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Look Radiant in a Plus Size Bridal Gown

Shopping for a wedding dress is a challenge for any bride because it will be used in her most memorable day, so she wants it to be perfect. This task has proven to be more difficult for plus size ladies who are looking for plus size bridal gowns. Our suggestion for the plus size bride is to be patient when looking for the right wedding dress. Because many bridal shops do not offer sample plus size dresses, you do not have the opportunity to see various styles of dresses in your size.

One other challenge facing plus size brides is to look for a style of a wedding dress that will suit your figure. To start your research for the right dress, you should browse bridal magazines, including Modern Brides or Brides, and look for bridal gowns you like. You can also use the Internet to search for bridal gowns on various wedding niche websites. Also, several fashion designers now design plus size bridal gowns and some even design lines that are specifically for these women.

Here, we will help plus size brides find the style that will flatter their body shape and which ones they should avoid.

Choose a gown that will make you look slim

Make sure that you choose a bridal gown that would not add weight or width to your body shape; instead, you should look for a style that will help you look slim. To achieve a slimming look, experts recommend that you should choose a bridal gown that has asymmetrical front details. Additionally, the bridal gown silhouettes that will look good on plus size brides are the A-line and princess wedding gown styles. You can also use this detail on the flower girl dresses to give them a consistent theme. 

The best style for plus size brides

Other bridal gowns that will compliment plus size brides are the empire style, mermaid style, and the sheath style. Specifically, the empire style is for brides who are not large at the bust because the style aims to put a spotlight on the bust. The mermaid style is suggested for tall brides who have balanced proportions. The sheath style is for those who have a balanced and defined waist.

Dress pattern should be scaled to your size

Aside from style, plus size brides should also check if the dress patterns, which can be lace motif, embroidery, or beadings, are scaled to their size. You should not choose wedding dresses that have small details because they could look dainty. Moreover, you should not select a style that will add widths, like tiered skirts and ruffles. You can use small details to enhance your beauty, and that of the ivory flower girl dresses so that they look spectacular on that day. 

Avoid adding detail on the bust

Adding details on the hem or in the bodice adds interest in the gown and not on the bust if you have a large one. Pear-shaped women will look beautiful if they wear an off-shoulder gown for their wedding because the off the shoulder neckline and surplice V-neck will help slim the bust line.


Looking for the right plus size wedding gowns should no longer be a problem after you read the above tips. We hope that this guide will help you in your quest for that perfect gown that will help you stand out during the most special day of your life.

7 Best Ways to Get Free Money

Free money seems like an oxymoron, right? More often than not you have to spend money in order to make it. But, thanks to the internet, free money is really a thing. All you have to do is complete tasks online and you can make a couple extra bucks.

In this article, we’ve assembled a list of 7 of our best tips to earn extra money with minimal effort. Keep reading to learn how to get free money,

1. Provide Feedback

One of the most popular ways to make free money is to sign up for online survey sites. This is a mindless activity that you can do in your spare time to increase your income. Some of the best online survey sites include Global Test Market, Survey Junkie, and Pinecone Research.

To start making money, simply sign up for an account on one of many of these sites. You’ll then choose a survey, which may involve providing feedback on a company’s marketing campaign or a new product.

2. Earn Points on MyPoints

Earn money by earning points. By using MyPoints, you can earn points for taking online surveys, shopping, and watching short videos. Points can be redeemed for cash back or you can use them to purchase gift cards. Available retailers include Amazon, Nike, Best Buy, and many others. You can also buy gift certificates for your favorite restaurants.

Signing up for MyPoints is free, and earning points is very simple. All you have to do is take surveys, daily polls, or watch a few videos.

3. Look Around for Bank Bonuses

If you’re willing to transfer money to a new bank account or if you can set up a temporary direct deposit, you can get paid for doing so. Many banks offer bonuses for new customers who deposit a certain amount of money within a set time period.

For example, by signing up for a Chase Total Checking account, you can earn a $200 bonus by simply setting up direct deposit. The same bank also offers a moneyback guarantee for college students who open a Chase College Checking account, which provides a $100 bonus after making 10 transactions and enrolling in paperless statements.

Do some research and find the best bank bonus deal that will put some extra spending money into your account.

