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bObles – fun little tumbling animals *Giveaway closed*

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bObles is a playful interior environment for children – with a design their parents would love to place within their homes. The tumbling animals can be used as furniture or for play. The whole idea is to enhance the children’s motor skills while playing!

All the tumbling animals can stand alone and will in each their own way influence the motor skill development in a positive direction – but to have more tumbling animals – 4, 8 or 15 different tumbling animals together will give enormous opportunities for bodily development and hereby motor skills.

My girls have had an absolute blast playing with their bObles. I have seen their balance improve. Not only are they great for exercise for the girls, but they also serve purposes throughout the house. Like step stools and booster seats.

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We received the Crocodile and the Chicken.

The Crocodile´s most obvious function is as a staircase, which enhances the strength and balance of the child.When turned upside down you have an angled surface with a see saw function and the child can walk/lie on its entire straight surface.The Crocodile has three seating levels for the small child and it is splendid for the social dimension that 2-3 children can sit together on the same piece of furniture.

The Chicken can be used as a stepping stone and turned upside down, there is a see saw function.

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The older girls love playing with Shelby and helping her walk up and down the Crocodile. They have also shown her how to jump off it.

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You can purchase bObles at Be sure to also check them out on Facebook.

ONE winner will receive  The 3-layer Fish ($59)


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  1. I think they look fun. My kids are always wanting to climb on, lay on, jump on stuff, so these fit the bill.

  2. How cool! I’ve never heard of these. What a perfect item going into the winter which has a lot of indoor time 😉

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