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Does Your Family Need a Dehumidifier?

Humidity can be our friend for a ton of reasons. Without it things would be far too dry. Our skin would start to crack, our eyes would get so dry it would be difficult to see, and our sinuses would be in a world of hurt. Yet, you don’t want too much humidity because that comes with its own set of problems.


When the humidity is excessive little pests like bacteria, dust mite, mold, and fungus thrive. Their growth rate increases fast and they love to make homes in your antiques, wooden furniture, carpets, and mattresses. Left unchecked, these visitors can wreak havoc on your home, which can lead to health problems.


There isn’t much we can do do stop the humidity outside but we can regulate the levels in our homes. If you live in an area of the world where the humidity is high then you might want to consider investing in a dehumidifier. With a wide variety of products on the market we are sure you can find what size you need, No matter how large or small your home is, there is a dehumidifier for you.

No More Mold And Mildew

When your home is damper than normal mold and mildew grow like crazy. If the growth gets out of control you are risking the health or you and your family. Your kids could start having breathing problems that include allergies and asthma. Other disorders than can be linked to prolonged exposure to mildew and mold including nervous system disorders and depression.


A good dehumidifier could get rid of mold and mildew quickly.

Get Rid of Condensation

Excessive humidity can cause condensation in your home and it increases every time you cook, heat up water for tea, start showers, and take baths. These are all activities that can all add to the humidity to your home. When the condensation hits your windows it might not seem like a big deal but when it starts to get into your wooden shelves or making your wallpaper peel then it becomes a serious problem.


While we believe in saving money on energy, adding an efficient dehumidifier can save you money in so many other ways.

Create Comfort

Let’s face it, a humid room is stuffy and difficult to relax in. You want your home to be comfortable for you and your family. When the rooms are damp then they are anything but enjoyable. Also, because the dampness hangs in the air it can affect everything in your home from you leather sofas to your rocking chair. Plus anything of value you have could be ruined like books or antiques.

Get Rid of the Odor

The must you smell in your house is due to the humidity. Once again this goes right back to the growth of mold and mildew. They are part of the fungi family, which are known to release gases that have a bad smell. Once the gases are in the air any fabric they come in contact with can start to smell musty. This includes your clothes and your furniture.


When you put a dehumidifier in your home the musty smell will magically disappear.

Diminish Dust Mites

I’ve talked a lot about mold and mildew, but one invader we haven’t covered yet is the dust mite. These gross little guys love to create a home in your carpets, mattresses, comforters, and other things that are made of fabric in your home. You can’t see them but they love to stick to your clothes as well. I’m gonna make your skin crawl a little bit more by telling your that their only source of food is human skin that flakes off of us.


Dust mites also amplify reproduction when homes are damp and humid, which is just one more reason a dehumidifier might be for a good decision for your family.

Protect Your Belongings

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, too much moisture in the air can be harmful to your home. Not only can your wallpaper peel, your books can be damaged, your wooden furniture can shrink, and your fabrics can turn musty and damp. While a dehumidifier might seem like an extra expense, in the long run, you will save yourself a myriad of repair and replacement costs.

Protect Your Family

The most important reason to consider adding a dehumidifier to your possessions is to keep your family healthy. While a dry room can hurt your sinuses, an overly humid atmosphere can breed bacteria and a myriad of other allergens that will keep your family wheezing.


As you’ve seen, since you’ve read this far, that a dehumidifier can add a great deal of benefits for you and your family. Your home is susceptible to all types of invaders like mold, mildew, dust mites, and bacteria. Do yourself and your family a favor and get the humidity out of your home and make those pests disappear.


Create a Family Room that Both Parents and Kids Can Enjoy

It’s happened. Your once sophisticated and chic living room area has somehow become a clutter-filled mess. You love your kids dearly, but it seems as if they’ve mistaken the room as a playground of sorts. Legos, dolls, toys, and food wrappers can be found everywhere, and you find yourself getting a bit stressed about it. Though your kids may have turned your home into Chuck e’ Cheese, there are some ways you can switch up the décor and space to make it conducive for everyone.

Kid-Friendly Walls

If you were to look at your living space right now, chances are you’d find evidence of your children’s activities on the walls. Handprints, writings, paint, dirt, food, just about everything finds its way on the walls. All the scrubbing in the world won’t get it all off if you don’t have the right paint. Washable paint is a better solution. It comes in varying colors to match your décor but is a lot easier to keep clean than traditional paint.

Another cool paint for walls is chalkboard paint. Giving the kids a small section in the room in which they can draw can often deter them from doing it on other walls in the home.