4. Take Advantage of Referral Programs

Can you refer a friend? If so, you can make some serious cash. Companies are willing to pay users if they refer their friends as this increases their user base and ultimately the company’s revenue. There are all sorts of companies that use cash bonus referral programs including:

  • NetSpend
  • Instacart
  • Door Dash
  • DOSH
  • Acorn
  • Groupon

With referral programs, you’re awarded a cash bonus when your referral uses the service. For example, with Instacart, you can refer a friend to use their service and once they place their first delivery order, $10 is credited to your account.

If you have plenty of friends to refer, you can effortlessly make hundreds of dollars through referral programs.

5. Use Cash Back & Rebate Websites

While you have to spend money to get cash back or to qualify for a rebate, you don’t have to spend money that you wouldn’t already be otherwise spending. By using websites and apps like Checkout 51, Ibotta, and eBates, you can earn money by purchasing things like clothes, groceries, personal care items, and much more.

The apps also allow you to find coupons and rebates for items that you’re purchasing. This means that you can almost always count on getting the best deal while also making money on your purchase. It’s like getting paid to shop!

6. Try Smart Panel

If you’re like most people, you spend hours each day using your mobile phone. Smart Panel is a market research mobile app that works by gathering insight and behavior data from smartphone users. To see if you qualify, you’ll need to complete the questionnaire. If you meet all of the requirements, the app will give you $5. You earn $5 for each month you keep the app installed. Smart Panel also offers a loyalty bonus every three months.

7. Take Selfies

Do you love taking pictures of yourself? If so, a company called Pay Your Selfie will give you money for taking selfies in a variety of locations. The company uses the data they collect to help companies to better market their product by using demographic data such as gender, age, race, and other factors.

You can earn $1 just for taking a picture, and though a buck isn’t much, if you love taking selfies, you can easily make a good amount of money.

Free money is available, you just have to know where to look. With these 7 options, you can make money without having to spend extra money on your end. No matter if you choose to take paid surveys or refer your friends, you can easily make extra spending cash.

Why Kids (and Parents) Should Go Outside and Play

Kids don’t always want to exercise. Frankly, many parents don’t either. However, you can miss out on a lot of benefits if you avoid sweat and dirt. Read on to learn ways you and your family can safely, creatively, and enjoyably go outside and stay active.

First, a few safety tips…

Encouraging kids to give up the screen and play outside can make some parents anxious. Today, we’re more aware of kidnappings, scary diseases, and other hazards that make us want to keep our kids in bubble wrap. It’s rarer and rarer to see unsupervised children having adventures in the neighborhood. However, this belief may just be a perception created by today’s media. Use this as an opportunity to teach your kids street and safety smarts:

  • Encourage helmets for activities like biking and skateboarding. Helmets save lives. Some kids might think helmets are “uncool,” so make sure your kid has plenty of choosing power for theirs. Take them shopping and let them pick a high-quality helmet with cool graphics and a comfortable fit.
  • If your kids have allergies or asthma, always remind them to bring their medication. Buy a few extra emergency products, just in case. Pro-tip: you can find significantly cheaper asthma and allergy drugs like Advair and EpiPens online with Canadian pharmacy referral services like Rx Connected.
  • If your kid doesn’t have special health needs, they can still get scrapes and bruises. Have your kid carry emergency bandages in their backpack and teach them how to properly clean and treat wounds.
  • Have a family code word. In case an emergency happens and you require someone else to fetch your kid, teach your kid not to follow anybody unless they say the code word.

In general, use common sense, not paranoia. Young children shouldn’t be out late at night, of course, and adults should always supervise kids playing in less-populated areas like campgrounds and parks.

Why stay active?

If germs are what you’re worried about, consider this: kids who get dirty have stronger immune systems. According to the hygiene hypothesis, the reason why well-developed countries have higher incidences of allergies and asthma is because children’s immune systems are too sheltered from germs at a young age.

Outdoor activities to help you stay fit

Besides sports, there are plenty of things you can do to stay fit. Health benefits aside, play allows families to bond and practice good communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

  1. Build a treehouse (or other structure).

Construction is hard work! Just ask the next construction worker you see. Almost all kids love the idea of having their own fort, treehouse, or other play structure. You’re not limited to a fort. You can also build a:

  • Doghouse
  • Bird feeder or birdhouse
  • Fencing
  • Skateboard ramp
  • Catio (a safer outdoor space for the family cat!)
  • Teach your kids how to grow food.

