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Create a pretty spring flower arrangement using silk flowers from Silk Plants Direct

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silk plants direct a (2)

Spring is finally here and I really wanted to brighten up my home with some fun flowers. I love fresh flowers but they never last very long and I wanted something bright for my dining table.

Silk Flowers are a great option to go when creating a flower arrangement that you want to have around longer than a week. For Spring and Summer I wanted bright colors and fell in love with the Gerbera Daisy Sprays in orange, fuchsia, and turquoise.

The Silk Flowers come shipped neatly where they wont get smashed. They come with long stems so you can cut them however long you need them.

Silk Plants Direct, (4)

After I cut the flowers (you need a wire cutter to cut them) to the size I wanted I just placed the in my glass vase.

silk plants direct a (1) silk plants direct a (3)

Such a fun, bright bouquet for this time of the year! You can purchase these Silk Flowers from

He is One Month Old!

one month

Our sweet guy is already five weeks old and I can not believe how fast the time is flying. I knew that it would be fast, I knew the days would feel long but pass quickly.  He is the best reason to get no sleep and he absolutely loves to be held or worn in a carrier.

We are all just smitten by this sweet boy. He is usually pretty calm and cries when he is hungry or wants me to pick him up. He loves to nurse and his binkie.

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DSC_0096 DSC_0098

Michael’s Birth Story

These days are just flying so quickly and I want time to slow down. These first few weeks with a newborn are so special… and exhausting.

February really flew by. As soon as I hit 37 weeks I was excited and anxious to meet this baby boy but I was also sad to see the end of my pregnancy. I actually really enjoyed the last 9 weeks of pregnancy and loved to feel the little person moving inside. I had him all to myself and laughed when I could see him shifting his body from one side of my stomach to the next. I knew I would miss being pregnant. This is our last baby so I really did try to savor every moment.

39 weeks

I had my 39 week appointment with my midwife on Thursday Feb. 19th (39W2D). I had been having contractions all week long, some where I thought they would turn into labor but didn’t so she did try to check to see if I had any dilation but my cervix was too high to even reach. I figured I better prepare myself to go past my due date and possibly be pregnant into March like I did with Shelby.

The next day on Friday I sat and had a really great conversation with my friends Kari. It was nice to talk to her about my fears of going post date, child birth and overall my feelings. Patrick and I decided we would go to bed around 11 pm. Both of us were really tired from the long day and it really was the best decision because we were able to get a few hours of sleep. (We usually had been going to bed around 1 am)

on Saturday Feb. 21st I woke up at 2:20am with really bad heartburn so I got up out of bed to get a tums and to use the restroom. I then sat back down on the end of my bed. For some reason that night I decided to add an extra blanket on my side of the bed for extra protection. Sitting on my bed I felt wetness in my underwear and freaked thinking I was spotting again so I stood up and walked back to the bathroom and  felt a little more come out. I checked my underwear once I got to the bathroom. . It was clear liquid so what else do you do? Smell it. Sure enough that very distinct amniotic fluid smell.  Standing in the bathroom i had a little more gush onto the bathroom floor. I whispered to my husband  who jumped out of bed, and told him my water broke.

That was around 2:25 am. Hubby jumped out of bed and was in “Lets get the F out of here” mode. I was like nah, lets wait for the contractions to start. He called my midwife, tried calling our photographer, called his mom to come stay with the girls and I sat there texting my Doula sitting in my underwear.  He is ready in about 30 seconds and is like “uhh Amanda, you need to get ready! We need to get out of here!” So I throw on a bra and some sweatpants and I notice very light contractions that are exactly 2 minutes apart.  My mother in law shows up and we leave the house. It is around 2:55am at this point.

We head down the mountain. By the time we get to Running Springs to head down 330 I was over sitting in the car. Good thing my van’s seats have arm rests as I tried sitting and just clutching onto them!

We arrived at the Birth Center around 3:25 am. My midwife checked me right when I got into the birthing room and was already 6cm. Hubby and I went to the restroom and I had a few contractions in the restroom but I just wasn’t very comfortable so we went and I sat on the birthing ball for a little bit. It felt like eternity but probably only 5 or so minutes.

