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Berry Ball & Bag Machine Wash Care

I am so excited to test out the Berry Ball & Bag from Berry Perry, a complete care solution set for lingerie that lets Mom (and Moms-to-be!) wash her bras, maternity bras, sports bras, underwear, hosiery, socks even swimwear in the washing machine.  Say good-bye to tangled and crushed bras, stretched and twisted hosiery, snagged bathing suits, and lost socks!  

The Berry Ball & Bag saves you valuable time by letting you wash your lingerie & swim in the washing machine, while yielding a delicate, hand wash result. The product is also great as a packing tool to prevent bras from being crushed during travels, as well as a convenient storage tool to keep bra cups in-tact.  

Going on vacation?  Don’t stuff your bras into the bottom of your suitcase where they will inevitably be crushed.  Tuck safely into the Berry Ball for a smart, convenient storage and travel item, and arrive at your destination with your bras still in tact.  And – never worry about pesky security going through your unmentionables again!

Currently retailing for just $13.99 online at  and in specialty stores throughout the U.S.

*A product was received.

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  1. I have seen these online and have been curious to try it. Hand washing clothes is such a hassle that most of the time I will avoid purchasing delicates just for that reason.

  2. I keep seeing these online, but i never have looked into it. But after seeing this I really might have to get one! I have had a few bras almost get destroyed in the washer, plus I love that these help with traveling.

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