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Royal Jewellery

Some of the most expensive, precious pieces of jewellery are in the hands of – you guessed it – the Royal family. But what are their favourites and why are they so priceless?


In this article, we’ll take a look at the most beautiful, awe-inspiring pieces of jewellery that the Royal family own. And if you’re looking for some jewellery that’s just as stunning, but doesn’t require one of the royals to own, Berganza is an affordable yet striking jewellery store.

It’s the perfect jewellery site for you to gawp upon their stunning jewels, in wonder. Let’s get back to the Royal’s jewellery, shall we?

Princess Diana’s emerald choker


Gifted to the late Princess Diana as a wedding gift in 1981, this eye-catching choker was originally a necklace owned by Queen Mary in 1911.


Princess Diana also wore her emerald choker as a head bandeau, making an iconic and infamous fashion statement.

The Burmese ruby tiara


The rubies on the Burmese ruby tiara are extremely rare. They were gifted to the Royal family by the people of Burma, who believe the rubies have the power to heal and protect their owner.


This is what makes the Burmese ruby tiara so precious; not because of the decided price, but because of the meaning the rubies hold to those who gave them to the Royal family. To the people of Burma, these rubies are priceless.

Queen Mary’s rose of York bracelet


The county of Cornwall gave Mary, the Duchess of York and Princess of Teck, the ruby and diamond cuff bracelet, known as now as the Rose of York bracelet. The diamonds run across the rounded rubies that sparkle along the cuff.


In the middle, the bracelet holds a rose made of diamonds and rubies. This gift was given to the future Queen back in 1893 when she married the Duke of York.


What’s your favourite piece of Royal jewellery?


Each piece of jewellery listed is a masterpiece in its own right. So, let us know which of these pieces of Royal jewellery you like the most, and why in the comments below.



Bringing the Whole Family into the Kitchen

Whether it’s time to teach the kids how to cook, need an extra hand or just need a break, getting the whole family involved in the kitchen is a must.

Dedicate a Saturday afternoon to bake with the kids. Spend a Friday night cooking with your significant other for a fun date night. No matter what the reason is, incorporating the family into the kitchen has endless rewards.


Teach the Kids How To Cook

It might not be relevant to them right now, but at some point in their life the kids will need to cook for themselves, or someone else. Set them up for success down the road by teaching them how to cook.

Not only will your kids learn what it means to cook a proper meal, but they will also learn the importance of food safety. Washing hands before and after touching food, separating specific foods to avoid cross-contamination and keeping your workspace clean. The kitchen skills never go away so enforcing these right off the bat is essential.

Bonus skill – patience! Cooking takes time and requires patience and concentration. Kids will learn what both of these mean since they can’t run away will the oven is on.

Family Bonding Time

Doing things as a family is a great way to have some fun and bond with one another. Learn about your kid’s week, what they’re doing at school or what they need help with. Enjoy the time with your significant other without worrying about the kids. Get lost in the moments that turn into memories.

Those family moments in the kitchen also teach children about priorities, which becomes essential as they grow up. Family sticks around so teach them through cooking that family comes first.

Enforce Life Skills

This family bonding moment is also a time to reinforce essential life skills for your kids. Seeing their family work together will go a long way when it is their time to do the same thing. Develop teamwork and social skills by working with one another.

Kids will learn about organization and planning as they must ensure they have all the ingredients before starting. If not, whip out the problem-solving skills and see what can be substituted or left out without completely changing the recipe.

Your family will also learn about proper nutrition and how to make an informed decision about the foods they consume.

Dress the Part – Kids and All

Want to kick up the family cooking time? Dress the part of chefs and bakers. Chef Works has a variety of aprons for adults and children that are stylish, affordable and efficient.

Have some fun in the kitchen and enforce what it means to be a team with a family uniform. Not only will it be entertaining for the whole family, but you’ll also protect your clothes in case things start getting messy.


So start planning family kitchen days or evenings and get the kids involved too. Start teaching your children valuable life lessons that need to come from their parents, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

How To Make Sure Your Family Has Healthy Smiles All Round

Mom’s always want to make sure that their families are happy and healthy. While healthy living will always look slightly different to everyone, one thing’s for sure, there’s are a few things that really define what healthy really is. From being able to run and jump and leap, to feeling energized, to preventing sickness, no matter who you are or what your outlook on life is, this will always be the same. And although we tend to get the exercise and healthy eating thing down, it’s also easy to forget about the other aspects of health that you need to work on too. This can often be the case when it comes to oral health. However, it you want to make sure that you all have healthy smiles, here’s what you need to do.

