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Coleman Great American Backyard Campout WInners!

Woohoo! We are so excited to finally be able to announce the winners of the Coleman Great American Backyard Campout *Win a Camping Trip & Supplies (valued at $2,495) Northern California*.

Winners were based on their essay entries.

Congrats winners and I can’t wait to see you next week!

Sleeping Beauty ( 3 weeks VS 14 weeks)

oh look her hair grew in a little on top lol!

Happy 3 Months Shelby!


No way can my baby already be THREE months old! The time is flying and I am enjoying every single moment of her. Every little coo, all those 1:30am feedings and the rocking her to sleep.

It has been three months of barely any sleep but three months of pure bliss. I am loving being a mom to three daughters. I am enjoying every day watching my kids interact with each other and love each other.

Shelby has a three month appointment and was 13 lbs 13 ozs and 24 inches long. Her head was 16 inches I believe.  She is doing great on her growth!

Your 3-month-old’s development

She may not get an actual diploma, but this month marks your baby’s official graduation from newborn to infant status. she’s still got a lot to learn (obviously!), but one thing she definitely realizes now is there’s more to life than eating, sleeping, and pooping! These days, she’s likely to stay awake for longer stretches during the day and (with any luck) stay asleep for longer stretches at night. She’s no doubt making you chuckle, and she’s probably giggling herself by now (bring on the raspberries!) as well as bringing her little paws together (clap hands!). Some babies may even begin to bear a bit of weight on their legs, but don’t worry if yours doesn’t — she’s just not ready and that’s just fine.

(Shelby is not giggling yet)

Our Week in Pictures (week 13)

This past week Samantha went to Tavern Bay on a Field Trip and Sarah went to Big Bear on a Field Trip. Sarah also had a report to do on a Desert Animal and she picked Kangaroo Rat.

Samantha also had Spring Recital for her beginning Hip Hop Class. It was so cute! Sarah only takes ballet and ballet is not in Spring Showcase. we have one more week of dance left. It will be very strange to go to a new dance studio in the fall.

This next week is the last week of school!

Daddy left early this morning for Texas!

Shelby is so much fun, she loves to sit and talk to you, smile and coo. She loves being held. She still can wear 0-3 month clothing.

Super excited for summer to begin!

Our week in pictures (week 12)

Tomorrow Shelby is THREE months old! THREE months already!!!!!

This past week we had her 3 month well baby visit and she is 13 pounds 13 ozs. She is 24 inches long and her head is 15 inches. She is growing perfectly!

This past week was lots of smiles from Shelby, and talking! She recognizes the faces of her family and welcomes each of us with her BIG tongue sticking out grin.

The girls are getting so excited for Summer break! We had a lot of fun with daddy this week.

Next week Samantha has her Spring Dance Recital, Grandma’s retirment party and Daddy leaving for Texas!

Our week in pictures (week 11)

Another week has come and gone. Shelby is now 12 weeks old and a week away from three months old! Next week Shelby has her 2 month appt. (although she will really be days away from 3 months). I can’t wait to see how big she is!

This past week was crazy busy at school! We had a lot of really fun things happening at school, from assembly to the walk-a-thon, open house and muffins with mom.

This coming week the kids are in school only two and  a half days.

Samantha has been working on her Spring Showcase Dance and is so excited for that on the 9th and 10th.

Dad is home for the next few weeks and then he is off to Texas to work and about five weeks after that the girls and I will be joining him!


Our Week in Pictures (week 10)

Today Shelby is 11 weeks old! This week has been fun with her too. She has this adorable personality and loves to smile at you. When she gets upset and is hungry she makes noise (obviously) but then the first minute of nursing she “yells” at me. She makes all kinds of noises and continues to talk until she finally gives in to eating.

She has been taking the binkie and self soothing. I can tell the “I’m tired” cry now and can lay her down and let her soothe herself to sleep.

She loves to sit and stare at things. It cracks me up because she will start talking to her different mobiles. She is fascinated with my cell phone now and loves to stare it while I am on it.

Shelby loves to talk. She sits in her swing, or the play pen and talks away. When someone talks to her she sits and talks back.

The girls had a fun week of just playing with their friends. They even attended their first minor league baseball game with their grandma and papa.

Here is Shelby yesterday – May 18th 2012

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Our week in Pictures (week 9)

This past week was so much fun with the kids, especially Shelby. She just loves to coo and talk to you. She enjoys playing on the floor and watching her sisters dance around, sing and read her stories.

Samantha lost tooth #16 this past week and she did a really good job with state testing. Her teacher showed us her scratch paper and we were very excited to see her trying her best.

Sarah built a diorama for school and we did salt clay for Polar Bears and Penguins. It was a lot of fun.

Shelby has been sleeping better at night and actually taking a nice nap during the day. She is so much fun and has the cutest little personality. We all just adore her and I can not imagine my life without her (or her sisters).

This week Pat and I also started working with a realtor in Texas. In fact he will be leaving June 10th to Texas.


She is such a doll!

Baby at 2 Months:

In general, by the end of your baby’s second month, she will likely be able to do the following:

  • Smile when you touch or talk to her
  • React to loud sounds by startling, crying, or getting very quiet
  • No longer keep her hands in tight fists
  • Begin recognizing you and your partner as the parents
  • Be able to lift her chest off the floor using her forearms for support

Your 2-month-old baby learns by watching everyone, especially you, and how people interact with each other. She is attaching and bonding, while also learning that she is a separate person. Your personality and the different experiences she witnesses can help shape her relationships with others.