I was asked if I wanted the birth pool, and all I could think about is I wont have any time to actually be in it…( dumb move on my part. Maybe if I had gotten n the water it would have helped with the intensity)

My Doula arrived and at that point everything became so fuzzy. I felt like all I wanted to do was hide into my husband’s chest and drown out everything and everyone around me. My labor was progressing so incredibly fast I seriously had a really hard time relaxing and breathing through contractions. My midwife was trying to distract me with saying “tap your right foot” or “relax your left shoulder” and I was getting frustrated because in a contraction I couldn’t focus on which was right or left.

My Doula Kaleen did use a few Essential Oils to help with calming me and I just loved the smell. (I can’t remember which oils she used now though)


I ended up getting on the bed on all fours and it did help me.. I guess. I really just felt out of control and wanted to scream. I did let out a good wail at some point. From my midwife’s notes at 4:05 am I was 9cm but had a cervical lip. I remember her checking me and trying to push the cervical lip back hurt more than the contraction and lunging forward.  I do remember just rocking back and forth  or burying my face into my Husband’s lap. I did have the urge to push and it did feel better to just let my body do what it wanted.

My midwife had me change positions and try sitting on the portable loo to see if changing positions helped and it did because I felt the baby’s head come down. I remember feeling nothing but fear at that point.  I was helped back onto the bed. I really had said I didn’t want to be on my back for pushing but at the time I guess it was the best way? I needed directed pushing because I push hard and fast.  I remember my midwife yelling at me to focus and I guess that is what it took to bring me out of this space in my head where I was tuning everyone out.

I really am thankful for the urge to push because it helped and felt so much better to push than the contractions. Mikey had a big head and once his head was out it felt so much better. Watching his birth video is really cool because you can see him rotate his head and then he was  out.

He was placed right onto me and all I would think was “omg thank you! that is over!”


This was 17 minutes later. I seriously was just like “let me just lay here for a sec.”


We laid together like this for a while. It was great we did delayed cord clamping and it was nice to just be left alone with the baby. I can’t remember if anyone asked me if I wanted to sit up. I had the shakes really bad so the blankets felt nice on me. Mikey just laid on me sleeping.

Daddy with Mikey.


My awesome Doula Kaleen and I

my doula

newborn assessment

baby Mikey

IMAG0244 placenta

Happy 3rd Birthday Shelby!


I can not believe that my sweet little girl is THREE! We have had such a fun year watching her grow! Shelby weighs about 28 pounds and is 33 inches tall. She wears size 3t clothes and a size 7 shoe!


  • Food- mac and cheese
  • Drink- milk (she calls it wilk)
  • Tv Show: Doc. McStuffins and Sofia the First
  • Movie: Frozen

She knows most of her colors, loves to sing her ABCs, coloring, cutting paper (and her hair) and is potty trained!

We celebrated her birthday by going shopping and had a pizza party at my inlaws house.

3.3 3.3c 3.3d 3.3g 3.3h


Baby Mikey is here!

Our sweet baby boy made his appearance after 2.5 hours of labor on Saturday February 21st 2015! he was 9 pounds 9 ozs and 22 inches long!


mikey a mikey

Week in Pics (Feb. 21-27th)

Well this week started off with baby Mikey making his appearance! I was very lucky to have Hubby home for five days before he went back to work. The first few days we spent at various dr. appointments and doing some home re-decorating.

Lots of visitors too!

Samantha received an award for Principle’s Honor Roll where she has a 3.6GPA!

2.21 2.21a 2.21b 2.21c 2.21d 2.22 2.22a 2.22b 2.23 2.23a 2.24 2.24a 2.26 2.26a 2.26b 2.26i mikey a mikey

Week in Pics (Feb. 14th – 20th)

We had another really fun week. I hit 39 weeks pregnant, I seriously can’t believe how fast this month is flying by waiting for baby boy to get here!

I started having edema and would take lots of baths with Epsom salts and it really is helping the swelling.

My mother in law threw me a really fun baby shower and I had a wonderful time with my friends.

The girls had Girl Scouts and cookie booths!

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Week in Pics (Feb. 7th – 13th)

We had a fun week celebrating Valentine’s Day. Sam had a school dance and I was able to go help Sarah in her classroom for a Valentine’s Day Party. Also hit 38 weeks!!!