Brush, Brush, Brush

First of all, you’re going to want to focus on brushing. And although it’s highly likely that you already brush at least twice daily, you’re going to want to make sure that when you are brushing, you’re brushing the right way. Because if you’re all going to keep your teeth clean and healthy, you have to make sure that you’re cleaning both the outer and inner surfaces, as well as the chewing areas too. If you want to enjoy fresh breath, you should brush your tongue here too. By doing this twice a day, and flossing, your health will stay healthier for longer.

Eat Well

We’ve already covered off that you’re focusing on healthy food, but at the same time, you need to make sure that you’re all staying away from too much sugar. Yes, it tastes nice, but it’s not great for either your waistline or your teeth. Too many sugary drinks and food will cause your teeth to decay faster than normal. But by eating well, you’ll be helping your oral health.

Get Checked

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you all stay on top of your oral health and hygiene as well as possible, and this will involve a checkup. You need to make sure that you’re registered with a dental practice, such as Tysons Corner Dental Care, to do this. Then, you may make regular appointments, ideally twice yearly. This will allow you to check on your oral health, and nip any issues in the bud.

Consider Orthodontics

Maybe you’re also suffering from some issues with your teeth too? When this is the case, you could look into correcting any issues that you have. From braces to implants, you may find that now is the time to get your teeth in check, for the sake of your oral health too.

Use A Straw

Finally, you’re all going to want to think about using straws too. Because drinks, such as coffee, can stain your teeth. And when you want to work on having a good smile, this is going to be counterproductive. But when you start to use a straw when you drink, you’re going to be avoiding the issue altogether.


5 ways to pest proof your house

As the temperatures dip and the weather gets colder, people want to spend more time locked in their homes, and unfortunately, so will common rodents and pest. Insects, cockroaches, mites, spiders, scorpions, mice and roof rats love to warm up in your home’s nook and crannies just as much as you do.


You do not have to spend money on costly pest management. Here are top five cheap and effective ways to pest proof your home.


  1. Keeping pest away from your home

Pests, insects as well as rodents are not only destructive to your household property but can also introduce a myriad of diseases into your home. Therefore knowing how to keep the pest away from your home is the first step towards having a stress-free and comfortable pest free winter.


  1. Seal all points of entry


To effectively keep the rodents away from your home, it’s vital that you seal off any place that makes it possible or the pests to gain entry. While cockroaches are great at wiggling their way through cracks and crevices, mice and rats are extremely adept at squeezing through small gaps.


Therefore, ensure that you inspect the entire exterior of your home for cracks, crevices, gaps and any large openings that could offer pests a leeway to access your home. Some of the common points to examine include attic vents, roof soffits, foundation cracks, loose siding, missing roof shingles, and the gaps around incoming utility lines such as electric, pipes, and water.


  1. Clean up your home


A cleaner home is less attractive to pests, the less chance a pet will live and breed and the less chance you will go on the defense by either seeking the services of an exterminator in Austin for example or pulling out a can of bug spray.


Kitchens, in particular, should always be kept clean, and all food residues should be discarded in a closed bin. Ideally, set aside 15 minutes each day to wipe down the countertops and other surfaces with vinegar-it remove odor trails left by foraging insects. Also, ensure all your food and groceries are stored in tightly sealed bags/containers to prevent access.


Maintain landscaping


Before the winter season arrives, ensure that you perform appropriate yard maintenance. Trim back any trees, branches, plants and any other shrubbery that near your home to eliminate pest “bridges” to your home.

Additionally, make a point of tidying up the overgrown vegetation, weed, mulch and life piles to ensure that lurking pests do not have a place to hide.

  1. Get rid of clutter

Pests, particularly mice and rats thrive in dusty and cluttered spaces, which offer plenty of convenient hiding spots, especially in places that do not serve as the primary living spaces such as basement, attic, and garage.


For a start, you can clear any junks such as stacks of old newspapers, pick up any piles of laundry from the floor and ensure that you store your items in an organized and elevated position.