Kid-Friendly Furniture

The furniture takes a beating when you have kids. They use the couches and chairs as sort of a jungle gym or fort and before you know it the couch is all out of shape, stained, and ruined. Rather than going for expensive, chic furniture that is harder to maintain with kids, try looking for furniture that is durable and has materials that are easy to clean. Furniture stores like Boyles Furniture have an array of high-quality living room furniture that is designed to withstand the beating from children. Some of the best materials would include microfiber, vinyl, wool, and leather. They are durable and easy to clean.

Kid-Friendly Floors

Kids spend a lot of time on the floor playing with toys and having a good time. Everything from food and juice stains to dirt from their shoes and scratches or scrapes can be found on the floors causing them to look dingy or outdated. Like the furniture and the walls, you want to find flooring that can withstand the damage the kids might bring to it. The best option would be to choose something like wood, tile, or laminate flooring because it can easily be swept and mopped. However, for parents who want carpet, you might consider an area rug which can be picked up and cleaned, tile carpeting so that individual tiles can be removed and treated as needed or natural fiber carpets like those made with seagrass or jute like indoor/outdoor carpets.

Kid-Friendly Storage

Though it would be nice if the kids kept all their toys in their room, the truth is, they drag their toys all over the house. To try to keep some order in the family room, it’s a good idea to invest in storage that can be used by the kids. A small wooden toy box that doubles as an ottoman, bookshelves or cabinet units can be used for storing children’s books, games, and other toys. Bookshelves are ideal because you can place your stylish knickknacks on the top shelves away from the children while allowing them to have storage on the bottom.

Family-Friendly Accessories

Accessorizing is how you finish off the look of your new family room. Since you want to incorporate your personal style along with the kids’ style, it is ideal to mix and match the accessories in the room. Throw pillows, for instance, can be great accents on a couch but could also be great for piling up and watching a movie with the family. You can create artwork with the kids and frame it on the walls instead of getting expensive chic paintings for the space.

Hopefully these tips will help you to design the perfect room for you and your family to spend time together. Becoming a parent doesn’t mean that your house has to be converted into a giant playhouse for your kids. It also doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your own style and personal touch. All you have to do is think of creative ways to design practical, stylish, and functional spaces for your family to enjoy.


How can you help kids with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a disorder that makes it difficult for people to read. To be specific, it’s a special learning and reading disability in kids, which can make the learning of sight words extra difficult. A major reason why kids have difficulty decoding is that they often struggle with a more basic skill known as phonemic awareness-this is the ability to recognize individual sounds in words.

If you’re concerned that your child has dyslexia, here are some basic steps that you can take to make learning easier for them.


  1. Go into detail


Yes, Dyslexia and Mental Health in Children impacts learning, but it’s not a problem with intelligence; kids with dyslexia are equally smart as their peers. The only problem they have is mastering phonological awareness and phonemic awareness skills, which can be sharpened by a good teaching program that entails the use of audio, visual and visual/motor techniques of learning.


  1. Develop memory aids


A common disorder associated with dyslexia is the loss of memory of certain words. Several aids, strategies, and devices can be incorporated into a teaching program to help in remembering certain words.Mnemonics, in particular, are handy in remembering words. For instance, the instructor can create an easily remembered acronym for remembering a list.


  1. Incorporate visual elements


Using pictures to explain the information to the kids is a great teaching strategy. Dyslexic kids, will not be required to do any reading, which they have difficulty with, other than just looking pictures. By internalizing the picture, it makes it easy for the kid to remember a sight word if they connect it to a picture.


  1. Use different senses


Research indicates that kids perform optimally when they can engage all their sense. For instance, if you’re teaching them about material .i.e. sandpapers, you can cut out letters out of sandpaper and have them connect the word with a scratchy surface-this is activating the sense of touch to help the kid remember sight words associated with the texture or material.


  1. Provide writing and reading opportunities


In as much as they dyslexic kids are not good at writing and reading, you can guide your student’s drawing and read on paper, or even on the blackboard. When drawing or writing, place your hand on top of their hand. With time, gradually fade the level of assistance.


  1. Explore linguistic history


It’s a fact that some of the English words do not follow the rules of spelling. For instance, the word heir is spelled as air. By affording your students a chance to learn some of the unique words and how they are spelled, it increases word knowledge and can help students recognize sight words easily.


  1. Give “THINK TIME”


When answering a question, always provide ample time to the kids to allow internalization of the question. For instance, you can present the question and then pause or come back to the kid after a short while and repeat the question.


Alternatively, you can request answers from different kids to get a variation of the answer.