This is a way to trick your kids into helping you with chores while getting them outside and moving at the same time. Kids might not like the idea of helping mom and dad water plants and pull weeds, but they may be more excited about growing their own food. You can designate an area of the yard they are responsible for and teach them valuable knowledge about plant biology. Having a plant “pet” can also teach kids responsibility.

  • Double-dutch or other fancy jump rope games.

Jump rope games are great because you don’t need a lot of space or equipment. Jumping rope as a group in games like Double Dutch can also build teamwork and co-operation skills because everyone has to work together. Furthermore, skipping is a very intense sport, so expect to burn lots of calories.

  • Shadow tag, flashlight tag, and other derivatives

Your kids might quickly grow out of tag, but “alternative” tag games can be your answer to this problem. Flashlight tag is perfect for a camping trip or if you live near a wooded area. Shadow tag can become a summer pastime.

  • Quidditch

If your kids are fans of franchises like Harry Potter, they can bring their favorite magical worlds to life. For example, you can play Quidditch by using household brooms and making the rule that it must always be between your legs. Hula hoops on the ground can be used as goalposts. A person that runs around and hides can be the Snitch!

For more rules, look up the International Quidditch Association. It’s a thing.

  • Make up your own game

Encourage your kids to make up their own game. Kids are naturally creative, but if they need a little extra help, they can base their real-life game on a video game, TV show, or other thing they love but usually sit still to enjoy. Encourage wacky costumes, props, and complex rules. Use traditional items like balls and goals but also use pool noodles, stuffed animals, tables and chairs, or whatever else you can think of.

  • Local attractions

Have the entire family go on a fun outing to a local attraction. Museums, aquariums, and galleries often have family passes so you can save money. Plus, going out gets your kids active, exploring, and learning about the world around them.

  • Hiking, birdwatching, fishing, camping etc.

For the outdoorsy kid, the possibilities are endless. Hiking is an obvious choice, but simply setting up and maintaining camp keeps you on your feet too. This is also a good opportunity to teach your kid life skills like how to start a fire, tie knots, read a compass, and outdoor safety.

When you’re trying to get your family outside, you’re not restricted to traditional sports! Get creative and go explore; you might just find a new hobby that makes you healthier without you even realizing it.

Summer Garden – How to Add Color

Winter puts a dampener on just about everything. Come late September, something strange happens to the colour in our lives. It starts to fade. Our clothes change from flowy bright whites, patterned yellows, airy reddish purples and other warming tones and instead we switch to wearing faded pastels that blend browns with other shades of brown (with perhaps a hint of dull green). The good news is that spring is nearly here! After months of mud and rain, the time has finally come to start planning our summer gardens. Preparation is everything. Let’s look at how you can start planning now for a colourful summer garden.

Flowers – Trees – Bushes

Let’s start with an obvious one. Buying flowers, trees, and bushes is the fastest way to transplant some colour into your garden. Lots of flowers bloom in spring. Unless you have a large sprawling garden, you’re going to need to think on a slightly smaller scale. For compact displays with low maintenance, choose Crocus, Lily of the Valley, Bluebells, and fill in any gaps with the golden yellow glow of Winter Aconites. Choosing flowering trees is easy, too. The only consideration is to make sure the lawn doesn’t encroach on growing saplings. Check out some spectacular options here and get excited about the prospect of introducing a tree to your garden. Flowering bushes can help to either fill large gaps, or can act as a stand-alone feature.  Stewartstonian Azaleas, Flowering Quince, and Forsythia are all great choices.

Garden furniture

One of the major limiting factors that stops us from truly expressing our colourful side in our homes is the resale value of the property. For example, you’d probably have difficulty in selling a house painted orange. Likewise, if your kitchen walls are painted with superhero murals and your front door is a giant mirror with a crack in it, finding a buyer might be an uphill task. So, we keep things simple. BUT. Garden furniture isn’t a permanent fixture. It unscrews or folds up or packs down and therefore isn’t a colour consideration from which you need to shy away. Go big. Go Bold. Go bright. Think multi-coloured table and chair combos, eye-popping sun loungers, patterned cushions matched to a stand-out parasol, and maybe a hand painted bench showing all the colours of the rainbow.

