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Boba Baby Carrier

I never did the baby wearing with the older girls, so with Shelby I wanted to be able to use a carrier, have my arms free and the baby still feel secure in my arms.

I couldn’t wait to check out the Boba Baby Carrier.We received the beautiful SoHo Print. Shelby loves being inside the carrier too. She even has taken a few naps.

Boba Inc. is thrilled to announce the brand new Boba Carrier 3G! This carrier incorporates the Boba Baby Carrier design that so many have come to know and love, and now includes more than a dozen new and updated features, making this truly a one of a kind carrier for a baby!

The new Boba Carrier 3G is designed for babies and toddlers alike with its incredible features not seen on other soft structured baby carriers. Available in 4 beautiful patterns and 3 stunning solid color combinations, the Boba Carrier 3G is the perfect option for any baby wearing family!

Some of the features include:

  • Infant Carry  – The Boba Baby Carrier easily converts to an infant carrier without an insert. Simply follow the instructions on how to modify the carrier when you are ready to use it with your newborn. Once your child is roughly 12- 15 lbs you can switch the carrier back to the full body carrier.
  • Pockets  – There are two pockets on the waist belt of the Boba Carrier. They are the perfect size to store a credit card, money, keys, lip gloss etc. One zips closed to keep your belongings safe. These pockets were also designed to fit most smart phones.
  • Purse Strap Holder  – Located on each shoulder strap of the Boba Carrier is a purse strap holder to keep your purse, diaper bag, shoulder bag, etc. in place. Keeping a bag on your shoulder while wearing your carrier can be challenging, but just snap your bag into place and it will not fall off your shoulder again!
  • Chest Strap/Back Strap –  The chest strap slides up and down easily along the piping of the shoulder straps. Slide the strap up and down to get the perfect fit.
  • Side adjustment straps for easy nursing –  On either side of the carrier, you will find an extra strap next to the body of the carrier. These straps allow extra adjustment to pull the baby’s entire back closer to you in the Boba Carrier. In addition, these straps can be used to obtain a little extra space between you and your baby. The quick adjustments make nursing a lot easier and a lot more spontaneous.
  • Elastic Bands at the end of the straps  – At the end of each strap are elastic bands to keep your straps looking neat. Roll the extra hanging straps up and tuck the ball into the elastic bands and you don’t have to worry about them dangling down.

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  1. My carrier is so uncomfortable I wore it at my sons bday for along time and my back is killing me. Thanks for this I need one that does not put pressure on my neck and back. Can you wear this for long periods witn less pain?

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