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3 months VS 6 months

oh my how she has changed!

Happy New School Kids!

My girls started school on Monday at a brand new school in a new state! I was very nervous for them. I know how scary it can be going to a new school and sitting in a classroom full of kids you don’t know and have no friends yet.

I couldn’t wait for 2:45 to come so I could pick them up and see how their day went.

Well both girls made friends, love their new teacher and Sam was beyond excited to tell me about her music class and how she wants to try out for choir next week!

The have music class, art class and PE twice a week (I believe). I am looking forward to back to school night next week to learn more!

Our week in pictures (week 24)

This week was the last week of Summer Vacation! We were busy getting ready for school. They are so excited for school and making friends!

Shelby started making all kinds of new noises, rolling over on both sides (I think) and finally really giggling out loud! She is so much fun right now.

Shelby also cut her first tooth! She was so cranky for a few days and I had no idea why, then I noticed a little poke coming out of her gum!

oh how Shelby has grown

We have retired the Patriot footed jammies….

Shelby 2 days old…

Shelby 5 1/2 months….


This past week we a huge milestone for Shelby! She started cutting her first tooth.

Samantha also lost another tooth!

Our week in pictures (week 23)

Week 23 here and gone! We had so much fun this week. Swimming and spending lots of time with the family, aunts and uncles!

This week we also introduced solids to Shelby She had organic Oatmeal on the 11th, and then on the 15th we gave her broccoli/peas/spinach from Ella’s Baby organics.

of course we got some fun videos of Shelby too! She cracks us up. She makes us all laugh and just enjoy our days.

This week she has been a little cranky… and then on the night of the 15th I noticed a tooth slit! Yep.. Shelby is getting her 1st tooth!

8.15.12 – Shelby talking

8.15.12 – Shelby jumping

Shelby tried Oatmeal

Well we decided last Saturday (8.11.12) we would give Shelby some organic Earth’s Best Baby Oatmeal. I mixed it with breast milk and she loved it.  I knew that the first thing I wanted to give her would be organic, and the oatmeal would be something easy on her stomach.

2 ozs of breast milk and enough oatmeal to thicken it up she ate the entire bowl!

Here is Shelby ready to try some food!

Her first bite!

mmmm that was yummy!

products used were the explora® Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls and explora® Feeding Spoons from


Happy FIVE Months Shelby

Shelby turned five months old on the 3rd. I can’t believe that she is five months old. Time is flying by so fast. I want to freeze time. I want to keep her this size longer.

Every day I see how much she has grown, and how much she has changed (and so she should) I look back at her newborn photos and that already seems a lifetime ago.

Last night I wanted to cry, I saw just how fast my baby is growing…. I noticed the slit of her first tooth starting to make it’s way. It made me realize her clinginess and crankiness probably is due to that.

She is a pro nurser. Eats enough to get full then is ready to play again. She still is not much of a napper. She takes 3-4 small 30 minute naps through out the day.

Nighttime, she goes to sleep anywhere between 10-11 pm and sleeps until 2-3 am, then is up every 2 hours to nurse. Right now she gets up around 8:30 am for the day and is ready to play until 10 am ish, then she gets tired wants to eat and take a small nap.

She rolls onto her right side, she can not figure out how to roll to her left side yet, but she rolls and rolls and rolls.

She is trying to sit up, this is a cue that the swing and rocker napper will be put away very soon.

We still have a little over 2 more weeks in month 5… boy does time fly!

Baby Development: Month Five

  • He’s becoming better at tuning out distractions while playing with a toy
  • He can focus on playing and learning.
  • He has clear vision and good depth perception
  • He may get frustrated by what he can’t do yet

*Month four developments from

Below are just some of comparison pics showing just how much she has changed!


Our week in pictures (week 22)

This week was fun, lots of shopping, playing games and hanging out with family.  Shelby loves to suck on her toes. We constantly see her feet in her mouth now.

She also is giggling… just a little bit and very randomly. But it is so cute to watch her smile and giggle.

We have this week and next week left of Summer vacation! I am excited for the girls to start school but not looking forward to waking up early!

below are just a few pictures this week. We also had a really fun ice cream sundae with cousin C. The girls love spending time with him!

our week in pictures (week 21)

Here we are halfway through week 22, whew! We have been trying to stay busy and inside out of the heat! This past week has been in the 100s here in Austin!