Plant Pots

The word terracotta comes from Latin and literally means ‘baked earth’. In essence, then, it’s cooked mud. Or roasted clay. Or heated, dried, and hardened muck. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the unassuming pale effect of washed out terracotta is hardly the show-stopping plant pot look that you or your summer garden deserve. Leave behind the brown. Get to grips with something much homelier and more welcoming. While painted plant pots can be found almost anywhere, consider your options. There’s glazed effect, there are hanging baskets, there are square pots for up against walls and giant round pots for the perfect corner feature. There are even colourful buckets available, if you really want to stamp your style.

Planning to Buy a Home in Austin? Here are Cost of Living Expenses to Consider

Many people dream about relocating to their favorite city. If you’re looking to move to Austin, you’ve definitely chosen a great spot to root yourself. The city is home to all sorts of attractions including Lady Bird Lake, Barton Springs Pool, LBJ Presidential Library, and the Zach Theatre. Austin also has a very rich local culture, offering a wide range of cuisine and arts.

But, before you can make the big move, you’ll need to have a plan of where you plan to live. Even though renting has become more popular in Austin than buying, the city is worth investing in if you plan to stay there for the long-term.

Keep reading to learn about the cost of living expenses in the city that you’ll need to consider as a homeowner.

Housing Costs

One of the first living expenses you’ll need to consider is housing costs. As with any city, the closer you are to the downtown area, the more expensive homes will be. Choosing to live in the suburbs can save you thousands of dollars.

Some suburbs with low cost of living include:

  • Lockhart
  • Redwood
  • Martindale
  • Taylor
  • Uhland
  • Lago Vista

As a prospective home buyer, you’ll be delighted to learn that Austin’s housing market is hot. According to Zillow, the median home value in the city is $361,200. Values are expected to increase more than 3% in the next year. Most homes in the market are priced around $379,000, with many selling at or a little below that price.

Purchasing a home when values are expected to increase is a great perk. This means that you’re more likely to buy a home with equity already in it, or you can buy and build equity shortly thereafter. This can come in handy in the event that you need to borrow against the equity for a loan.

Utility Costs

Austin is known for its very hot summers, which means during the warmer months, you can expect your HVAC system to be working overtime. For a 915 square foot home, you can expect to pay around $157.55. Obviously, the largest your home, the more expensive your monthly utility bills will be. To help offset the cost of the warmer months, try to be as energy efficient in your home as possible. This means turning off lights when not in use, unplugging devices, and even investing in energy efficient appliances that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Aside from heating, cooling, and electricity, you’ll also need to account for home services. On average, you can expect to pay almost $60 a month for internet and cable services. Since prices vary, it’s best to shop around. Take the time to compare prices from the best internet providers in Austin so that you can ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

To reduce your internet and cable costs, always bundle services. Providers offer discounts to customers who use several of their services. You can also ask about discounts for senior citizens or military members, if applicable.

Property Taxes

As a homeowner, not only will you be responsible for paying your monthly mortgage costs, you’ll also need to pay property taxes. Texas has one of the highest property taxes in the U.S., coming in as the sixth highest in the country. The average property tax rate is 1.86%.

In Austin, the property tax rate is 1.37%. Most homeowners living in the city pay around $2,248 in property taxes. But, as home values go up, you will also have to pay more towards property taxes as they’re based on the appraised value of your home.

Other Expenses

Aside from the cost of living expenses that are directly related to owning a home, there are other costs that you’ll want to consider before deciding that Austin is the best city for you. For example, it may be helpful to know that grocery costs in Austin are below the state and national average. You’ll also find savings with healthcare costs. But, one area that can hit your wallet quite hard is transportation. Compared to the national average (100), Austin comes in at 131.

You’ll also want to research the average costs of food and groceries in the area. For a fast food meal, you’ll spend about $7. Lunch in a local business district typically costs around $15. Check out Expatistan to find current rates for common groceries such as milk, eggs, bread, poultry, and many others.


Relocating to a new city on a whim can be costly. Before making the move to become an Austin resident, it’s important that you have a thorough understanding of the cost of living. This way you can better budget your money and figure out just how far your earnings will take you in the city.

5 Reasons why Electrical Inspections are Crucial

Surprisingly, most of the time people tend to ignore issues such as electrical safety inspections. But one most important thing they fail to understand the impacts of defective electrical interconnections. Truth be told, a defective electric network is fatal and might change the lives of individuals completely. As a result, a below brief has compiled 5 reasons why electrical safety inspections are crucial.

