amanda Acuña at

You can create your own Foodie Collection as well.

Need other recipe ideas? also has some of the best recipes all in one place!

Our Week in Pics (Nov. 8th – 14th)

Last week went by so incredibly fast I didn’t realize how little pictures we took even though we were extremely busy!

Sam went on two different trips with her Girl Scout Troop. Monday they went to Knott’s Berry Farm and then on Friday went to Logan’s Candy and watched peppermint candy being made!

Sarah went with her Girl Scout Troop to the movies on Friday and saw Big Hero 6! I love that their troops have such fun activities with the girls!

I spent a lot of the days just organizing different sections in the house while the older girls were in school and then once they were home I was off running them to activities!

11.10 11.10b 11.11 11.11a 11.12a 11.14 11.14a

Coupon Codes for the Holiday Season

Coupon Codes for the Holiday Season

I am all about online shopping and finding great deals on things my kids (and Hubby) want! I have found some awesome coupons to some of my favorite stores that I wanted to share! – Save 20% on orders over $50 and get free shipping CODE: SLED

fansedge – Save $10 when you spend $35 on Monster High. CODE: #968895 or #968896

monsterhigh – Free Shipping on select gifts under $50 along with orders over $50 CODE: GIFTSHIP

Sephora – Free Shipping over $100 CODE: FREESHIP100, Free Scarf with any sweater purchase  CODE:COZY Plus, 20% off select fleece & $25 yoga pants!   Free Slippers with purchase of Pajamas CODE: SLIPPERS


Victoriassecreta – Mix & Match: Buy 3, Get 3 Free (Must add 6 items to cart), Hand Soaps 4 for $18! Price admust in your cart after you add the items.

shtcore_h14_b3g3_ss -Free Shipping on orders over $49 CODE: SHIP4FREE


Tips for New and Expecting Parents

Tips for New and Expecting Parents

Expecting or recently had a baby? I bet you are completely overwhelmed with all of the advice and tips you are getting right?

We are expecting baby number four in a couple of months and alrady the tips are flooding in. This is our first boy after three girls so a lot of the advice we are getting is about caring for a boy. Yes, I am totally freaking out because I have no idea what I am going to do with a baby boy but I am excited and so is my entire family!

But there is some simple tips that I highly recommend to any new or expecting parent.

Take the Help After the Baby is Born – yes I know we all think we are super mom, but seriously if someone is offering to come over to help make dinner, do your laundry or even dust the furniture say YES! I really wish I had some extra hands to help me with the million of chores I still had to do after my third baby’s birth. It would have been nice to have had a meal prepared for my older kids while I recovered. So, if you have friends and family offering to come help say yes and tell them the things you could use some help with.

Do Something You Really Like When Your Baby Is Sleeping-  I know everyone tells moms to sleep when the baby is sleeping but seriously who does that?  We have a million of things to do every day and when the baby finally sleeps it’s like you want to get everything done right then and there. But I say do something for yourself that you have been wanting to do! Like take a nice warm bath. I would sneak into the bath (and still do) when the baby was sleeping to read a book. Even if I only got twenty minutes to myself a new mom needs that time (Dad if you’re reading this take note).

Stock up on Baby Essentials –  The first few months of a baby’s life flies by in a blink of an eye and while you are creating a baby registry some new parents forget about a few must have items. Like the Closer to Nature Manuel  Breast Pump. This pump is discreet and easy to use. Also, we love the Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls and Feeding Spoons. The bowls and spoons are perfect for when you introduce solids to your baby.

tommee tippee

Enjoy Every Moment –  When I say those first few months fly by I mean it. Keep a camera handy to capture all of those special moments with your baby and older kids if you have them. Take photos of them reaching milestones and learning new things. Be sure to record their milestones in a baby book too! When your baby gets older he will love reading about what he did and seeing photos as he grew.



Do you have any tips you would like to share with new parents and parents to be? 

