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Our Week in Pics: Weeks 119 – 124

july (1)

Week 119 (June 21st-27th)
Week 120 (June 28th-July 4th)
Week 121 (July 5th-11th)
Week 122 (July 12th-18th)
Week 123 (July 19th-25th)
Week 124 (July 26th-Aug. 1st)

An entire month! I have been really sick this past month with morning sickness but my older girls have been extremely busy!  Samantha went to Washington DC, the took Tennis Lessons, lots of swimming, went to a Dodger’s Baseball Game and had lots of fun! I don’t have a ton of photos as lots of their activities were with their grandma!

How are you Savoring Summer? #SavorSummer

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This summer has been full of lots of adventures for my kids! I am extremely lucky to have family that lives close by that love to get out doors and take the kids on fun adventures.

This summer Samantha wake boarded for the very first time and Sarah had her first Tennis Lessons! Shelby is over coming her fear of the water at the pool! It’s a blast watching my girls try new sports and learn about team sports.  While watching my kids try new things I see that they are learning about self motivation and even if they fall down or do something wrong they will learn how to get better.

summer sports

As a parent I love watching my children learn new things, overcome fears and make memories! We still have another month to go of Summer and my kids are already signed up for a Junior Lifeguard Training and lots more swimming this summer.

We are so excited for the final month of the  Dixie Ultra Savor Summer Sweepstakes, where all throughout the summer entrants have had the chances to win some pretty awesome prizes.

This month is about Outdoor Sports! Are you planning a fun family adventure? Show off your outdoor sports skills by uploading a photo and you could win a gift card to purchase sporting equipment for the entire family. Just enter between July 13th and August 9th for a chance to win.

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*A product was provided. This post is sponsored by Dixie.

Fitness Friday

Friday June 13th: Walked 3 miles. 4 miles total for the day.
Saturday June 14th: Almost 2 miles for the day.
Sunday June 15th: I didn’t wear my zip
Monday June 16th: 1 mile total for the day.
Tuesday June 17th: walked 3 miles. 4 miles total for the day.
Wednesday June 18th: I was at school helping with 5th grade. Only 2.5 miles total for the day.
Thursday June 18th: I didn’t wear my zip.


June 17th


June 13th

Our Week in Pics: Week 118 (June 14th – 20th)

Wow! Our last week of school. I swear this week would never come and boy was it bittersweet! Sam is now no longer in Elementary school. I was able to go and spend one of the days with Sam at her 5th grade carnival. Sam also received awards for National Physical Fitness and as part of conflict manager at her school We spend the afternoon at the lake. Friday was another extremely busy day with prepping Sam for her Washington D.C. trip with 5th grade and Sarah had dress rehearsal for Spring Showcase!


Our Week in Pics: Week 117 (June 7th – 13th)

I absolutely LOVED this week! We were completely busy but I loved every moment of it. The girls both had Nutcracker Auditions which they did great in. Sam and ballet 1/2 girls all decided to jump into the lake afterwards which was too funny! Sam had her friend come over and and we had fun at e pool.  Then that Sunday we spent at Softball tournament with Sam. Her team ended up come in 4th out of 5 teams overall but 3rd in tournament.  We had Open House at school and Sarah had her last Girl Scout meeting.  We ended the week with Donuts with Dad at school. Samantha’s very last one since she is moving up to Junior High now!

Fitness Friday

Friday June 6th: half a mile walking
Saturday June 7th: walked almost 3 miles while the girls were at Nutcracker Auditions. 5.10 miles total.
Sunday June 8th: We were at softball tournament all day. From 9 am to 6 pm. I was exhausted when I got home. 1 mile total for the day
Monday June 9th: Didn’t wear my zip
Tuesday June 10th: Didn’t wear my zip
Wednesday June 11th: walked/jogged 4 miles.  5.4 miles total.
Thursday June 12th: 1.37 miles total for the day.


June 7th


June 11th

Potty Training Tips with Pampers Easy Ups #PampersEasyUps *Giveaway closed* {Plus Twitter Party Info} #DDDivas #sponsored

pampers easy ups 1

I can’t believe that Shelby is over two years now and the past month we have been working on potty training. We have had her own potty since her 2nd birthday but she showed no interest in it until this past month. She loves her little potty and will use it all day long if she is not wearing any bottoms. I figured that now we need to get the potty training while using Pampers Easy Ups. I was trying to just use cotton undies but I think she was thinking they were her cloth diapers so the Easy Ups will be easier for us to use while we potty train.