2.7 2.8 2.8a 2.8b 2.11 2.11a 2.12 (2) 2.12 2.13

Our Week in Pics (Jan. 31st – Feb. 6th)

We had a really fun week, midwife appointment and visiting with my niece and sister. The girls had their activities and cookie booths! Lots of fun!

Last days (weeks) of pregnancy – in between and anticipation


Here we are expecting moms who are in their last days or weeks of pregnancy. Basically life is standing still, so much anticipation of birth and adding a new life to a family. Your old like is that of the past and the excitement of a new life can be overwhelming too.

The wait can be almost as agonizing as how uncomfortable mamas to be feel. How am I feeling? I am a complete mix of emotions.

Exactly a year ago we experienced a miscarriage at 8 weeks. It was an extremely rough month for me with the constant Dr visits and ultrasounds. Here we sit exactly one year later waiting on the birth of our fourth baby and I am excited and scared.

After such a rough time last year and then finding out we were expecting again last June this really has been a whirlwind of a year.

We sit now and wait, anticipate when labor may start and excited to see what this baby will look like. To see his face and to hold and kiss him. My life is standing still for the time being. We are stuck in a place that is in between. No longer in that spot of what used to be, but not there in our new place in life.

For the time being I plan to read my birth affirmations and try my hardest to not complain about all the aches and pains. Because…. the baby will be here soon.

Getting Read for Baby: Setting up the CUB – Comfortable Upright Birth

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I seriously can’t believe that I am 37 weeks pregnant and baby boy will be here soon! With the fact that I am now considered “full term” meaning the dr’s won’t stop labor if I went into labor at this point I figured it was time to get everything ready for the impending labor!

As I have mentioned before we are planning to deliver the baby at the Birth Center and I really wanted to have options to get comfortable during labor and for delivery. One item I loved right away was the CUB- Comfortable Upright Birth.

The CUB is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for her and her baby during labor and birth.

CUB comfortable upright birth (4)

When the mother is in an upright position it can help the baby to be in the best (easiest) position for birth, making more space within her pelvis than if she is semi sitting or lying on her back on a bed. This can not only make labor shorter and giving birth easier but also safer for her and her baby by reducing the risks of complications during birth.


Everything you need comes right in the box!

Box includes:
1 x CUB support
1 x Inflation Pump
1 x Information booklet for parents
1 x Information booklet for healthcare professionals
1 x CUB animated film DVD

CUB comfortable upright birth (1)

The CUB is designed with many safety features. The CUB has a number of safety features designed to prevent a sudden collapse of the support. These include double thickness on the largest surfaces, separate inflation chambers and safety inflation / deflation valves built in.

CUB comfortable upright birth (3)

In these last few weeks of pregnancy I like to sit on the CUB. It is really comfortable and helps with the pelvic pressure of the baby and also helps my back pain. I think it’s great for expecting parents to set up their CUB ahead of time to try it out and be used to how it feels and ways to use it.

CUB support

Be sure to check back with how we used the CUB during Labor and Delivery! You can connect with CUB on Facebook.

Getting Ready for Baby: Packing the Birth Bags

Get Ready for Baby Packing Birth Bag

I seriously ca’t believe that today I am 36 weeks pregnant! Who knows when this little guy will pick his birthday so we have decided to go ahead and pack up our bags and have them ready to go, plus doing them now if I forget anything I can easily add to it!

I am trying to keep it very minimal of what I need for both myself and for the baby. I hate over-packing and want to take the things I actually used with my previous births.

So for baby boy I decided on packing the same yellow ducky fleece footie that all three of my girls have worn. I love this footie so much and it will keep him warm traveling up to our cold mountain.

Baby’s Bag:

  • 2 outfits – one sleeper, one fleece footie.
  • 1 hat
  • binkies – probably wont need them but bringing them just in case.
  • thick blanket (which is what we hope will become his “blankie”)
  • swaddle blankets – Can’t wait to try out the Ollie Swaddle.
  • diapers and wipes – We are using disposable diapers for the meconium stage.
  • baby wash
  • baby comb


Mommy’s Bag:


  • headband for labor/delivery to keep my hair out of my face
  • extra hair bands
  • pair of socks
  • Sports Bra
  • chap-stick
  • shorts/skirt
  • flip flops instead of slippers ???