Shelby has been finding she has a voice and has been using it to make all kinds of new noises.

She also rolls and rolls. I put her down in the middle of the floor and a minute later she has rolled clear across the room. She only knows how to roll on her right side. She still sleeps at strange times and no real schedule with her. We also gave Shelby a sippy cup with a tiny bit of water in it to see waht she did with it. Well you cna see in the picture what she thinks!

We are all anxious and ready for school to start! Next week we register the kids at their new school.


Wordless Wednesday: Goofy Girl



Shelby cracks us up with her little faces and big grins!

Our Week in Pictures (week 20)

wow…. baby Shelby is now 21 weeks old! in 2 days she turns 5 yes FIVE months old! Where has five months gone???? Shelby makes me smile all day long. She is such a sweet calm baby and loves her family.

This week I pretty much spent every single day except for one with my older sister. We have such a nice time getting together, trying to relax while the older kids run around!

I think all three of the bigger kids are getting bored and we are planning a fun trip to the local water park. Hopefully on the 12th we can go.

Shelby…. she loves to roll, talk and make noises. Oh this week she also started to suck her toes. “oh hi feet” is what we say to her when she plays with her feet/toes.

Our furniture arrived this past week so we have been so busy unpacking and getting organized. I think I*might* be getting used to the heat… and of course this week it’s in the 100’s! (eek)

Shelby still fits in some of her 0-3 month clothes, but she can also fit into 6-9 month clothes.

Our week in pics (week 19)

Shelby 4 months – cousin G is 3.5 weeks

another week has gone by! This week went fast and slow.. the days we were out and about went super fast but the days we just sat at home went soooooo slow!

I always look forward to Saturdays because it means the next two days hubby has off and we can all just hang out!

Lets see, this week we were introduced to scorpions in the house! It literally has scared the bejeezus out of me. We have had Terminix come out and spray and they will be back on Monday as well. They say that all the rain we got may have had something to do with them coming into the house, because apparently there were other houses this past week they had to spray for scorpions. either way GAG!

Shelby has started to do these fake laughs, but she kinda yells when she does it. it’s the cutest thing ever! She loves to talk and just kicks her legs.

The girls have been lucky to spend a good portion of the week hanging out with their cousin C and cooing at their baby cousin G. Baby G is I believe 8.5 lbs now so you can see how big Shelby is. I tried weighing her myself and got her around 14 lbs 10 ozs so she has definitely grown.

We SHOULD see the moving company this coming week…. oh I hope so!

Our Week in Pics (week 18)

Sorry to say this was one boring week for us. Yes, exciting to have moved but since we are waiting for the movers still we are bored. The drivers out here are CRAZY I feel like I am speeding to keep up and lets say I was very used to driving the truck around, it will take time to get used to my car again.

Tuesday Hubby was back to work so we are all anxious to get the next two days with him.

Shelby has been more vocal and just talks all day long. We are all still on California time so I find myself up at 1 am like it’s no big deal.

I guess it still feels like a “vacation” and we will be going home soon. I have wanted to text one of my closest friends back home so many times to come over and visit with me… but she is 1,300 miles away, and I miss her terribly.

The girls miss their friends. They play outside hoping to see other kids. The get excited to see their cousin but it has been hard for me because even though my nephew is closer to Sarah’s age Samantha loves to take the little kids away, so then Sarah becomes a butt, and it’s not fun for anyone!

I have been on edge all week, even Hubby says so, but it’s because I want my stuff and I want to settle in the house. I want to clean and organize and I can’t…. and it’s driving me nuts!

anyways…. here are the few pics I did get on my iphone this week.

Our week in pictures (week 17)

This past week we moved from Southern California to Texas. Friday was one long, stressful busy day! The house was completely packed up for weeks so the kids basically stayed outside playing all day.

We had tons of friends over all week to play, sleepover and have fun. The girls got to say by to all their friends. We celebrated the 4th with one of our closest family friends and had a wonderful time.

Shelby learned to roll over! Monday she did it once, Tuesday she did it twice. Wednesday she didn’t have the chance because I held her all day but on Thursday as soon as I put her on her back she instantly rolls onto her stomach and wont stop!

This week we also celebrated Shelby turning 4 months old!

My camera was accidentally packed away in the moving truck so these are all the photos I have from my cell phone