  1. Don’t let pest hitch a ride into your home


Winter is synonymous with the holidays-a lot happens during December. When bringing decorations to your home, either from the garage or storage shed, ensure that you do not carry the pests concealed in the storage containers. A single spider can spawn hundreds of babies. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you leave the storage containers while opened in the open for at least 15-30 minutes and thoroughly inspect them before bringing them in.


The above tips are just some of the tactics that you can employ to stop the invasion from the uninvited guests. However, if you do encounter a problem during this winter, you can call a professional pest controller in Austin to help you.

4 Hobbies For A More Fulfilling Life

In this day and age, we live in massive megacities the likes of which the world has never know. It is a cruel irony that although humans are more densely packed together than ever, there is an increasing sense of isolation in the general population. If you work in a cubicle, live in a condo and drive to and from work parking in an underground garage, it can lead to a pretty lonely existence.


Because most people have easy access to social media, Netflix, and other forms of digital entertainment, there is a temptation to sink into a lethargic existence that seldom strays from the day-to-day formula. Many writers have identified this lack of face-to-face interaction as a failing in our society, Bill McKibben’s book Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future, is a great read that emphasizes the importance of community.


While the overall topic of isolation versus community is pretty lofty, here are a few activities that individuals can pursue this winter to foster real connections with other human beings.


Learn a Language


There are so many reasons to learn a language and literally zero drawbacks. With helpful websites like Meetup and Mobilize, you can connect with thousands of people who want to converse in French, Spanish, German, or whatever language you please in exchange for a bit of coaching in English. Not only does this help you get out and meet people, it helps you develop a real world tool that looks good on your résumé and can be useful when travelling!


Play an Instrument


If you never learned as a child, learning to play an instrument can seem daunting as an adult. The important thing to remember is that a little bit a day can go a long way – if you play the piano (or the ukulele, your choice), for a mere 15 minutes a day for a year, you’ll be pretty competent by the end of that year. If you find yourself looking for music lessons in Toronto or the GTA, consider one of Long & McQuade’s several locations or refer to reviews and customer experience write-ups on sites like Yelp. Once you get going there are lots of open mics and opens jams around the city that are extremely inclusive and supportive.  


Become a Board Game Wizard


Board games certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you find yourself craving a fix of Settler’s of Catan, you can always head down to one of Toronto’s many board game bars or cafés to meet likeminded individuals. Snakes and Lattés is a very popular destination for group hangs and dates, with a huge selection of games and lots of knowledgeable staff to help you have a good time. Playing a board game is great way to bond with people, engage your intellect and just have a lot of fun!


Learn to Knit


While some people might think that knitting is a lame pastime for grandmas, those folks are sorely mistaken. Arts and crafts are extremely in vogue in the 21st century, and presenting your friends or partner with an awesome handmade scarf or hat creates a pretty special, personal moment. Knitting circles are common and a great way to socialize, but it’s also a skill you can hone at home while listening to music and relaxing with a cup of tea.


A Holiday Budget Isn’t Infallible

When it comes to the big things in life, you know you need to budget. Things like Christmas, New Year’s, and Spring Break need some extra attention. When you improvise these special events, it’s easy to lose track of your purchases and miss opportunities to save. But a holiday budget isn’t a flawless financial plan if it’s skewed too heavily towards these events. Your budget needs to work all year round.

It also needs a dose of reality. Sadly, reality is often ugly. Though you hope the months preceding Christmas or a big vacation go smoothly, they don’t always go off without a hitch. You can get laid off, get sick, or get hit with a costly repair. A budget meant to help you pay for discounted presents or predetermined airfare won’t help you cover weeks (or even months) of unemployment.

A holiday budget doesn’t always show you how to handle unexpected expenses. It only helps you set aside cash for things you know you’ll have to buy. The Christmas dinner turkey, the Christmas tree, and the presents that go under it are all things you expect out of the season. You know how much these will cost, so you know how to plan for them. A sudden breakdown with your furnace, an emergency trip to the vet, or a parking violation fine aren’t predictable, yet their payment is every bit as important as the food and gifts that you plan.