  • sweats for going home
  • Nursing bra
  • nursing shirt
  • 2 pairs old undies
  • pads
  • toiletries – hairbrush/tooth brush/tooth paste/deodorant
  • slippers ???
  • robe ???


  • JBL BluTooth Speaker
  • Pillow and boppy ???
  • Birth Binder

Must have items for Postpartun & Recovery

Must have items for Postpartun &  Recovery

With this baby being our fourth little one I have had a chance to compile a list of things every mom needs for Postpartum and Recovery. Some of these items you actually want right away and to pack in your hospital Bag!


  • Nursing tanks – If you will be breastfeeding make sure to pack a nursing tank. You will probably be nursing quite often and need easy access to your breasts. Nursing tanks make it a lot easier to stay covered up and only have your breasts exposed. I personally like the long tanks by GlamourMom.
  • Nursing Bra or Sports Bra– if you are nursing then a good bra is so important. I personally like mine from Bravado Designs.
  • One size larger underwear – You will want the extra room for your pad and also so no elastic is tight around your waist or thighs.  Might as well buy a package of the boy short style and then after your lochia is gone you can just toss them all.
  • Yoga Pants/Lounge wear– Comfortable clothes are going to be your friend

Feminine Care:

  • Overnight Kotex pads – When I went to purchase the pads for after baby is born I went with the long overnight ones. They are super absorbent and  with them being really long you don’t have to worry about leaks.
  • Peri Bottle – If you are having a Hospital Birth then you will be able to get one while there. using the peri bottle with warm water feels great on your sore and swollen bottom.
  • Witch Hazel Pads- Also known as Tucks.
  • Stool Softener– Trust me, you want to take these as soon as you can postpartum, they truly helped make that first bowel movement so much easier.


  • Nursing Pads – I made my own nursing pads with Shelby but I also really like the Nuk Washable Nursing Pads.
  • Nipple Cream – I like Motherlove because all ingredients are safe for ingestion, so it does not need to be washed off prior to breastfeeding baby.

Other Must Haves:

  • A large water bottle with straw– My older sister gave me this awesome water bottle that had the ounces on the outside that allowed you to insert a straw. They were given to her in the hospital after she had both of her babies and since she had two she gave me one.
  • Chapstick – My lips got so dry after I gave birth I needed to have chap stick around
  • Hair ties– a pony tail will be your best friend!

Our Week in Pics (Jan 24th to 30th)

This week was another busy week of activities and also the start of Girl Scout Cookie selling!!!! The girls were busy with dance, selling cookies and visiting with friends.  The girls were also excited to receive their box of goodies for our #DisneySide Party.


36 Weeks with Baby Boy!

36 weeks a

I still remember back in June when my morning sickness started up thinking how I couldn’t wait for January/February to get here. I was absolutely miserable and throwing up so much that my husband almost took me to the er a couple of times due to not keeping anything down for days at a time.  The first trimester was HARD!!! I cried a lot and I tried everything to help ease the discomfort of morning sickness.

The second trimester started in August and I went in for my NT Scan only to find out the baby was measuring much more ahead than we thought and we found out the baby’s gender. I cried the entire drive home. I was in complete shock and disbelief when the tech said “boy!” I regret not getting that potty shot to show off but I will tell you it was obvious with his penis and testicles right in between his little legs.

The following week my Sciatica started up and my legs felt like they were constantly cold. This pain lasted until I was nearly 25 weeks, so almost 10 weeks.

So when I hit 26 weeks (in November) I finally felt great! No more morning sickness and my sciatica pain went away.

Last week (35 weeks) I started up with the dreaded pregnancy insomnia. If I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (which I do) I then lay in bed for hours trying to fall back asleep. I also toss and turn alot because my right hip has been hurting.

Here I sit 36 weeks and I can’t believe this journey is almost over! I absolutely love feeling this little guy move around, yes even when he kicks the crap out of my ribs. I feel bad when he gets the hiccups and laugh watching my belly roll around as he switches from side to side.

I am going to miss being pregnant, we have decided this will be our last baby (4 is a good number right?) but I am so anxious and excited to meet this little guy! I can’t wait to see if he looks like his daddy!

Here is a comparison from last week and this week!

week comparison

And for fun here is my belly with babies 2 and 3 (I so wish I had some of when I was pregnant with Sam)