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Birthday Wishlist -What’s Yours?

Next month is my birthday. I turn 27….. I am in a way in denial thinking I will be another year closer to 30!  Of course I finally have stopped getting dirty looks when I am with my kids thinking I am a 16 year old mom. 

I’m one of those people who think Birthdays should be celebrated more than a day! When it’s my birthday I do a whole Birthday Week. My husband probably hates when my birthday rolls around but he is always such a great sport and makes me feel special.

This past year I have grown as a person, a wife and a mother. I have learned to stand up for myself and not let people bring me down. I also am becoming a self sufficient person. I know what I want in life and have set goals to accomplish them.

Everyone knows that birthdays mean gifts right and of course I have just a few I would love!

  1. Nikon D40 –  I have always wanted a camera that I can take amazing pictures of my kids. I have seen what these bad boys can do and wow!
  2. Coach Mercer Bangle Watch – I’ve wanted a Coach Watch for the past few years. It’s sleek and stylish.  
  3. Coach Op Art Sateen Maggie Purse –  Totally loving it in sliver or the black and white bag. Everyone knows I am Coach fan.
  4. HP Mini 210 HD Edition Preppy Pink  or the HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje  yea, I want a super girlie HP Mini.
  5. A Trip to Figi or Maui or to Europe would be awesome!

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  1. Love your blog! It sounds like you’ve grown a lot lately! Admire you for that!! I remember dreading the big 30. Now I am just hoping we have our 2nd child before I turn 36. ahh! I am 34 now. As for me, more than wanting things, I would love a vacation with just my hubby!

  2. 30 is old?! I must be ancient, then. LOL I’m just 2 years away from 40!
    I honestly have a hard time thinking of gifts for myself..there isn’t really much I want. I’d rather have something like a weekend getaway than an item.

  3. Ugh I know exactly how you feel, I turned 27 this year and I’m cringing at the thought of 28 being just a few months away. I do hope you have an awesome birthday though and maybe even get a few things from your list!
    .-= Cat – 3 Kids and Us´s last blog ..Family Travel Tips &amp Portable Power Mat Giveaway =-.

  4. I cannot believe you are going to be 27. I’ve known you for 27 years. 🙂

    I can see you getting a thing or two. The D40 you can totally do!
    .-= kristin´s last blog ..Modest Tankinis For Summer Giveaway =-.

  5. Love your wish list! I’d be happy with any of those things too. I used to dread 30, but as I get older I do feel like I’m becoming a better mom!

  6. Ok…only 27 years old?? You’re still a baby! Wait til you hit your 30’s…then you really feel old! On my birthday wish list is…a new HD video camara, a new digital camara (since my kids broke my last one), and I’m ready for a cruise to the Mediterranean! (That’s not too much to ask for is it???)
    .-= April J´s last blog ..Sport-Brella Chair Giveaway =-.

  7. My dh is great at planning birthdays. He goes all out with decorations, flowers, and gifts. But what I would really like is for him to write me a poem, like he did when we were dating, sigh, so romantic…

  8. Coming over from Rockin Mama to say hi! In my thirties I was at my best and my birthday wish would be able to be like Julia Roberts and go off for a year to Eat Pray And Love to find myself again 🙂

  9. Ok, so if you get the trip to Fiji are the girls coming too?? When my son was 2 Bob took me to Jamaica and we both missed our little guy the whole time- it wasn’t as romantic as we had hoped.
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  10. OK…Mandy…you are kidding right? 27? Um…I had 27 almost 23 years ago, so am probably the oldest on this post.
    I hope you get all you’re wishing for. I am with you on the Cam…ours died and we need a new one. The other stuff on your list I could never pull off…I am so casual and fashion clueless. I WOULD love that trip to an island…Hell, I’d just love to go to the next COUNTY without my kids. Three of six still at home are testing me SO much lately! My BIG one is early November and hope to get a camera or a PUPPY!

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