  1. Word games


Kids love playing and toying around with stuff. Why not leverage on this by providing them with “intelligence” games such as simple crosswords, logic puzzles, word puzzles and scrabble. These games are a sure way of improving their word retrieval for naming.


You’re your kid’s number one support. You are with them most of the time. Go beyond your comfort zone, show lots of love to your dyslexic kid and ensure they are fully supported. There is a long list of people who have struggled with dyslexia and gone on to have successful careers, and that includes actors, entrepreneurs and elected officials. However, they attribute their success to the practical and emotional support they had from their parent.

3 Super Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

Why throw away money on wasted energy when you could be spending that money on many other items? Keep the following three helpful tips in mind to help you save energy in your home.

Cut Wasteful Water Consumption

You can take multiple steps to save water, which add up in energy savings. Install a low-flow showerhead that uses a rate of less than 2.5 gallons per minute to save water. If you reduce your daily shower time by four minutes, you can save more than 3,500 gallons of water a year.


Be sure not to leave the water running while you brush your teeth, as this bad habit can waste more than a gallon of water every time you brush.

Conserve Electricity for Lighting and Water Heating

Replace your light bulbs with CFL bulbs to save up to 75 percent of the energy older, inefficient bulbs use. Unplug your phone and other devices when they are finished charging. Even after their batteries reach 100 percent charge, these devices can continue to draw power.


Additionally, you can use a power strip for your electronics. Power strips allow you to easily turn off many appliances you aren’t using at once and can help you stop unused devices from drawing power. One of the devices that uses the most energy in your home is your computer, which can cost you about 21 cents to run all day. Shutting down your computer when you aren’t using it could save you about $75 a year.


Enlist your children in energy saving efforts around the home by reminding them to turn off lights when they leave rooms. This action can help them feel like they are helping the environment by reducing wasted energy.


One of the easiest ways to save money is to simply turn down your water heater to 120 degrees. Making this adjustment will save about $12 to $30 for every 10 degrees by which you lower the temperature. If you wrap your pipes in insulation, they won’t lose heat and can raise your water temperature by 2 to 4 degrees, a simple move that can allow you to turn down your water heater temperature.

Keep Your HVAC System Working Properly

In the winter, you can turn down the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees and wear layers of clothing indoors. Additionally, make sure your HVAC system has well-sealed ducts so that you can prevent up to 20 percent of warm or cool air from escaping your home to the outside. You also need to regularly inspect your furnace filter and make sure it is clean. A dirty filter can cause your HVAC system to work harder.


Another option you can consider for saving on your heating costs is buying a programmable thermostat. One of these devices could help you save up to $150 a year on your home heating and cooling costs.


By following the above tips to reduce your energy usage and making small changes in your lifestyle habits, you can reduce your energy bills by hundreds of dollars each year and help minimize your impact on the environment.

Creative Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

Time to get serious about reducing your water usage. The same tips are recommended time and time again, and you’ve already done all the usual things like turning off the water when you brush your teeth or switching to a low-flow shower head. So what other unusual or creative ways can you save money on your water bill? Do you need a water bubbler in your home, or maybe try saving more water to reduce waste?


Collect Shower Water

A lot of water goes down the drain with every shower, no matter how quickly you get the job done. Why not save some for other uses? Keeping a jug or pan in the shower with you, and let it fill up as you shower. Now you have water that can be used to water the plants or just about anything else. If you use a clean container and take care not to get shampoo or soap in it, you could even use it for cooking.


Rainwater Inside

Most people are familiar with using a few rain barrels in the yard to harvest rainwater for gardening, but you know you can use that water for a few indoor uses as well to cut your consumption. Unless you want to get very diligent about straining, filtering and boiling, rainwater isn’t recommended for drinking though. It does work excellently for flushing the toilet though.


With a little plumbing know-how, you can also rig up your washing machine to draw water from a rain barrel instead of the indoor water supply. As long as it’s been filtered for debris, it is a great choice for clean clothes.


Salvage Grey Water

Water that drains out of your dishwasher and washing machine at the end of it’s cycle is referred to as “grey water”, as it is not clean but not as dirty as waste water that comes from a toilet flush. If you are using natural soaps or detergents in your machines, then the water can be used to water plants (particularly outdoor plants that also still get regular rain water), or to flush the toilets.


To reclaim your grey water, you will need to do a little plumbing work to adjust how the drains on your machines empty out. Either save to a cistern, or just drain into the yard. You may never have to water your lawn again.