Some Americans can cover repairs, bills, or a sudden job loss with savings, but the number of individuals who can do this is dwindling each year. According to the latest stats, almost 70 percent of the nation doesn’t have enough money set aside to cover emergencies of $1,000. Almost half of these people have absolutely zero savings. That means they’re living paycheck to paycheck for when their weeks go according to plan. As for those weeks that don’t, they turn to personal loan companies for online loans to cover unexpected expenses.

Living paycheck to paycheck signifies a chronic financial problem, and it’s usually the result of several factors. Some reasons may include the fact that these people don’t get paid enough, their fixed expenses (like rent) are too high, and they don’t manage their finances properly. In which case, no homemade budget is enough. They need to speak with a professional to learn about how they can manage or consolidate debt and save for their future.

If you do have enough savings set aside to cover these emergencies, then you can solve your own financial problems. Your next step has to be re-adjusting your budget to accommodate the unexpected. Financial experts recommend you breakdown your expenses into three main categories: the necessities, fun money, and savings. The necessities cover regular expenses like rent and groceries and should take up roughly 50 percent of your income. Fun money is at it sounds. It encompasses all the wants in your life. Roughly 30 percent of your income should go towards frivolous spending or special events like Christmas.

Savings, meanwhile, should take up the remaining 20 percent, and it should cover contributions towards debt relief, a rainy-day fund, and retirement. While retirement planning is an obvious requirement if you expect to live your golden years in comfort, the other two may not be as clear. Debt relief is there to help pay down any online short term loans, credit cards, or mortgages you have, and the rainy-day fund is there to replace these products, so you can cover unexpected demands on your cash, like a household repair or medical emergency, on your own.

The next time you sit down to pen a special budget, don’t let your excitement for the holidays distract you. Your budget must accommodate everyday savings if you expect it to be an effective one. Check online for tips on how to start your first comprehensive budget, and see how you can plan for the fun stuff and your future.

Emoji Theme Birthday Party



Looking for a simple, fun and inexpensive Emoji Theme Party? We had the help from Oriental Trading Co. to get all set with a fun Emoji Party for Sarah’s 12th Birthday.



Bowls full of candies are easy and look fun! 

Emoji Poop Cupcakes.

The kids love the Photo Booth Props

Want some other fun ideas for your Emoji Theme Party?

*A product was provided.

New Year New You: All Natural Raw & Quinoa BArs


Just a Few Ingredients = Convenient, Satisfying Treats with a “Clean” Conscious

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Dairy/Lactose Free
  • Certified Kosher
  • No Refined Sugar or Corn Syrups

Pereg Natural Foods has answered the call. The all-natural ancient grain and spice specialists have been on board with the “less is more” movement for more than 100 years. Now, for the first time, they’re offering ready-to-eat snack bars that satisfy the sweet tooth with only simple, nutritious, all-organic ingredients. Available to grocery industry supermarkets, natural food, independent and big box stores, as well as distributors and food service.

Making its debut at the summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, these brand new Raw Bars and Quinoa Bars from Pereg Natural Foods pack a burst of flavor – and no more than six natural ingredients – into eight delicious, mind-blowing combinations, with no refined sugar or corn syrup.

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Ring in 2018 with These Family Calendars

2018 Kitchen Companion Page-A-Week Calendar by Workman Publishing

With an easy-to-use layout and sweet full-color illustrations and hand-lettering, The Kitchen Companion Page-A-Week® Calendar is a year-round organizational tool that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Each week’s tear-off spread includes ample room for jotting down appointments and notes, a grocery list, three full-month reference grids, and a clever kitchen tip (for example, freeze liquids like stock in an ice cube tray so you have usable portions for future meals). This magnetic 12″ × 9″ calendar is perfect for the fridge, desk, or wall. Padded format with weekly tear-off pages and magnetic backer, perfect for desk, countertop, or to hang on the fridge.

2018 Strong Is the New Pretty Wall Calendar

Fearless, wild,  confident, kind, independent—a photographic celebration of girls ages 5 to 18 being their authentic selves. Photographer Kate T. Parker captures girls in all their creative, fierce, loud, silly glory. Adapted from the book of the same name, Strong Is the New Pretty Calendar is a perfect present for daughters, nieces, sisters, coaches, mentors, teachers, and friends—what’s better than enriching young minds with the gift of confidence?

