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Our Week in Pics (week 67)

Lots of fun this week with swimming at the CC and lots of lake time!

Shelby loves being on the lake! She always falls alseep in the boat.

Sarah starts swim lessons on Monday! I bet she will fully be swimming on her own by the end of the week!

Our Week in Pics (week 66)

Wow our first week of summer just FLEW by!!! We had so much fun!

We started our week with the Tim McGraw concert!!! We had so much fun!!! It was great having a day with hubby alone and no kids (thanks to my MIL who watched all three of the girls until 1am!)

Samantha finished her Spring Showcase for Hip Hop and then we spent the rest of the week at the lake having a blast

One of the new words Shelby learned was “bye” she waves and says bye to everyone.

Shelby also says “ow” if she hits you she says “ow” if she bumps into something she says “ow”

A Tea Party Photo Shoot with Bubble Toes Photography

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to work with an awesome photographer here in Southern California. Melissa from Bubble Toes Photography had acute idea to do a Tea Party Photo Soot with the girls and we had so much fun!!!

I was beyond excited to see how outdoor photos would go with the girls. I loved all our photos from Shelby’s First Birthday and Smash Cake and couldn’t wait to get all the girls together!

As you can see the photos came out Adorable!  We did about an hour and  a half photo shoot with the three girls.

bubble toes

Melissa is a Photographer in the Inland Empire, servicing Lake Arrowhead, CA and surrounding communities. You can message her on Facebook to see if she will travel to you. And also to work out all details of what kind of shoot you would want. She has done photo shoots from newborn, first birthday, graduation and family.

She has all kinds of amazing props for kids/families and works both indoors and outdoors.

The Tea Party Shoot above with  Bubble Toes Photography is apart of the Milestone package.


It’s geared more towards growing children, but is also expanding into childhood “Events” as well. Each additional person is $15.00.

But if you book a session before August August 15th, 2013 you can get in on the *Spring Special* which is a smaller package than the Milestones but it’s such a great promo! Each additional person is $15.00.


You can see all of Bubble Toes Photography’s Current Packages. If you book a session let her know we sent you!

*We received a complimentary photography session. All opinions are my own.

Our Week in Pics (week 65)


I know I am late getting last week in but we have been busy enjoying our first week of Summer break!

The kids had a great last week of school and the rest of the time we spent on the lake with our friends. Sam also had Spring Showcase for hip hop!

Lake Arrowhead School of Dance – Spring Showcase 2013

Sam adores her hip hop class and you can tell she is becoming better at it. I know she is hoping to move up in classes. Next year both the girls want to take Lyrical.’


spring showcase 2013 (1)

spring showcase 2013 (2)


A video from dress rehearsal. Sam is on the right side, moves towards the back of the line and then back all the way to the right. (the tall one)

Our Week in Pictures (week 64)

What a fantastic week we had! We spent a lot of time out on the lake enjoying the lake, the sun and the company of our friends! I am looking forward to spending all summer at the lake!

I have been meeting with friends and walking. I haven’t been able to run in a few weeks due to loosing my voice but I plan to start running again this week! My weight loss has been slow but steady and I am happy to fit into 3 sizes smaller than  wore last summer!

The first week of June we have school and then Spring Showcase for Samantha and SUMMER!!!!!!


Our week in pics (week 63)

Another fun filled week! We didn’t have nearly as much to do (yay) and we finally put the boat on the lake! We had a great relaxing day at the lake!

The weekend we didn’t have any softball games but Sam was off with her girl scout troop!

This coming week we have a few softball games and more time on the lake. We are enjoying the beautiful weather!

Our week in pictures (week 62)

This past week we celebrated Mother’s Day and then had a sick teething baby all week so we just tried to stay low, although we still ran around like chickens with our heads cut off!!!!

Sam had three softball games, she lost two and won one but they had to forfeit because they only had 7 players.. yes even with 7 players they still won (technically).

Hip Hop and ballet are great, Spring Showcase and Nutcracker tryouts are coming up.. so after June 8th we will finally be ale to relax!!!