Happy 2 Months Shelby

Another month has gone by. This past month was amazing. Sure we still get no sleep but we started getting tons of smiles and cooing!

At 2 months old Shelby weights 12 pounds. She has completely outgrown all newborn clothes and the 0-3 months are starting to get tight but fit great in length. I think she may be a shorty like my short stuff Sarah.

Shelby adores Samantha, every time she sees her she instantly smiles and coos at her.  Sarah is so sweet and gentle with Shelby and Shelby feels very content near her becasue she always calms down near Sarah.

Here we go Month 3!!

Our Week in Pictures (8 weeks)

Week 8 and we celebrated Shelby turning TWO months old! Lots of smiles and coos from Shelby! Not a whole lot has changed this week with Shelby except that she has grown! Clothes are getting smaller, headbands don’t slip and she is just so darn cute!

The girls are enjoying the warm spring weather and playing outside.

I have had lots of days where Shelby just doesn’t want to sleep, or she will cry unless you are walking around with her. It gets for an exhausted mommy and a very messy house!

Disneyland was a Blast

We love taking a yearly trip to Disneyland in the Spring time. The weather is beautiful and usually the lines are not too bad. This year we had a new addition with us and even with Shelby we really enjoyed our two days at the Parks.

We used the SoCal Resident 2-Day 1-Park Per Day Ticket. Which are $99.00 dollars for SoCal residents, and for non residents it is $146.00 for kids ages 3-9 and $159.00 for 10 and up.

I loved that we were able to visit one park per day, but some people might find park hopper tickets better. Especially if you are done with DCA (Disney California Adventure) and want to head back over to Disneyland.

I definitely recommend using a park map and talk about what you guys want to do first. we have always found that going to each land/town and doing everything there before moving onto the next is best. Disneyland is so big and the lines can get long that to do everything you almost need two full days, especially with younger kids who need to go to bed by a certain time.

We are also so excited for the new releases coming next month!

The Happiest Place on Earth will get even happier June 15, 2012, with the grand opening of Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and the Carthay Circle Theatre at Disney California Adventure park. The exciting, new additions will complete the five-year expansion of Disneyland Resort, a premier, multi-day vacation destination in Southern California with two theme parks, three hotels and the Downtown Disney shopping and dining district.

With four new attractions opening at Disney California Adventure park, full day-to-night experiences at both parks, and the magical transformation of the Disneyland Hotel with new pools, themed suites and remodeled rooms, guests of all ages will enjoy more fun and adventure than ever before at the Disneyland Resort.

Check out some of our favorite pictures from our trip!


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*Media Passes were provided at no cost. All opinions are my own.

COME SEE ME!!! Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day Event

This Saturday May 5th Bath & Body Works around the country are holding the Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day Event.  And guess what?! I’ll be attending the Bath & Body Works Store at Tyler Mall in Riverside CA!

In fact if you come and attend the event and take the Fragrance Finder quiz to find the perfect fragrance for mom and themselves, and write the secret word  GINGHAM on your quiz and you will get  a free gift!

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Join Bath & Body Works as we shower moms with love and fabulous fragrances at our Mother’s Day Party on Saturday, May 5th from 1pm-5pm! Whether she’s a fragrance devotee, a candle connoisseur, or a germ-conscious mom, this event will help you find the ultimate gift to celebrate every mom on your list. Honor the one you love during this fun, fragrance filled event.

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At the event I will also share my Ten Minute Me-Time” Bath & Body Works Rituals. As you can imagine being a mom to three girls, and one being a newborn I barely will get 10 minutes to shower, but at least I can make those 10 minutes feel longer with my favorite bath & Body Works products.

My all time favorite Bath & Body Works scent is Cucumber Melon! But because we all like to try something new here are my top 5 product picks that I love using for my ten minute me-time!

To wake up, because lets face it being up all night with a newborn is exhausting and I need something to help get me awake.  I was using the shower gel was Paris Amour but recently switched to Wild Apple Daffodil.  I also found out that  shower gel is perfect to getting clean but you can use it with shaving as well!  I also like using the Wild Apple Daffodil Glowing Body Scrub, especially for the arms and elbows!
After showering (which I literally race through it I love using the Wild Apple Daffodil Body Lotion, I noticed I have dry elbows so the body lotion after the scrub makes them soft, and you smell great. A few squirts of the Wild Apple Daffodil Body Mist makes the clothes smell good.
Now, for the evening after a long day walking the True Blue Spa Super Rich Foot Cream used after the Effervescent Foot Soak helps my achy feet and calms me down.
I love the smell of the beach cabana candle as well.

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*A product was provided. I am a compensated Bath & Body Works Fragrance Ambassador.

Our Week in Pictures (7 weeks)

Today Shelby is 8 weeks old! Every day I have noticed something new with her. This week was also much harder with her, she hardly wanted to sleep during the day, and as soon as I would lay her down she would wake up right away. But at the same time she is trying to self soothe more.

She smiles and coos more. On Thursday (7weeks5days) I noticed that she has started to figure out she has hands and has been sucking more on her fists and trying to look at her hand.

Yesterday on Friday, she would try to focus on her hands and cross her eyes.

On Tuesday she was weighted at my last postpartum visit and was 12 pounds even. So in 2 months she has gained 3 pounds exactly!

My big girls are doing great and adjusting well. Sarah is back to her normal sweet self and Sam is a wonderful “biggest” sister. She has her own special way of soothing her baby sister and I love it!

I am in love with her smile, her smell and the way she touches my heart every second of the day.