Each month features a girl who embodies the beauty in being resilient, brave, and hardworking—from dancers to fencers, from musicians to gardeners, from student body presidents to soccer players. Each masterfully shot photo (in both color and black and white) is paired with an inspiring quote from the subjects themselves. Like Tayla, age 6, a backyard/

2018 Kid’s Awesome Activity Wall Calendar by Mike Workman Publishing

DIY every day for boys and girls with curious minds and active hands! Design your own igloo in January. Decipher a mummy’s message in June. Find your way out of a beehive maze in May. Every month in this creativity-boosting calendar invites kids to design and dream with games, jokes, and plenty of adorable creatures and wacky prompts. Draw with crayons, pencils, or markers; decorate the featured images and note important dates with the 300 included stickers; and store your supplies in the handy drop-down storage pocket. And keep track of holidays, celebrations, school events, and more! Includes write-and-erase magnetic rewards chart, full-color, custom-designed stickers, and a storage pocket.

You can find all these awesome Calendars at Barnes and Noble.

Bullet It!: A Notebook for Planning Your Days, Chronicling Your Life, and Creating Beauty

Bullet It!:  for Planning Your Days, Chronicling Your Life, and Creating Beauty by Nicole Lara

Beautiful bulleted organization made easy!

Fill your days with beauty, track your life, and doodle your way to a nicer day with Bullet It! Dotted grids, handwritten fonts, and fun doodle tutorials make this more than just an organizing notebook. It’s an artistic keepsake for your life. And perforated pages make it easy to remove your favorite pages and display them in your home.

Make your world a little more lovely a lot more organized with Bullet It!

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Keeping our Holiday Clothes Fresh with Biz

The Holidays are upon us which means lots of parties and wearing our fancy clothes. For our youngest daughter that means wearing the same dresses and outfits the older girls wore and I want to keep them looking fresh and new (even after all these years)

As you have seen all year I have loved using BIZ to keep our laundry bright and clean. So of course I am continuing to use it on those delicate clothes that I treasure.


I love adding BIZ to the kid’s laundry because it truly does help get some of those nasty spots out of their clothes.



Disclosure: I am a Biz Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Giving the Gift of a Holiday

Buying gifts for loved ones is challenging for many people. This is especially true if the giftees are adults – people who may be able to buy the things they want for themselves. If this sounds familiar to you, you may have strolled the aisles of retail stores or scrolled through countless pages of Amazon products, only to feel that you haven’t found what you’re looking for.


Perhaps the best way to get a great present for someone you love is to step outside of the world of possessions entirely. Sometimes the thing we want most isn’t a thing, but an experience. Think about the people on your holiday gift list. What’s something they might want to do, not just have? Maybe it’s time to gift someone a holiday.


Gifting a vacation isn’t a one-size fits all notion. On the one hand you could buy timeshare for someone you love through DVC Resales. On the other hand, you could do something as simple as renting a nice AirBNB for your sister and her boyfriend. These are great options for several reasons. 1) People don’t tend to think of or expect a gift like this. 2) Everybody likes to get away from the daily routine once in awhile. 3) Many people won’t do something like this for themselves.


Americans rarely vacation, at least on average. What’s more, the Holidays can feel like anything but a holiday, family members who rarely see each other suddenly living together for days at a time. For these reasons, a gifted holiday can be incredibly valuable to the people you care about most. You’ll see it in their eyes.


If you don’t want to pay for a full fledged holidays, there are many vacations which you can also facilitate. Here are some of the best options.


  • Buy tickets to a local event like a baseball game, a trip to the state aquarium, a brewery tour, or other activity that your giftee/s would love to do.
  • Invite the giftee out with you. If you have a free spot on your holiday docket, buy an extra ticket. Or maybe you just want to have the cousin who lives the next county over come stay for a couple of days, with concert tickets already purchased to help set the date.
  • If you are buying gifts for people who have big responsibilities like children, give a coupon to take the kids for a day or two to give the parents a break. If they have pets that make it hard for them to get away, buy a gift card for a dog walker or local boarding facility.
  • You can always just buy your loved ones a gift card for airfare, hotel stays, or any other travel expenses. It’s easy to see how these can translate into awesome experiences later on.


There are loads of ways to go on vacation, from big international experiences to simply a day spent off the clock. No matter how you help your loved ones take a vacation of their own, it’ll be appreciated, and maybe the very best gift of the whole holiday season.