Eliminates The Risk of Court Battles
Ever thought of your business premise with millions and millions of valuable property in flames? What about one or more of your employees getting electrocuted or dies from an electric shock? Be assured of endless court battles that will not only milk your company’s finances but also its reputation will be at stake.

Once your company’s reputation is damaged, be sure to loss the clientele base you have achieved after years of hard work. Therefore, an electrical safety inspection will for sure save you the legal burden as well as enhance the integrity and reputation of your company.

Avoid Irreparable Injuries

It might seem usual working with electricity either at home or in business entities. But recovering from an electric shock won’t be an easy task. Electric shock occurs mainly when a person becomes part of the electric circuit. This may result to burns, electrocution or arch flame injuries. For instance, an electrocution can completely interfere with the functioning of the brain and muscle electric signals or even lead to death.

On the other hand, arc flames can be too bright that can cause permanent eye damage. Burns that result from an electric shock can also not only physical pain but also emotional pain that might completely change the life of an individual. To avoid such calamities, get in touch with the expert level 2 electricians to do an electric inspection which help identify potential electrical shocks and can be mitigated immediately.

Mitigation Role against Repair and Replacement Costs
Imagine a house you have struggled to buy or still paying the mortgage then boom! It is all in flames. You will be required to organize for a new house or repairs the current one depending on the level if damage. Remember the costs associated with repairs were unplanned. You will therefore be required to either dig deeper in your pockets or land on a debt you will be required to service yet again.

The entire process can be very distressing. Therefore, an electric safety inspection can help identify any circuit overloads that might exist and enable you make a decision on whether to install a circuit breaker or not. In the process mitigating against fire hazards

Identification of Loopholes during the Wiring Process

As we all know, electrical installation can be very tedious which requires a high level of attention. A single slight mistake can completely alter the normal functioning of the entire network. The havoc that can arise in the process can be beyond explanation. That is when electrical safety inspection comes in. Mainly to help identify any loop holes in the design layout and general installation.

Identification of Lack of Bonding

When it comes to electricity, earthling also known as bonding can be as crucial as the entire wiring. Earthlings are specifically designed to transport excess power to the ground. Uncontrolled Power can not only crush a person to nothing but also blow up an entire building.

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Goosebumps 2: Gummy Bear Slime Recipe, Science Experiments, Bonus Clips and more #Goosebumps2

Slappy New Year! GOOSEBUMPS 2 is now available on Digital and arrives on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on January 15th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment!

GOOSEBUMPS 2 Blu-ray, DVD and Digital bonus features include a gag reel full of hilarious hijinks, three all-new deleted scenes and five featurettes. Between the chills, thrills and goosebumps, watch the cast get a case of the giggles in the “Gag Reel.” Dive deep in “Thrills & Chills- The Making of Goosebumps 2” with Madison Iseman, along with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew. “Meet the Monsters” gives fans a sneak peek of how the scary creatures were brought to life. In “Slappy’s Audition,” watch what happens when Slappy auditions for the role he was born to play. In “Science with Slappy,” enter the Slapatory where Madison, Jeremy and Caleel join Slappy for some electrifying experiments! And get ready to sing along with three hilarious “Slappy-oke” songs.  Who knew dummies could sing?

We have some fun science experiments your kiddos can enjoy creating! Welcome to the Slapatory where you can observe, guess, and record your experiments! Watch these gummy bears grow & glow!

Science With Slappy

*A product was provided.

What Are Your Options When You Accidentally Lose A Tooth?

Losing a tooth can be a painful and often traumatic experience, and there is not likely to be any money underneath your pillow in the morning either. Whether your tooth is knocked out by the force of an accident or has come loose and fallen out on its own, you have several options to choose from to get your smile fixed.

Your smile is the first thing that greets the world and having a tooth missing can not only affect your health but your self-confidence. Having an open tooth socket in your mouth can often lead to issues of infection and should be addressed by a dentist as soon as possible.

It’s important to find out your repair options, address implant costs and have a dentist take a look at your remaining teeth to see if there is any further damage. Proper dental care following losing a tooth is vital not only for the quality of your smile, but your oral health in general. Not to worry, there are several options for repair and replacement to choose from in this situation.