You may have noticed that most of these tips lead to the toilet. The main reason for that is salvaged water isn’t usually clean enough for drinking, and this is the best way to use it. And since an average toilet flush uses between 3 and 5 gallons with every use, that will add up to a lot of savings if you can avoid using fresh water for that.


To use jugs of salvaged water for the toilet, you don’t need to do any plumbing changes or anything. Instead of flushing after use, you just pour your jug of water directly into the bowl. Gravity will do the rest.



4 Tips to Making Nutrisystem Work for You

When looking for diet plans, there are a lot of things to consider. There are many websites and companies that are promoting and selling diet plans. Some of them eventually turn out to be scams run by people as a method of making money. There are also some reliable sources of weight loss products and diet plans. One of these is Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem is a weight loss industry that has assisted people to reach their goals for a period of more than 40 years. There are a few things to consider when trying Nutrisystem and making it work for you.

  1. Pick a Plan

Nutrisystem has a wide range of plans that one can choose from so as to achieve their desired weight. The basic plan is the lowest priced a diet plan that includes a four-week meal plan and pre-packages popular foods for the client. The amazing thing about Nutrisystem is that the shipping of all its products is absolutely free. Nutrisystem core plan is the most popular diet plan since one can choose their own meals and one has access to expert counselors and dietitians.

The vegetarian plan is a diet plan specifically engineered for vegetarians who are also aspiring to lose weight. Nutrisystem has also created diet plans for people who have diabetes. The basic diabetes plan is a 4-week diet plan that is cheap, allows one to control their blood glucose and also lose weight while reducing the total cholesterol and A1C levels. The core diabetes package is most preferred since it gives one access to certified diabetes educators and expert counselors.  By reviewing the various diet plans they offer, one can decide on what plan and program they want to use.

  1. Cost

If you are working on a strict budget, it is good to consider the price of the plan and if you can afford it. Although it is not advisable to purchase the diet plan in smaller amounts, you can purchase for a couple of days that you can manage to pay without straining your finances. By doing this, you will save money and achieve your weight loss goal, while working on a strict budget.

  1. Health

Your personal health is important to consider while choosing a plan that will work for you. Consult a doctor on your health, if you have any allergies and conditions that you should keep in mind before using Nutrisystem diet plans. By doing so you will know the plan is perfect for you hence making Nutrisystem work effectively for you. It can also be a point of reference when advising others to use Nutrisystem and its products.

  1. Timeline

Under this, you need to consider the amount of time you are going to use the diet plan you have purchased. This will be in reference to how much weight you want to lose and how long you are willing to carry out the diet program that you have purchased.

What are the benefits of a Montessori Preschool Education for your child

In recent years there are have been many studies conducted to understand how young children learn best. While we know that all children learn differently, one of the most popular and successful methods of educating preschool aged children is through the Montessori Method. This method was developed in the early 1900s by Dr. Maria Montessori. It primarily involves activities that are led by the children as they work through life tasks in a fun and engaging way.


If you are trying to find a Preschool in Poway, CA then consider looking into the benefits of enrolling your child in Montessori education. This form of early childhood education centers around children choosing how they learn, which has been proven beneficial in many studies. Children are given a structured environment to explore and engage in. Teaching practices that are common in Montessori education include:


-Allowing children to choose activity stations where they can perform different hands-on activities that ultimately teach independent functioning skills.

-Letting children of different age groups interact

-Teachers providing a guiding hand through activities rather than providing direct and rigid instruction

-Utilizing many nature based exploration activities which encourage students to use all of their senses to explore the world around them.


As you can see, this method of educating young children is based highly on independent learning, which can be beneficial to some children, yet serve as a hindrance to others. Your child may benefit from this learning style if he or she:


-Is an independent learner and loves to explore new things

-Likes to engage with other children and make new friends

-Can thrive in an environment where many activities are going on at once

-Enjoys helping out with tasks around the house and wants to “do the things that Mom and Dad do.”


Many parents who have enrolled their children in Montessori education report that it has improved their child’s independent thinking skills, social interactions with other children and adults, appreciation for nature, and the ability to cope with situations of uncertainty.


For some children, however, this freedom can be overwhelming at first. They can, in a sense, get lost in the freedom of this learning practice. Your child may struggle with the Montessori learning environment at first if they exhibit these characteristics:


-Tend to shy away from interactions with other children and like to work on their own

-Like to be guided through new activities in fear of failure

– Thrive in quiet, structured environments


In the long run, though, it is these children that benefit most from being enrolled in Montessori education. While uncomfortable at first, they eventually learn to overcome shyness and social anxieties. A child that was once secluded can become social and independent once they get used to the Montessori way.