Do knee braces really works?

Knee braces work by offering support to knee ligaments through controlling some movements and offering protection against excessive movement of an injured knee. Braces are available in different sizes and could be used to serve different purposes. To choose one that fits your knees, you need to visit a pharmacy or sporting goods stores, but there are also online options that would even give you a discounted price on the particular knee brace you would like to get. But, do knee braces really work and are they a suitable solution to guard your injured knee?


Do knee braces work?
According to the companies that make knee braces, they have explained the way these braces work to prevent unnecessary pressure on knees especially among injured individuals. Braces have been shown to work in normal use, but one thing you have to observe is to get the perfect size that will hold your knee well. If you are a plus size individual, you will definitely have to look for a plus size knee brace that is made to perfectly hold your ligaments in place and prevent unnecessary movement of your knee muscles when you are nursing an injury.


Generally, rehabilitative braces and functional types are the most reliable and give the best results. You might also observe that some people will respond better to the use of braces than others and this is as a result of different factors including the fact some people fear their braces might lead to more injuries. That’s why it is necessary you talk to your doctor about choosing a knee brace and for some checkups to determine if you are best suited to get one. The most ideal brace for your use should be selected by a doctor.


When to use a knee brace

Many people who use knee braces do so to solve a variety of problems. Your doctor may advise one type of brace after getting an injury on your knee while others might pick a different type to offer support to the knee after surgery. It may also be necessary to wear one when you get pain that fails to go off even with medication. However, you should be advised that you should not use knee braces as a mechanism to prevent accidents as this is not the way they function.


How to use a knee brace

Using a knee brace in the wrong way might result to more injuries, so it is imperative you also learn how to use it properly. You could opt for knee braces during sporting activities, but bottom-line is you should stick to doctor’s guidelines when you choose to use one. Be careful when putting it on as the knee bends around the hinges. Make sure to fasten tapes, straps, and loop tapes around the leg. Also don’t forget to check if the brace is placed well during activities as sometimes it moves thereby exposing you to risk of injury. When positioned poorly, the knee brace might lead to injuries instead of offering help to your problems.


Knee braces can help you protect your knees after surgery or when you have an injury you are nursing. When you go out to look for a knee brace, you need to ensure you choose the one that fits your knees perfectly, and also make sure you wear it in the right manner to prevent the occurrence of other injuries.


Important Questions To Ask On A School Visit

If you are currently in the process of deciding on the best school for your child to attend, then the best thing you can do is visit your options and see if they practise what they preach. The all important school visit is one of the main things that will help you make your decision, so it is important that you get the most out of your experience. To help you out, Cognita Schools have pulled together this informative infographic which explores the 10 questions you should ask on a school visit. The answers you receive will either confirm that the school is perfect for your child… or push you away completely. Deciding on a school is a decision that should not be rushed; after all, your child will be spending years of their life here, growing and shaping their future. One of the main things you need to look for in a school is the level of compassion they have towards your child’s wellbeing. A child should never be made to feel uncomfortable and unwanted in a school, as this can lead to many issues down the line. Putting your child in a school environment that they actually want to learn in and socialise in is key.

So, make note of these questions, and ensure that you ask a leading member of staff about each one when you visit. Ensure your child gets a say in the decision process, and match the school up with their preferences.

It’s time to give your child the future they deserve!


Outdoor Decorating with At Home Stores #AtHomeStores

I was recently introduced to At Home Stores and eek! I believe I have found a new store to shop at!!! I spent a few hours picking out Outdoor Decorations for our new Texas home.


I painted the O Come Let Us Adore Him sign and I love the color contrasts. I found the adorable little reindeer and red lantern and LOVED them!


When I found the huge selection of outside decorations all lit up At Home makes it really easy to find items. They have the decorations lite up so you can see exactly what they look like, then you just find the number down the aisle and your all set. These pre-lite presents come as a set of three and I love how they elook all lite up. 

At Home has thousands of holiday items available at everyday low prices, items that are perfect for a refresh of your indoor mantel, guest room, kitchen and more. And don’t forget the outdoor spaces: entryways, porches and yard.

At Home is the one-stop-shop to decorate your whole house – from an entire room makeover to smaller refreshes for every season, on any budget.
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