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Sarah loves blankies! She could have a million and they would all be just as special as the first. (although she would freak out if she lost green blankie(yes, that is it’s name))

She’s a blankie lover… the softer the blankie the better.

Blankie Comfort
by John Leroy Maxwell

I’m your little Blankie, made by loving hands..
By Angels who are filled with kindness,
and will always understand.
I’ll wrap myself around you, to keep you warm
at night. And I’ll still be covering you with Love,
come the morning light. I’m here to soothe
your anxious fears, and ease out all the pain.
To keep the sunlight in your life, and shoo
away the rain. The colors and my patterns,
were created just for you. And if you take a
real good look, you’ll see an Angelic Hue.
So bundle up within me, and cuddle me all
around. I’m sure the comfort that you seek,
will surely now be found.

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  1. My Hallie loves blankies too, but to be honest I am the blankiest blankie lover in our house. I also still love stuffed animals.

  2. Very cute. Neither of my kids ever took to blankies, or stuffed animals. Well, my daughter likes stuffed animals, just isn’t super attached to any. i always thought that was odd, i was very attached to my blanket, pillow and all my stuffed animals as a kid. Infact, i think i am more attached to the kids stuffed animals then they are. 🙂
    .-= tree´s last blog ..Everyday learning. =-.

  3. My son had a blue blankie that was with him everywhere he went and he still has it today folded up neatly in his closet (he is 14 years old)LOL

  4. Believe it or not, I still have my first blankie. My Mom kept it for me and I have it at my home now.

  5. first i have to ask, did you write that? or was it from somewhere else, because i love it, my daughter didnt do blankies, she had a baby she carried that fell apart bit by bit, i mean stuffing out, one leg at a time one arm at a time till the head fell off , then whoa! the tears, then she went to a yellow sundress lol, used to hide it in the bottom of the laundry basket and DAILY she would dig to find it, i had to wash it by hand nightly , if i tried to toss it she freaked, it got to look soooo bad,no color, all faded wore thin, but still she loved it

  6. Ahh… Sarah looks so cute with her with her blankie! I remember being very attached to my blankie!

  7. Ohh….! My son “Ahaan” loves blankies too…. I have knitted so many blankets when I was pregnant…

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