So, if you are looking to enroll your child in preschool look around town and stop in some Montessori schools. Many will let you stay and quietly observe a typical day in the classroom. What you’ll likely find is children actively engaged in real-world tasks that inspire creativity, social connection, and connection with nature.

4 Ways To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

photo credit: Kaleen F.

photo credit: Kaleen F.

Everyone knows about outdoor air pollution, smog, ozone, or haze in the air, especially during warm weather. But what about indoor air pollution? Believe it or not, the indoor air in our homes holds more pollutants and toxins than the outdoors. Here are several easy and inexpensive tips to clean the air at home.

Buy Some Plants

Many common indoor plants remove toxins from the air. For the most benefit, place at least one plant per 100 square feet of space. The best plants for air cleaning include the bamboo palm, Boston fern, and the Spider plant. English ivy and Peace lilies also clear out toxins, but be careful. Those plants are poisonous to dogs and cats. And if you own outdoor pets, bathe them often.

Take Off Your Shoes

Many pollutants enter your home on the bottom of shoes. Dirt, dust, pollen, and chemicals attach to the soles of your shoe. When you enter your home, you track those things in with you.  Invest in a good quality welcome mat for any doors leading outside so people wipe their feet. If you have a front or back porch, leave your shoes outside. If not, place shoes right inside the door. It’s a good idea to keep extra slippers or socks by the door to encourage shoe removal.

Be Aware of Fragrance

Those pleasant smelling air fresheners, laundry supplies, hairspray, and other scented items are very dangerous. They contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) not shown on the labels. Any product using the word fragrance has unlisted chemicals. Under the law, the composition of a fragrance is a trade secret, and therefore, companies do not divulge the ingredients. Some plug-in air fresheners use 20 different VOCs, including several regulated as toxic under FDA laws.

Find More Solutions

Opening the windows helps keep air circulating in your home and helps rid the air of toxins.  Vacuum, dust, and mop several times each week. Use microfiber cloths and mops because they capture more dust and do not need cleaning products. Just use a little water, or for heavy cleaning, use water with vinegar, lemon, or baking powder.

Also, plan on having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Dust and bacteria spores love hiding in carpet and furniture made with fabric. Get in the habit of changing your bedding weekly. No matter how meticulously you clean your home, dust mites and other allergens make their way into every home. Wash all your linens in hot water and dry on the highest heat setting.

If you or your family suffer from asthma or severe allergies, think about buying an air purifier. The small desktop purifiers are only effective in very small areas. Instead, purchase a portable air purifier, or if you can afford it, a whole house system. And always use a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Even the best air purifier does not remove gases. If you feel your home has radon, call a professional to check it out.

Help you and your family to breathe easier. Incorporate these tips into your everyday routine, and cut down on pollutants in your home.

The Health benefits Of Knitting

Knitting is no longer the domain of an army of elderly ladies. In fact, it has become a common and popular pastime for ladies of all ages and even a multitude of men.

Part of the reason for this is the ease in which you can start knitting. A couple of needles and some wool can be used to practice the basic stitches; anyone can master these in virtually no time. Then you will need to visit to get some more knitting wool and even some pattern ideas. The possibilities are virtually endless.

What may surprise you is that there is actually a range of health benefits associated with knitting:

Cognitive Function

To successfully knit you need to co-ordinate your hand movements with the knowledge of how the stitches go and the visualization of the final product. This requires you to use the frontal lobe, motor cortex and even the occipital. This helps to maintain the health of your mind and can slow down the advance of a variety of age related illnesses.


Knitting is usually done for a reason; this provides a sense of urgency and a sense of satisfaction when you complete it. It also allows you to take your mind away from any other worries or concerns you have; effectively reducing the amount of stress you are under.

Memory Improvement

As well as improving your cognitive abilities knitting can help your memory. Every time you knit you need to recall how to do it, especially if you are doing an unusual stitch. You will find that, at times you make mistakes and your memory will work hard to note these and develop new techniques in the future.

Constantly using your mind will improve its focus and abilities.

Strengthen Muscles

Any activity that uses your muscles can help to prevent them from aching and even strengthen their response. Knitting may not require sudden bursts of energy but the continuous movement of your upper limbs will help to improve movement, function and even strengthen the muscles; all good things as you age.

Building Relationships

It doesn’t matter what age you are it can be hard to make new friends or even find the time for others. However, knitting provides an opportunity to discuss techniques and ideas with other like-minded people.

It is advisable to find a local group to join, you can help each other learn and build your social circle at the same time; groups welcome people of all ages.