We used Pampers Diapers the past two years along with our cloth diapers so I already like the brand. I was confident that the Easy Ups would work for us and helping Shelby feel like a big girl. We have not had any leak issues, or out of the norm. rashes with the Easy Ups and she LOVES that they have Dora on them!  Papers Easy Ups come in both pink for girls and blue for boys.

pampers easy up  (3)

pampers easy up  (2)

Shelby is my third daughter to potty training so over the years I have found a few tips and tricks that have helped with my kids. They might not work for everyone but they did for us.

The first thing we id was got Shelby (and each of our kids) their own little potty. After they mastered their little potty we had them use the big potty. For us I think my kids liked having a little potty to sit on, it wasn’t big and intimidating and no loud sounds.  Shelby usually runs to her potty when she needs to go and yells “potty” She is very excited and happy with herself after she goes and we all give her tons of praise and clapping. Toddlers love that encouragement.
pampers potty training  (2)

You can also have fun toys and books for encouragement. The Potty Time with Elmo is a great book that toddlers can push the buttons for sounds and learn about the potty.

pampers potty training  (6)

Don’t forget about when you are on the go! Toddlers learning to potty train need consistence. so be sure to stock your car with Easy Ups and even a portable potty. So many times we have been out and about and the convenience of having an on the go potty was great. Keep a package of Lysol wipes to keep it clean and extra baggies and you are good to go.

pampers potty training  (5)

We also have mini m&ms and while not everyone is ok with bribing we have used them for every time they go #2 in the potty they get one m&m. We never had to use the bribing with Sarah our middle child as she took to potty training in a matter of a few days. It really comes down to you, your family and the child.

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Our Week in Pics: Week 116 (May 31- June 6)

We had a fun yet extremely busy week! The weekend started with Samantha going off to Junior Jam. It’s a camp for our local Girl Scouts that are Juniors. They have an absolute blast camping. When we picked Samantha up we took all the kids out to Chuck E Cheeses for some fun and then the next day Samantha had her end of the year Strings Performance. It was really neat because they had just the 5th graders perform together.

We had some fun pool time with our friends the rest of the week!

Fitness Friday

I seriously want to say that this past weekend I did really really bad on food and so bad I actually was sick to my stomach on Monday!

  • Friday May 30th: Mostly walked 3 miles.
  • Saturday May 31st: Swam until 2pm and then went home and slept the rest of the day. Although if I had been wearing my fitbit I probably walked a good mile in a circle while waiting for Hubby to get home from the store.
  • Sunday June 1st: Spent all day driving to pick up the girls from Girl Scout Camp. Ended up with almost 2 miles though, even though we were in the car driving for nearly 5 hours.
  • Monday June 2nd: only ended up wit 1.5 miles total.
  • Tuesday June 3rd: 4.5 miles and it was great! 
  • Wednesday June 4th:  4.25 miles and 6 miles total for the day!
  • Thursday June 5th:  2 miles for the day
May 30

May 30

Jun 3rd

Jun 3rd


June 4th

I don’t even want to say my food up until Tuesday!!!
burgers, pizza, salad, steak, mashed potatoes, a few drinks, chips, chocolate.. everything I shouldn’t be eating!
Tuesday: tea with some creamer which equals about 100 calories or so, lunch I had a honey Dijon dressing salad with crumbed egg on spinach, snack was a ready pack fruit/cheese tray that was 150 calories. Quite filling snack too!
Wednesday: don’t remember
Thursday: don’t remember

Our Week in Pics (week 114 & 115)

The week before last I guess I took no photos of the kids except for a few! We have been spending a lot of time outside and enjoying the warmer weather!

Fitness Friday

Friday May 23: 1.45 miles total
Saturday May 24: 1.28 miles and that was from the grocery store.
Sunday May 25: 5.22 miles for the day with 4 miles jogging.
Monday May 26: 5.5 miles total for the day. 4 miles jogging.
Tuesday May 27: 4 miles jogging. 4.49 total for the day
Wednesday May 28: 3 miles jogging.  3.86 miles for the day.
Thursday May 29: I didn’t jog but I did swim for about an hour total. 


may 25


may 26


may 27


may 28

Friday – seriously can’t remember but I am sure I probably didn’t do so well on food.
Saturday – I totally had an off day and ate a burger and fries and queso and chips.
Sunday – hot dogs for dinner.
Monday – Did good, had hard boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch was a yummy salad. Dinner came and I just was not hungry. Plus I had a few drinks with friends. baddddd!!!!
Tuesday – bagel and cream cheese for breakfast.
Wednesday – I an’t remember my food
Thursday – I can’t remember my food


Tips to Increase Family Bonding

increase family bonding

Spending time together as a family has been something we have to work hard for. My husband is a chef and that leaves us to two days a week to spend some quality time together as a family. So when we are together I make sure to find fun ways for us to send together as a family and enjoy each other’s company.