Our week in pics (week 61)

Last week we had a lot of fun and of course were busy bees! Shelby enjoys Samantha’s softball games and Sarah had a field trip with her Girl Scouts to the Fire Station! They had the chance to go into an ambulance too!

We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a visit from GG and a mini party! Lots of fun!!!

Daddy and I took Shelby on a lunch date to the Rain Forest Cafe which she loves!! She loves the animals and gets a kick out of the fish!

We have a few more weeks left of this extremely busy schedule and then it’s SUMMER!!!! Sarah is done with Girl Scouts for the year next week and Sam heads out for camping with her Girl Scout Troop!

Sam will also finish softball in two weeks, and they have about 5 games left. They have lost only 4 games! Go Wildcats!!!

Our week in pics (week 60)

anndddddd another week flown by! I don’t know what I was thinking planning things to do every single day!! I am barely home to even wash clothes these days!

Hubby and I finally had a date night and we had a great time! I never get to see enough of him!

We headed out to the late and the kids went swimming. It was so nice being outside just relaxing!


Our week in pics (week 59)

The week flew by so fast I didn’t even have time to take very many photos!

We had two softball games and two days of dance. The weekend Sam spent it with a friend so Sarah and I had a girls night!

I tried to do a cry it out with Shelby and it resulted in her falling asleep standing up… ughhhhhh

Our week in pictures (week 58)

Nothing to exciting this week, dance, dance, softball and more softball….

Shelby loves to explore and play with her sisters. A new thing is waving and she will say “bye”

Not a lot happened this week. it seemed to have flown by in the blink of an eye! We did get a new double jogging stroller and I can’t wait to test that baby out! (see to the right?)

Samantha had two softball games and her team won both games! (Go Wildcats!!)

I think this week we were all shook up from what happened in Boston and Texas. Two places we love and so many prayers from us to everyone in MA and TX.

Sam is enjoying her hip hop class and on Wednesdays before Ballet she likes to show her fellow ballet girls some moves! Totally cracks me up!! She is such a leader!


Our Week in Pictures (week 57)

We had a really busy week! Sam had her first softball game and she had so much fun! She really enjoys the game.  We had a little better weather but the baby has been sick so we also spent a lot of time inside.

We just tried to relax in between running around from activity to activity! Both girls troops went to Build a Bear and had fun!

Birthday Bash: DIY – First Birthday Banner – a must have!

I knew since Shelby was born I would have her a special birthday banner for her First Birthday! (I might even do it for her 2nd Birthday too).

Every month I would take a photo of Shelby and I would set her in a way that I would have room on the side to add text of her monthly milestones. In photoshop I created each image to be full size for printing purposes. I had each photo printed  as a 5 x 7.

I then had regular 8.5 x 11 card stock and measured so that there would be a 2 inch top above each photo. I then added hole punches so I could thread the ribbon through.

I used hot glue on just the edges of the photos. I wanted to make sure that the pictures wouldn’t fall off the cardstock.

It came out great, and it took me around half an hour to cut the cardstock, glue the photos, hole punch and thread the ribbon.


Ultimate Blog Party 2013 #UBP13

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I seriously can not believe I have been joining the lovely ladies from 5 Minutes For Mom since 2008’s Ultimate Blog Party! I met both Janice and Susan when they were still pregnant with their youngest! I can’t believe how fast time has flown!

Through the past five years I have met some AWESOME bloggers, some have become really good friends of mine (like Caryn, Shelby and Jennifer)

This past year we welcomed our third daughter Shelby into the world and with that I met a whole new group of bloggers.. lots of moms due in 2012/2013 and they are awesome!

For those of you who may not know me (yet), my name is Amanda and I have been blogging since 2004! My blog MommyMandy started though in 2006!  My blog has become an outward expression of myself and I really love blogging!

I married my high school sweetheart and this year we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!

We have three girls! Sam is 10, Sarah is 7 ad Shelby is now 13 months old!!

Leave me a link to your blog! I’d love to meet you too!