Digital Detox

No matter how good you get at knitting it requires concentration to avoid dropping stitches or not following the right pattern. This means you cannot be distracted by social networks or other digital technologies. While knitting you should switch off from these devices; allowing your mind time to detox from the digital world. You will not miss as much as you think you will!

Knitting offers a surprising range of health benefits; if you aren’t already doing it then maybe you should consider starting today!


Childhood Health Strategies for Handling Bullies

Two-thirds of recent school shootings in the United States were conducted by young people who had been bullied. These numbers show us that the effects of bullying are too life threatening to ignore. Every year, the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness of bullying prevention. There are a number of things that can be done by parents and school administrators to help those who are victims of bullying, as well as putting a stop those who might be bullying others.

Children naturally pick up behaviors from their parents. Those who are exposed to aggressive behavior or an overly strict home environment, may be prone to bullying. If you think your child may be bullying, it should be monitored over time by questioning the child, as well as continuously contacting the school to examine what is going on and to see if or when it stops.

While bullying often occurs in school bathrooms, on the playground, or in the hallways, it can also happen through cell phones and the internet. Some signs that your child might be a victim of bullying include lost or damaged personal belongings, changes in their eating habits, and avoidance of social settings and school.

Parents and school administrators should talk to students who are bullying or being bullied, separately. Having a discussion with them in the same room can be intimidating or embarrassing for the child who is being bullied.

To learn more about bullying and preventing bullying take the quiz below from Health IQ to test your knowledge.

Creating a Practical & Stylish Dining Area

Playing host to family and friends is tradition during the holiday season. Creating a practical and stylish dining area will set the tone every time you dine-in your own home. Guests will feel the vibe when sitting at your dining area, or if it’s only family, it can a host many family memories.


Exceptional dining sets, tables and chairs, bar stools and kitchen furniture will dramatically change the way you eat in your dining area. Guests will adore your space. The palette of vibrant and rich colour you can pick from will add to your family’s style. In majority of homeowners minds, the end of the year brings many refurnishing ideas for specific rooms in their homes. When refurbishing a dining room, it does end well, but it does start with a vision.


Visual to conception


Dining space with round tables and wooden chairs made with fine oak or mahogany brings a traditional, yet stylish look to any dining area. Whether its Scandinavian style, or not, it brings out the rooms character. The window treatments stitched in embroidery designs go well in any dining room too. Regardless of the colour, design, or pattern, any of it goes well against light or dark wood furniture.


Visualize entering your dining area with a nice mahogany sideboard with a sheer delighted feeling to sit at dining table while waiting to feast. Compared to the rest of the home, you want to express a nice welcome. Rest on the assurance that flawless decorating plans will come with an amazing dining room once you’ve furnished or decorated it with your style, your personality.


The dining table


If you have a growing family, buy an extended dining table. These are perfect for larger sized families. If you are single, or a couple, the small tables are ideal and less expensive. Dining room furniture are functional for dining spaces when having massive or small gatherings. Open the doors to the practicality of stylish dining. With walnut or oak finishes, it adds a refined look and in the form of a long-lasting, quality made product.


Informal or formal dining furniture


However, for an informal dining area, remember you can always minimize the area with less accessories. Allow it to act as a formal dining area when you need and the setting by arranging the dining table according to occasion. Either way, with fine wood furniture, everything looks nice on it.


It’s important when creating a style for a beautiful dining room. It takes intuition and creativity. For instance, when those family guests or friends who “pop in” unannounced, the extended and more than functional dining table is ideal for times like this. It can also help an awkward situation. In fact, the atmosphere will turn to mere enlightenment when you suddenly extend the table. It then becomes a great piece of furniture that is both functional and stylistic as well. Crafted with premium natural oak wood or other fine wood.


The dining furniture designed by talented and skillful designers attested to the strength of this dining furniture. Add fine glassware always charms guests when placed on nice furniture too. It all helps bring the room into a fine dining experience. Your table will engulf a particular feel to it. Topple the dining table with several items such as colorful doilies, napkin holders, candles, plates, and other dining features.


Dining furniture


A diverse group of dining accessories including plates, cups, wine glasses, and fine kitchenware are safely stored in nice oak sideboards when not in use. With walnut finish or other fine wood furniture are beautifully engineered and set in a dining room, the pieces become a work of art. It keeps the dining area stunning. It’ll also keep it neat and simple with sideboards as storage for your dining accessories.


The following are some ideas to put on your sideboard.


– Vase of flowers

– Attractive bowl

– Framed photos

– Wine rack


Consequently, showing a fresh take on a nice piece of dining furniture is simplicity. It’s the perfect keepsake spot for a well-appointed display.

