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Countdown 25 days of Christmas!!

Below is our Countdown to Christmas!

  1. Make a Gingerbread House 
  2. Visit Santa
  3. go swimming
  4. Watch a Family Movie (Timothy Green) 
  5. Put up Christmas Lights 
  6. Make Sugar Scrub Gifts 
  7. Make Salt Dough Ornaments 
  8. Get dressed in your pj’s and go for a drive to look at lights.  
  9. Make snowman glue tags 
  10. Walk the neighborhood and look at lights 
  11. Be goofy with sisters 
  12. Take Shelby’s 9 Month Sister Pics 
  13. Watch Samantha perform at school 
  14. Wrap Christmas Gifts 
  15. Watch Samantha perform in public (with school choir) 
  16. Celebrate Christmas in Texas 
  17. Make Paper Snowflakes
  18. Make pumpkin brownies 
  19. Make a button tree ornament.  
  20. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.  
  21. Pass out cookies to the neighbors
  22. sing Christmas carols all the way to California!!!
  23. Read the Christmas story from the Bible (Luke 2)
  24. Celebrate Christmas in California

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweetest girl

Seven years ago we anxiously waited to find out if we would be welcome another little girl or a boy. We had no idea the gender of the baby and when Sarah was born I was in love. I never thought that I could ever love another baby as much as I loved Sam and was overwhelmed with this new beauty.

Sarah was born at 4:11am on November 30th 2005.


This sweet little girl stole my heart… I can not believe my baby is seven years old! Where have the years gone?

This past weekend we had Sarah’s Birthday Party. It started a Mermaid theme because anyone who knows Sarah knows how much she loves Ariel but then since the bounce house was princess we decided to make it a Royal Celebration with ALL of the princesses including the new Princess Sofia!

Sarah’s Princess Ombre Cake

I researched making her an Ombre cake for weeks. I was nervous about making the cake but in the end I was pretty pleased with how it came out!

Now we used four different colors instead of the colors being dark on bottom to lightest Sarah wanted them to be all colors! After you make your batter, divide it evenly. I  did four layers in a 9 inch cake  pan.

Always add a tiny bit of food coloring, you can add more if you need to!
I baked each layer separately, and let them completely cool before wrapping them and cooling them more in the fridge for a few hours.
I wanted to make the cake filling something fruity and since Sarah LOVES Strawberries I found the yummiest recipe.

Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse Pie

  • 1 block cream cheese (8 ounces) at room temperature
  • 1 box strawberry jello, divided
  • 2/3 cup plus 2 TBSP sugar, divided
  • 5 LARGE strawberries
  • 4 – 8 ounces Cool Whip, depending on taste and consistency you like

Start by slicing 5 strawberries in a bowl and sprinkle 2 TBSP sugar and 1 tsp strawberry jello powder over top. Stir to coat. Set aside.
In a medium bowl, cream together cream cheese, 1 TBSP strawberry jello, 2/3 cup sugar. Beat until fluffy.
With a fork, mash the five strawberries that were macerating. Pour into cream cheese mixture. Beat with mixer until well combined. Gently fold in Cool Whip.

The technique I did for the cake is called petal Cake I found on Pinterest. My tip was too small but it worked anyways. Next time I’ll use a bigger tip for the cake.
This cake was fun, and I can’t wait to make another one for Samantha’s birthday! It did take me all day to do this cake, so I recommend baking all the layers one day, then layering the cake the next day. Give it a few hours to sit in the fridge and then frost it.

Our Week in Pics (week 37)

When I think that Shelby is 38 weeks old is crazy. She is getting big.

This week we were crazy busy preparing for Sarah’s birthday party and of course Thanksgiving!

Shelby is saying Ma and Dada a lot. She also is saying hi and waving more.


And a video of Shelby

8 months

I can’t believe that Shelby is already eight months old! This month is nearly over and boy has she changed so much this past month.

She loves to talk and make all kinds of noises including blowing raspberries. She giggles and loves playing.

She stands up on everything and is fascinated with color and lights. When she hears music she instantly starts rocking back and forth to dance.

Shelby can still wear a lot of 3-6 month clothes but we have started wearing 8-12 months now as well.

This past week (Thanksgiving week) we introduced more foods. She loves using the pincher grasp and loves to self feed. She likes chunky foods over purees.

She says “ma” when she wants mommy, to nurse or when she is tired/upset. She also says “dada”

Bedtime is still a struggle. We try to get her to sleep around 9 pm but it’s hit or miss if she lets us put her in the crib around 11 pm or so. Sometimes she will stay in the crib and sleep until 2 am but more times than not she goes to bed with us…. I need to work on this one with her!

