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Our Week in Pics (week 88)


What a busy week! It started with a surprise that I was going to the USC vs Stanford game with hubby! We had a blast!

The rest of the week was playing, Dr. visits, Girl Scouts and Nutcracker.

Oh I also joined Origami Owl as a Designer! So I of course am having fun playing with all my new jewelry!

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Our Week in Pics (week 87)

11.8.13 (2)


The first week of November flew on by! We came down from Halloween just to start up with Thanksgiving! We had a ton of cleaning to do and I started my week off with Christmas shopping!


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Our week in Pics (week 86) (Oct. 26- Nov. 1st)

I can’t believe that we ended the week with a new month! November! One of my favorite months of the year!!!

The last week of October we spent celebrating Halloween! We had a lot of fun from Trunk or Treating at school, to our church and around our small town.  It was a lot of fun and the girls seemed to have had a blast.

The older girls also had Nutcracker rehearsal and Sarah had costume fittings. Lots of fun and kept ups extremely busy!


Our week in Pics: Week 85 (Oct. 19th – Oct. 25th)

This week was busy with Ballet, Nutcracker Rehearsal and costume fittings!

The school put on an awesome Trunk or Treat and we just had a great time with enjoying some nice 65 degree weather!

Thankful Turkey Popsicle Craft #PopsicleMom


Now that it is November I have decided to do fun crafts and other daily devotionals with my girls on being thankful, caring and helping other’s.

We started off with making these adorable Thankful Turkey Popsicle Crafts. They are super easy to make and a lot of fun!  Plus they make cute decorations for years to come.

To get started you need about seven Popsicle Sticks, various color markers and construction paper.

Thankful Turkey Popsicle Craft #PopsicleMom

Start off with coloring your Popsicle Sticks any color you want. All three of my girls did something different which makes this even more fun!

Then glue your sticks onto your cut out background (we used blue construction paper that I cute out into a fun shape). I let the older girls glue theirs how ever they wanted as well.

After you glue your Turkey down ask your kids what they are thankful for and write down their answer, or if your kids can write have them write it themselves.



Be sure to follow the Popsicle Party and create your own fun party at home!  You can see the entire Tour dates on Popsicle’s Facebook Page.

*A product was provided.

Our 2013 Fall Family Photos

I was beyond excited to work with Melissa Jones from Bubble Toes Photography on a photo session for the Fall! We had a wonderful time working with Melissa, even though Shelby refused to cooperate I was so excited to see all the cute photos she captured of our family.

I especially loved the ones of our feet with the & symbol in between my husband and I and the girls. Shelby made this part so much fun. What I really appreciate is how calm and patient Melissa was with us and Shelby, we had to work around Shelby to get some great photos.

These were our first family photos we have done and I am beyond thrilled with them!

Right now Melissa has some great Holiday Sessions available


Head on over to to learn more!

*We received a photo session in exchange for sharing about Bubble Toes photography.

Happy Halloween 2013


We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Samantha dressed up as an 80’s Party Rocker,  Shelby was Snow White and Sarah was a lady bug. I made Sarah’s tutu.

Our Week in Pics (week 84) Oct 12th – 18th

We started the week celebrating Hubby’s Birthday and the girls had Nutcracker rehearsal!

We also had friends in town so we were crazy busy!

Lots of playing and learning for Shelby and we also had fun at the  cousin M’s Birthday party


Girl Scout Kaper Chart


I was really excited to be asked to make the Kaper Chart for Sarah’s Brownie troop! I put a lot of thought into what should be on the chart.

The middle I made a large flower and each petal has a job title. I used velcro dots so that the Leaders could swap the names each meeting. The back of each of the girl’s names also has velcro.

The right side includes both the Girl Scout Promise and The Girl Scout Law. This is a great way for the girls to always have it on hand during meetings. We also put the girls buddies on the chart.

rightsideThe left side of the Chart has a little envelope with all the girls names on one. This will allow the Leaders to add little sticks inside the pockets to keep track of girls who do good deeds, wear their full uniforms, bring back green folders and girls will be able to earn incentives.

left side


Materials I Used:

  • Large Tri-Fold Presentation Board
  •  Colored Card Stock (for envelopes)
  • 12 x 12 Scrapbook Papers (flower petals)
  • Velcro
  • Scrapbook Embellishments
  • ModPodge
  • printer/white printer paper/colored ink
  • 2″ scallop whole punch (I purchased mine on amazon)

I found the flower/bee/butterfly graphic online. I ModPodged all the papers down except for the envelopes. I figured that the leaders could put new sheets up over the Buddy List of the troop changes. Also the envelopes could be taken off easily and replaced with new names if needed.

I spent a total of 60 dollars on all items. If you have these things laying around then the only thing you would need to purchase is the presentation board which I found at Target for $9.99.

Our Week in Pics (week 83 – Oct. 5th – Oct. 11th)

We started this week off heading to Disneyland and having a blast. The rest of the week flew by way too fast.

Sam braided Shelby’s hair and it was way too cute!


Wordless Wednesday: Mickey Mouse


On Saturday we headed out to Disneyland. We decided to go walk through Mickey Mouse’s House not knowing we were going to walk right in and meet Mickey too!

Shelby ran right up to Mickey and hugged him.


We also saw Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.


And at the Media event the girls got a kick out of Maleficent.


Our Week in Pics (week 82)

Just another busy week, we all were excited to start a new month!

Shelby has been saying a lot of new words:
go, eat, waves hello and goodbye and says “hi” and “bye”, Papa, Daddy, Mommy (unless she is mad then she says “MA”, Mantha (Samantha), no, yeah, pwese (please), tan-to (thank you),

Our week in pics (week 81)

Well this week started off with my 30th Birthday! YES I turned 30!!! We had a ton of fun with our friends and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world! I celebrated the day with some of my close girl friends and we had a blast.

Sarah went to her first USC Football game too!

The rest off the week I dealt with a sick baby. She wanted to be next to me, laying on me or touching me all…day…long… which means I got absolutely nothing done!


Our Week in Pics (week 80 – Sept. 14th-20th)

Another week that flew by because I was busy planning and baking and getting ready for my birthday! The BIG 3-0!!!

We did get out on the lake and jsut had a nice time all week.

The girls started Girl Scouts this week and they were both so excited for their first meetings!

I got a little early Birthday Present Surprise too!

Our Week in Pics (week 79 – Sept. 7th-13th)

The second week of September flew by in a blink of an eye. With school back in session and the girls at dance 3 days a week I realized I did not take very many photos of the kids this week.

Lots of playing and I was out running around all week.

We had a little Spa Party with our friends and it was a blast!