Making memories last


At last, it’s a season which allows a festive dining room with furniture and decor which welcomes guests to an open room of memorable conversations. While celebrating the holiday season after you’ve created a practical and stylish dining area, you’ll feel happier going into the new year. Contact our representatives for delivery information. Start making more memories to blossom through another year and in a stunning, practical, and stylish dining area.

You Can’t Afford Not To Sleep

Whether you are a new mommy or well into your career of being a professional caretaker, there are some things you just can’t skimp on. Bubbles in your bath, vitamins to keep our skin healthy, and a great night of sleep. Let’s face it though, when you have a few kids, a husband, a job, and a house to run, sleep seems like something you should push aside.


This isn’t the healthiest option for you and the ramifications of this can leak into your life and health farther than you think. Let’s paint a picture. You have three children. One needs cupcakes for the bake sale and another needs help with their math homework. Your spouse is helping by making dinner and you are trying your best to finish that project before tonight’s deadline or you won’t get that sale. Oh, and your third child is in need of a clean diaper.


These types of days are not unfamiliar to the working mother, but I am here to tell you to make sure you are getting your sleep. If you are trying but pains in your hips, shoulders, back, or neck is stopping you then you aren’t the problem after all. This problem is most likely your mattress.


If that is the case then you should consider treating yourself to a new one. There are so many options available in a wide range of affordable prices. If you prefer firm mattresses check out this review from

When You Don’t Sleep

When you add up all the negative effects losing sleep has on your life, it is hard to deny how important sleep is to your overall health and well-being. What you might not be aware of is that this can also have implications on your wallet.

Less Alert

When you don’t get the slumber required to reboot your system you aren’t as alert the next day. This isn’t a great thing for a mother of three. We need to be on alert at all times, especially when our babies are toddlers who get into everything. This can be dangerous.


At work, this means mistakes, and errors do one thing; they cost us money.

Memory Loss

How are you going to remember that pitch for the meeting in the morning if you spent the entire night trying to finish your laundry? Sure, you practiced it but, just like cramming for a test, presentations don’t work that way. When you don’t remember what you meant to say in the meeting you won’t make a great impression with your clients. This is another way to lose money.


You may be a full time mommy, which is great. This is where we need our memory to work the most, at home. With all you have going on it could be easy to forget you promised those cupcakes for your daughter. This may not cost you money but it will cause you stress, which isn’t great for anyone.

Weight Gain

Not getting the sleep you need is a great way to put those love handles on, or add to the ones that are already there. After studying nearly 22,000 people older than 20, researchers found that those who didn’t sleep at least 5 hours were more likely to gain weight. People who got their full 8 hours did not.


Missing out on sleep can lead to a whole mess of illnesses. Diabetes is a possibility because of the weight you might gain, you can have a myriad of heart problems because you body doesn’t have the time it needs to repair itself when you sleep, and cancer is another risk according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

You Age

This is also because your body doesn’t have the time it needs to make repairs. When we don’t get our sleep, we break out with blemishes, wrinkle sooner, and get dark bags under our eyes. We all know how much cosmetic repairs cost, plus they aren’t natural like a night of healthy sleep.

Bad Attitude

If you aren’t sleeping well it won’t be long before your caring and sunny disposition will turn sour, or anyone’s for that matter. It’s hard to stay in a good mood when you are tired and sleep deprived. This is just a fact and we all know that this will affect every aspect of our life.

Great Sleep

When you get the sleep you need you body repairs itself so you are ready to take on the next day. Your brain starts sorting memories and relearning anything new from the day before. Any inflammation in your body is healed with rest and you wake up more alert and more creative. The benefits of sleeping are undeniable.

Natural Help

If you are having trouble sleeping there are natural ways to induce slumber. Start by shutting down all your devices at least a half-hour before you go to sleep. Your room should be dark and free of noise pollution. Make sure the temperature is perfect for you so you aren’t shivering or sweating.

Have a warm cup of milk or herbal tea or try meditation with lavender scented candles. Most of all stay on a routine, this works best with our circadian rhythms. Try these tips and before you know it you’ll be sleeping again.

Holiday Tips In Indianapolis

If you’re traveling to Indianapolis by car, you can find great value surrounding the city along the interstate highways. Book Americas Best Value Inn, south of downtown on I-65, for as little as $60 per night in the summer. This hotel offers a free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and free parking.

On I-70 northeast of the city center, several budget-friendly chains are available. Days Inn Indianapolis East and La Quinta Indianapolis East both offer a free breakfast and cost less than $70 per night, depending on the season.