Our Week in Pics (Nov. 1st – 7th)

This week we spent at dance and Nutcracker Practice! Lots of playing!


Essential Oils: Morning Sickness


Morning Sickness….. One of the worst things about pregnancy. This pregnancy my morning sickness was so bad, I seriously thought I was going to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration at one point. I remember at one point crying because I was absolutely miserable. Yes, I was running to the bathroom every hour and barely could keep sips of water down.

I tried using a RX for zofran but all it was doing was making my constipated and have massive headaches. So I didn’t want to keep taking something that was obviously not working.

I turned to my friend Kari and asked her what Essential Oils I could try for Morning Sickness. Not only did she bring me over some oils but my other friend Natasha (both are Wellness Advocates) let me borrow her  Aroma Lite Diffuser which was amazing! Seriously huge thanks Natasha for letting me use it for so long!  I diffused Peppermint Oil on a daily basis and also would add a tiny bit of Peppermint Oil to the inside of my wrist so I could inhale it as needed. Not only was the Peppermint oil seemed to help with my nausea but also my headaches.


Oils to Try:

Ginger, Lavender, Peppermint Oils (separately)


  • Apply topically behind ears and over navel hourly
  • Diffuse into the air using a Diffuser
  • Inhale

Have you tried Essential Oils during your pregnancy? What did you find to help? 

Our Week in Pics (Oct 25th – 31st)

What a fun week!  We started our wee with one last boat ride before taking the boat off the lake!

The girls had lots of fun activities for Halloween. Samantha had her first dance! I took Sarah and Shelby to Sarah’s school for trunk or treat and ended the week with Halloween and Trick or Treating!

Pregnancy #4 – Week 23

Tomorrow I actually will be 24 weeks but it’s been a while since I last updated. Everything is great. Baby boy is moving around like crazy and already kicks are getting pretty strong! No more feeling sick and no more lower back pain!

I think at this point my total weight gain has been around 5 pounds.

23 weeks



Healthy Halloween Tips

Halloween without candy may be a horrifying concept for kids, but the nutrition stats on the hordes of candy being eaten can be just as terrifying for parents. However, there are simple solutions to help make Halloween a healthier holiday without taking away all the fun. To make sure that Halloween kicks off with a bang instead of a boo,Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD has put together some easy tips to help you “trick” and treat kids this Halloween.

  1. Eat a healthy dinner before trick or treating.  Include lean protein, vegetables and whole grains so kids aren’t tempted to unwrap the candy bar as soon as they get it.
  2. Hosting a party? Offer 100% juice in place of soda.  good2grow juice is 100%, organic juice made with only natural fruit sugar.  It comes with a convenient spill-proof cap and adorable kid-friendly sippers.
  3. Set limits. Left to their own devices, kids could easily eat most of their candy haul in one night.  Without taking the treat away altogether, kids should be given candy in moderation. Allow 2-3 treats, then put the sack of goodies away.

Partnering with the hottest names in entertainment, good2grow juices come equipped with cool character tops that make drinking healthily irresistible to kids. With the wide variety of choices, good2grow is the perfect complement to any costume, party theme or goody bag.


Our Week in Pics (Oct 18th – 24th)

A fun and extremely busy week! Sarah has a fundraiser for her lyrical dance class because they are going to competition in March! The girls also carved their pumpkins!

I hit 22 weeks pregnant too!

1a 2 10.24 IMG_7703 IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7721 IMG_7723 IMG_7744

DIY Photo Plaque with Wall Decals #ptghomedecor

*A product was provided.

I have worked with  Pear Tree Greetings before in the past and have loved every item I have ordered. I was excited to partner with them again ad to check out their adorable Wall Decals in Vintage Prints. The  wall art and wall decals are actually one of Pear Tree Greetings newest items! These beautiful designs are exclusive to Pear Tree and are a fun addition to any room.

Now I absolutely love the idea of Wall Decals. We have used them before but we rent (for now) and I really didn’t want to put the beautiful decals on the wall. So I decided to come up with something fun and different using the decals.