Below are some of the things we love to do from Spring to Fall and the memories we make are ones I know I’ll never forget.

Play Games: This can be games from indoors to outdoors. Tossing the Frisbee or football is fun and there is always a lot of laughter going on.

family bonding  (4)

Camping: Even if it’s only for one night, find a campsite that is near you, or heck camp in your back yard! No electronics, just your family telling stories and having fun!

family bonding  (2)

Eat Together: One of the most important things I think we can do together as a family. Enjoy meals at the table together. We can talk about our day and plans for the coming days! These dinners can also include a game! Who doesn’t love dinner and games? My kids do. You can do anything from a board game, to drawing games, or guessing games. Our new favorite game is guessing the character of a cartoon.

family bonding  (1)

Get Outdoors: We love to go swimming, go on hikes and boat rides. Anything where we can get outside and make memories is good with me. Of course our Boat trips are probably some of my favorite times, the kids love the ride and then we always swim at the dock and beach.  We have a lot of fun parks where we live so the kids love to go to the park and play.

family bonding  (7)

Any time that you can find to spend with your family is important, the kids love even the smallest thing like watching a movie together.  KFC launched a fun way to spend more time together as a family too!



At KFC right now, you can get a free I Spy game when you buy a KFC 12 pc Meal or larger, complete with 2 large home-style sides 4 biscuits and 4 sauces. 

The I Spy posters give families one more way to engage with each other over dinner. KFC agrees: Game Night should be a weekly thing! 

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Fitness Friday

Well this week I did HORRIBLE!!!  I just wasn’t feeling good this week and the weather was yucky. No excuses I know.

Friday May 16th: .21 miles
Saturday May 17th: Did’t wear my fitbit so not sure what I did but I did not exercise
Sunday May 18th: We went to the lake did a quick mile before going.
Monday May 19th: sunburn and did not war my fitbit.
Tuesday May 20th: 4.87 miles. 3.5 miles jogging.
Wednesday May 21st: 4.7 miles total with 3.5 miles jogging.

Thursday May 22nd: .25 miles. bleh


day 20


day 21

Well I did try harder with food and eating less breads.

Fitness Gear for the Summer

We will be sharing our favorite Fitness Gear all summer long!


  1. BIC Bands – If you follow me on Instagram then you will see I post a lot of my workout pics. I am almost always wearing a headband, and they are BIC Bands. I love how they stay put, keep my stray hairs out of my face and they look cute!
  2. Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra– Is my absolute favorite sports bra especially for the ladies who are larger chested. If you want a sports bra that is adjustable, comfortable and wont give you a “bounce” when running, this is the one to get!
  3. Roxy Fitness Basic Black Leggings – These leggings are perfect for the cool summer mornings. A sweat-wicking tight excels at more than just flattering your figure—think: baselayer under snow/rain pant, yoga or running wear, comfy around-town chilling gear … the list goes on. A contoured waistband, gusseted detailing, and the fabric’s soft stretchability combine to deliver a move-with-you fit, while a zip-closed rear security pocket creates the perfect spot to stash your key or card.
  4. Roxy Race Ready Tank –  Perfect tank for exercise and for races. The tank has a skinny racer back offers you a full range of motion. Great for daily exercise, crossfit, running and weights. Or wear it out and about.
  5. Ellie Little Black Capri –  I wear the Little Black Capri a lot! They are a cute crop, they don’t chafe, they don’t roll down and they have a pocket to store your car key or gym key.
  6. Saucony Guide 6 Running Shoes – These are by far my favorite running shoes. I bought them for my birthday last year and keep buying new ones as I wear them out. They offer both support in the sole of your feet and your heels. For me I run on my toes and walk where my heel hits first. Great support.
  7. Sport Tote by Fitmark–  The perfect gym bag! Tons of storage and also comes with a separate shoe and laundry bag, yet it’s somehow small enough to not lose things. The pop of color will make you smile, while the separate compartments will keep you organized on the go.

I’ll be sharing full reviews of some of these products so be sure to check back!

*Some products was provided, while others i purchased myself. Even the ones originally provided I have since bought because I love them so much!

Our Week in Pics – Week 113 – May 10th-16th

We started our week with The Color Run which was an absolute blast!!! Sunday was Mother’s Day and I had a very nice brunch with my little family, the rest of the day I would rather forget it.

The week was great, book Fair at school and dance classes for the girls. Sarah is getting really excited for her Spring Showcase with Lyrical! I finally got back on the treadmill and am going to work at getting my 5K time in under 30 minutes.