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Does your child have a security blanket or a “blankie”? Both of my older girls have special blankets that they received as new baby gifts.

Thanks to Kristin over at we had the chance to review  the My Blankee Dot Velour Security Blanket  from Blanket My Baby. The security blanket is so cute! I hope Shelby takes to it like my older girls took to theirs.

Read my review over on Kristin’s blog: Adorable Blankets For Baby.

Check out all the fantastic products at

*A product was provided to me as a guest blog post for Our Ordinary Life.

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  1. I had three of my 6 kids who were VERY attached to their blankies. I saved two of them,….the other was completely destroyed. I think it is so cute and the babies are so “easy” when they can be comforted with a favorite blankey or toy. I always laugh because in my family growing up we had 9 kids and I am sure the handmedowns did not allow for each child to save ANYTHING. I made sure my kids still have at least one blanket and one special outfit to pass on. I adore the new personalized ones like this one you have for Shelby!

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