I went with the medium vintage prints. Each photo measures 5.25″ x 5.75″ and holds a square photo with a white border around it to give it a vintage Polaroid look. You can choose if you want your photos in color, black an white or other colors. This set comes with six photos.


The wall decals are printed on textured, polyester-based wall fabric with a removable and repositionable adhesive backing. Simply peel and stick to clean smooth walls. So while we probably would not have had any issues with these on our walls and taking them off when we moved I wanted to create a photo piece.

The wall decals are printed just like your preview!


So to make my photo board I had an extra piece of wood that measures 8″ x 38″. It actually had been painted white with vinyl letters on it but the letters had peeled off so I re-purposed the wood and repainted it a bright yellow. The paint is Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint and the wood only required one coat.

I positioned the photos so that they had spacing in between. To have it accurate make sure you measure!


I love how the decals look on the wood and I can easily change the photos on the plaque too!


I also have this exclusive offer of 50% off wall art and wall decals with the code: DECOR50 This is Pear Tree Greetings biggest offer of the season! (Min purchase of $25. Expires 10/31/14.)

We love to Make a Natural Difference! #NaturalDifference

*This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated by Smuckers to share information about Make a Natural Difference.

natural difference

We truly hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and joined in on the #NaturalDifference Campaign with Smuckers! Our family really enjoyed this campaign and had fun visiting parks and other landmarks in California this past summer.

The winner of our #NaturalDifference Giveaway was Tearsa D.

My husband and I ended our summer with a trip up the central coast of California! We wanted to do something fun for the last weekend of Summer and it just happened to be my birthday! While the Monterey Bay Aquarium in not a National Park, there are many National Parks along the Central Coast that we were able to check out.

Monterey Bay

We think it is incredibly important to teach our children the importance of keeping our home, land, and oceans clean while is what the Make a Natural Difference Campaign is all about! Even though the promotional giveaway is over we hope families will continue to make a natural difference this Fall and Winter!

You can still get out and take hikes or if you have snow head out and ski. Just remember to keep the parks clean and help by “leave no trace”


We had a wonderful time partnering with Smucker’s again and sharing about Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter’s partnership with the NPCA! To celebrate the partnership and encourage fans to get out and visit  National Parks,  Smucker’s hosted the Make a Natural Difference Photo Promotion where nature fans can submit a photo of their visit to a National Park for the chance to win a Sony DSLR camera, Shutterfly gift cards and more! We can’t wait to hear who all won!

Easy Ghost Juice Boxes for Halloween

Easy Ghost Juice Boxes for Halloween

If you are looking for something fun and extremely easy to do for your kids this Halloween how about decorating teir Juice Box to look like a Ghost? These Ghost Juice Boxes take only minutes to make and kids will love them!

What you need:

  • Juice Boxes
  • white paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • black marker


  1. Start with taking off all the straws that are attached to the juice boxes.
  2. Cut your white paper so it fits around your juice box. (one 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper cut in half was enough to wrap two juice boxes)
  3. Tape one side of the white paper onto the juice box
  4. Wrap the white paper around the juice box and tape it down.
  5. R-attach the straw with tape
  6. Using a black marker draw a Ghost Face on the outside of the box.


Like I said, extremely easy to make and the kids will love them!

Halloween Treats that are easy to make!

*This post is compensated through Foodie.

hallowen treats

This year we are letting Samantha throw a small Halloween Party before her school dance. She invited about tweleve or so little girls to come over, play, eat and then get ready for the dance!

What better way than to serve them some really fun Halloween Treats? I found tons of awesome (and easy) recipes and I can’t wait to recreate some of them! Check out all of them that I am sure your kids would love!

Check out Halloween Treats #TrickorTreat

by Amanda Acuña at

You can create your own Foodie Collection as well.

Need other recipe ideas? also has some of the best recipes all in one place!