In some cases, if the tooth that has been knocked out is found and is intact, it can be successfully reinserted into the mouth. The body may be able to heal the area and allow the tooth to reattach and function normally. If you can find the tooth, the first step is to rinse it thoroughly in a saline solution, being careful to not handle the root. Try inserting it back into the gap and keep it there with your cheek and tongue until you get to a dentist. If you can’t get the tooth into the gap, place it in saline solution or milk, and transport it with you to have it inserted by your dentist.


When your missing tooth needs to be replaced, the most permanent option is to have an implant put in. This will require your dentist to place a titanium post into the gap that will act as a permanent root. The crown or upper tooth part will then be attached to the post and you will have a fully functional artificial tooth that will look as natural as the rest of your teeth.


When you lose multiple teeth in the same area in your mouth, a bridge may be an option for you. A wire anchor is placed around the remaining teeth and a set of artificial teeth is then set in the middle. A bridge can consist of anywhere from one to three teeth and will give you a functional bite and natural-looking smile.

Removable Denture

These are a great option for front facing teeth that have been lost. They are easily removable, which makes cleaning the denture and the gumline much easier than with a permanent denture. Your dentist will custom design your denture to match the shape and color of your surrounding teeth so that the look and feel is more seamless.

Study Finds Healbe GoBe2 to Offer a High Level of Accuracy in Calorie Intake

*A product was provided. All opinions are my own.

I have been learning more and more about my GoBe2 and have had a lot of questions about how it works. Here is a little more information on it. Here is my tracking from yesterday (1/4/19) and I would say this is pretty spot on. I will continue to track through my fitness pal and compare with GoBe2.

The Foods for Health Institute at the University of California Davis completed a validation study of a health monitoring smartband, the Healbe GoBe2. A 14-day study was conducted on 27 adult volunteers ages 18-40 years, 11 men and 16 women. The results of the study confirm the accuracy of the Healbe GoBe2 in automatic tracking of digested calories.

Calorie counting accuracy was assessed by comparing a data from the manually recorded intake of volunteers and the data from the GoBe2. Study meals were prepared in a UC Davis commercial kitchen by trained food service personnel following a stringent HACCP protocol. A research team analyzed the calorie content of each individual menu item, weighed, recorded, portioned, served the food and recorded plate-waste for all study volunteers at each meal served in the dining facility.

To determine how well the device and its algorithms estimated the actual diet of volunteers, the correlation between recorded intake and data from the GoBe2 was examined. Data were transformed into 3-day rolling averages and the GoBe2 accuracy was 87%. Over the two week period, the GoBe2 showed an accuracy of 90% in measuring calorie intake.
Sara Schaefer, Ph.D., Associate Director of Technology and Education at the Foods for Health Institute, led the study and is excited about the potential to learn more about people’s unique diets and metabolism using non-invasive technologies. She is creating a laboratory for studying the measurable processes of metabolism and plans to use the GoBe smart band in further research.

By creating a wearable device like the GoBe2, Healbe aims to provide non-invasive, easy to use, and highly accurate tool to help people everywhere improve health, reach their weight loss goals and subsequently reduce the likelihood of obesity-related diseases.
More information on the study can be found at

How to Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter System?

I am going to cover a comprehensive DIY method of cleaning a pool cartridge filter. Because you know if you have a cartridge system in your pool, you will need to clean it from time to time.

What is a Pool Cartridge Filter?

            There are many ways to clean a pool cartridge. So, do check on this review for more information. But firstly, what is a pool cartridge filter? Usual pools have a sand filter. But you can also have a filter set up near the pumps to make sure contaminations don’t enter your pool.

            So, you will be required to change that filter from time to time. That way you can ensure your water is free of contamination entirely. Check on here to get full information about different types of pool cleaners.

Why Use a Pool Cartridge Filter?

            Because simply it is easier to clean. Usual pools with sand filters need you to backwash them a couple of times a month. The frequency depends on how often you sue the pool. But, a cartridge filter ensures that you clean it four times a year. Then again, that too also depends where you live and how heavily your pool is used.

            Moreover, when you invest in a sand filter, you have to spend much higher on your energy costs. How? Firstly, a sand filter increases your system pressure and pump pressure. With a cartridge filter, you are saving on energy costs significantly.

            A sand filter can be very volatile on your pool pump. Meaning, you would be spending much more on pool maintenance should your pool pump go kaput. But, with a cartridge filter, your pool pump won’t be seeing much friction.