The Best Indianapolis Attractions On A Budget

Highly rated by tourists, The Indianapolis Museum of Art offers free admission daily and limited free parking. Visit on the weekends between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to paint or craft a free souvenir at the Make & Take Star Studio.

If you’re traveling to Indianapolis with your family, you can’t miss the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The museum offers free admission on select holidays and on the first Thursday of every month from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Your children will love star-gazing at the planetarium, digging for dinosaur bones, and creating their very own glass sculptures.

During the summer months, the Indianapolis Zoo offers free parking and free shuttle service to the zoo from the Vermont Street parking garage in downtown. Make sure you take in the live dolphin show; it’s the only one of its kind in the Midwest.  After visiting the zoo, stop by the surrounding White River State Park to see the famous Gardens, Medal of Honor Memorial, and Victory Field.

With daily drink and appetizer specials, Scotty’s Brewhouse won’t leave you hungry. On Sundays and Tuesdays, kids can dine on free mini hamburgers or mac and cheese, while parents are sure to enjoy the local craft beers on tap.Where To Eat For Cheap In Indianapolis

An Indianapolis fixture for over 50 years, the Mug N’ Bun Drive-In features old-time service in your car at old-time prices. Most burgers cost less than $3, while kids meals are $4.

A favorite brunch spot among locals, the downtown City Cafe offers farm-fresh food at affordable prices. You can’t go wrong with the homemade biscuits and gravy served with sausage for just $4.25.

With these tips, there’s no reason to break the bank for an Indianapolis vacation. Just one last piece of advice to avoid high prices — avoid traveling during major sporting events like the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts home games or the Indianapolis 500, which usually happens in late May.  Not only that, another tip is to wear comfortably as you stroll and walk along the streets.  Check out the LYST website here for more choices of traveling bags, backpacks, clothing for all seasons, accessories and shoes!

Last and not least, Enjoy your Holidays!


Painting Made Easy with Oriental Trading

My younger kiddos (ok all of my kids) love to paint! Every day they ask if they can paint something so I figured we needed to create a fun ans easy painting area for the kids.

I of course visited my trusty Oriental Trading and fund everything I needed to set the kids up with a painting station!

Here are the products I bought for paint station:

Rectangular Paint Palettes
Crayola® Classic Colors Kid’s Washable Paints
Chubby Paintbrushes
Pacon® Finger Paint Paper

We use the dining table but I would totally recommend getting an art easel.

*A product was provided.

7 tips that help you keep your skin looking healthy and great

Looking young is one of the biggest fantasies for every man and woman in today’s world. We all want to look good but not at the expense of our health. While there are a lot of chemical treatments and procedures that you can partake in if you are looking to get that young look instantly, there is a simple way in which you can take your younger look in your own hands – with the help of healthy and glowing skin. Experts like the London Dermatology Centre advise that if you start taking care of your skin from an early age, you are more likely to retain younger vibrant looking skin.

But is getting that younger look with healthy skin very difficult to attain? You will be surprised to know that the smallest change in your lifestyle will help you to attain that youthful glow very easily. Here are a few changes you can incorporate in your daily schedule that will help you to keep your skin looking healthy and great.

1.       Eat a lot of antioxidant

Antioxidants are the best food supplement for healthy living. Things like berries and green tea will help you to have good metabolism and blood flow which in turn will help you to get good skin. Make sure to incorporate a lot of different antioxidant rich food in your diet.

2.       Drink plenty of water

It is very important to drink a lot of water throughout the day. When you are having a lot of water, you are technically getting rid of a lot of toxins and helping your skin glow.

3.       Eat less but eat often

Eat small portions of food throughout the day. This will help you to keep your metabolism up and thus give your skin a tight and smooth feel.

4.       Try and limit your sun exposure

Sun can have a very bad effect on your skin. From intense tanning to dark patches, sun rays can affect the texture of your skin. So try and avoid the sun and in case of exposure use sunscreen lotions.

5.       Eat organic products

Eating organic products will help you to get good skin. Try and avoid dairy in your meals.

6.       Surround yourself with greenery

Have green plants around your home so give your skin a lot of fresh oxygen.

7.       Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C!

Introduce a lot of Vitamin C in your meals on a daily basis.


These few things are bound to make you look young for a very long time thanks to your good skin. Most of us face some skin problems once in a while, so if you do feel that you are having irritable skin problems try and stay off makeup for a few days and you will notice a difference. It is always good to consult a dermatologist if you are unsure about how to treat skin problems. Each person is blessed with different skin types but the above points will help you to maintain good skin, irrespective of the skin type.