A few things we noticed:

  • Tooth 5 and 6 the first week.
  • Tooth 7 was noticed on Nov. 20th
  • She cries at strangers talking to her (and Unlce Mark)

Our Week in Pictures (week 36)

Shelby is officially halfway through 8 months! Crazy how fast time is flying by!!! We had fun this week with an OnDemand Viewing of Brave and lots of laughing at Shelby.

As Shelby learns new things she has become quite the entertainment. I even got a picture of her famous “Vampire Face” She has brought so much joy into our lives! The girls love to play with her and help her.

We also are busy with planning Sarah’s party and Thanksgiving this new week! whew! soooo much to do!

Our Week in Pictures (week 35) Happy 8 Months Shelby!

Last week came and went so fast I found myself not taking enough photos. boo! We celebrated Shelby turning 8 months old!! I still can not believe she is 8 months old already!

At Shelby’s 8 month apt she wighted 18.5 pounds and 27 inches long. Head circumference was 17 inches.

In one week she cut tooth five and six! yes 8 months old and has 6 teeth… and she likes to use them…. a lot…. on me!

Right now were in the midst of planning Sarah’s 7th Birthday, Thanksgiving AND coming home for Christmas! Needless to say we will be BUSY the next 6 weeks!

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween

Because you all need more Halloween Pics!

Our Week in Pics (week 34)

Today Shelby is 35 weeks old! She is 8 months old!!! Where the heck has the time gone??? Shelby had her 8 Mont appt. Shots, height and weight done. She is 18.5 pounds, 26.5 inches and head is 17.5″. All is right around 50% which is perfect. She loves to pull up and the past few days has “tried” to walk along furniture. I have a feeling she will be an early walker like Sarah was.

This past week was tons of fun.. I mean it was Halloween and all! The girls had fun going to different parties and of course Trick or Treating with friends and family! They had quite a few different costumes to wear this year and had fun dressing up! But when it came down to Trick or Treating I was happy Sarah wanted to be Ariel like she had originally planned. I had her dress custm made from a gal on Etsy. Her work is so much better than any costume you buy in the store AND I spent less on the dress than I would have buying the cheaper costume!

Samantha fell in love with this Mad Hatter costume, and so did I! She looked cute! Shelby was a mini ballerina. It didn’t get cold enough to put Sam’s old Pumpkin costume on her, but I did bring it just in case.

Here is Shelby clapping with Auntie Shannon. This is the first time she has clapped!

Our week in pics (week 33)

Lots of fun this week with the school’s Halloween Monster Mash, to a fall harvest party with my family. Red Ribbon Week at school and finally cool temperatures!


Shelby is learning new things every day! We went to the Dr. this week and she weighed in at 18.5lbs and was 26 inches long! Shelby has been pulling up like it’s no big deal on everything!!!

Here is a cute video of Shelby being Shelby this week:


What happens when one child is looking away in a photo? – Photoshop!

So last week my nephew wanted to get in a picture with Shelby. One reason I love digital cameras is the ability to take many pictures back to back… especially when kids look away.

But what happens when you have two photos, one child is looking and the other is looking away? Well photoshop them together of course!

I was able to take these two photos and turn them into one great photo!

One thing I have learned when taking photos of my girls is to not move the camera or adjust the lens for a few frames.. just in case.  You never know if you might need to swap out a face.



Wordless Wednesday: Girl Scout Halloween Party

Last week Sarah’s Girl Scout Troop had a Halloween Party and they invited Samantha’s Troop to join them! There was a Halloween costume contest and both girls won.

Sam won best costume, and she did look adorable. Sarah won cutest costume.. and she did look adorable as ariel in her custom made costume.

Sarah’s wig looks silly here, but it did look cute before she ripped it off her head

Our Week in Pics (week 32)

I love this time of the year, all the Holidays and parties! We went to a Halloween Party with the girl scouts. Sarah’s troop invited Samantha’s troop and we had a lot of fun! Both girls won in the costume contest. Samantha got best overall costume, and Sarah the cutest costume. I kinda knew Sam had it in the bag though. She looked awesome.

Shelby loves to play, dance, and talk. She finally has been saying “mama” again but crawls around saying “dada” all day long! She also is finally enjoying baby food!

Wordless Wednesday: just some fun

just some iPhone pics of us from the past week!

Wake Up Sissy!

Because sisters make the best play gyms!

That’s what Sarah gets for falling sleep on the floor with a baby sister who clearly is not sleepy!