            And, if you have an above ground pool, then a sand filter would not work for you anyway. Having a cartridge filter would be ideal for you then. Also, the number of backwashes you would have to do for your sand filter, your water balance would be thrown off.

            San filters give you 10-20 microns as it lowers the ability of your pool. But, your cartridge filter will have a good 20-40 microns. So, if your pool is more than 1.5 HP, I would suggest you use a cartridge filter for your pool.

How to Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter?      
            Now that you will be cleaning the cartridge filter fewer times than a sand filter. But, the process needs you to follow a few steps.

            · Shut off the system, the pump and the power line to be on the safe side.

            ·Turn the air valve located on top of your filter to get out all the air out of it.

            ·Different cartridge filter has different clamps. So, make sure you take them off before you start.

            · Once you are done with that, remove the top of the filter and expose the dirt inside.

            · Now you need to take off all the stuff inside the filter. But, while doing that remember where they were placed. So, you can out them back again.

            · Check for all damages if any. If there are damages or tears, you need to replace the filter altogether.

            · Use a degreaser, coat all the elements well. You can decide what needs to be soaked overnight. But, they need to be cleaned thoroughly.

            · Rinse gently with a hose while you wash all elements.

            · Now, that you have cleaned all the elements. Wait to dry them out.

            · Then place all of the elements accurately when you were dismantling them in the first place.

            · While your filter is divided apart, you need to check the O-Ring. If you see any damage, you need to replace that too before setting your filter up again.

            · If your O-Ring is damage free, consider applying a silicon liquid on it.

            · Now, you put the filter back on tightening up all the elements, so they remain in place.

            · Now, that you have put the filter back on, keep all air valves open to release any excess air inside.

            · If your PSI pressure is low; then you will have to resettle all the elements again as it may be because you put them back on inaccurately. So, check the system pressure lastly.

            So, here was my steps in how to clean a pool cartridge filter system. Do check out this review and leave your comments below, if you have any other DIY methods in cleaning your pool filter.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Shag Carpet

Owning a furry pet and a shag carpet is a combination that guarantees a headache when it comes to cleaning. Pet hairs are easily trapped within the fibers of a shag carpet, yet it is impossible to prevent your pets from shedding their hairs. This means that you need to focus on vacuuming your carpets frequently and be creative about reducing the amount of pet fur that gets into contact with your carpet. While you may clean your home with a broom, getting cleaning equipment that has been designed for cleaning homes with pets will save you a great deal when it comes to time and effort. These are some of the best ways to remove pet hairs from your shag carpet, and they have been proven to work.

– Using a Lint Roller
            The same way a lint roller gets rid of lint from suits and outfits is the same way it can remove pet hairs from carpets. You will need to purchase along lint roller and roll it over your carpet so that the pet hairs can stick on it. Alternatively, you can attach it to a long handle and use it like you would when painting a high ceiling using a roller paint brush. If you cannot access a lint roller easily, then you can pick up a roller paint brush and wrap an adhesive such as cello tape, duct tape or masking tape on the roller with the sticky part exposed. You will then roll this over your carpet, getting any pet hairs to stick onto the adhesive. Once the stick part gets filled up with dirt, you can peel it off to expose a fresh sticky layer. This method only gets rid of pet hairs that are on the surface of your carpet; thus it’s best to use it as the first step to cleaning carpets ridden with pet hairs.

– Rubber Gloves
            Going with the science of static electricity, we can use rubber to remove hairs from shag carpets. It is advisable to get rubber gloves with a textured surface, preferably one with small rubber nubs. To remove pet hairs on the surface of the carpet, wear the rubber gloves and sweep your hands across the surface of the carpet along the direction of its fibers. However, if you want to get rid of hairs more rooted within the fibers, then you must run your fingers through the carpet fibers so that the hairs can stick onto the gloves. Homeowners that have used this method before swearing to the tip that is lightly spraying a solution of 3 parts water and one part fabric softener onto the carpet before sweeping with your gloved hands does help a great deal when it comes to cleaning pet hair. The pet hairs will collect themselves into small balls that you can pick up and dispose of. The fabric softener also makes your carpets to smell fresher. In case you encounter stains, you can use a sponge with detergent to get rid of them.

