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Birthday Bash: Joojos Shoes #BirthdayBash

Around one year of age babies start to walk, some babies walk earlier some later. Shelby started walking a week shy of 13 months and now she is all over the place!!!

With early walkers it’s important to have them wear shoes that will be good walking shoes and sturdy for their ankles yet flexible for their growing feet.

The first thing I noticed about Joojos Shoes was that they offered shoes that were higher around the ankles. Maybe it’s an old wives take but I think for new walkers they need to have the shoes around their ankles.

We received the adorable Donna shoes. I was a little weary about the buckle and a one year old. But so far no problems. She likes wearing shoes so sitting still long enough for me to do the buckle hasn’t been an issue.


  • River Nile pink clay-colored soft calfskin leather upper
  • Roman silver goatskin lining for extra breathability
  • Nickel-free buckle for conscientious fastening
  • Lining and insole stitched together for a healthy sock-like effect
  • Lightweight thermoplastic rubber soles for a stride fit for champs
Check out this snazzy packaging!

Shelby is 13 months and currently wears a size 4 shoe. The shoes she is wearing below are a size 5 Joojos Donna.

Joojos Shoes offer quality shoes that can be passed down from baby/toddler to the next. Although the price is steep on a pair of shoes you truly get what you pay for.

Joojos are available for purchase at

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*A product was provided.

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