– Rubber Brooms

            Rubber brooms also use static electricity to capture hairs within its rubber bristles. You can purchase these brooms from various stores. To remove pet hairs from your shag carpet, you will sweep the rug along its fibers just like you would with a regular broom. The advantage of using a rubber broom is that it goes deep inside the carpet fibers, capturing all the hairs from the carpet. You can get a rubber broom with or without a handle, but the latter is easier to use.

– Using a Carpet Rake or Hair Brush
            Most of us only know of a rake being used in cleaning the lawn or farm. Yes, carpet rakes also exist. Their teeth can either be made of durable but smooth plastic or metal, and these go deeper into your carpet fibers getting rid of any pet hairs. To clean your carpet using a carpet rake, you will need to sweep it along the carpet’s fibers to prevent them from tangling with pet hairs, while keeping the fibers well arranged. You can purchase a carpet rake from most stores, but you can use a hairbrush as an alternative. The difference between these two is that a carpet rake has a long handle that makes it easier to clean large spaces without straining as compared to a hairbrush that forces you to bend or squat to clean your carpets.

– Invest in a Pet Vacuum Cleaner
            Having a vacuum cleaner is excellent but having one explicitly designed for a pet gives you a higher level of cleanliness, especially if it has carpet cleaning capabilities. You have to ensure that the pet vacuum has powerful suction and a reliable filtration system. It should have a brushroll that has been designed never to tangle when vacuuming even long pet hairs from carpets. If your floors have a lot of pet hairs, then it helps to use the methods discussed above, and then go over with your vacuum cleaner. You can then vacuum your shag carpet back and forth until you are satisfied that all the pet hairs have been removed. There are different types of pet vacuums available in the market, and whether you want a full-sized, stick, handheld or robotic vacuum, you will have a wide array to choose from. The most significant advantage of using a pet vacuum cleaner is that your carpet will not be destroyed and the fibers will stay in perfect shape. A pet vacuum with carpet cleaning capabilities is undoubtedly the most effective, fastest and easiest method to remove pet hairs from your shag carpet.

How to Prevent Buildup of Pet Hairs on Your Shag Carpet
            To keep your shag carpet clean without having to send your furry friend away, you have to follow these measures. Brush the pet hair frequently to get rid of loose hairs that will otherwise end up shedding off onto the carpet. You need to designate specific sleeping and living areas for your pets and limit their access to other parts of the home, especially areas with high-pile carpeting, as these would be the toughest to remove pet hairs from. You must also vacuum and clean the carpets frequently to avoid accumulation of these pet hairs especially in hard to reach areas like under furniture and in corners and edges. Practicing these tips will ensure not only a cleaner home but also a peaceful existence between the homeowner and their pet.

Holiday 2018: Glider Gloves

Glider Gloves are the best touch screen compatible gloves for men, women and children. Touchscreen gloves, also known as texting gloves, capacitive gloves or even iPhone gloves, are gloves that allow you to interact with a screen with your gloves on so your hands stay warm. Glider Gloves are designed for winter use, keeping your hands protected and toasty with an amazing ability to still type and swipe your phone like normal. 

Glider Gloves smartphone gloves are rated #1 in the market so beware of mass-produced typing gloves that are a dime a dozen and the price tags associated with brand name specialty gloves. Don’t compromise with an inferior performing glove that won’t keep your hands warm or look as fashionable as Glider Gloves. The company’s only focus is to ensure their touch screen gloves are fully functional, warm and innovative!

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Snow Much Fun by Precious Moments

Precious Moments has the cutest winter line called Snow Much Fun. It features one adorable snowman that is perfect for your Holiday decorating to cute winter decor that will be a cute addition all winter long.

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Cute Holiday Movie: Holly Star

Sloan returns home for the holidays and gets caught up in a mysterious treasure hunt with her paintball-obsessed best friend, her tango-dancing grandmother and her childhood sweetheart.

Holly Star is a super cute Holiday movie sure to capture your heart. Sloan is a puppeteer who comes home for Christmas. She has a dream about “Holy Star” and with the help of her funny Best Friend and her childhood friend they go on a fun treasure hunt. 

Throughout the movie you see the fun Puppets that Sloan created and why she went into being a puppeteer in the first place.  She helps her childhood friend Andy at his Christmas Tree lot and basically the rest is history. 

This is the cutest new movie for the Holidays and if you love romantic Holiday movies then Holly Star is for you! 

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